Spinach Sweet Corn Muffins

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If you use fresh spinach, poach them in lightly salted water for 2-3 minutes. Chop them finely before using.

  1. Beat eggs and sugar until light and doubled in volume. Add in spinach puree and olive oil. Mix well.
  2. Sift the flour, starch baking powder and baking soda into the liquid mixture. Finally add in 100 grams of corn kernels and mix.
  3. Scoop the batter evenly into 11-12 muffin cups, then sprinkle each on the top a few corn kernels. Bake in a preheated 175C/350F oven for about 18-20 minutes.

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KennyT 29/7/09 00:25

I have never tried savoury muffins before

Cooking Asshole 29/7/09 02:16

These sound fantastic for brunch. I will have to make something similar.

Anonymous 29/7/09 02:23

Angie, that is a clever combination. I am thinking I would easily eat corn and spinach on the same plate and I would also mix them in a dish so muffins have to be the greatest. Then, I am kicking myself for not thinking of this combination, myself. They even look pretty with the green.

Chow and Chatter 29/7/09 02:29

yummy love spinach great way to get your veggies

Chaya the Comfy Cook 29/7/09 02:35

I clicked on link exchange and the powers to be told me they were unable to accept it. Does it work with Word Press?

I will try bringing the logo over and see if that works but I have had trouble with badges being copied. I have half of a Key Ingredient showing up. I have others where the HTML code is what appears. Weird but I can only guess it is Word Press.

Let's see if I can take the code over and it shows up. Chaya

Katy 29/7/09 02:48

Now this looks different and interesting and tasty. i would definitely like to try one of these!

Reeni♥ 29/7/09 04:24

Corn muffins and spinach are two of my favorite things! I love these!!

Angie's Recipes 29/7/09 07:03

@Kenny: Help yourself please :-)
@Cooking Asshole: yes, for breakfast too.
@Chaya: I noticed my logo is up on your page. Yes, the link widget is kind of limited, so far it works with blogger.
@Katy, Reeni, Chow and Chatter: time to get some vegetable!

Anonymous 29/7/09 07:04

Spinach and sweet corn muffin. This is wicked!!! Love to try it soon!

♥peachkins♥ 29/7/09 07:57

Wow! It looks wonderful and I think with this you can get your child to eat spinach.

Anonymous 29/7/09 08:11

wow, wat an innovative idea.i see that u have added sugar, how does it taste? I mean does it taste like any other sweet muffin or is it inbwn sweet and spicy muffin? can i skip sugar and add salt?

ARUNA 29/7/09 08:29

that's awesome, looks very tempting!!!

My Little Space 29/7/09 12:59

Oh Angie, these muffins look sooo...good! I think they're calling me now...EAT ME, EAT ME...!! he he

Donna-FFW 29/7/09 13:23

What a great combination, nice idea for a svory muffin, might be a good way to get kids to eat their veggies too!

Vrinda 29/7/09 15:36

Wow that's a healthy muffin packed with all nutrients...great recipe...

Ann 29/7/09 16:45

WOO!! That is soo tempting, never added spinach in muffins before. so creative and yumm!

Anonymous 29/7/09 17:00

Great idea to add spinach to corn muffins, can't wait to try this!

Pavithra 29/7/09 18:12

Wow thats lovely and healthy one..looks too good

Mythreyi Dilip 29/7/09 19:15

Congrats! I am nominating you for the Kreativ Blogger Award, Please do visit my blog.

Angie's Recipes 29/7/09 19:58

@munchcrunchandsuch: yes, the sugar can be skipped, and if you have some Feta ready in the fridge, feel free to use them...they are great in spinach muffins.
@Mythreyi Dilip: Thank you for sharing the award with me.
@My Little Space, Pavithra, ARUNA, Donna-FFW, 5 Star Foodie, Ann
Thank you all!

lisaiscooking 29/7/09 22:25

I like the color from the spinach in your muffins! They sound delicious too.

girlichef 30/7/09 02:01

Nice!! I love the spinach in the muffin...these sound soooo tasty :D

Chef E 30/7/09 04:09

Simply divine!!! I want to try this...

Beachlover's Kitchen 30/7/09 09:08

your savoury muffin look so pretty,colorful!! never try this type of muffin b4...I bet it must taste good too!!

Sophie 30/7/09 11:04

Lovely & tasty looking muffins!!

Georgous too!

Ivy 30/7/09 18:32

I love savory muffins and the combination of spinach and corn sounds great.

Parita 30/7/09 19:10

Thats wonderful combination angie, love the gorgeous color and these are so healthy too!

nora@ffr 1/8/09 18:24

m sooo gonna try this out angieee.. never thought of adding spinach. vat a great combo! i love it specially being healthy!

Anjali Singh 19/9/12 17:43

it looks great...will try it tomorrow and m sure it will taste great too


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