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Easy Curry Carrot Bread

© 2021 |

© 2021 |

A lovely yeast-leavened carrot bread boule made with organic bread flour, finely grated carrots and honey sweetened carrot juice. The unexpected use of curry powder and honey sweetened carrot juice give this bread a beautiful golden colour, and a warming, earthy and mildly sweet flavour that is perfect for any topping, as well as a nutritional boost. I spread it liberally with schmaltz, freshly milled black pepper and arugula. You can use butter instead.

  • 500 g Organic bread flour
  • 20 g Fresh yeast, crumbled (or 10 g active dried yeast)
  • 2 tbsp Curry powder
  • 1 tsp Sea salt
  • 200 g Organic carrots, finely grated
  • 210 ml Honey sweetened carrot juice (or water)
  • 1 tbsp Olive oil
  1. In the bowl of your stand mixer, mix together the flour, crumbled yeast, curry powder and salt. Add in finely grated carrots and carrot juice. Mix at slow speed until the ingredients come together, then increase the speed and mix until the dough is smooth and elastic, 7-9 minutes. Cover the dough with a clean towel and set aside at room-temperature for 45 minutes until double in size.
  2. Gently press down the dough and shape the dough into a tight ball. Place it in a parchment-lined baking tray and brush with the olive oil. Dust the bread with a little flour.
  3. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Use a sharp knife, razor blade, or bread lame to quickly score the surface of the boule. I did a common "tic-tac-toe" pattern, but a simple cross will be great too.
  4. Bake in the middle of hot oven for 50-60 minutes until crusty, golden and sound hollow when done. Cool completely on a wire rack before slicing.

© 2021 |

© 2021 |


Brian 22/11/21 00:41

Yum, I do like curry but never tried it in any type of bread.

Bill 22/11/21 01:28

Love to try it, I do like curry.

My name is Erika. 22/11/21 01:56

I never thought of making carrot yeast bread. I love the color of it! Happy new week. Hugs-Erika

愛Shi家庭 22/11/21 02:03

Yummy , Angie . Is it taste hot with curry powder ?

J.P. Alexander 22/11/21 03:19

Gracias por la receta. Se ve diferente. Lo haré pronto te mando un beso

The Yum List 22/11/21 03:21

Love this colour. So vibrant.

Angie's Recipes 22/11/21 04:14

@愛Shi家庭 Not really spicy for me, but it depends on the curry powder you use.

Nancy Chan 22/11/21 06:59

This is new to me. Something that I would love to try.

Lovely 22/11/21 07:44

Wow! The bread looks so yum!

Lola Martínez 22/11/21 07:51

Precioso y original pan con ingredientes muy de nuestro gusto también. Seguro que no dejábamos ni las migas nosotros tampoco.
Un beso.

Margaret D 22/11/21 09:54

Well now that looks very nice and interesting

DEZMOND 22/11/21 13:59

Looooove the colour of it!

speedy70 22/11/21 14:04

Bellissimo questo pane!!!!

The Velvet Runway 22/11/21 14:52

This looks delicious! I love the golden colour!
Julia x

Kitchen Riffs 22/11/21 16:26

Love the color of this! Bet the flavor is terrific, too. Really nice idea -- thanks.

New Classic r 22/11/21 17:12

A delicious and healthy bread is very hard to find. Thanks Angie.

Federica Simoni 22/11/21 17:37

Bellissimo questo pane!!😍😍

bread&salt 22/11/21 20:54

Looks so healthy and tasty! I think Curry powder change its color (or maybe carrot juice). Very nice color. Thanks sharing.

Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary 22/11/21 21:38

Oh wow, this bread is such a beautiful color, Angie!!! And, I love the subtle combination of flavors you added - curry powder with fresh carrots (and carrot juice!) - sound seriously delicious!!

Ben | Havocinthekitchen 22/11/21 23:47

I've never had a carrot bread, but this idea sounds wonderful. Needless to say its colour is so beautiful!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 23/11/21 00:26

The color, sweetness and flavor from carrots must make a wonderful bread. With our latest cold spell, it's time to break out the yeast!

P-and-P 23/11/21 01:38

It looks and sounds great. :)

foodtravelandwine 23/11/21 02:27

Fantastic color!! looks delicious!!........Abrazotes, Marcela

savorthebest 23/11/21 05:32

I love the color of this bread. It sounds delicious

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews 23/11/21 06:15

Curry, carrot and honey together - this is definitely another one of those delicious flavour explosions - and you know how much I enjoy bread!

I did check out schmaltz and I really do think I might have to pass on that one and substitute with butter, if that's okay with you!

Having said that, when we were children my mum always kept the beef fat from the Sunday lunchtime roast joint, let it set into 'dripping' which we then had on bread or toast for Sunday tea!

Thanks for sharing and Happy Tuesday :)

babYpose 23/11/21 11:51

Amazing you ve baked curry carrot bread. Looks yummy and bright color.

Rose world 23/11/21 12:53

Tasted carrot cake. But not curry carrot bread. Interesting ingredients.

Veronica Lee 23/11/21 15:50

This is interesting! I've never tried curry bread!

Martyna 23/11/21 17:17

This bread looks very interesting 😊 I'd like try this 😊

Pam 23/11/21 18:44

What a terrific combination!

lea 23/11/21 22:00

Mi piacerebbe tanto provarlo, ha un aspetto delizioso!

David 23/11/21 22:01

Angie, Wow! Love the combination of flavors... You do come up with the most unique recipes! Curry and carrots in bread...would never have thought of it. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

Cooking Julia 23/11/21 23:45

The color of this bread is incredible!!

Javier 24/11/21 10:38

This bread looks stunning! I absolutely love the color

shirleysimplerecipe 24/11/21 12:57

Looks yum with yellow bright color 😃!

gluten Free A_Z Blog 24/11/21 19:37

Such a beautiful colorful looking bread that sounds good for you too.

gluten Free A_Z Blog 24/11/21 19:38

I forgot to mention that I like your Einstein quote about becoming vegetarian.

Raymund 25/11/21 00:22

Very interesting, I never had tried curries on bread and the closest thing I can remember is Samosas, I bet they would taste great.

The Yum List 27/11/21 09:16

This is a brilliant colour.

Balvinder 27/11/21 16:56

I saw this on Instagram and wanted to check the recipe. Looks so good. planning to try.

Eva Taylor 28/11/21 21:24

What an incredible colour, it looks so festive with that golden colour. Would make a tasty chicken salad sandwich!

Mijú 29/11/21 15:32

Angie que maravilloso tu pan :-))))

Suja Manoj 30/11/21 00:33

Bread looks yummy, vibrant color.

mjskit 30/11/21 00:49

Curry and carrot in a bread sounds wonderful! What a gorgeous and flavorful bread.

Noob Cook 2/12/21 04:25

Brilliant golden colour, so luxurious and apt for the holidays.

kathyinozarks 3/12/21 06:53

What a beautiful loaf of bread

Choclette 7/12/21 18:09

What a gorgeous colour and mix of flavours too. I bet that bread is delicious. I had to look schmaltz up as I had no idea what it is.

tigerfish 8/12/21 01:13

Great idea to have curry powder mixed in homemade bread.

Tisa Jacob 10/12/21 03:35

The bread is beautiful. I want to try this.


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