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Turmeric and Mustard Sourdough Bread

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This bread is delicious, unique, and smells amazing while it is baking. It has a soft, chewy crumb and crackly, crispy crust. The beautifully golden colour comes from turmeric and mustard sauce. It's pleasantly mustardy in flavour and great with some aged Cheddar (or smoked Gouda), Bresaola, or liver pate. It go well with a bowl of soup too.


Turmeric and Mustard Sourdough Bread

adapted from Magazine BROT 4/2020
  • 25 g Mustard seeds
  • 55 g Pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds)
  • 70 ml Boiling water
  • 350 ml Water, cold tap water
  • 75 g Active rye sourdough starter
  • 130 g Medium rye flour
  • 400 g Plain flour
  • 13 g Medium-hot mustard sauce
  • 1 g Freshly milled black pepper
  • 1 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp Honey
  • 1 g Fresh yeast
  • 1 1/2 tsp Sea salt
  • 1 tbsp Ghee or lard
  1. Place mustard seeds and pepitas in a bowl and pour the boiling water over. Leave to soak for at least 2 hours.
  2. Place all ingredients except salt and ghee / lard in the bowl of your table mixer. Mix slowly for 4 minutes. Increase the speed and knead for another 4 minutes. Add the sea salt and knead for a further 2 minutes. Now add in ghee or lard in small pieces and knead for a further 3 minutes. The dough will almost come away from the bowl.
  3. Cover the dough and leave to rest at room temperature for 3 hours, stretching and folding after 60 and 120 minutes.
  4. Place the dough on a lightly floured work surface. Gently pat it into a rectangular and shape the dough into an oval or a round.
  5. Place the dough, seam-side up, in a floured proofing basket. Cover with a shower cap or clean towel and place it in a fridge for 10-12 hours.
  6. Preheat your oven to 250C/480F with a Dutch oven inside.
  7. Turn your dough out on a piece of parchment paper. Make a double slash or a single long slash lengthwise along the top of the bread with a sharp knife or a lame. Place the dough with the parchment paper into the Dutch oven. Cover and bake for 25 minutes. Remove the lid and lower the oven temperature to 220C/430F and bake another 20 to 25 minutes, or until the loaf is golden browned. It should sound hollow when tapped on the bottom.
  8. Carefully remove the bread from the Dutch oven and cool completely on a wire rack before slicing.

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© 2024 |


eileeninmd 17/2/24 12:19

Hello Angie,
Your bread looks delicious, it is a pretty color too.
Thanks for sharing another great recipe.
Take care, have a great weekend.

DEZMOND 17/2/24 13:49

Looks very pretty I do love the mustard colour almost as much as I love the pea and avocado green. When I was little I used to call mustard colour a ducks poop colour as that is the colour of ducks poop LOL

Tom 17/2/24 14:15

...Angie, you bake some exciting breads!

Lola Martínez 17/2/24 16:33

Me encantaría saber hacer este pan tan rico que tú preparas con tanta sabiduría.

LoveT. 17/2/24 16:34

What a great Idea, thanks for the recipe. Your bread looks delicious.

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 17/2/24 16:35

This bread looks terrific the color is superb!

Federica Simoni 17/2/24 16:43

wow bellissimo questo pane!

JoAnna 17/2/24 16:59

Such bread, especially today, I would eat with great pleasure. Have a good weekend, Angie. :)

Granny Sue 17/2/24 18:36

That looks beautiful, and sounds so tasty. What a unique combination of flavors.

Brian's Home Blog 17/2/24 19:13

That's such an interesting sounding bread and I'll bet it's sure good.

Cooking Julia 17/2/24 20:13

That yellow bread is incredible!

roentare 17/2/24 21:48

Two good spice for the bread!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 17/2/24 21:59

Such a gorgeous loaf! The turmeric adds an incredible color!!

Lowcarb team member 18/2/24 01:47

It looks good Angie, many thanks for sharing this recipe.

All the best Jan

DeniseinVA 18/2/24 03:21

Oh yum! I wish I could have a slice of this right now :)

Grace 18/2/24 05:26

Delicia Angie!
Jamás, de no ver en tu Blog, se me hubiera ocurrido hacer pan con curcuma. Es un condimento que uso con frecuencia pir sus cualidades. Así que muchas gracias por esta propuesta.
Un gran abrazo!

Anonymous 18/2/24 06:32

What a different combination that gives such a beautiful color to the spread! David (C&L)

Margaret D 18/2/24 09:02

Oh my, that's different.

Rainbow Evening 18/2/24 12:08

we didn't consume turmeric long time.... healthy ingredient.
Thank you for sharing recipe.

[Reply] 18/2/24 14:45

Wow Angie, you've outdone yourself with this beautiful bread!

My name is Erika. 18/2/24 15:07

I love that yellow color. I'm not sure about mustard bread, but then unique ingredients often are a positive surprise. Enjoy.

Eva Taylor 18/2/24 15:24

What a gorgeous bread! I just love the colour. The flavours sound unique and unusual and would go great with all the items you mentioned.


Un pan buenísimo para cualquier ocasión. Te ha quedado con una miga buenísima. Besos 😘

Judee 18/2/24 21:33

Beautiful bread and a beautiful color too.

Anne in the kitchen 18/2/24 23:18

That is a beautiful loaf of bread!

Citu 18/2/24 23:51

Gracias por la receta. Te mando un beso.

foodtravelandwine 19/2/24 03:44

It looks terrific!....I love bread in any way shape or form....this bread looks amazing!......Abrazotes, Marcela

David 20/2/24 19:04

Hi Angie, We take turmeric every day but we've never baked with it. Great idea and the addition of the mustard flavor sounds great. Time for a beef tongue sandwich! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

MELODY JACOB 21/2/24 01:17

I can imagine how wonderful it must smell while baking, with the aroma of turmeric filling the kitchen. And the soft, chewy crumb paired with the crispy crust sounds like the perfect texture. Thank you for sharing this delightful recipe!

Melanie 21/2/24 05:56

This looks absolutely delicious! I love sourdough bread and mustard! 😋

sherry 21/2/24 22:40

Your bread looks so pretty and enticing Angie. Nothing nicer than a waft of baking bread in the house ...


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