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Sourdough Longan Pullman

Longan fruit contains several vitamins and minerals and large amounts of vitamins A and C. The Chinese name for this fruit is long yan rou/龙眼肉, which literally means “dragon eye flesh”. The dried flesh is taken as a tonic and treatment for insomnia and neurasthenic neurosis.

  • 110 ml Warm water
  • 8 g Salt
  • 1 tbsp Olive oil
  • 3-4 tbsp Dried longan fruit
  1. Combine sourdough, spelt wholewheat flour, and water in a bowl of the mixer. Cover and let stand at the room temperature until active, about 3 hours. Add in spelt flour and sugar. Beat for 2-3 minutes, then mix in olive oil and salt until dough ball forms. Finally add in dried longan fruit and knead until the dough has become smooth and elastic.
  2. Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl and let rise until doubled, about 2 hours. De-gas, roll and shape the dough to fit a well-greased loaf pan. When the dough is within 1/2 inch of the top of the pan, then put the lid on or cover a bread pan with parchment paper and put a weighted baking tray on the pan.
  3. Bake in a preheated 200C/400F oven for about 40 minutes. After baking, immediately remove the lid and cool for 10 minutes on a wire rack. Turn out the bread and cool to the room temperature.

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Sourdough Longan Pullman


denise @ quickies on the dinner table 11/4/10 13:59

Definitely an unusual bread! First time I've ever seen dried longan in a bread!You do come up with the most unusual recipes. I love longans and I know I will love this :)

Madhura Manoj 11/4/10 14:04

Looks healthy & unique bread!!!

Dajana 11/4/10 14:11

I've never seen or heard of longan fruit, but with all these ingredients, this bread is a healthy bomb, wonderful. Looks beatiful, too.

Cool Lassi(e) 11/4/10 14:31

That is a lovely, beautifully baked bread. Don't know what a Longan is though..hearing it for the first time. It resemble dates a little bit..

Hayley 11/4/10 14:34

Something new for me...bread looks lovely!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover 11/4/10 15:28

Longan in bread, sound interesting, must try one day.

Ju (The Little Teochew) 11/4/10 15:33

East meets west! Very interesting loaf. It's beautiful, always in your hands.

Angie 11/4/10 15:48

I am going to have to look for longan, sounds very healthy and delicious!

Simplyfood 11/4/10 15:51

Fruit loaf looks delicious ,the fruit you have used is new to me .Interesting.

Priya Suresh 11/4/10 15:58

Omg, wat a fantastic bread, looks awesome...never thought of making out loaf with dry longan..truly delicious..

ann low 11/4/10 15:59

You're very creative on making bread. Looks so nice to eat.

My Little Space 11/4/10 16:07

Angie, did you know that a taiwanese baker won this year international baking competition with his longan bread. I'm not sure what kind of bread! Still trying to search for the info. You have any idea?

tasteofbeirut 11/4/10 16:15

If I could eat this delicious bread and go to sleep happily and restfully, my what a deal! I would eat the entire loaf!

Fearless Kitchen 11/4/10 16:46

Interesting! I really like the idea of adding the dried longan fruit.

Angie's Recipes 11/4/10 16:46

My Little Space: I don't know about it...gotta seach for some infor. about it.
Thank you my friends!

Mary Bergfeld 11/4/10 16:55

What a gorgeous loaf of bread. I'll have to ask the owner of the Asian market if he can get logan fruit for me. I'm sure that bread tastes every bit as good as it looks. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

petite nyonya 11/4/10 16:59

Dried longan in bread sounds interesting!

My Little Space 11/4/10 17:11

Wow Angie, you're the greatest! haha... Yes, you've found it! Thank you for the link. Sounds like you're getting pretty excited too huh! hehe...

KennyT 11/4/10 17:32

Wow u used longan in this bread! Innovative, would love to try!

Madhura Manoj 11/4/10 18:48

There are some awards waiting for u in my blog.Pls collect them.

Anonymous 11/4/10 19:50

That crust looks like perfection. Pass the butter daaaaaahling, lets eat some Longan bread!
*kisses* HH

Chef E 11/4/10 20:19

Ahhh, such fresh photos! I am unfamiliar with that fruit, so nice to be introduced!

I just got a fresh bag of semi-dried apricots which are coming in season, and I am contemplating what to do...

carmenpiva 11/4/10 22:26

I agree with "Heavenly Housewife": "Pass the butter...!!!!!"
Lovely bread, nice for our breakfast tomorrow.

Anonymous 11/4/10 23:06

Great recipe Angie. I have never heard of Longan fruit but will be requesting it next time I am at the big health food store! Decadent pics too...makes me hungry!

