Roast Leg of Lamb with Herbes de Provence

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Tender, juicy and full of flavour, a leg of lamb is an extremely versatile and budget cut of meat that’s great for feeding a crowd. I personally like bone-in because of its intense lamb flavour, but you can use boneless if you prefer. You can use boneless leg if you prefer. Try not to overcook this lean meat or it will get tough and dry. To ensure a leg of lamb cooks evenly, you want to remove it from the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for two hours before cooking.
Herbs de Provence, a staple in French and Mediterranean cooking, is an aromatic mixture of dried Provençal herbs and spices, which traditionally includes thyme, basil, rosemary, tarragon, savory, marjoram, oregano, and bay leaf. If you don't have this spice blend on hand, you can easily make your own.

  • 5 Garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 3 tbsp Herbes de Provence
  • 2 tbsp Dijon wholegrain mustard
  • 3 tbsp Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 New Zealand grass-fed leg of lamb, bone-in, about 1.5kg
  • 1 cup Homemade beef broth
  • 500 g Potatoes, cut into bite size chunks
  • Lamb's lettuce
  • Red cabbage salad
  1. Combine chopped garlic cloves, herbs de Provence, mustard and olive oil together in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Score lamb leg with a sharp knife and place it in a roasting pan. Generously spread the herb mixture, reserving 1 tablespoon for the potatoes, all over the leg of lamb. Cover, and refrigerate for overnight.
  3. Two hours or so before you plan to roast the lamb, remove it from the fridge so that it can warm to room temperature.
  4. Preheat the oven to 190C/375F. Add the broth to the roasting pan. Roast the lamb in the middle of the oven for about 55-60 minutes for medium or until internal temperature registers 60C/140F when an instant read thermometer is inserted into the center of the thickest part of the meat. Roast for 10 more minutes if you want it medium-well. Toss the potatoes with the reserved marinade and add into the roasting pan after 15 minutes.
  5. Remove the meat from the oven and loosely tent with foil. Allow it to rest for 15 minutes. This helps the juices redistribute throughout the meat instead of over the cutting board. Slice and serve with roasted potatoes and lamb's lettuce or red cabbage salad. | © 2020 |

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© 2021 |


Iwona 9/3/21 07:05

Looks great. I love meat with herbs :)

Tom 9/3/21 11:21

...lamb is something that I've never had.

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 9/3/21 11:52

we love lamb I just bought a boneless leg and will try this. Sounds delicious

DEZMOND 9/3/21 13:24

Whaaat? Lamb? OMG poor little lamb, how could you eat a poor lil' lamb? /criesinconsoleably/

foodtravelandwine 9/3/21 15:13

It looks gorgeous!!....and it is so elegant!!.....very tasty!!..Abrazotes, Marcela

Kitchen Riffs 9/3/21 15:55

Lamb is my favorite red meat! And this looks so good. Herbes de Provence are wonderful all by themselves, and magic with lamb. This looks terrific -- thanks.

Jeff the Chef 9/3/21 16:31

I have never cooked a leg of lamb! I've got to give it a try.

Pedro 9/3/21 17:21

Spectacular! Great with the flavor of herbs! I can almost smell the aroma from this side of the screen. Take care and see you soon!

Balvinder 9/3/21 18:00

What a fabulous meal! roast leg of lamb is truly a treat! Yours looks wonderful with herbs de Provence! Really love this

Pam 9/3/21 18:05

It looks perfectly cooked and so delicious!

Pam 9/3/21 20:43

Looks good, Angie! I've never made it but bet it's tasty! Take care

Królowa Karo 9/3/21 21:14

I have never tried a lamb before.

Suja Manoj 9/3/21 23:02

Flavorful blend, perfectly cooked and yummy.

Raymund 9/3/21 23:12

Ohhhh that lamb looks perfectly cooked!

Marissa 10/3/21 01:19

Boy are we on the same wavelength, Angie! I roasted a leg of lamb a few weeks ago with Herbes de Provence and dijon mustard - such a wonderful combination! Your lamb looks like it's cooked to perfection!

lisa is cooking 10/3/21 04:05

Looks beautiful with the layer of herbs! I've never cooked a leg of lamb and feel like I need to attempt it one day.

Nancy Chan 10/3/21 05:09

Sometimes I order grill lamb or lamb chops when I eat out but I have never tried making any thing lamb at home.

Sherry's Pickings 10/3/21 05:26

hi angie
we don't eat lamb, but i like the idea of all the herbs. I'm sure it's very tasty!

Gustyanita Pratiwi 10/3/21 08:05

wow! your lamb looks so flavorful, you cook with strong spices and it's great! love it...

Yvonne@fiction-books 10/3/21 08:28

Lamb is generally a treat I reserve for myself when we eat out (now there would be a novelty - one day when lockdown is over!), as hubbie isn't very keen on it.

I must admit that I prefer boneless lamb cutlets, although the Herbes de Provence side looks amazing and much more attractive than some restaurant kitchens turn out!

Never an excuse needed for roast potatoes though and tossing them in the marinade first is a great tip!

Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your week :)

Yvonne xx

Claudia 10/3/21 14:42

Angie sai, io non uso molto la senape ma questo cosciotto è davvero invitante. Brava

fimere 10/3/21 20:29

un gigot d'agneau vraiment un régal j'adore
bonne soirée

Kelly | Foodtasia 10/3/21 21:56

Such a wonderful dish, Angie! And so perfect for spring!

Josiah - DIY Thrill 10/3/21 23:19

This roast lamb looks moist and delicious!

bread&salt 11/3/21 04:09

Very nice meat-herbs combination dish recipe! Bye the way i always prefer to bone-in lamb too. Garlic+olive oil+ground black pepper always make meat amazing. Thank you for sharing.

speedy70 11/3/21 08:33

Ottimo l'agnello così cucinato, brava!!!

The Exclusive Beauty Diary 11/3/21 13:48

I would like to try this through computer screen. It look very delicious.

New Post -

Tanza Erlambang 11/3/21 14:03

I rarely consume lamb....your cook and recipe look so appealing...

have a wonderful day

all types recepies and desert 11/3/21 19:03

Looking so delicious recipe thanks for sharing

tigerfish 11/3/21 23:06

I rarely cook lamb - just once or maybe twice at most! I know it is not difficult , roasting it whole after seasoning/marinating but still too much work for me :(

The-FoodTrotter 12/3/21 22:22

Wow that's what I call a serious HIT! The meat looks like butter and this mustard-herbs crust is amazing, I mean the meat juice on the side I think I could just destroy it with a nice baguette bread ;)

Chef Mimi 13/3/21 01:09

Beautiful! You did such wonderful job cooking it. I’m not super in love with herbes de Provence, but typically when it includes lavender. Thanks for this recipe!

Fran @ G'day Souffle 13/3/21 17:43

Angie, it looks like you cooked the lamb perfectly- nice pink color in the middle! Australia has so many kinds of lamb for sale, I have been spoiled.

Roz | La Bella Vita Cucina 13/3/21 20:27

I do love lamb and yet have never prepared it at home. This would be perfect for an Easter feast. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary recipe, Angie.

mjskit 15/3/21 03:52

This looks wonderful! I don't have a leg of lamb but I do have a lamb rack. Your herb de Provence with dijon sounds perfect. Thanks!

Izaa 15/3/21 08:49

but the meats are appetizing

Noob Cook 23/3/21 17:29

Your roasted lamb looks amazing with the tender pink when sliced! Recently I bought a bottle of herbs de provence, but haven't got round to using it.


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