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Sauerkraut Chocolate Loaf Cake

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© 2023 |

Sauerkraut as the secret ingredient for ultra-juicy chocolate cake? Sounds kind of strange, but it really works. Don't worry, you won't taste the sauerkraut. Generally I prefer cakes with vegetables in them. Whether it's a carrot cake or zucchini cake, cake with beet, etc. Vegetables turn cakes into a special and very moist treat. If you like your cake a little healthier and nuttier, you can also replace the white spelt flour with wholegrain spelt flour. Leave the chocolate cake to stand in the fridge for at least a day, preferably two days, before eating. It tastes wonderful with whipped cream.

  • 125 g Butter, softened
  • 200 g Erythritol or regular sugar
  • 3 Eggs, medium
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla extract
  • 250 g White spelt flour
  • 1 tbsp Baking powder
  • 100 g Dutch-processed cocoa powder
  • Large pinch Salt
  • 250 ml Coffee, at room-temperature
  • 200 g Sauerkraut
  • 100 g Chocolate chips of your choice
  1. Beat the softened butter and erythritol or sugar together until light and airy. Add the eggs, one at a time, and beat for 15 seconds after each addition. After all the eggs have been added, add in vanilla extract.
  2. Whisk together the spelt flour, baking powder, cocoa powder and salt. Add 1/2 of flour mixture to the butter mixture, then the coffee, and finally the remaining flour. Mix until the cake batter is well combined.
  3. Rinse the sauerkraut with hot water, drain and squeeze well. Then chop into small pieces and fold into the batter together with chocolate chips of your choice.
  4. Pour the batter into a standard loaf pan lined with baking paper and bake in a preheated oven at 160C/320F for 40-50 minutes. Remove the cake from the oven and leave to cool completely, then remove from the pan.
© 2023 |

© 2023 |


Marcepanowy Kącik 1/12/23 13:02

Pyszności ciasto. Z kiszoną kapustą jeszcze nie jadłam. 😍💗

eileeninmd 1/12/23 13:20

The cake looks delicious, I am not a big fan of sauerkraut. I am surprised you can not taste it. Thanks for sharing. Take care, have a great day and a happy weekend!

Tom 1/12/23 13:23

...I have heard of this, but it sounds like a strange combination to me!

Anne in the kitchen 1/12/23 14:18

I used to make a variation of this cake years ago and it was good but the addition of the chocolate chips and using an alternate flour sounds much better.

My name is Erika. 1/12/23 15:10

I bet this is amazing. You've inspired me to go make a chocolate loaf today. Too bad I don't have any sauerkraut or I would use it.

David 1/12/23 15:30

Angie, Carrot cake...even zucchini cake...but I've never heard of sauerkraut in cake. Why not? Very interesting... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

DEZMOND 1/12/23 15:45

Kind of strange? Dahlink, that is the weirdest combo I have heard of in my life even weirdest than putting pineapple on pizza and salt in chocolate LOL But then again I put beans in my brownies so who am I to talk.....

David M. Gascoigne, 1/12/23 17:43

I don't think I would ever have thought of placing sauerkraut and chocolate in the same sentence!

Brian's Home Blog 1/12/23 19:05

That's an interesting combination and I'll sure give it a try, it looks good!

Pam 1/12/23 19:18

I would never have thought to put sauerkraut in a cake. Very cool.

savorthebest 1/12/23 20:21

This looks delicious, it would make such a good snack cake.

Bill 1/12/23 20:43

What a strange combination but it does look good and worth a try.

roentare 1/12/23 21:20

That looks very tantalising

Lola Martínez 2/12/23 00:18

Aunque los bizcochos con verduras me gustan, no sabría decir con chucrut, no me imagino que sabor tienen. Lo que está claro es que el tuyo tiene un aspecto maravilloso.

Citu 2/12/23 02:46

Se ve muy rico. Gracias por la receta. Te mando un beso.

Happy Retiree's Kitchen 2/12/23 02:46

This looks so beautifully moist, and I know it will taste fantastic. Such an interesting recipe Angie.

Anonymous 2/12/23 03:49

I've never made a cake with sauerkraut -- or even heard of it. I'm intrigues and will definitely give it a go. And yum!!! :-) ~Valentina

Anonymous 2/12/23 04:56

Judee from GF A-Z Blog: It really does sound strange in a cake. I've never tried it but it sure looks delicious.

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 2/12/23 14:37

I have heard how nice and moist this is with kraut I must try it! looks marvelous!

Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness 2/12/23 14:48

The cake looks delicious. I have never heard of using sauerkraut in a cake, interesting. It looks like it works very well.

Laura. M 2/12/23 19:19

Se ve muy bueno . Me comería un trozo ahora.
Un abrazo

Cooking Julia 2/12/23 19:31

Incredible! I'm doubtful but would appreciate testing this cake.

DeniseinVA 2/12/23 19:33

Hello Angie, I would never have thought of putting sauerkraut in a cake but what a great way to add more vegetables! It looks a very pretty cake too.

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 2/12/23 20:14

I've always loved sauerkraut thanks to all the German ancestry in both our families! I would have never thought to add it to cake, but it sure looks yummy!!! It may be the only way Bill will eat it! Have a great weekend, Angie!

Ben | Havocinthekitchen 3/12/23 01:46

Yes, I won't lie that sauerkraut and chocolate loaf sounds like a... peculiar combo! Lol But it also sounds intriguing at the same time, and the cake looks delicious. So unique!

MELODY JACOB 3/12/23 03:26

oh my gosh this looks so good.
I just shared a new post and would love for you to check it out. Thanks a bunch!

Sherry's Pickings 3/12/23 10:27

yes i have seen recipes for choc sauerkraut cake and i bet it's delicious. it would just add a nice tang and moistness to the cake i guess.

Veronica Lee 3/12/23 10:39

Such an unusual combo, but I bet it tastes delish! 😋

DUTA 3/12/23 11:46

At first, I was surprised by the combo sauerkraut - cake. but then I remembered that in culinaria, everything is possible. A skilfull cook/baker can make wonders.

Eva Taylor 3/12/23 20:57

Well, I must say I did a double take on reading the heading of this post! Sauerkraut in a cake? A very interesting ingredient indeed.

Raymund 7/12/23 21:52

Sauerkraut in chocolate cake, this is certainly something I never heard of, fascinating and intriguing at the same time. Definitely would love to give this a go.

Grace 8/12/23 06:59

Qué rica Angie! A animarse a realizarla!
Abrazo Angie!!

2pots2cook 12/12/23 10:31

LOL! I have just made brownies with sauerkraut to publish next year! Great minds think the same way, right?

Tine de Jong 16/12/23 12:11

This recipe looks very tasty although I would have to weigh everything differently because I am now alone since my husband passed away but I am definitely going to make this. Many thanks for sharing.👌


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