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Anonymous 27/10/09 08:41

Hi Angie,
I just discovered your site and deeply regret why I didn't do so earlier!!! Your site is the best recipe blog I've seen (and I have looked at MANY!!!!). Thank you soooooooooo much for all your time and effort!
Just wondering, do you read chinese?!
Also, what is that German flour that you use? Can I substitute it with normal plain flour?

Angie's Recipes 27/10/09 15:01

There are a few kinds of German wheat flour I used very often in baking, for example, #405 with 9-11% protein, #550 with 10-11.5% protein, #1050 with 11-12%protein. And they can be substitued with any local flour of similar percentage of protein.
And YES, I do read Chinese.

Anonymous 30/10/09 12:02

Hi Angie, thanks for your reply =))))

WHEAT FLOUR? So it's WHEAT FLOUR! I was gonna substitute it all with all-purpose! Luckily I havne't done that yet!!! Flour here aren't labelled what percentage protein they are =(

Wow! That's amazing! Are you chinese???

Another question: how do I convert your reciped if I'm making 9" or 6" cakes? Thanks!!!!!

Once again, your blog rocks!!!! Learnt so much from you, so thank you!!!

Angie's Recipes 30/10/09 13:09

Yes, it's wheat flour. As for the substitution, when doing a yeast bread, AP flour will be okay, but for foam cake, pastry flour would be more ideal, because if you use the American flours, the AP flour is about 12%, and its protein content would be too high to bake a light airy foam cake.
Yes, I am a Chinese. :-)
The baking moulds here are usually 26cm-28cm or 10-12 inch in diameter and 7-8cm in height. If you want to make an 6-inch cake, then you might cut down 1/4-1/3 quanity of the recipe. The baking time may change as well, so you might have to keep a watchful eye on the cake, and check for doneness, as you usually do.


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