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Homemade Tofu with Vinegar / 不添加盐卤和石膏的家庭制豆腐

Equipment: box (plastic, wood or bamboo-made) with holes. I used tea leaves filter of my black tea set to make a tube-shaped tofu
, and a colander to make a balloon-shaped tofu

  • 300克 黄豆
  • 适量 清水
  • 20毫升 沙拉醋
  • 300 g Soya beans
  • Water
  • 20 ml Salad vinegar extract
  1. 黄豆洗干净放入一个稍深的大锅,加入6杯左右的清水。浸泡12-18小时。浸泡期间要换2-3次水。夏季就把浸泡的豆子放在冰箱里。黄豆会很明显涨大,滤掉水份后冲洗一遍。准备个2大深锅,各倒入5杯左右的水放到炉上小火加热。
    Place the soya beans in a large deep pot after rinsing and fill in 3 times of the amount of water, about 6 cups. Soak for about 12-18 hours until soya beans Change the water 2-3 times during the soaking period and in summer keep them in the fridge. Soya beans should become larger after proper soaking. Drain the soy beans and rinse. Prepare 2 large deep pot, each filled with 5 cups of water. Start heating up over the low heat.
  2. 泡好的黄豆分2-3次放进搅拌机内,加入适量水,没过豆子即可。搅打约3分钟。将其分倒入2个深锅。容量尽量控制在锅一半深度。中火煮滚豆浆,用漏勺拂去表面的泡沫。调低火势,用小火继续煮约15-20分钟。要边搅拌,别糊锅。煮的时候人不要离开厨房,豆浆很容易溢出的。最后你会看见奶一样的豆浆和豆渣分开了。
    Divide the mixture evenly between the two prepared pots you previously. The mixture should not come up higher than halfway up of the pot. Adjust the heat to medium and bring the soya mixture to a boil. Turn the heat lower and continue cooking for about 10 minutes. Don’t leave your kitchen and watch the pot. Soya mixture can boils over easily any minute. Continue to cook this for about 15-20 minutes, stirring frequently. Finally the soya mixture looks kind of grainy as milk has separated from okara.
  3. 取个带孔木制容器(塑料或不锈钢都可以)铺上纱布。纱布要长些,翻出容器边沿。醋放入一个大盆,加入2大勺水稀释。过滤豆浆到另外一个干净的锅。然后冲入稀释醋里头。注意一定要将豆浆冲入醋里而不是稀释醋倒入豆浆里。一会儿就能看到有类似豆腐脑的凝固体了。将有凝固物豆浆倒入铺好纱布的容器内,翻上纱布包好。压上一个大碗或盖子,让其渗出些水份。重物越重,加压时间越长,豆腐口感就会越结实。
    Line the plastic mold with holes, (bamboo, wood or stainless steel work too) with long cotton muslin. Place the vinegar in another large bowl and dilute with 2 tablespoons of water. Strain the soya liquid into another clean pot. Pour the strained soya liquid into the diluted vinegar. Shortly you would see the soya milk start curdling. Then pour those curds into the prepared molds. Fold the muslin over to cover. Weigh it down with a bowl or lid, so that some water can be pressed out. The heavier the weight, the longer the soya curds are pressed, the firmer tofu have you.

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