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Easy Herb Spelt Blini

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Traditional Russian blini call for a yeast-raised batter that's again lightened with beaten egg white to make them light and airy. They symbolize the sun and mark the end of the winter and beginning of brighter days.
Today they come in all shapes and sizes, thin, thick, with only white wheat flour, cornmeal, sweet, savoury, with yeast, baking powder, you name it. I like this quick easy version made with baking powder and flavoured with a mix of fresh herbs. These are a perfect appetizer, an ideal party nibble, but would also be fantastic served with some seasonal fruit for the breakfast. They can be made a day ahead and kept in an airtight container.

  • 20 g Fresh herbs (I used a mix of basil, parsley and cilantro)
  • 1 Large egg
  • 100 ml Almond milk (or regular milk)
  • 110 g White spelt flour
  • 7 g Baking powder
  • Sea salt and white pepper powder
  • Bacon fat for frying (or olive oil)
  • 100 g Sour cream
  • 50 g Rainbow trout caviar
  • Fennel fronds or herbs of your choice, to serve
  1. Blend fresh herbs, egg and almond milk together with an immersion blender until smooth.
  2. Sieve the spelt flour and baking powder into a mixing bowl, then season with salt and pepper. Make a well in the middle, pour in the milk mixture, using a whisk or wooden spoon, mix everything until a smooth batter forms.
  3. Lightly grease a non-stick frying pan with bacon fat and warm over moderate heat. Add a tablespoon of the batter and cook for 2 minutes or until you see bubbles on the surface and it’s golden underneath. Flip over and continue to fry for another minute. Repeat until all the batter is used up. The batter yields 9 blini.
  4. Spread each blin with a little sour cream and top with rainbow trout caviar and fennel frond.

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© 2021 |


Nancy Chan 23/2/21 08:19

Interesting, I wonder how it tastes like. Happy day!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 23/2/21 11:58

What a lovely way to serve caviar! Another beautiful dish, Angie!!

DEZMOND 23/2/21 13:17

I'd eat the whole plate but only if you take out cilantro. When it comes to that nastiness I'm with Julia Child who, when asked what is the best way to use it, said: you take it, you wash it, and you throw it on the floor and step on it LOL

Tom 23/2/21 13:50

...something new to me.

Kitchen Riffs 23/2/21 15:01

Fun dish! Love the look of the caviar as a garnish. Really good stuff - thanks.

foodtravelandwine 23/2/21 15:10

I love blinis!....for us is our traditional New Year's dinner!!....I lo the idea to include herbs in them.....delicious!!........Abrazotes, Marcela

Pam 23/2/21 18:59

Cool, Angie! What a great way with caviar! The blinis look delicious! But I agree with the above comment cilantro, just not to my liking. Take care

Pam 23/2/21 19:37

Tasty combination & cute too.

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 23/2/21 19:39

wow this is a great way to for caviar havent had it in years this is a real treat!

Martyna 23/2/21 21:19

Veru interesting food;)

Raymund 23/2/21 22:46

I love the topping you used for those blinis!

tigerfish 23/2/21 22:52

Looking forward to longer brighter days, and I did not know there is a dish or food that symbolizes that. Thanks for sharing.

Sakuranko 24/2/21 01:03

Oh wow this sounds healthy aromatic and delicious

Tisa Jacob 24/2/21 05:03

I have never heard of such a recipe. You are the Queen of Unique! Love it Angie!

Sherry's Pickings 24/2/21 08:27

these look wonderful angie! i love a bit of caviar. if only i could afford the real stuff:-)

Sherry's Pickings 24/2/21 08:28

i love coriander (cilantro)!!

Evi Erlinda 24/2/21 11:07

Seems quite easy to make, and they look flavorful

Tanza Erlambang 24/2/21 12:15

I never saw this kind of food....sound delicious.

Have a great day

2pots2cook 24/2/21 12:33

Beautiful light and tasty snack or office lunch ! Thank you !

Amy (Savory Moments) 24/2/21 18:36

Love all the fresh herbs in these!

fimere 24/2/21 21:09

magnifique un vrai régal
bonne soirée

Pedro 24/2/21 22:01

I love your blinis! Ideal for a holiday snack. Great combination of caviar with herbs and sour cream.

Chef Mimi 25/2/21 00:37

These are fabulous! and way more fun than regular blinis. Bravo!

Gloria Baker 25/2/21 02:55

These blinis look really good Angie!!

speedy70 25/2/21 08:33

Grazie della ricetta, non li conoscevo!

The Exclusive Beauty Diary 25/2/21 14:52

This look very healthy and delicious. Thank you for sharing recipe.

New Post -

Debra Eliotseats 25/2/21 19:36

Beautiful. I like what they symbolize.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 25/2/21 20:26

What a delicious appetizer they would make! I keep my fall-harvested herbs frozen for recipes just like this :)

Fran @ Gday Souffle 26/2/21 05:05

I made blinis a few times while a student at the Paris Le Cordon Bleu school. We used special small blini frying pans. We had to be careful not to burn ourselves- one student burned his hand!

Julie 27/2/21 09:40

looks a delicious crowd starter..perfect and yummy one !!

Evi @ greenevi 3/3/21 12:28

I love blini! What a fun idea to make them green with fresh herbs!

Anonymous 9/3/21 19:11

Ooh, green again. But what a lovely pale shade. These sound totally delicious too. This feeling of spring has me bouncing around like tigger and your blinis look beautifully fresh and spring like.

Choclette x


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