Lisa Ho 12/4/10 01:20

You are so creative... :)..
Bread looks lovely.

Cooking Rookie 12/4/10 02:08

Spelt bread is something I have not tried yet. Need to put it on my shopping list :-). And I don't think I've even eaten longan. I will look it up in asian stores. It's hard to imagine what this bread tastes like with so many unknown ingredients, but the pictures look great, that's for sure!

Nammi 12/4/10 04:03

Nice looks bread. First time seeing dried longans :)

Elin Chia 12/4/10 05:33

Angie...longan in bread ! that's something new...dried longan ...must try this out then :) I have a long long list of to-do and have not done anything yet :))

Cheah 12/4/10 05:37

Wow, smart, Angie, never have crossed my mind to use dried longan for bread and baking. Great sharing tip! Thanks

Pete 12/4/10 05:42

Never thought of adding longan to my bread.....good idea! Thks

WendyinKK 12/4/10 06:11

Woah!!!! Longans instead of raisins :)
Great Idea!

nora@ffr 12/4/10 06:15

longans!! yumm!!! very unusual but ye bread sound rili delicious!!! cant wait to get some longans :D

Ivy 12/4/10 06:27

Longan is new to me but the bread sounds delicious.

M D 12/4/10 06:40

Coming here for the first time. You have a grand collection of recipes. Very neat and beautiful website too!

citronetvanille 12/4/10 08:14

What a beautiful loaf! hmm I wish I had a slice or two for tomorrow's breakfast!

Sook 12/4/10 08:21

Oh the bread looks tempting! I haven't made bread in so long. I need to start baking more!

♥peachkins♥ 12/4/10 09:34

This is a beautiful bread that doesn't need any filling!

Selba 12/4/10 12:31

This is so good.. I'll tell my mom your recipe, she must gonna love it :)

Anonymous 12/4/10 16:01

A very unique bread with Longan fruit and sounds outstanding!

Reeni 12/4/10 17:13

I never had this Longan fruit before, Angie. It looks kind of like figs or dates. I wonder does it taste anything like them? Your bread looks wonderful - such a lovely texture. I bet it's delicious.

Namitha 12/4/10 19:45

That sounds unique..never heard of something like this..looks perfect, Angie

Biren 12/4/10 20:43

Your recipes are pretty unique. This bread must taste delicious with those longans.

sweetlife 12/4/10 23:30

what a great loaf of bread...delishhh


Katy ~ 13/4/10 02:00

I love bread, no matter now you slice it (such a bad pun but I cannot help myself) and this bread looks deeeee-licious! Oh, I wish I could have a nice thick slice of it!

tigerfish 13/4/10 03:32

Yes. I have also heard these dried longans 很补!

Devaki 13/4/10 08:45

Dear Angie - I am so pleased that you popped in and said hello on my blog or I would have missed out on your beautiful innovative blog here.

I LOVE Longans. I could eat it everyday but using it dried in a sourdough bread is genius!!!

I would love to fix this soon. As soon as I am brave to take on sour dough :)

Ciao, Devaki @

Jo 13/4/10 13:02

I have always wanted to try a sourdough bread but have not picked up the courage as yet. Soon, hopefully soon!

Belinda @zomppa 13/4/10 13:43

I LOVE Longans! Longan ice cream, longan shakes, longans...but never had dried ones or in bread. WOW!

Food For Tots 13/4/10 16:41

What a great idea to use dried longan in making bread! It will definitely be a hit in my family. ;)

Sutapa 14/4/10 08:47

Very interesting and unique recipe as you use dried longan in bread! I have never taste it but will definitely give it a try!

3 hungry tummies 14/4/10 14:55

This is truly original! who would have thought about longan in bread! :)

TasteHongKong 14/4/10 19:27

Dried longan, bread, smart Angie!

natural selection 14/4/10 19:53

This sounds really delicious! can you give some hints on taste I have never heard of these berries before really informative.
Thank you

Angie's Recipes 14/4/10 20:48

natural selection: Fresh longan has delicious translucent, juicy soft flesh, while the dried has a distinctive, smoky flavour.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 15/4/10 10:21

I've never had dried longan fruits... That bread must taste wonderful! Great combo!



Pei-Lin 16/4/10 17:00

Hahaha! Who'd have thought of kneading dried longan into bread other than you! You're THE master ... with those creative genes in you!

I hope I get to make sourdough bread, too! I love sourdough bread for sandwich!

Michelle 17/4/10 00:33

I bought my pullman pan several months ago and after baking my first loaf, it became my favorite bread pan. Love how it bakes bread and it is so easy to slice for sandwiches.

sewa mobil di surabaya 27/4/10 11:24

This is the most delicious looking meal I have seen in a LONG time.


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