Zürcher Geschnetzeltes / Chicken Zurich Style

"Zürcher Geschnetzeltes" or "sliced meat Zurich style" is a popular Swiss dish from Zurich region. Its main ingredients are schnitzel, mushrooms and cream. While it is possible to use any type of meat to make this dish, the real "Zürcher Geschnetzeltes" is made with cut veal. It was originally prepared using meat only, a popular variation today is adding about a fourth of sliced veal kidney to the meat. It usually comes with Rösti, similar to hash browns, but it could also be served with rice, or pasta.
Recipe adapted from Geschnetzeltes Zürcher Art

  • 2 Shallots, small
  • 400 g Chicken fillet, cut into strips
  • 1/4 tsp White pepper powder
  • 1/2 tsp Sweet paprika powder
  • 3 tbsp Oil
  • 50 ml White wine
  • 200 ml Cream
  • 50 ml Chicken stock
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tbsp Parsley, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp Finely grated lemon zest
  1. Finly dice the shallots. Cut the chicken filet into strips. Season the chicken strips with pepper and paparka powder.
  2. Heat two tablespoons oil in a skillet until hot. Add in marinated sliced chicken and stir over a mediuim-high heat till lightly browned and cooked through, then remove from the pan and set aside.
  3. Add the remaining oil in the skillet. Stir the finely chopped shallots till softened and lightly browned. Pour in the white wine and bring it to a boil over a high heat before adding cream and chicken stock. Cook over a medium heat for about 2 minutes then return the chicken strips and any accumulated juices to the pan.
  4. Heat through, tossing often, about 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle chopped parsley and lemon zest. Serve with harsh browns.


claudia lamascolo 6/2/11 13:04

you just have the best chicken recipes love this sauce !

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 6/2/11 13:21

Thanks for sharing this wonderful new dish!

Cherine 6/2/11 13:32

Looks so good, love this creamy chicken!

Happy Cook 6/2/11 13:40

Loks so creamy delicious.

Nisrine, Dinners & Dreams 6/2/11 13:46

It looks delicious, especially the sauce cooked with wine and cream.

busygran 6/2/11 14:06

I would love to dunk my pasta in this creamy chicken sauce!

Belinda @zomppa 6/2/11 14:39

The cream and the paprika sound like the best combination. What an elegant and comforting dinner!

Claudia 6/2/11 15:29

Warm, mushroomed-creamed sauce over chicken is pure contentment. Love the little bits of spice against the mellow cream.

Joanne 6/2/11 16:02

This sounds like some seriously delicious comfort food!

Ananda Rajashekar 6/2/11 16:06

oh creamy and luscious they look, love the subtle colour!

Dajana 6/2/11 16:24

Lovely and tasty looking dish. Definitely need to give it a try

TasteHongKong 6/2/11 16:31

I just learned more about Swiss dishes, thanks :)!

Carol 6/2/11 16:42

Looks so good and so creamy! Can't ever go wrong with such a delicious sauce!

Cooking Gallery 6/2/11 16:43

It's been ages since I eat this dish...! It looks so creamily delicious :).

mariatem 6/2/11 16:53

Una receta de pollo fantástica, me le llevo.

Fimère 6/2/11 16:55

une assiette riche en saveurs et très appétissante comme je les aime
bonne soirée

Anonymous 6/2/11 17:20

This creamy chicken sounds excellent, would love to try this specialty!

Kate @ Diethood.com 6/2/11 17:21

Oh Angie that looks incredible! That creamy white wine sauce sounds amazing... I would love to try this with veal... mmmmm!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 6/2/11 17:21

Believe it or not, I am Swiss but have never eaten that dish!!! It is a speciality which is on my to do list. Your Zürcher Geschnetzeltes looks fabulous!



Mary 6/2/11 18:14

This sounds like the Swiss version Of Chicken Fried Steak. Everyone loves this kind of food though not everyone admits it :-). Your photos are great. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

Ana Rita 6/2/11 18:39

That cream is just wonderful...
Loved the recipe!



Torviewtoronto 6/2/11 19:26

delicious platter of food looks wonderful

Sharon @ Fun and Life 6/2/11 19:31

Oh Angie this is simply delicious! It looks so good I'm wanting a taste ;). The cream sound lovely! You didn't add mushrooms but I think it'd go brilliantly with it too.

Food Frenzy 6/2/11 19:42

That's fantastic. Make me wish it was dinner time already.

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Priya 6/2/11 21:39

Wowow this dish looks super creamy and inviting..

Barbara 6/2/11 22:03

Everything I love in one dish. AND I wouldn't mind adding the veal kidneys either. I like them.
Wonderful recipe, Angie!

