Ramsons Pesto with Wholewheat Spaghetti

Ramsons is also known as "wild garlic" due to its pungent garlic odour, or "bear's garlic" as the brown bears after hibernation, seek it out to cleanse their system. Ramsons has similar medicinal properties to those of the garlic. It is therefore especially valuable for a spring cleaning and waste removal course of treatment. They can be used as salad, as a vegetable, in soup, or as an ingredient for pesto in lieu of basil.

Ramsons Pesto
  • 250 g Wholewheat spaghetti
  • 10 Cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 10 Bocconcini, optional
  • A handful of baby greens
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 80 g Ramsons leaves, chopped
  • 60 g Almond, chopped
  • 80 g Parmesan-Reggiano, grated
  • 130 ml Olive oil
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

  1. Add only enough chopped almonds to the skillet so they lie in a single layer. Turn heat on to medium and toast, stirring occasionally until the nuts are fragrant. Remove from heat and cool.
  2. Rinse, dry and chop the ramsons. In a food processor, pulse toasted almonds and ramsons a few times. Slowly add the olive oil in a constant stream while the food processor is on, stopping to scrape down sides of container. Add the grated cheese and pulse again until blended. Add a pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. If you have a mortar and pestle, do use them to pound the ingredients.
  3. To store the pesto, simply place them in a jar and allow the oil to rise to the top. If it doesn't add a little oil to seal the top. It will keep fresh in the refrigerator for about a week.
  4. Cook pasta to al dente according to package directions. Drain in colander and transfer to a mixing bowl. Add in pesto (about 1/2 cup) and gently toss to coat thoroughly. If pesto is too thick, you can add a tablespoon of the pasta water to thin it a little.
  5. When pesto is mixed in, add cherry tomatoes, bocconcini if used, baby greens and season with freshly ground black pepper to taste.


Rosa's Yummy Yums 26/4/11 14:36

Yummy! That is something I love to make in spring!



Finla 26/4/11 14:37

I have seen once in a while wild garlic here i think, but have never bought it as i didnt know what to do.
Pesto looks so so yumm.

Three-Cookies 26/4/11 14:38

I have yet to try wild garlic, I have seen a few recipes recently. I need to take a walk in the forest and look for it!

Unknown 26/4/11 14:38

Yummy, I made pesto yesterday, just like this :-)

My best,

lena 26/4/11 14:44

not only this looks delicious, this post is informative too for me!

Joanne 26/4/11 14:49

Pesto fuels my dreams of summer so this pasta looks like just the thing to get my spirits up! Delicious.

Claudia 26/4/11 15:01

"Ramps" should be appearing here in a few weeks. Love this pesto with the almonds and then you added all the other spring greens. Cannot wait to dig in to this dish!

Belinda @zomppa 26/4/11 15:07

What a perfect pesto!! Fantastic pasta dish.

Anonymous 26/4/11 15:18

I love ramps, been using them a lot in cooking this spring, the pesto is terrific with spaghetti!

Unknown 26/4/11 15:18

I just recently saw another post use wild garlic...must locate some now. Love this pesto...sounds wonderful!

My Little Space 26/4/11 15:38

Ramson leaves! Must google more about it. It looks so familiar. I love spaghetti with pesto alot. You just tempted me to make some. Take care & have a great day ahead.
Blessings, Kristy

chow and chatter 26/4/11 15:45

looks so good must look for some

Andrea the Kitchen Witch 26/4/11 15:51

I've never tried a ramp! they sound delicious!! great idea to use them in a pesto. You've made a delicious spring time dish, looks fantastic!

Lyndsey ~The Tiny Skillet~ 26/4/11 16:01

Ooooo this looks so good! I love finding out about new things to me. I will have to keep an eye out for it! I can't even find green garlic, but I know where to get black garlic!

Jocie's Mom 26/4/11 16:19

Cool recipe! I've never even heard of a Ramson. Thanks for the lesson. I must seek them out now! Well done :)

Kumi 26/4/11 16:43

This sounds really healthy and delicious. Thanks for introducing another new ingredient for me!

Luigi 26/4/11 16:47

Had never heard of Ramsons, but I do now, can imagine this tastes delicious. Excellent recipe.

ann low 26/4/11 17:10

I don't think I've heard of wild garlic before but there are lots of black garlic here, not sure they're from China or Japan. Anyway your Ramson pesto looks so good and healthy.

Unknown 26/4/11 17:31

this is gorgeous, love your shots here too.

Gerry @Foodness Gracious 26/4/11 17:34

Love your pictures and the way that little bocconcini is just sitting like the king on top! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown 26/4/11 17:35

Interesting and new recipe to me...nice informative post too

Treat and Trick 26/4/11 18:05

Yet another interesting and yummy dish! Tempting clicks too...

