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Snow Pea Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing

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© 2022 |

This vibrant and flavuorful salad is pretty straightforward to make - trim and blanch the snow peas until al dente. Drain and refresh in cold water. Toss with a tangy, creamy, and extremely addictive goat cheese dressing. You can use sugar snap peas instead or a mixture of two. Not a fan of bacon? Use nuts or extra goat cheese as the topping.

  • 400 g Snow peas, trimmed
  • 50 g Diced bacon
  • 100 g Fresh goat cheese
  • 120 g Homemade mayonnaise
  • 80 ml Goat milk (or regular milk)
  • 2 tbsp Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  • 1 clove Garlic, minced
  • 1 tbsp Flat parsley, choped
  • 1 tbsp Dill, chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Cook the trimmed snow peas in the boiling water until they’re bright green and softened just a bit, about 1 minute. Drain, refresh in cold water and drain well.
  2. Heat a small skillet over medium heat. When hot, add diced bacon in a single layer. Cook until browned and crispy, 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. For the dressing, combine all the ingredients in a bowl until well combined. Taste and season with salt and pepper.
  4. In a large bowl, toss the snow peas with 2/3 of the dressing so they’re thoroughly coated. Place them in a platter and sprinkle the crispy diced bacon over. Serve with the remaining dressing at aside.

© 2022 |

© 2022 |


Cooking Julia 22/11/22 21:36

How fresh this salad is! The goat cheese dressing is terrific!

DeniseinVA 22/11/22 22:00

It looks so good and so very pretty Angie :)

[Reply] 22/11/22 22:19

I love snow peas and this sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy them!

roentare 22/11/22 23:04

Goat cheese is so popular right now. I love it when it looks this refreshing

Anonymous 22/11/22 23:11

Delicious - Christine

My name is Erika. 23/11/22 00:36

Snow peas and goat cheese are the yummiest. I bet this is delicious. hugs-Erika

Mbul Kecil 23/11/22 00:56

Something yummy from goat cheese...your salad looks pretty and healthy. I can imagine that the taste is very creammy...Good job Angie ^^

Rainbow Evening 23/11/22 01:09

love goat and buffalo cheeses....smell and taste good for me.
Thank you for sharing your recipe....

J.P. Alexander 23/11/22 01:41

Se ve muy rica. Te mando un beso y gracias por la receta.

Tom 23/11/22 02:31

...looks refreshing.

Margaret D 23/11/22 04:35

Interesting indeed, would like it.

Graciela Bacino 23/11/22 06:22

Angie; disculpa mi ignorancia. A que le llamas guisantes?
Por lo demás, parece una idea muy rica con el queso de cabra.
Te agradezco tu explicación. Así la puedo hacer.
Muchas gracias.
Un abrazo.

Lola Martínez 23/11/22 08:03

Me gustan los guisantes crudos, directamente de la vaina, si son tiernos están deliciosos. La ensalada es muy rica con esa vinagreta, el tocino es un pecado, pero procuraremos no pasarnos con él.
Un beso.

Rose world 23/11/22 08:49

I still not get used to goat cheese. Maybe the strong taste.

Nancy Chan 23/11/22 09:09

Looks good but I don't know how goat cheese tastes like.

Javier 23/11/22 12:18

Eefreshing, healthy and delicious. This salad is perfect to enjoy as part of my diet!!

Chef Mimi 23/11/22 13:55

Forget the peas! I just wanna make that dressing!!!

The Velvet Runway 23/11/22 13:57

This looks delicious! I love anything with goats cheese!
Julia x

Anonymous 23/11/22 14:19

Hi Angie, ditto Mimi. Bernadette, https;??

DEZMOND 23/11/22 14:23

I have no idea what snow peas are, I'm guessing spring peas eaten with the pod? But I love any kind of pea!

Pam 23/11/22 17:12

Great flavors & textures in this pretty salad.

Bill 23/11/22 18:48

Looks good and delicious.

jesus alvarez 23/11/22 22:32

Tiene un aspecto muy apetecible esta receta, intentaré hacerla,saludos.

The Happy Whisk 23/11/22 23:02

I love snow peas and it's been FOREVER since I had them. My gosh, yum.

Balvinder 24/11/22 02:27

I love how easy and delicious this recipe is.

luna 24/11/22 07:01

un pur délice ! bonne journée

Sherry's Pickings 24/11/22 07:06

this looks so pretty angie and good for you too.

Rainbow Evening 24/11/22 11:43

have a wonderful day....

Anonymous 24/11/22 15:59

I just love the tangy dressing, and I’m thinking it would work well on any salad.

Lovely 25/11/22 07:14

Thanks for this yum recipe!

Neil 25/11/22 12:22

A lovely fresh salad Angie. I do love a nice goats cheese. Think I might pair this with Pancetta instead of bacon though.

speedy70 25/11/22 14:01

Mi piacciono molto le taccole, ottimo piatto!

Anonymous 26/11/22 18:55

Who doesn't love snow peas and such a beautiful flavorful combination. It's Judee from Gluten Free A-Z Blog


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