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Tea Eggs

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Tea egg is a popular Chinese snack with marble patterns, in which the boiled eggs are cracked all around and then boiled again in a spiced tea made with soya sauce and spices (I used star anise, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, chilli pepper, and orange rind). These eggs are so flavourful and usually have a greenish gray ring because they cook much longer. It's harmless and perfectly edible. If you prefer soft runny yolks, skip the 2nd boiling, just steep the cracked eggs in the spiced tea for 24 hours. The leftover spiced tea can be reused. Freeze it if you don’t plan to make another batch soon.
Feel free to choose any tea you prefer or have on hand. Use dark soya sauce if you could, as it helps to create the marble effect. The longer the eggs stay in the spiced tea, the more intense the marble effect. Enjoy them as a snack or breakfast!

  • 12 Eggs
  • 1.2l Water
  • 3 tbsp Black tea leaves (or use tea bags)
  • 90 ml Light soya sauce (I used Kikkoman)
  • 15 ml Dark soya sauce (I used Lee Kum Kee)
  • 1 tsp Sea salt
  • 2 Cinnamon sticks
  • 4-6 Star anise
  • 2-3 Bay leaves
  • 1-2 Dried chilli pepper, optional
  • 2-3 slice Orange rind
  1. Fill a large saucepan with water and bring it to a boil. Add eggs and boil for 5 minutes. Transfer them to a large bowl of cold water. Once they’re cool enough to touch, gently crack egg shells with the back of a teaspoon, making sure the shells are cracked all around.
  2. Add in tea leaves or tea bags, light and dark soya sauce, salt, cinnamon sticks, star anise, bay leaves, chilli pepper, if using, and orange rind. Bring the liquid to a boil. Gently lower the cracked eggs back to the saucepan. Simmer the eggs for 10 minutes.
  3. Turn off the heat and leave the eggs sit in the spiced tea for 3 hours. The longer the eggs stay in the spiced tea, the more intense the marble effect. If you prefer soft runny yolks, then simply steep the cracked eggs in the spiced tea for 24 hours.

© 2023 |

© 2023 |


roentare 20/3/23 21:17

Tea eggs are surely the delight in traditional cooking in Taiwan. I just had a few last week

Cooking Julia 20/3/23 22:33

Those marble eggs are absolutely stunning!

Brian's Home Blog 20/3/23 23:45

I never heard of tea eggs but they sure are pretty!

Tom 20/3/23 23:45

...these are new for me and I love eggs.

J.P. Alexander 21/3/23 02:57

Gracias por la receta. se ven muy ricos. Te mando un beso.

Margaret D 21/3/23 06:01

How interesting, something different.

savorthebest 21/3/23 06:02

I love these eggs. They look too pretty to eat.

Lola Martínez 21/3/23 07:52

He visto estos huevos decorados pero no en té, quedan muy bonitos, y el aroma que debe quedar en la cocina después de prepararlos, debe ser estupendo.
Un beso.

Rainbow Evening 21/3/23 10:47

sound delicious.... I'll try it.
Thank you for sharing recipe.....

DEZMOND 21/3/23 13:56

As much as I love black tea those look kinda freaky, like it is blood and a lil chick will poke its head through it..... ewwwww...... I did once colour boiled eggs with beets, but it is just a bad idea if you ask me.... seems fun and the result is not very appetizing, unless you would make me green eggs LOL

speedy70 21/3/23 13:59

Sono bellissime, grazie!!!!

Jeff the Chef 21/3/23 15:42

That's interesting that the flavors wind up finding their ways into the eggs. Sounds fantastic!

Norma2 21/3/23 18:44

Angie, a very good idea for Easter to use this technique using colored water with vegetable dyes.

foodtravelandwine 21/3/23 18:51

It looks delicious!!....and fun to eat and make them too!!......Abrazotes, Marcela

Bill 21/3/23 19:24

Tea eggs are new to me, I never heard ot them.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews 21/3/23 19:25

The only way I like my eggs are hard-boiled, so this is the perfect recipe for me. I love the sound of those amazing flavours steeped together too! :)

Raymund 21/3/23 21:24

I love that marbling effect, you made it perfectly

Muriel de Petites Marmites et Compagnie 21/3/23 22:49

Ils font leur petit effet ces oeufs ! ils sont superbe et certainement délicatement épicés. Belle fin de soirée

Lowcarb team member 22/3/23 01:19

These are new to me, thanks for sharing.

All the best Jan

Happy Retiree's Kitchen 22/3/23 03:34

Angie I love what you do with eggs. these look delightful, I've never had them, but will give them a try. Fabulous for a dinner party novelty.

Rose world 22/3/23 07:51

I don't like tea egg but my man loves it!!! Haha.

Javier 22/3/23 13:42

Really is an original way of cooking eggs, and they look great!

David 22/3/23 17:13

Angie, Tea eggs are a whole new thing for me... Very attractive and creative. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

My name is Erika. 23/3/23 02:14

Oh I know these eggs. I really want some now, but I probably wouldn't want to wait 3 hours though, even though that isn't all that long. hugs-Erika

Roz | La Bella Vita Cucina 23/3/23 04:34

Mmmmm, Angie, I can just taste the Asian flavors through your beautiful eggs. I can't wait to try this method since it's they are perfectly time for the spring season of new birth. Happy Spring, Roz

Eva Taylor 23/3/23 12:04

These are so pretty and just in time for Easter! I love that the colour is natural, those brightly coloured Easter eggs are so garish.

tigerfish 28/3/23 16:25

Love tea eggs , just that I don't make them


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