Stir-fried Shredded Chicken with Beansprouts and Goji Berries

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Beansprouts are a distinctively oriental vegetable, they don't have a long shelf life and usually consumed within a couple of days after cultivation or of purchase. To clean bean sprouts, drop into a basin of clear water, lift handful of bean sprouts out of the water and place in a colander, leaving behind the bean cases and broken off roots. Do not soak bean sprouts because they will exude water when cooked.

  • 350 g Bean sprouts
  • 10 g Goji berries
  • 120 g Chicken breast
  • 1 Egg white
  • Oil to cook
  • 6 g Salt
  • 5 g White vinegar
  • 3 g Chicken bouillon
  • 15 g Spring onion, shredded
  • 5 g Sesame oil
  • 1 tsp Cornstarch
  1. Wash and drain bean sprouts. Rinse the goji berries, drain and set aside. Thinly slice the chicken breast. Add in cornstarch and egg white. Mix well.

  2. Heat some oil over high heat. When it begins to bubble, drop in shredded chicken and stir to separate. Remove when they turn white. Leave 1 tablespoon of oil in the pan and remove the rest.
  3. Add in bean sprouts and goji berries, stirring briefly, add salt, vinegar chicken bouillon and shredded spring onion, stir for a couple of minutes. Return the shredded chicken to the pan, stir to mix well. Drizzle in the sesame oil, stirring briefly, and transfer to a serving plate.


lisaiscooking 21/7/09 19:26

I love bean sprouts, and this sounds great! The wolf berries are a great addition too.

Christo Gonzales 21/7/09 19:59

time to get some wolfberries - you are making them so attractive - great dish Angie!

Ivy 21/7/09 20:29

I have never had bean sprouts before. I have a can of bean sprouts but have not used it yet. Now I know what to do with it, only I am not sure if the canned ones can compare to the fresh ones.

Chef E 21/7/09 20:45

Do you find that like me when you buy an ingredient, you want to keep making dishes with it? I did that with my 'sexy' cherries!

I would love to eat this, has all the components I love!

Reeni 22/7/09 00:37

Another easy and delicious dish, Angie! I love everything in here - especially bean sprouts. Do you know I have never washed mine? I always use them straight from the bag - next time I will definitely give them a bath!

Heather S-G 22/7/09 00:54

This looks so healthy and full of crunch! Lovely Angie :D

Anonymous 22/7/09 03:07

another awesome recipe with wolfberries! I enjoy bean sprouts a lot...gotta love that crunch!

Donna-FFW 22/7/09 05:42

I have got to get some wolfberries.. this sounds delicious! The dish is presented so beautifully.

Angie's Recipes 22/7/09 07:23

@Lisa, Christo, Donna, Sophie, girlichef
I always like to combine them together, ivory white and cherry red look beautiful together.
@Chef E
haha...yes, because if I didn't use them now, I probably would forget them in the fridge.
I am not sure about the canned one, they might not as crunchy as the fresh ones, but it wouldn't hurt to try since you have some in the pantry. Or you can cultivate beansprouts with green beans at home.
Well, I bet they tasted the same! :-)

nora@ffr 22/7/09 09:47

vat a great dish angie!! specially the addition of bean sprout and chicken :) yummyy! perfect combo

nora@ffr 22/7/09 09:59

angie i was soo happy to receive an email from ye the other day.glad i made a foodie friend like ye. keep up the good work! cheers!!

MONONOKE KITCHEN 22/7/09 13:50

Such a lovely freshness and tastiness! Wonderful!

♥peachkins♥ 22/7/09 15:17

I love beansprouts! Its very crunchy!

Dajana 22/7/09 18:35

great as usual, Angie. So many lovely ideas.

Vrinda 22/7/09 18:55

My first visit here,u hav a lovely blog..New chicken recipe to me..looks tasty and healthy..

Beachlover's Kitchen 23/7/09 06:53

well....I post my comment but no where to see:(

Beachlover's Kitchen 23/7/09 06:54

OK..I guess something missing here..:) love your bean sprout!! lovely and colorful!! add some salted fish for me pls:P

My Little Space 23/7/09 08:32

Hello Angie, 1st of all thanks for the visit and nice to meet you. Actually, I'm very new to all these. I mean blogging! Still need times to go through all of them slowly. Where's your hometown, Angie? You're now live in Germany? Interesting!! Hope to know more about you! Do you mind?? ha ha! Have a nice day!


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