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Filipino Coconut Macaroons

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These Filipino-style macaroons are so easy to make and so delicious. they are golden crisp on the odges and soft, chewy and moist on the inside, they’re super addictive. If you prefer, coat them in chocolate to give it a even richer flavour. The addition of small amount of white spelt flour in the batter makes them taste more like cakes rather than standard coconut macaroon, but they are just equally delicious. They make a great midday pick or after-meal dessert or even as a lunch box filler. Don't confuse coconut macaroons with chewy, yet crisp airy French macarons. Macarons and macaroons differ in their main ingredient, which for macarons is almond meal, and macaroons is shredded coconut.
A macaron (pronounced "mack-ah-ROHN") , which has roots in Paris, is a meringue-based cookie. Its batter is composed of almond flour, egg whites, and confectioners’ sugar. Parisian macarons come in a variety of colours and flavours and usually filled with buttercream, ganache, jam, or fruit curd. The main ingredient of a macaroon (pronounced "mack-ah-ROON") is shredded coconut and its original recipe does not require sweetened condensed milk. As the recipe suggests, this is a Filipino-style macaroon, which is composed of butter, sugar, sweetened condensed milk and coconut of course.

  • 100 g Unsalted butter, softened
  • 150 g Sugar
  • 2 Eggs, medium
  • 1 can / 397 g Sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/2 tsp Vnilla extract
  • 70 g White spelt flour
  • 200 g Desiccated coconut
  1. Line one 24-vavity mini muffin pan with paper cups and place 9 standard-sized reusable silicone baking cups in a baking tray. Set aside. Use two mini muffin pans or 20 silicone muffin cups if you have them.
  2. In a bowl, beat softened unsalted butter using a hand mixer on low speed until creamy. Add in sugar and beat together until well blended and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition.
  3. Add in sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract and continue to beat until blended. In a medium bowl, combine white spelt flour and desiccated coconut. Add to the butter-egg mixture and beat until combined.
  4. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Divide the thick batter into the prepared muffin cups.
  5. Bake the mini muffins for about 15-18 minutes and 25-28 minutes for standard-size muffins until golden and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Remove from baking pan and let cool on a wire rack for about 5 minutes.

© 2022 |

© 2022 |


Brian 4/2/22 00:46

Those look really delicious!

Tom 4/2/22 01:10

...I'd like a big one please!

Martha 4/2/22 03:31

So interesting, I never realized there were macaroons and macarons too. Either way they look delicious!

J.P. Alexander 4/2/22 03:46

Se ven muy ricos . Gracias por la receta la re pronto. Te mando un beso

babYpose 4/2/22 03:49

Love the the coconut in muffins, the filipino style macaroons lokks so yummy.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews 4/2/22 06:03

Macarons or macaroons, I don't mind which, as I love almonds, meringue and coconut equally well! :)

Seriously, your macaroons look delicious, light and fluffy!

Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend :)

Graciela Bacino 4/2/22 06:27

Look delicious! Think you Angie!!

Nammi 4/2/22 06:53

wow, looks so light. bet it tastes as good as it looks

Lola Martínez 4/2/22 08:48

En casa preferimos estas magdalenas a los macarons franceses, nos gusta más esta textura abizcochada que va bien para desayunos y meriendas. O cuando nos apetezca. Te han quedado preciosas.
Un beso.

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 4/2/22 11:43

sounds delicious and we are huge coconut fans!

DEZMOND 4/2/22 13:54

Looks more like a muffin than a macaroon to me. I don't like macarons but I do love coconut macaroons if done well.

The Velvet Runway 4/2/22 14:12

These look so delicious! Thanks for the recipe!
Julia x

My name is Erika. 4/2/22 14:28

These look and sound amazing. I've never had a coconut muffin. I'm surprised I'e never seen these before. Or anything like them. Happy almost weekend. Hugs-Erika

New Classic r 4/2/22 14:40

My husband loves macaroons, so this is a must to make for me.

