Sourdough Demi Baguette

  • All the sponge above
  • 190 g Water, lukewarm
  • 470 g All-purpose flour
  • 60 g Rye flour
  • 12 g Salt
  1. Combine the sponge ingredients and allow the mixture to rest for 12 to 18 hours at room temperature until it�s fully activated. Combine all of the dough ingredients, but salt, and mix on low speed for 2 minutes, till they are well-blended. Allow the mixture rest for 30 minutes, allowing the flour to absorb the water. Add in salt and knead the dough till it's firm and elastic.
  2. Place the dough in a greased bowl, cover tightly with plastic wrap for 50 minutes in a warm place. Remove the dough from the bowl and place it on a lightly-floured surface, gently pat down flat and fold like an envelope, all four sides being brought over the center of the dough. Return the dough into the bowl, cover and let ferment for another 50 minutes. Pat down, fold and round up. Place the dough back in the bowl, cover with a plastic wrap and let ferment until about doubled. Divide the dough into 5 equal portions and shape each into a sandwich loaf, namely demi baguette. Proof the demi baguettes, covered, in the folds of a linen or baking paper. Dust them with flour, cover, then refrigerate overnight. Next morning, remove the loaves from the fridge, and let them sit, still covered, for about 30 minutes at room temperature.
  3. Place a shallow pan in the bottom of the oven and start preheating to 250C/500F. Use tiles or stones on the oven rack. Slash with a razor knife across top of loaves and slide the loaves onto the heated baking stone. Pour a cup of very hot water into the water pan. Close the door and bake for 12 minutes. Lower the temperature to 200CT/400F and continue baking the loaves until golden brown, about 20-25 minutes. Cool them on a rack.

I like to thank Anncoo@Anncoo's Hoobby, Elin@Elinluv Tidbits Corner, and Arlette@Phoenician Gourmet sharing their awards with me!
Sourdough Demi Baguette


Happy Cook 2/4/10 19:11

Wowo thos baguttes look so so perfect.
I don't have any tiles. Which is a real pity. From what shop can you get the tiles and is there a name.

Angie's Recipes 2/4/10 19:16

Happy Cook: I got them from the garden of my parents-in-law. I think those small marble stones would work too.

MaryMoh 2/4/10 19:17

Looks perfect....awesome texture. I would love to have one in my hand and biting into it even without any filling. I would even love to smell it. Fresh bread just smells and tastes soooo good.

Anonymous 2/4/10 19:26

Those baguettes look so perfect!

Amy @ cookbookmaniac 2/4/10 19:36

Woh! Look at all those bubbles! That is the perfect homemade baguette! I love slashing bread dough with a knife.

Gulmohar 2/4/10 19:59

Perfect are a pro baker, Angie :-)

Sarah Naveen 2/4/10 22:05

perfect and yummy..loved it

Priya 2/4/10 22:08

Omg, wat a prefect baguettes, looks like we get from the bakery..awesome work Angie..

Cynthia 2/4/10 22:56

I wish I lived close by so that I could taste your many, amazing creations!

Trissa 3/4/10 00:54

You're amazing Angie! Can I live in your house? I love sourdough bread but never thought to make it (or even have the courage to!)

citronetvanille 3/4/10 01:59

gorgeous baguette, I love the wholes inside! great job!

tasteofbeirut 3/4/10 03:12

These baguettes look so professional I love the crust on them! I am gonna have to start making them too!

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 3/4/10 04:19

Holey moley! LOL Look at that crumb! I have got to get into sourdough!

Cooking Rookie 3/4/10 04:34

Just look at that crumb - it must be so soft... mmm... And they are so smooth, pretty and professional. Very inspirational!

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 3/4/10 07:34

I like to eat baguette, but not my hubby, as he like only soft bread..I will try to make this one day for myself. And this is really well done and look very pro..Have Easter to you!

My Little Space 3/4/10 08:30

Ooo..lovely! Love chewing on the crust. hmm....

Heavenly Housewife 3/4/10 09:45

Wow, this is amazing. Can you believe I am actually trying a low carb diet though? I want to break my diet for this though. Pass the butter!
Have a fantastic weekend.
*kisses* HH

Cherine 3/4/10 10:42

Your baguette look PERFECT!! It's really really amazing! Better than the ones i buy here in paris :)

Sophie 3/4/10 11:11

Waw, Angie!!

Your sourdough mini baguettes look so fantastic!!

I would love to eat a few for breakfast,...please??????

A Happy Easter to you!! Cheers from Brussels!

Happy Cook 3/4/10 11:46

Thankyou fir tge suggestion, will look in a garden shop.

faithy, the baker 3/4/10 12:42

Im so impressed with your baguette! It's so beautiful and look so professional! I've yet to try anything sourdough..and the first baguette i made was a failure too! :D Will have to try out your recipe soon! I'm bookmarking this!

