Cocktail Tomato Cups with Pesto Bocconcini

A deliciously simple, colourful salad with bite-size balls of fresh mozzarella, homemade ramsons pesto and rocket leaves that can be made in a jiffy. They are ideal as a great finger food or a side salad for barbecue meat.
  • 15 Cocktail tomatoes
  • 15 Bocconcini Mozzarella balls
  • 3 tbsp Ramsons pesto
  • 1 tsp Lemon peel, grated
  • Salt and freshly mulled black pepper
  • Rocket leaves to serve

  1. Cut a thin slice off the top of each cocktail tomato. Scoop out and discard pulp. Sprinkle the cups with a bit of salt and drain.
  2. Drain the bocconcini and place them in a bowl. Add in ramsons pesto, lemon peel and freshly mulled black pepper to taste. Mix well.
  3. Arrange the rocket leaves on a serving plate. Fill the tomato cups with prepared bocconcini and place them on the serving plate.


Sarah 4/5/11 07:09

These are gorgeous!!! Like little jewels on the table! love it!

Anonymous 4/5/11 07:26

What perfect bite sized tasty morsels.
:-) Mandy

OohLookBel 4/5/11 07:48

Great way to use the pesto. The presentation in the tomato cups is so cute, too.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 4/5/11 08:00

That is one wonderful recipe! Great fingerfood.



yummylittlecooks 4/5/11 08:58

Hi, thank you for dropping by my blog.Wow, I love your blog!!:D

alwayswinner786 4/5/11 09:43

Cute little tomato wonders .... very fresh and healthy!

Ana Rita 4/5/11 09:59

So cute those little tomatoes.I never tought to fill them up, just the bigger ones but it is really nice the final result.


peachkins 4/5/11 10:02

I love the presentation!

Nammi 4/5/11 11:52

wow looks cute :), looks like a lot of work has been done to make it but yet so simple and easy :)

Blog is the New Black 4/5/11 12:04

What a simple and genius idea!

Lauren 4/5/11 12:30

What a pretty salad (or appetizer). i actually have a tool to remove the pulp from cherry tomatoes as I often stuff them with guacamole. Do you cut the mozzarella to get it into the tomato? Great flavors here.

girlichef 4/5/11 13:02

Oh, these are so fun and bright...and the perfect flavor combination. I could just pop a few in my mouth right now!

megi 4/5/11 13:03

What a pretty presentation, these look like the perfect appetizer for spring and summer!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy 4/5/11 13:23

They look cute and delicious! Do they stand up okay or do they tend to fall down? Either way, I totally want some!

Honey Bee Sweets 4/5/11 13:36 tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and pesto. You can't get any more Italian then that! Delicious looking appetizer.

Lizzy 4/5/11 13:41

Simple, gorgeous and delicious! This is a winner!

pigpigscorner 4/5/11 13:56

So cute! What a great idea.

Paul Jennette 4/5/11 13:58

What a great appetizer for a party...too cute! Healthy, delicious what more could you ask for. I'm wondering what Ramsons is? I have never heard of it.
Thanks- Paulie

Belinda @zomppa 4/5/11 14:11

How delightful! Definitely spruces up a spring party.

Faith 4/5/11 14:13

These would be the perfect little bites to serve at a party...they're super cute and so delicious!

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook 4/5/11 14:14

They look so fresh and so fantastic! Lot of flavor going on with the pesto, too!

Angela@RecipesFromMyMom 4/5/11 14:37

Nothing says warm weather food like little hollowed-out veggies with flavorful stuffings. Great pop-in-your-mouth treats!

Jenn 4/5/11 14:59

Now that is a great idea! And the presentation of them makes them look so elegant and fancy. I bet they tasted amazing!

Parsley Sage 4/5/11 15:16

Lovely little treats! My husband will absolutely adore these. Thanks so much for sharing!

marla 4/5/11 15:27

These tomato cups are such a gorgeous appetizer!

Claudia 4/5/11 15:33

I love playing with this combo and you dish it up so prettily. I have leftover pesto frozen from last autumn.... guess what I'm going to do?

Anne @ Baking Me 4/5/11 15:36

These look tasty and perfect for a summertime party!

Michael Toa 4/5/11 16:53

Those are so pretty. I eat almost anything with pesto. I always love your presentation.

Cheah 4/5/11 16:56

This is so refreshing and the clicks are just awesome, Angie!

Joy 4/5/11 17:05

That looks so good. I love the tomato cups

Nourhan @ Miss Anthropist's Kitchen 4/5/11 17:26

I love using the fruits as little cups or plates! These look so delicious!

Jeannie 4/5/11 17:52

I can imagine myself popping one into my mouth:D Yummy!

Kristen 4/5/11 17:57

Those tomatoes look so delicious and refreshing....a perfect springtime snack/lunch!

Magic of Spice 4/5/11 18:14

These are adorable and so flavorful...What a perfect snack :)

Foodness Gracious 4/5/11 18:23

Great idea, I'm loving all things mini right now!

Vimitha Anand 4/5/11 18:51

These are gorgeous looking edible cups... yummy colors...

Gloria 4/5/11 19:05

Absolutely lovely Angie, I love little tomatoes, gloria

RavieNomNoms 4/5/11 19:17

This is great! I love bite sized things! These would be something I would definitely reach for those!

