Gooseberry Blueberry Streusel Squares

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"Streusel" is a crumbly topping made from a mixture of butter, flour, golden sugar, and ground cinnamon. The word 'streusel' comes from the German word "streuen" which means 'to sprinkle' or 'to scatter'. "Streusel" was originally used as a topping for the "StreuselKuchen" but you can use "Streusel" for any coffee cakes, muffins, tarts, dimsum bread, etc. etc. .
This recipe was inspired by Spiked-blueberry-crumb-bars@Cooking Canuck and Kuchen vom Blech@Dr. Oetker

  • 500 g Fresh gooseberry
  • 300 g Fresh blueberry
  • 2 tbsp Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 150 g Golden caster sugar
  • 350 g German #405 flour
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon, ground
  • 1 tsp Baking powder
  • 200 g Cold butter
  • 1 Egg, lightly beaten
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  1. Line a 30cmx25cm rectangle baking tray with parchment paper. Preheat the oven to 190C/375F.
  2. Combine the gooseberry, blueberry, lemon juice, half of the sugar and 2 tablespoon of flour in a mixing bowl.

  3. In another bowl, mix together the remaining of the sugar, flour, salt, ground cinnamon and baking powder. Cut in cold butter and rub until coarse crumbs form. Add in the egg and vanilla extract.
  4. Pour half of the mixture into the prepared baking tray. Spread on the berry mixture and cover with another half of the flour mixture. Bake for about 40-45 minutes until the surface has become golden and crisp.


Abhilash Pillai 21/8/09 22:49

AAhh... this looks delicious...

Nice one

Pavithra Elangovan 21/8/09 23:13

Wow thats looking gr8 and i am drooling here

KennyT 21/8/09 23:31

I love crumbly desserts, hehehe, this Streusel is mouth watering. A perfect dessert for a chill-out Sat dinner with friends.

chow and chatter 21/8/09 23:54

this looks divine Angie, my dad loves goosesberries

V.Streit 22/8/09 02:12

mmmm the streusel topping is usually what I pick off first to eat. It's the best part!

Ju (The Little Teochew) 22/8/09 03:38

Your streusel looks berry, berry good! LOL. I love them on cakes, for the added crunch :) As always, Angie - your baked goods are first class.

Sophia 22/8/09 03:49

oh my god...what I love most abt this is that the crumble on top is THICK! Haha, I LOVe the crumbled topping on top, and that's probably the only reason I like this :-)

Reeni 22/8/09 03:54

I love lots of streusel topping! This looks perfectly delicious with the two kinds of fresh berries. A lovely treat!

Chef E 22/8/09 04:18

I love streusel, and this one looks great...I made one recently since hubby loves them! I like that comment- berry berry good, it fits this perfect...

Ann 22/8/09 04:36

Wow this looks mouth watering

Anonymous 22/8/09 04:44

Delicious streusel! I wish I could find some gooseberries around here!

nora@ffr 22/8/09 09:08

wow angie! vat a mouthwatering streusel! love the addition of the two yummy berries :) yumm yumm!!

Katy ~ 22/8/09 12:33

This looks so good that I want to have a whole pan of this to myself. Unfortunately, gooseberries are illegal in my state (the bush causes some sort of blight on one of our native trees). Some day in my travels, I will have gooseberries and love them!!

Donna-FFW 22/8/09 13:32

Oh this looks so fantastic. I would love to have one of these right now. Blueberries, streusel.. 2 of my favorite things.

pigpigscorner 22/8/09 16:17

I just posted a gooseberry recipe too! I used cooking gooseberries instead, they were sooo sour and my hubs banned me from cooking those ever since haha. Would love to try the dessert gooseberries though! Looks amazing!

Angie's Recipes 22/8/09 16:18

@Abhilash Pillai : Thank you!
@Pavithra: I could have saved one large square for you!
@Chow and Chatter: I always find gooseberry kind of too sour for me to eat raw, So I prefer to use them bake a cake.
@Nila Rosa: How nice to see you again! You must have been very busy with the hospitality job.
@The Little Teochew: That's really kind of you!
@Sophia, Reeni♥: Jep, I love the thick streusel!
@Chef E: So does my husband. He has a sweet teeth.
@Ann, 5 Star Foodie, Nora, Donna: Gals, thank you!
@Katy: Although the streusel cakes taste good with almost all kinds of fruit, it's still a pity that the gooseberries are not available there.

pigpigscorner 22/8/09 16:18

I just posted a gooseberry recipe too! I used cooking gooseberries instead, they were sooo sour and my hubs banned me from cooking those ever since haha. Would love to try the dessert gooseberries though! Looks amazing!

Vrinda 22/8/09 20:21

I really liked the name,Gooseberry blueberry Streusel,looks delicious Angie...

Christo Gonzales 23/8/09 03:42

very nice looking sweet berry goodness - you did it again Angie - well done!

Alisa@Foodista 23/8/09 07:31

Angie this is delicious! Your pictures are making me drool! Love it!

Cucinista 23/8/09 11:00

Looks so good! Love fruit desserts, and anything stopped with streusel has to be good.

Unknown 23/8/09 16:00

You got me on the word streusel. I love streusel. Then came the blueberries.....I must try this.

lisaiscooking 23/8/09 16:18

I love a streusel topping on just about anything, and this looks delicious!

petite nyonya 23/8/09 18:53

This is definitely a perfect tea time treat!

Heather S-G 24/8/09 06:18

These look so delicious...I love fruit desserts!

Parita 24/8/09 14:48

streusel squares look heavenly, love fruity ones!

Mythreyi Dilip 24/8/09 17:48

Very delicious recipe and your site new template is superb!

Olga 24/8/09 19:34

I'd love this for breakfast or as a snack, especially with ice cream!

Unknown 24/8/09 22:01

Lovely dessert, can have it anytime of the day.

theUngourmet 24/8/09 22:25

Mmm! I love the combination of berries in this! Nice!

Erica 25/8/09 00:27

That looks great! I love gooseberries, beautiful flavors in that dessert.

Palidor 25/8/09 01:42

I've never had gooseberries before. These look so yummy. I like making lots of extra streusel so that I can eat the leftovers. :)

Selba 25/8/09 02:38

Love this Blueberry streusel! Can tell how delicious it is from just the picture :)

Rachel J 26/8/09 16:40

I have no words to describe how great these look. WOW, YUM!

Barbara Bakes 27/8/09 17:11

This is one of my favorite kinds of desserts! It looks scrumptious!

Dajana 1/9/09 18:48

Oh my God, it's been ages since I even saw gooseberries. I think I'd eat half of this cake in this very moment.

Ingrid_3Bs 4/9/09 04:46

I'm thinking blackberries and raspberries! Love your photos the colors of the berries are gorgeous!


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