Sinful Southern Sweets 3/4/10 14:13

Just lovely. I aspire to be a bread baker like you!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi 3/4/10 15:26

OH, MY!! You've made my jaw drop! Very professional-looking bread!! I love rustic European country bread, too, besides our softer, fluffier Asian bread! In fact, I just baked my first artisan bread last Sunday!! Thanks for sharing! You've been my inspiration, really! ;)

Tangled Noodle 3/4/10 16:52

These demi-baguettes are absolutely perfect! [Sigh] I can imagine the heavenly aroma as they baked. 8-)

carmenpiva 3/4/10 17:37

Wow! Amazing! I must tell you a secret: I've just bought a baking machine, I don't know how they are called exactly in English, but I'm really happy with it. I haven't bought any more bread at the baker's, the machine makes it for us.
xxxx from Spain

Fimère 3/4/10 23:31

ces baguettes sont magnifiques et très réussies, bravo
bonne soirée

Mary 4/4/10 02:36

Your baguettes look like they were done by a professional. You did a wonderful job. I hope you are having a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

Peanutts 4/4/10 08:58

wow, Lovely looking bread looks straight from a bakery :)

wenn 4/4/10 10:17

wish i could bake like u!

nora@ffr 4/4/10 11:09

missed ye too angie!! been rili bizi the last few months.. neways will be in touch. rili loving this yummy bread! m sure itll taste as good as it look! :)

Ivy 4/4/10 11:13

Wow, those baguettes look perfect. Happy Easter my friend.

Fimère 4/4/10 13:44

I offer you a price on my blog you can come on take it
see you soon

Rosa's Yummy Yums 4/4/10 13:51

Those are beautiful baguettes! Happy easter!



Saveurs et Gourmandises 4/4/10 14:01

Tes baguettes sont magnifiques.
Bravo et joyeuses pâques.

noobcook 4/4/10 14:54

these baguettes are really beautiful. they look like they come from a top-notch bakery :)

Jo 4/4/10 15:31

Angie, these baguettes look as good as any speciality bakery shops. Love the look of the crusty skin and chewy centers. Another great recipe.

Claudia 4/4/10 16:16

These are some of the most welcoming loaves ever. Just to have my family come home and see these would elicit broad smiles. Gorgeous!

Biren 4/4/10 16:25

Wow...awesome loaves! Will be so yummy with a bowl of soup.

Food For Tots 4/4/10 19:11

We love baguette. Just ate it today. Your baguette looks incredibly gorgeous and tempting! Perfect to dip with soup. Yummy! ;)

Cinnamon-Girl 5/4/10 01:45

What a beautiful crusty baguette Angie! You have superb baking skills!

theUngourmet 5/4/10 03:31

Your bread always looks so perfect! Another great one! Hope you enjoyed your Easter and ate lots of yummy stuff!

liya 5/4/10 06:35

that looks so good! wish I could to bread- but I always fail starter/yeast recipes.

tigerfish 5/4/10 08:07

I like sourdough. They are common in San Francisco but not here in Singapore. With your sourdough baguette, I'm thinking of my Roti John again! What is better than your bakes :D

Ju (The Little Teochew) 5/4/10 09:51

The great Angie does it again! Beautiful loaves!!

Pete 5/4/10 13:06

Wow, can imagine the nice aroma and crispiness when hot out from the oven.

petite nyonya 5/4/10 15:10

The baguettes look perfect! I like to have slices of baguettes dipped in chicken curry. Yummy!

Arlette 5/4/10 16:32

These baquettes look awesome..
did you try the pineapple starter...or you prefer the raisin.
still using the raisin, and didnt get the chance to try the pineapple to compare the different.

Cheah 5/4/10 17:46

Once again lovely pics, Angie and your baguette looks like those from the bakery!

resep brownies 5/4/10 20:36

I always love cooking , and this is a very god article ,thanks

Hornsfan 7/4/10 01:25

Angie that is a stunning baguette - I'm jealous!

Dee 8/4/10 16:07

That baguette looks perfect! Is there nothing you cannot make in your kitchen, Angie?

The Duo Dishes 9/4/10 02:40

It is time that we make a baguette. Definitely time!

Cocina Savant 13/4/10 00:04

I am now wishing I would have made some bread last weekend. Yours turned out splendid and grape sourdough is quite excellent. I have some in the fridge begging to be used. Thanks for the recipe.

Diana's Cocina 6/5/10 02:01

PERFECT!! All I need is a bowl of soup.

Arlette 17/5/10 17:21

Made the pineapple starter last week and I am going to try it this week and see the result, smell good though...


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