Lora 4/5/11 19:20

simply scrumptious looking. I want one. Now.

Yummy Team 4/5/11 19:55

Great idea..and amazing clicks!

Simply Life 4/5/11 23:51

oh these are adorable - what a fun idea!

Stephanie @ 52 Kitchen Adventures 5/5/11 00:38

Yum! This would be fun to eat (the perfect bite) and looks fun too. Nice presentation!

Raina 5/5/11 00:58

Oh wow! What a wonderful dish. It is so impressive and delicious looking. This would make such a wonderful appetizer at my next get together:)

Martha (MM) 5/5/11 01:25

How perfect! Love the combo of flavors, the presentation and the simplicity!

Betty @ scrambled henfruit 5/5/11 06:11

This is so bright and colorful- the perfect summertime appetizer!

noobcook 5/5/11 09:06

They are the cutest little nibbles!

Sneha Benny 5/5/11 12:07

I stumbled upon your blog. Such a cute looking tomatoes !!! Lovely presentation. I am happy to follow you !!!

Joanne 5/5/11 13:29

My parents always set out bocconcini as an appetizer at family gatherings but for the next one I'm going to have to insist that we serve these! So cute!

Tiffany 5/5/11 15:32

What a great party idea!


What a clever idea. They are so cute!

Anonymous 5/5/11 16:43

Cute perfect little appetizers!

Mika 5/5/11 17:04

These are perfect as appetizer for a vegetarian summer lunch, I love cute so small

Elisabeth 5/5/11 17:37

Angie-These perfect colorful and over the top delicious appetizers would be an elegant first course to any fancy dinner party, or by itself, just with cocktails. You never "fail" to impress us all!!!

Stevie 5/5/11 17:52

What a simple and elegant party appetizer. I could completely make these even without running water in my kitchen.

I made your rhurbarb cake the other day. Wonderful! I'm going to post about it next week so look for it. Love your blog!

lisaiscooking 5/5/11 18:02

These are so pretty! I love these flavors, and the little mozzarella balls are the perfect size for cocktail tomatoes.

Ananda Rajashekar 5/5/11 18:46

gosh these are such a darling :)

Jagruti જાગૃતિ 5/5/11 20:32

sooooooooooo the pics :)

Juliana 5/5/11 20:49

These little tomatoes filled with mozzarella look delicious, so cute and tasty. Perfect as appetizers. Hope you have a great weekend Angie :-)

Foodafok 5/5/11 21:47

This is a fantastic appetizer.

Sarah Naveen 5/5/11 22:11

that looks so delicious..nice clicks too :)

alison 5/5/11 22:14

that is so magic,flavors and colors!

tigerfish 5/5/11 22:35

can just pop them easily into my mouth! instant satisfaction!

Fimère 5/5/11 22:55

une assiette bien appétissante et joliment présentée bravo ma chère angie
bonne soirée
ps: je trouve bien jolie sur la photo

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 5/5/11 23:02

What a beautiful appetizer! A mini caprese of sorts. How pretty they look too.

Devaki 6/5/11 00:59

You know everytime I get swept away with stuff and miss a few days on your blog, I regret it! I am so glad I did not miss these delightful morsels. How incredibly clever of you and I want to gobble up a WHOLE plate Angie :)

chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

Gulmohar 6/5/11 01:15

Very very pretty..Perfect appetizer for parties :-)

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking 6/5/11 17:56

I absolutely love this recipe, Angie! So cute and creative. Thanks for sharing!

Pacheco Patty 6/5/11 18:08

I like these for an appetizer, can't wait for my cherry tomatoes to make this creative tasty recipe;-)

Ivy 6/5/11 18:51

These look so appetizing and perfect for a summer bbq.

Catherine 6/5/11 20:16

Dear Angie, These look fresh and delicious just in time for the nice weather.

Marisa 6/5/11 21:39

Very very smart! These are too cute. Would love to put these out at a cocktail party!

Anonymous 7/5/11 04:12

Love the colors. So vibrant! Your presentation is fantastic.

Maria 7/5/11 10:55

They look so lovely! I adore bocconcini, this would make such a pretty part food!

Lauren's Latest 7/5/11 19:46

How adorable! These are darling and perfect for any occasion!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 7/5/11 20:25

What a great presentation and wonderfully flavorful starter. wish I could pop a bunch in my mouth now ;).

grace 7/5/11 23:04

how cute! these are perfect noshes for any occasion, but i'll be keeping them in mind for christmas! :)

Sweet And Crumby 9/5/11 14:41

How perfect for a party. They're gorgeous and what lovely flavor combinations!

theUngourmet 9/5/11 19:53

What a fantastic summer salad! I can't wait for fresh tomatoes season!

Joumana 11/5/11 06:36

This is a lovely presentation and fresh tasting appetizer for a party or just an evening at home with a movie!

Angela FRS 11/5/11 06:49

Those are so adorable! Great idea for a pre-dinner bite.

Shri 20/5/11 04:04

It is out of this world..Great recipe!

Anonymous 1/5/13 13:23

Such a cute recipe, I must say those tomato cups looks fantastic. A perfect use of dips !! Hands down recipe for an appetizer. :)


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