Ashlea Taylor 26/4/11 18:15

What a perfect spring/summer pasta dish. Looks beautiful!

Diethood.com 26/4/11 18:34

Angie, that is a lovely pesto! I especially like the inclusion of almond! That has got to be delicious!

Vimitha Durai 26/4/11 18:49

Yummy looking spaghetti... Lovely flavors...

Unknown 26/4/11 21:59

This looks superb. I love wild garlic and I adore bocconcini as well. Definitely a winner for me.

Juliana 26/4/11 22:30

I never heard of ramsons...so interesting. The pasta looks tasty and so beautiful with all the greens. Hope you have a wonderful week Angie :-)

Faith 26/4/11 22:56

This looks absolutely wonderful, Angie! So bright and fresh tasting...it's just what I've been craving!

Maria 26/4/11 23:14

I love experimenting with different pesto, this one sounds delicious!

Lisa @ Tarte du Jour 26/4/11 23:38

I love garlic so I'm sure I'd love Ramson! Your pasta dish looks so mouth-watering!

PolaM 26/4/11 23:51

Never tried ramsons, will have to find them and cook them!

Unknown 27/4/11 01:32

Beautiful fresh pasta to celebrate Spring. I love this recipe using fresh baby arugula;-)

tasteofbeirut 27/4/11 02:51

This looks very good angie! I will look for this herb at the asian stores.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 27/4/11 03:03

I wish we had wild garlic growing here. All I've ever seen is the invasive garlic mustard. What a delicious dish!

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook 27/4/11 04:09

Looks delicious, so fresh! I'll have to keep an out for Ramson's!

Elisabeth 27/4/11 05:46

A perfect pesto. Love the combination of the ramson leaves (which I'm suspecting maybe sorrel?) will have to google this. Got my curiosity going on this unique herb...or is it vegetable?
At any rate, looks and sounds delicious:DDD

Victor 27/4/11 06:44

That's the first time I hear of ramsons for introducing me to it. I love any dish with pasta and pesto, with some olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

Anonymous 27/4/11 07:34

What a fabulous looking meal. I love simple easy healthy meals like this.
:-) Mandy

kitchen flavours 27/4/11 08:09

I have never heard of ramsons before, sounds really interesting. This is a lovely pasta meal. Your photographs are beautiful, as always!

Priya Suresh 27/4/11 08:58

Quite a new pesto for me, looks marvellous..

Dajana 27/4/11 10:57

I've seen lots of recipes this spring using ramsons, but must admit I've never even seen it. I'm sure I'd love it's taste, though. Pesto sounds like a great idea

manju 27/4/11 11:35

I love Baerlauch and have been looking for some wild ones here in the US but no luck so far. Your pesto looks wonderful!

Cherine 27/4/11 12:02

A beautiful spring pasta dish!

Shirley @ Kokken69 27/4/11 12:20

I learn something new today. Ramson leaves - will look out for them next time I travel west :)

Lisa H. 27/4/11 14:28

Like Shirley said... I learn something new today..:D

Lorraine 27/4/11 15:07

Fantastic dish! I love that little mozzarella ball on top too:)

Karen 27/4/11 15:56

Delicious! We call it Bärlauch or Knoblauchspinat here in Austria, and it is super popular for salads, soups, pesto, gnocchi, etc. The woods right behind my house are covered with it, which is really pretty because it started to flower about a week ago.

Angie's Recipes 27/4/11 16:00

@ElisabethIt's mainly used as a herb. Sorrel? I guess I need to google about it too LOL

me 27/4/11 16:03

I learn something new today, ramsons and bears clean their system after hibernation, how erm, systematic :) Very nice post and gorgeous pesto!

Min {Honest Vanilla} 27/4/11 16:03

I learn something new today, ramsons and bears clean their system after hibernation, how erm, systematic :) Very nice post and gorgeous pesto!

Katerina 27/4/11 16:50

Pesto Genovese is a beautiful sauce for spaghetti! I order it very often when we go out for Italian! This one looks delicious!

http://platanosmangoes.com 27/4/11 17:07

I will look for some. I am always looking to make different pesto

Barbara 27/4/11 17:41

Wild garlic I am familiar with...ramson's is a new name to me. Was pleased to read about it and how bears utilize it. Very interesting. It certainly makes a lovely pesto, Angie.

Jeannie 27/4/11 17:58

I have not heard of wild garlic nor have I heard of ramson:P I sounded so dated...that pesto on spagetti looks simply delicious!

