Snow-flakes Fish Curds

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  • 125 g Fish fillet
  • 2 Egg whites
  • 150-200 ml Water
  • 5 g Salt
  • 10 g Ginger squeeze
  • 30 g Starchy solution
  • 10 g Chicken oil
  • Salad oil
  • 15 g Dried mushrooms, soaked and chopped
  • Lettuce shreds
  • A few slices of carrots
  • 100 g Stock
  • 5 g Jiafan rice wine
  • Chicken bouillon and salt to taste
  1. Mash the fish fillet and dissolve it with some water. The quantity of water depends on the texture of fish, at about 150-200 ml.
  2. Season with the salt and stir constantly until thick and smooth. Then add in ginger squeeze, starchy solution, egg whites and chicken oil to get the fish mixture.
  3. Place a wok over the low-middle heat and add in enough salad oil. Using a tablespoon to scoop the fish mixture into the heated oil. Take out as soon as the fish has shaped. Rinse them with a bowl of boiled water to get rid of extra oil.
  4. Place the stock in a skillet, together with rice wine, chicken bouillon and salt. Bring it to a boil. Thicken with a little starchy solution. Add in mushrooms, carrot slices and lettuce. Return the fish and stir briefly. Serve immediately.


pigpigscorner 1/2/09 23:55

This is interesting. Is the texture like fish paste?

Angie  2/2/09 06:41

hallo Pigpigscorner,

It's softer, like tofu.

homeladychef 4/2/09 17:06

This is brilliant, quite difficult for me cos I am too impatient! >< Anyway, thanks for sharing & Happy Chinese New Year! How was it like celebrating CNY in Germany?

Joie de vivre 6/2/09 02:33

That is a gorgeous soup. So chock full of healthy goodies.

Angie  6/2/09 06:48

Me impatient too. homeladychef, The fish fillets I can easily get from here are basically frozen, (an exception is to go to a faraway, once-in-a-month seafood market) so I am learning to enjoy the long-lasting preparation.

The soup tastes super good, Amanda, worth a try. :-)

Joie de vivre 6/2/09 17:34

Thanks so much for following me. That was so exciting to find you on there this morning. When I clicked through your blogger profile, I see you like Everwood. I haven't seen that show in years, but it used to be one of my much so I was lobbying hard for my eldest son to be named Ephraim!

Angie  6/2/09 18:36

My pleasure, Amanda!
Most TV series, if not all, here in Germany are from the states. I like many of them. Everwood and Judging Amy(Für alle Fälle Amy in German title) were on when I was editing my profile.


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