Power And Joy Of Soya

Soy milk is made by soaking soybeans, grinding them with water, The fluid which results after straining and cooked is called soy milk. Soybeans contain rich protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, and other mineral elements. Research has shown potential health benefits of soy in preventing breast cancer and the growth of prostate tumors, and fighting coronary heart disease, osteoporosis,diabetes, promoting growth, healing and vitality. It is also thought to alleviate symptoms of menopause and to promote eye health.

Soya Milk Prepared With Soya-milk Maker / 机制鲜豆浆

Homemade Soymilk With Standard Kitchen Blender/ 家庭自制豆浆(用普通厨房搅拌器)

Homemade Tofu Without Nigari Gypsum / 不添加盐卤和石膏的家庭制豆腐

Preparing Tofu With Gypsum / 制作石膏南豆腐

After making tofu or soya milk, the solid residue which remain in the filter sack called okara (pronounced oh-KAR-uh) or soy pulp. Okara, low in fat, high in dietary fiber, along with protein, calcium, iron, and riboflavin, were recognized to be helpful in controlling diabetes, reducing blood sugar and cholesterol, adding in digestion and circulation, protecting the bones, and reducing cancer risk. If you make soyamilk by machine, the okara will be cooked during the process. Otherwise, I would suggest to steam or toast the raw okara for 20 minutes before using.

01. Honey Okara Pancakes / 蜂蜜豆渣薄饼 02. Okara Pancakes / 香煎豆渣饼(咸)
03. Steamed Okara Buns / 豆渣馒头 04. Steamed Two-Toned Okara Nutella Buns / 豆渣巧克力双味蒸包
05. OKara Congee / 豆渣粥 06. Okara Croquettes / 豆渣丸子
07. Matcha Okara Cranberry Loaf / 抹茶豆渣越橘吐司 08. Okara Honey Bread / 豆渣蜂蜜面包
09. Okara Raisin Rolls / 豆渣提子餐包 10. Okara Rolls With Old Dough / 老面豆渣硬包
11. Birthday Cookies / 庆生曲奇饼 12. Okara Cookies / 豆渣饼干


Anonymous 27/3/09 14:42

I never made anything with okara - those recipes look very interesting like the pancakes and the bread. Definitely something to try soon!

chumpman 5/5/09 05:57

Don't know okara can be such a useful ingredient. I usually add a few spoon of okara into oats for breakfast. Thanks for sharing of recipes and I will love to try out soon especially okara congee and cookies

Christo Gonzales 30/6/09 19:39

wow this is a great reference area for all things soya - thanks angie!


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