Gloria Baker 27/4/11 19:01

look absolutely nice!! gloria

fimere 27/4/11 19:14

une délicieuse préparation
bonne soirée

Lora 27/4/11 19:27

Pasta with pesto is one of my all time favorite dishes. This bärlachs version looks fantastic.

cakewhiz 27/4/11 22:40

i can live on pasta day and night...lol. this one looks superb with almonds and tomatoes!

JR/Mike 27/4/11 22:49

mmmmmm...I love any kind of pesto. Funny thing is this is the second time I've heard of this "wild garlic" also used in a pesto...ironic.
Anyways, great presentations...as always :) I might just have to go searching for this herb.

Mary Bergfeld 28/4/11 02:45

This really does sound and look delicious. I love the bright flavor pesto brings to pasta. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Kelly | Eat Yourself Skinny 28/4/11 03:08

WOW this looks great!! So glad to be your new follower! :)

Puja 28/4/11 04:06

I love to learn about new ingredients and glad to find another one- loved the pesto recipe!
US Masala

Chef E 28/4/11 04:16

I am salivating over your latest posts! I love pesto on most everything too...now I want to go back to your chocolate dessert...Yummy!

Unknown 28/4/11 04:43

The pesto looks wonderful.

Nilofer 28/4/11 05:28

DeliciouS. Well explained blog. Please do visit my blog and leave your footprints behind by posting comments:-



Sara @ Saucy Dipper 28/4/11 17:06

Pesto is one of my favorite sauces to make. The taste of fresh pesto just can't be beat...and the color is rewarding too!


You learn something new every day! I've never heard of ramsons.

Namitha 28/4/11 21:02

A beautiful meal perfect for Spring :-)

Reeni 29/4/11 03:29

I never heard of or had these before Angie! I want to try them - will be on the lookout. Your pasta looks delectable!

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 29/4/11 19:11

We love pesto always keep some on hand as it goes great in everything yours looks fabulous here!

Magic of Spice 29/4/11 19:47

I have not seen ramsons here in Orange County, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on them on the Central Coast. What a beautiful pasta dish :)

Martha 30/4/11 00:31

Delicious! Your recipes and photography make me want to live in your blog! Have a great weekend! :-)

spcookiequeen 30/4/11 04:01

I didn't know what ramsons were so I had to come check them out. I'm not sure if we have them around here, but now I will be on the look out. I like how you used whole wheat pasta, I have been trying to use more myself. Hope you have a great weekend.

Gloria Baker 30/4/11 16:02

I love this pesto Angie! gloria

Gloria Baker 30/4/11 16:04

I m looking the recipe, gloria

carmenpiva 30/4/11 16:23

Ramsons are also new for me, as for some others said before me, but I love your using olive oil... so Spanish!!!
Nice and beautiful, as usual :)

Kristen 30/4/11 17:18

I haven't had ramsons before, but I love any pesto and pasta combination and a garlic taste is always a winner. Now I have something new to look for in the grocery store!

Sutapa 30/4/11 18:01

Your Ramsons pesto is super delicious and it goes very well with your pasta, I think I have too look for this!

Cooking Rookie 30/4/11 20:09

I keep seeing these wild garlic recipes recently, and am very curious about this ingredient - I must find it and try your pesto. It looks amazing!

I also want to tell you that I am honored to pass on to you several food blog awards that I've received last week http://cookingrookie.blogspot.com/2011/04/passing-on-food-blog-awards.html

It's a great pleasure to read your posts. Thanks, Angie :-)

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 1/5/11 00:51

I've never had wild garlic but knowing my love for all things garlic, onion, and in that family I'm sure I'd love this dish. Looks so yummy!

Sanjeeta kk 1/5/11 03:40

Have never seen Ramsons before and your pasta look scrumptious, Angie!

Stephanie 1/5/11 04:59

Your pesto sounds lovely! I've never tried ramsoms and now I'm totally curious to find some. Where did you get yours?

Savoring Italy 1/5/11 05:22

Angie-I really want to try this ramsons garlic...I never heard of it before. The pesto looks amazing and I can try your recipe with the garlic we have here:)

Angie's Recipes 1/5/11 12:07

I got them from a local supermarket,but I heard that they can be found along the river.

Anna C 1/5/11 21:24

Angie, you have peeked my curiosity with your recipe post. I will definitely be looking for ramson leaves at the local market. The pesto sounds delicious.

tigerfish 2/5/11 21:44

I have seen ramsons quite recently but did not really how what it is. Garlic is best taken raw and I guess this is a good way for raw (wild) garlic intake.

Unknown 3/5/11 19:22

Ramsons leaves are pretty new for me, and patsa looks fantastic!


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