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Keto Spinach Omelette Roulade with Goat Cheese and Herbs

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© 2022 |

A green omelette in roulade form filled with rich creamy goat cheese, herbs and bell pepper. If you don't want to keep it vegetarian, use smoked salmon instead. Either way, it's really tasty, and looks fun and very festive. Not only it makes an inviting brunch, but also perfect to serve as a delicious party appetizer.

Omelette RollCheese Filling
  • 200 g Spinach leaves, blanched and refreshed
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 6 Eggs, medium
  • 300 g Fresh goat cheese
  • 10 g Dill, chopped (or fennel fronds)
  • 10 g Flat parsley, chopped (or chives)
  • 1 Small red bell pepper, diced
  1. Bring about 2 liters of water and 1 teaspoon of salt to a boil in a large pot. Prepare a large bowl with ice cubes and cold water.
  2. When your water is boiling, add in spinach and blanch for 30 seconds until it turns bright green. Remove the spinach using a slotted spoon and immediately dunk the spinach into the ice water and leave it for a minute. The ice water stops the cooking process so the spinach stays green, tender and retains its nutrients.
  3. Remove and squeeze spinach with your hands to remove excess water. Puree the spinach and eggs in a hand blender until smooth. Season well with salt and pepper.
  4. Preheat the oven to 170C/340F. Line a 22x30cm baking pan with a parchment paper. Pour in the prepared omelette mixture. Bake the omelette for about 20 minutes.
  5. Remove the omelette and set aside for 3-5 minutes to cool. You can directly roll up the omelette or turn the omelette on a clean parchment paper and peel the used baking paper away. Gently roll up the omelette with parchment and set aside for 15 minutes.
  6. Whip the goat cheese until smooth and creamy. Mix in chopped herbs and season with more salt and pepper if needed. Unroll the omelette roulade and spread the prepared filling over. Sprinkle the diced red bell pepper over. Roll up the omelette again with a plastic film and chill for 1-2 hours until set.
  7. To serve, slice the omelette and place them in plates. Rub some freshly grated lemon peel over and some lemon slices and fresh herbs aside. Enjoy!

© 2022 |

© 2022 |

© 2022 |


Lowcarb team member 29/1/22 00:46

So delicious, I could eat some now :)

All the best Jan

Martha 29/1/22 01:28

I love it and definitely going to borrow this idea for a brunch! Have a great weekend Angie. :)

Brian 29/1/22 01:34

I'm sure it's good and it looks beautiful!

Tom 29/1/22 01:45

...looks fresh and delicious.

My name is Erika. 29/1/22 03:20

That omelette roll is really interesting. I haven't seen anything quite like it. Happy weekend Angie. hugs-Erika

J.P. Alexander 29/1/22 03:44

Gracias por la receta se ve muy rica . La hare pronto te mando un beso

David 29/1/22 05:15

Angie, Very attractive and also inventive! I'd have to leave out the parsley and spinach as they effect my meds... Bad luck for me. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

savorthebest 29/1/22 05:54

That looks delicious and very festive!

Kitchen Riffs 29/1/22 06:14

Wow, pretty! This looks wonderful -- thanks.

Graciela Bacino 29/1/22 06:21

One of my favorite dishes!!
Thanks Angie!
A hug with the best wishes!
I congratulate you for the presentation. Bright and colourful.

Eha 29/1/22 06:42

Love the look and the ingredients and am quite happy to leave the latter as you have enumerated tho' I do not believe in diets nor keep any ! Have not rolled an omelette awhile . . . so, wish me luck !!!

Mbul Kecil 29/1/22 07:35

wow you're so creatif dear. I like the roll of green dish and imagine this is so creammy...yummyyy

eileeninmd 29/1/22 12:23

The omelet looks delicious, it looks so pretty and colorful.
Another great recipe, thanks for sharing. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

DEZMOND 29/1/22 13:34

Looks gorgeous. I always make a spinach roulade for New Year Eve :) but I also mix in six spoons of oil and six spoons of flour into six eggs and a spoon of yoghurt, plus a garlic and some celery leaves. I usually fill it with mayo, grated vegetarian cheese and pickled peppers or cucumbers.

Nancy Chan 29/1/22 15:46

Beautiful omelette rolls.

David M. Gascoigne, 29/1/22 17:46

It looks tasty and visually appealing too. It resembles sushi!

Bill 29/1/22 18:15

Looks fantastic, would love to try it.

gluten Free A_Z Blog 29/1/22 18:23

What a spectacular presentation for a brunch and tasty too. So different and festive.

Eva Taylor 29/1/22 22:31

What a fabulous dish! How creative to make an omelette roulad, I just love it. They would also make fantastic little hors d'œuvres (maybe a little smaller than this though). I'm definitely going to bookmark this for when we can commit to Keto again.
Thanks Angie

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 29/1/22 23:25

I love goat cheese and spinach! these are so perfect for me!

mjskit 30/1/22 01:02

My goodness this looks good and you make it look relatively easy to make. Love that goat cheese and red pepper filling. A very nice breakfast.

Królowa Karo 30/1/22 09:39

I love this roulade! You did it beautifully!

Rose world 30/1/22 11:08

Your green spinach omelette looked pretty and appetizing.

Foodi 30/1/22 16:52

Hum good recipe. I'm gonna try it but not now. The URL is already in my bookmarks. Thank you

Cooking Julia 30/1/22 23:24

This plate has such lovely colors!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 31/1/22 00:09

So pretty and I can tell delicious by the ingredients. These colors would be perfect for a Christmas breakfast or brunch!

Balvinder 31/1/22 02:24

How pretty it looks. Love roulade!

The Yum List 31/1/22 09:23

Ooh, this is such a colourful plate.

speedy70 31/1/22 09:23

Bellissime queste girelle di frittata colorate!!!

Veronica Lee 31/1/22 13:36

I'm sure it's delish.

It looks beautiful!

Hena Tayeb 31/1/22 19:05

Love the colors. It looks great.

bread&salt 1/2/22 20:35

WoW looks very healthy! I am sure Goat cheese made this omelette perfect. Thanks for the recipe.

babYpose 2/2/22 05:14

6 eggs and baked them, amazing beautifully rolled like that, look so delicious with spinach. Tasty.

The Velvet Runway 2/2/22 10:14

This looks amazing! I love the presentation!
Julia x

[Reply] 2/2/22 14:58

Wow Angie, this is one of the most unique recipes I've ever seen! It's a real showstopper and sounds delicious!

Raymund 3/2/22 07:30

Wow that looks amazing specially for a savory dish that looks like a dessert

EASYFOODSMITH 3/2/22 14:58

Wow! These look gorgeous and so delicious and tempting.

tigerfish 5/2/22 16:08

Lovely! And this spinach omelette is so pliable , it rolls perfectly.

Choclette 22/2/22 12:34

That looks absolutely beautiful. Such an elegant dish - perfect for impressing anyone you need to impress.


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