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Bacon-wrapped Frikadellen

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© 2021 |

Frikadellen, aka “Fleischklops”, “Fleischpflanzerl” or “Buletten” – it depends on the region, are German meat patties, typically made with ground beef, pork, or a mixture of two, and shaped into slightly flattened ovals. Traditionally Frikadellen are fried in lard or tallow, but today they are commonly fried in ghee (Butterschmalz) or oil. In Germany Frikadellen are typically served with a potato salad, potato dumplings (Kartoffelknödel) or pommes frites. They are delicious warm or cold, can be made in advance and freeze well. Bacon gives the meat patties an extra burst of smoky flavour and adds juiciness, but not overly greasy.

  • 1 Small onion, chopped
  • 2 Garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 tbsp Flat parsley, chopped
  • 35 g Parmigiano-Reggiano, grated
  • 700 g Minced beef
  • 1 Large egg
  • 30 g Keto beadcrumbs
  • 1/2 tsp Dried thyme
  • 1/2 tsp Dried oregano
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 tsp Black pepper powder
  • 12-14 slice Bacon, cut in half crosswise
  1. Preheat oven to 180C/350F. Line a rimmed baking pan with aluminum foil or parchment paper so that cleanup is easier.
  2. Peel and finely mince the onion and garlic. Finely chop the flat parsley. Grate the cheese.
  3. In a bowl, add minced beef, egg, keto breadcrumbs, chopped onion, garlic, parsley, grated cheese, dried herbs, salt and pepper. Mix everything together until combined. Form the mixture into 12-14 Frikadellen, each about 5-6cm in diameter.
  4. Wrap half a bacon slice around a frikadelle, turn around 45 degrees and wrap a second half-slice of bacon around the frikadelle, so the meat is enclosed by bacon. Repeat with the remaining. Place them onto the prepared baking pan with seam sides down.
  5. Bake in the preheated oven until meatballs are no longer pink inside and bacon is crisp, 40- 45 minutes. Serve with your favourite dipping sauce and a side salad.

© 2021 |

© 2021 |


Brian 1/10/21 00:47

Wrapped in Bacon, it's got to be totally yummy!

Tom 1/10/21 01:34

...everything is better with bacon!

babYpose 1/10/21 01:38

Ghee was used before, now oil is better.Always best with salad. Healthy and good.

Ben | Havocinthekitchen 1/10/21 01:50

Oh these Frikadellen look absolutely stunning - so homey yet absolutely elegant and festive. I would give it a try, I mean pass me the entire serving dish please :)

Balvinder 1/10/21 02:38

These beef patties look fabulous!I don't even eat bacon or beef but your last picture is so tempting that I wish I could grab that fork and the meatball out of the screen and eat it.

J.P. Alexander 1/10/21 03:11

Se ve tan ricas, gracias por la receta te mando un beso

Margaret D 1/10/21 06:34

Bacon always gives other meats etc such a nice flavour.

Paola 1/10/21 06:39

Devono essere davve squisite. Se mi invitassero a cena, e trovassi un piatto così, sarebbe fantastico.

Lola Martínez 1/10/21 10:07

Yo nunca he preparado este tipo de albóndigas envueltas en bacon y me parece una buena idea porque las hace más jugosas. Te han quedado divinas con ese color tan tostado.

Mae Travels 1/10/21 10:35

Definitely a German Classic! They look delicious.

best... mae at

delphine 1/10/21 12:55

Cela doit être un délice

Bill 1/10/21 13:02

It looks delicious and with bacon wrapped around it, I bet it tastes divine.

DEZMOND 1/10/21 13:44

Fleischpflanzerl! Bet you cannot say that quickly LOL Unlike most other people I actually find German language delightful. I don't think I could ever learn it, though. Were you born there, or did you have to learn it?

My name is Erika. 1/10/21 14:05

Boy those look delicious. And I learned a new word too. Frikadellen. Thanks for sharing these. Happy weekend. Hug-Erika

Ashley@CookNourishBliss 1/10/21 14:13

You had me at bacon! These look absolutely delicious!

Nancy Chan 1/10/21 14:54

Yums! Certainly looks delicious.

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 1/10/21 15:29

Outstanding and of course you had all of us at Bacon!!

Kitchen Riffs 1/10/21 15:38

Bacon wrapping anything gets my attention! Wow, what a neat dish -- this looks incredibly flavorful. Too flavorful -- I'd eat too many. :-) Anyway, good stuff -- thanks.

Chef Mimi 1/10/21 17:30

Amazing. I never saw these in Germany, or maybe I wasn’t in the meatball mood, but I am now!

foodtravelandwine 1/10/21 17:39

They look spectacular!!....awesome flavors!!....Abrazotes, Marcela

Pam 1/10/21 18:25

Yes, please!!! They look and sound tasty.

savorthebest 1/10/21 19:59

Bacon makes everything better! This looks delicious

Królowa Karo 1/10/21 21:00

I just felt hungry! I need such a dish :)

Tisa Jacob 2/10/21 04:06

This looks so delicious, Angie!

The Yum List 2/10/21 04:33

I bet these are packed with flavour.

Graciela Bacino 2/10/21 08:06

Gusto, paladar, presentación; todo, se me hace apetecible.
Otra de tus delicias.
Gracias por enseñarnos estos ricos sabores.
Buen fin de semana Angie!

eileeninmd 2/10/21 11:17

Wow, these look delicious, the bacon is an added treat.
Take care, enjoy your day! Happy weekend!

Stefania 2/10/21 12:05

Mamma mia che bontà, poi adesso che si avvicina l'ora di pranzo. Mi hai fatto venire una gran voglia di farli.

Bernadette 2/10/21 15:23

These look amazing and if served with potato salad , it would be a perfect picnic.

lea 2/10/21 16:01

Che buone! Una tira l'altra, saranno troppo buone!

David 2/10/21 16:59

Angie, These Frikadellen look and sound great to me! However, my better half doesn't like anything that resembles a meatball...even with bacon on it. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

Pedro 2/10/21 21:29

Absolutely attractive and appetizing. Must be delicious.

Martyna 2/10/21 22:36

This looks very delicious!:)

Tania @My Kitchen Stories 3/10/21 05:06

These really do take your attention. They are so beautifully wrapped and cooked. I love the parmesan in them to add that nice fat and salty flavour inside too!

Federica Simoni 3/10/21 15:39

Fantastiche queste polpettine😋😋😋😋

Cooking Julia 3/10/21 17:12

These balls are so appealing, they look tasty, I love them !

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews 4/10/21 11:46

The name of another new to me dish, to try and get my non-German speaking tongue around!

Anything with crispy bacon sounds good to me, although I would probably just stick with the patties made from beef and give the pork a miss!

I wonder if they work as mini size balls, as they would then be great as finger food at a party! :)

[Reply] 4/10/21 14:18

These sound delicious, lots of possibilities here...I like that they're baked, sounds easy too...thanks Angie

mjskit 5/10/21 00:06

Anything wrapped in bacon gets my vote.

claire 9/10/21 00:47

Oh, yes! Beef is way more my thing than pumpkin is ha ha! Particularly if wrapped in bacon :-)

Debra Eliotseats 12/10/21 14:44

No words. Looks delicious. Glad you added some leafy greens though. :)


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