Angela 6/2/11 22:19

Looks amazing! I could eat my weight in schnitzel. Schnitzel in cream sauce? YES!

My Little Space 7/2/11 00:50

Hmm... just look at those creamy & juicy gravy! Just the way I like it. Thanks for sharing & hope you're enjoying the 新年 as well. Have fun!
Blessigs, Kristy

OysterCulture 7/2/11 00:57

Wow, I don't remember this Zurich style the last time I was there, so maybe I need to go back and investigate as it looks delicious!

Velva 7/2/11 01:45

You can tell the difference in climates-with food this hearty and satisfying, it would have to keep you warm. This dish would last for days in my belly. Awesome.


maameemoomoo - a ½ food blog 7/2/11 02:11

Oh yums!!!

This would be awesome with bread.. u know, can just mop the delicious and sinful looking gravy with bread!

Reeni 7/2/11 02:17

How creamy, rich and irresistibly delicious Angie! It looks most comforting!

♥LOVE2COOK♥ 7/2/11 02:34

Chicken and the sauce...mouthwatering here! :D

tigerfish 7/2/11 02:42

This is new to me but I am liking the sauce right now!

OohLookBel 7/2/11 03:44

This is a beautiful-looking dish, and I love that it's traditional, too. Love the photos, and I've bookmarked this fab recipe.

Cakewalker 7/2/11 03:56

Gorgeous, gorgeous plates! The tender chicken pieces, the cozy, creamy sauce and the contrasting sprinkle of paprika - heaven!

tasteofbeirut 7/2/11 04:39

This dish looks just unbelievable! Well in my world I hear shnitzel and I salivate (even if I can't spell it!)

Elisabeth 7/2/11 05:35

Angie-I love your chicken dish, so creamy and comforting. It's very similar to the Hungarian style, smothered in a creamy paprika sauce. Yumm!

petite nyonya 7/2/11 06:31

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Angie! As usual, you are one talented & creative cook. Wonderful recipes!!

noobcook 7/2/11 06:55

the melty creamy sauce looks very inviting and tempting. Happy CNY and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Bridgett 7/2/11 06:57

Cream...wine...this is a dish for me!

Indonesia Eats 7/2/11 07:53

The dish looks so perfect for the winter. Happy CNY and Gong Xi Fat Cai

Anonymous 7/2/11 07:53

This is one of my favourite dishes and I often serve it over pasta.
:-) Mandy

Nammi 7/2/11 08:34

thats a delicious looking chicken dish.

denise @ bread expectations 7/2/11 10:19

I love creamy dishes like this. It looks really delicious! I definitely would want mushrooms and hash browns with this!

MaryMoh 7/2/11 10:42

Mmmm...so creamy and delicious. I know my girl would love this. I know what she would do. Pour it over pasta....mmmm

carmenpiva 7/2/11 10:58

We love chicken at home, and this sauce looks really nice with it. Swiss have made a good job there :)

Hélia 7/2/11 11:49

Love chicken, and this recipa looks delightefull.



Lauren 7/2/11 12:32

Love the cream and lemon zest combination. Photos are beautiful.

Rosemary 7/2/11 14:06

The name of the dish sounds so exotic . . . and the creamy chicken, so comofrting looking. Best of both worlds. I wonder . . . would the pork I have in the fridge work as well.

Jenn 7/2/11 14:22

Oh...thanks for sharing this! I love finding new ways to make chicken..this sounds wonderful!

kitchen flavours 7/2/11 14:25

Looks really delicious, and I thought that I have enough of chicken and all rich foods during the CNY, but wouldn't mind having this with the delicious looking sauce! Looks so tempting! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Jeannie 7/2/11 15:15

I think eating this with pasta would be perfect with all those delicious creamy sauce floating around!yummy!


I've never tried this, but it looking tempting. A rich and creamy comfort food!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 7/2/11 15:27

This does sound wonderful, Angie. Serving it over egg noodles would be comfort food at it's best!

Raina 7/2/11 16:29

This sounds wonderful! I love dishes like this. That creamy wine sauce with the paprika and shallots must taste delicious:) I like that you used chicken instead of veal.

Faith 7/2/11 16:54

This is new to me and I can't wait to try it! Bookmarking! :) Looks fanastic, Angie!

Monet 7/2/11 17:51

I have never heard of this before...and it looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing, sweet friend, and thank you for your kind words on my blog this morning. It means so much to have your support! I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

Georgia (The Comfort of Cooking) 7/2/11 19:12

What a wonderful and scrumptious dinner idea, Angie! This looks so delicious. Great job!

sarahworldcook 7/2/11 19:14

This looks amazing- can't wait to try it. I bet it will be good with rice, noodles, dumplings, potatoes, anything! Thanks!

