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Soya Milk Prepared With Soya-milk Maker

Soya milk is full of proteins, Vitamin-B and isoflavones. I am talking about REAL SOYA MILK, not those diluted one, or the soya beverages, which probably contain much of sugar. In supermarkets we can easily buy them in powder form, and they are no exception sweet. Street vendors sell just watery soyamilk. Therefore, homemade soya milk starts to gain its popularity.

  • 55-60 g Soya beans
  • 700 ml Warm water (70C/158F)
  • 1量杯/55-60克 黄豆
  • 700毫升 温水 (70C/158F)
  1. Measure dry soybeans with the included measuring cup, about 55-60 grams. (I use JYDZ-15B soya-maker) Rinse the measured soybeans 2-3 times until water is clear. Discard the damaged beans and cover them with 3-4 times of water. Soak 8-10 hours at room temperature. After soaking, wash soybeans thoroughly with fresh water. Rub the skins off for a more smooth drink.

  2. Place the soaked soya beans into the cup, and fill with warm water between the water level marks. It is quicker to make soya milk with warm water. Attach the filter to machine head and position machine head onto the cup. Connect power and press the SOYABEAN button to start. The whole process takes 8-10 minutes. Multiple audio beeps with a flashing light indicate the soya milk is ready. It may be consumed immediately. Filter through a colander to yield drink with a less grainy and creamier texture. Enjoy the fresh made soya milk with self-made yau-char-kwai.

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