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Grilled Runner Beans with Lemon Dressing

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An easy, versatile vegetable side dish with plenty of crunch, tossed with a tangy dressing made with lemons, garlic, dill and fennel seeds. Long flat runner beans taste very much like green beans, but the broader surface area, stringless, and firm texture make them ideal for grilling. They take on char while retaining their shape. Add prosciutto, parmesan or nuts for the topping if you fancy.

  • 2 Organic lemons, halved and sliced
  • 10 Garlic cloves, finely sliced
  • 200 ml Extra virgin olive oil, plus extra
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 tsp Fennel seeds
  • 10 g Dill, fronds finely chopped
  • 500 g Runner beans, trimmed (or other types of green beans)
  1. Cut the lemons in half lengthways, then finely slice. Peel the garlic cloves and thinly slice.
  2. Add the sliced lemon, garlic and olive oil to a small saucepan over the lowest heat. Cook for 20-25 minutes until the garlic is softened and lemon translucent. Season with salt and pepper and add the lemon juice and fennel seeds. Simmer for 3 more minutes, then take off the heat. Pour into a large bowl and cool a little, then drop the dill on top.
  3. Cook the runner beans in boiling, salted water for 20 seconds, then plunge into iced water for 20 seconds and drain.
  4. Dry the blanched beans well, coat with a little extra olive oil and season lightly with salt. Grill on a barbecue or in a very hot griddle pan on high for about 2-3 minutes each side.
  5. Toss the runner beans with the dressing. Let the beans stand for about 5 minutes to take on the dressing, then serve.

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DEZMOND 22/1/24 13:11

I do not think I would like that dressing as there is too much lemon in it and I do not like overly sour dishes, but I like the colours in the photos, green and yellow go well together always.

Federica Simoni 22/1/24 14:06

ottimo contorno! da provare!

speedy70 22/1/24 14:18

Buonissimi questi fagioli, ottima ricetta!

Tom 22/1/24 14:21

...this looks fabulous!

Lola Martínez 22/1/24 14:27

Yo los llamo judías verdes y las utilizo mucho en la cocina. Como guarnición son ideales. Me gusta tu receta.

Granny Sue 22/1/24 15:58

Saving this one for summer!

DUTA 22/1/24 16:10

That looks like my kind of side dish! I would make garlic felt more than other ingredients. Fennel seeds, by the way, are said to have some good health benefits.

JoAnna 22/1/24 16:16

Oh, what wonderful, colorful food! Kisses, Angie. :)

Anne in the kitchen 22/1/24 17:31

I am bookmarking this. Green beans grow so well here and this sounds like a perfect summer meal.

Anonymous 22/1/24 17:37

So yummy! -Christine

foodtravelandwine 22/1/24 18:15

It makes my mouth drooling!!....what a great combination!......Abrazotes, Marcela

Pam 22/1/24 19:38

I've never had runner beans before, this side dish looks flavorful and tasty.

roentare 22/1/24 21:54

The dish looks great for bowel flora

Ben | Havocinthekitchen 22/1/24 22:59

So simple, fresh, and delicious (and elegant as always!)

Chef Mimi 22/1/24 23:16

Just beautiful! Great flavors.

Cooking Julia 22/1/24 23:37

That looks so fresh and green, it smells of spring !

Lowcarb team member 23/1/24 00:11

Looks so good :)

All the best Jan

savorthebest 23/1/24 00:46

That looks delicious Angie.

Mbul Kecil 23/1/24 00:48

Healthy food with nice plating. Good job Angie ^^

My name is Erika. 23/1/24 03:12

I've never grilled beans, but I have fried them. I fry mine first and then add some water to finish cooking them. I love the idea of grilling beans. Happy new week to you.

Citu 23/1/24 03:49

Se ve muy ricos. Gracias por la receta.

eileeninmd 23/1/24 11:50

Looks delicious, I love these beans. Take care, have a wonderful day!

David M. Gascoigne, 23/1/24 13:12

Looks good to me, and a little citrus perks up any dish.

David 23/1/24 18:14

Hi Angie, Runner beans are very popular here in the southern USA. This side dish looks great to me...but no greens in my diet prevents my enjoying this tempting bunch of beans. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

Blues Hendrix 23/1/24 19:56

Hello Angie's! I found your post very interesting, I found it very useful. Thanks for sharing.
Excellent bean recipe... Uhh so delicious.
A hug. Blues Hendrix 😊👍

tigerfish 24/1/24 01:40

Not sure if I have seen runner beans here. Not sure if they are similar to romano beans over here

DeniseinVA 24/1/24 03:21

It looks wonderful and the dressing would be refreshing. I do lemons in everything.

Maria Grazia Ferrarazzo Maineri 24/1/24 10:16

Flavorful and delicious dish, Angie. As usual, a precious recipe. Thank you!

Frank | Memorie di Angelina 25/1/24 16:58

These looks lovely, Angie! I wish runner beans were easier to find around here. I need to make a special run to the Chinese supermarket to buy them.

Raymund | 25/1/24 22:00

This grilled runner bean recipe sounds like a delightful symphony of flavors and textures! Nice one Angie

The Velvet Runway 26/1/24 15:54

That sounds like a delicious side dish.
Julia x

[Reply] 26/1/24 16:09

I've never seen runner beans, how wonderful that you can grill them!

Anonymous 27/1/24 22:23

We see runner beans occasionally in our farmers market during the summer, but mostly simple green beans. I think they would work perfectly for this recipe, though you know I will have to do it without garlic.

Judee 27/1/24 23:45

Bring on the lemon! This looks delicious although I'm not familiar with runner beans!


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