Rosy 7/2/11 19:18

Looks creamy and delicious. Perfect comfort food.

Biren @ Roti n Rice 7/2/11 20:52

Looks like a very tasty dish! The sauce will defintely be good with hash browns.

Krishnaveni 7/2/11 21:07

creamy chicken, looks yumm

Chow and Chatter 7/2/11 23:52

love this recipe I made it with pork and spaetzle once so so good

Kathy 8/2/11 03:39

Thanks for a great recipe. I made this for dinner tonight, served it over egg noodles. It was delicious! :)

Abhilash Pillai 8/2/11 05:19

That is a different kind of a chicken recipe. I had it once from a restaurant but did not know how to prepare it.

Magic of Spice 8/2/11 06:47

Certainly is a stunning dish, I imagine a fish would do here as well? Very lovely flavors :)

sweetlife 8/2/11 06:52

a perfect comfort dish, love the creaminess


Elin 8/2/11 14:38

Angie...this dish is mouth-watering indeed. Love the creamy gravy...I shall try this when I get hold of a bottle of white wine...I can imagine how delicious this would be. Thanks for sharing something Zurich with us :)

Beth 8/2/11 14:49

It's funny -- I don't think of Switzerland having its own cuisine, yet obviously it does. This recipe looks great!

Victor 8/2/11 15:27

I have a few German professor at work, when I talk about food, they love to mention about schnitzels, it seems to be very easy to make, just require a special tool as I heard.

Your chicken dish looks succulent. Love th flavors.

Sarah Naveen 8/2/11 16:22

loved the chicken..looks so creamy and yummy!!
Beautiful clicks sweetie..

Gulmohar 8/2/11 17:53

Great looking chicken..Though I had been to Zurich never got a chance to taste this :-)

Kumi 8/2/11 19:34

This looks mouth-watering good! Definitely making this one - with (easy packaged) potato dumplings perhaps...

Juliana 8/2/11 19:56

Wow, what a great chicken dish, love the idea o white wine and cream, so rich in flavors...yummie!

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blackbookkitchendiaries 8/2/11 22:02

this chicken dish looks really elegant:) love the flavors in here.. i just bookmarked this recipe. thank you for sharing this and have a great day ahead.

Emily Z 9/2/11 02:13

This is GORGEOUS! And the flavors sound so good! Yum!

Stella 14/2/11 15:30

This is some serious comfort food if I've ever seen any:-) Yum yum!

Anonymous 14/2/11 20:46

I have had this before and I must say it is very good. Thanks for sharing.

Kevin 15/2/11 02:42

That creamy chicken looks really good!

Anonymous 6/3/12 15:33

Hi Angie..i'm actually trying out ur recipe but can I just change with you..u mention in ur recipe that I need 50mls of chicken stock but the chicken stock that I have is actually concentrated, 1 tbsp to dilute in 180mls of water...can I use tht? If so how much do I need to use tht in ur recipe?
And as for the cream ..can I use whipping cream ? Do I have to whip the cream before using ..apologies I'm such a nob
Pls advice :)))

Anonymous 6/3/12 15:36

Sorry I just posted the last ques on chicken stock and cream..will appreciate if you could get back to me soon
My email is @ lianz_89@hotmail.com
:))) Leanne

Angie's Recipes 6/3/12 18:43

@Anonymous Leanne, sure you can use diluted chicken stock. You can try diluting 1 tsp concentrated stock with 50ml of water. Yes, whipping cream (30%) works great.

Anonymous 13/3/12 04:10

Hi Angie thanks for ur prompt reply...sorry another question if I would like to add in some mushroom..when do u think is a good time for me to put in and is there any recommended amount? Thanks for ur advice :)

Angie's Recipes 13/3/12 08:25

@AnonymousLeanne, I would add mushrooms (150-200grams)to the sauce, just stir-frying them with shallots.

Anonymous 15/3/12 16:22

Hi Angie, Thank you! for the recipe.
My gf anonymous @Leanne cooked a wonderful meal.
Best chicken ever!
Sorry, a little shout-out from your blog: i love her!


Anonymous 15/3/12 17:14

Hi Angie..I've tried ur recipe and my boyfriend love it...thanks for ur advice :)))

Angie's Recipes 15/3/12 21:06

@Anonymous Hallo Kim, Leanne I am so HAPPY for you two!
Thank you for dropping by and your sweet comments.



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