Norma2 4/2/22 14:43

Angie, The explanation you have given about the difference between French macarons whose main ingredient is almonds and this "Filipino" macarons whose main ingredient is coconut is very interesting. In Argentina there is a similar preparation that we call "Cocadas" I'll give you the recipe
Saludos desde Argentina

Nancy Chan 4/2/22 15:39

Looks beautiful and delicious.

Kitchen Riffs 4/2/22 15:42

Coconut? I'm in! Love the stuff. These look great -- thanks.

Jeff the Chef 4/2/22 16:32

I'm unfamiliar with this type of macaroon. I'd love to give it a whirl, so thanks for brining it to my attention!

David 4/2/22 19:10

Angie, I learned something new today! Macaroons vs. macarons... Coconut vs. almond. My wife loves macarons but I'm not a fan. I'm sure that we'd both pig out on these sweet coconut infused macaroons... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

Martyna 4/2/22 19:19

This looks great. I'd like to try this 😊

Bill 4/2/22 20:22

Looks delicious, I'll have one please.

shirleysimplerecipe 4/2/22 23:11

Hi! Angie, it's really delicious 😀!

Anca 5/2/22 08:54

These look so lovely, love that beautiful golden colour.

eileeninmd 5/2/22 12:06

Yum, I would love one of these. They sound delicious, thanks for sharing.
Take care, enjoy your weekend!

tigerfish 5/2/22 16:01

Thought macarons and macaroons were the same thing - just spelling difference in different parts of the world! :O Now I know. Thanks so much for educating me.

Anonymous 5/2/22 17:47

I didn't realize there was a Filipino version of coconut macaroons! Thank you for enlightening me, Angie, because these look absolutely delicious!

bread&salt 5/2/22 20:54

Very new and unique recipe for us! I would like to try Filipino coconut macaroons. Bye the way Presentation is perfect Dear Angie!

mjskit 6/2/22 00:12

I've never been a fan of meringue based macaroons, but these really have caught my interest. Kind of like a sweet cookie muffin. Of course anything with sweetened condensed milk has to be good. :)

Cooking Julia 6/2/22 00:17

Oh what a lovely bunch of macaroons!!

yonosoymillenium 6/2/22 11:02

me gusta el coco asi que estas magdalenas me gustarán, voy a probarlas, te han quedado estupendas

gluten Free A_Z Blog 6/2/22 16:14

They look soft rich and delicious. Yes, I'll take mine coated in the chocolate.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 7/2/22 22:16

They really look good, Angie! I'd love to coat them in chocolate too :)

Muriel 7/2/22 22:22

Ils seront parfaits avec une tasse de thé ! Merci pour ce partage gourmand :)

Suja Manoj 7/2/22 23:54

Delicious coconut macaroons, I am a huge fan of coconut, thanks for sharing this beautiful recipe.

Eva Taylor 8/2/22 14:22

I’m not sure 🤔 if my last comment went through, I had to resign in, which is very strange.
These macaroons are beautiful, and such a nice riff with the cake texture.

Angie's Recipes 8/2/22 16:00

@Eva Taylor Both your comments for the puff pastry and macaroons went through.

Sherry's Pickings 10/2/22 03:58

yes chocolate coating definitely :) We used to make these as kids, and i remember them having condensed milk in the mixture. sooo sweet. i think too sweet for me now; my old teeth just can't take it :)

Julie 10/2/22 11:01

wow !! how cute they look, these macaroons are more like a muffin.. am sure they tasted great!!

Raymund 11/2/22 02:25

OMG you make these too! I am impressed

The Yum List 11/2/22 13:33

Gosh, I really do love the flavour of coconut.

Valentina 15/2/22 21:37

I love the look of the crumb on these beauties. I would love them with my coffee in the morning. (Or any time!) :-) ~Valentina

tigerfish 17/2/22 00:32

Would love to have this with cuppa black coffee! Always like the aroma and flavor of coconut in bakes.

Choclette 22/2/22 12:28

I have a recipe for Filipino coconut cakes, but it's quite different to yours. Yours sound more of a treat and quite delicious.

Pam 23/2/22 18:33

I think these look fun to make and tasty to eat!


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