Curry Fish With Peas

One of my favorite ways to cook frozen fish is in flavourful rich curry sauce together with some veggies. A delicious dish for any time of the year, but particularly welcome and soothing in the cold winter days with some steamed rice.

Sauce Marinade
  • 200-250 g Alaska pollock fillet
  • 1 Small onion, sliced
  • 3 tbsp Green peas
  • 1 tbsp Cornstarch
  • Oil for frying and cooking
  • 1/2 tbsp Curry
  • 1/2 tbsp Sugar
  • 1. 5 tbsp Ketchup
  • 1/4 tbsp Salt
  • 3 tsp Water
  • 1/4 tsp Jiafan rice wine
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • Pinch White pepper

  1. Rinse and pat fish dry with paper towels. Cut into the 2-inch chunks and place them in a bowl. Add in the marinade and leave it for 10 minutes.
  2. Heat a skillet half-filled with cooking oil. Coat lightly the fish fillet with cornstarch and fry them over the medium heat until light golden. Remove and drain.
  3. Heat a little of oil in the same skillet over moderately high heat until hot but not smoking. Stir-fry sliced onion until aromatic, add in peas, return the fish to the skillet, pour in sauce and gently stir to combine. Cover and cook for 5 minutes. Dish up and serve with the steamed rice.


Selba 23/1/10 14:57

Oh my... this dish is so mouth-watering!!!

Rachana Kothari 23/1/10 15:18

Beautiful Click! Have a great weekend:)

Divina Pe 23/1/10 15:57

What a beautiful dish. I always have chicken curry but rarely with fish. This is a great alternative.

doggybloggy 23/1/10 16:02

I make all kinds of curries but the only seafood I have ever used is shrimp - time to get fish in the mix - plus with peas, now you're talking.

My Little Space 23/1/10 16:05

I can tell this is such a flavourful dish! Nothing can beat this curry flavour... absolutely yummy yummy.....

Claudia 23/1/10 16:06

I, too always have curry with chicken - sometimes with shrimp - but never left the box to have it with a whitefish. Add in the peas and this is seriously grand.

Ju (The Little Teochew) 23/1/10 16:13

Yum yum yum! Adding ketchup is great. Nice colour, nice tang. Lovely dish, Angie!!

zurin 23/1/10 16:19

OHHH that looks amazing Angie!! curry for a winter day sounds perfect..romantic almost! :))

Vrinda 23/1/10 16:33

WOW..droolworthy fish curry...yummy yummm

Aux délices des gourmets 23/1/10 17:13

une très belle association en plus d'une très belle association, j'adore
bonne soirée

Abhilash Pillai 23/1/10 17:45

Delicious fish curry.
That image looks really delicious.

Catherine 23/1/10 19:09

Hello Angie! I’m giving you the Happy 101 Blog Award! Have a great weekend!

Chef E 23/1/10 20:04

This looks great! I just had Indian chicken tikka for my lunch, leftovers.

I am playing with a fish curry, kind of sort of tonight!

Peas will be in the mix!

Pink Panda 23/1/10 20:25

I've never tried curry fish before. This something I'll have to give a shot when I have some leftover fish.

Ivy 23/1/10 20:33

I've never made a fish curry before but it looks so good I will have to try it.

Heavenly Housewife 23/1/10 21:04

A wonderful and flavourful dish. I've made a few curries before, but never a fish one. This looks great.

pigpigscorner 23/1/10 22:41

This looks super delicious! Give me some with rice now!

♥peachkins♥ 23/1/10 23:45

This is perfect! So good with steamed rice.. at first glance it looks like sweet and sour fish which is a dish I love. I've never tried curry in fish before...

MaryMoh 23/1/10 23:56

Curry is my favourite. So this curry fish will surely go down well in my family. Need to cook more rice. It looks very delicious and colourful with the green peas.

Priya 24/1/10 00:24

Thats an awesome fish curry Angie...gorgeous clicks makes me hungry..

Trissa 24/1/10 01:34

Your presentation is first-class! I also have a pack of frozen fish in my freezer which I thaw out during the day (while at work) - it works fabulously. I will try this recipe the next time.

Cheah 24/1/10 03:47

Wow, another mouth-watering dish. Something like our 'masak merah' dish. Faboulous pics!

My Asian Kitchen 24/1/10 06:00

your curry fish really look colorful and pretty!!

Fresh Local and Best 24/1/10 07:16

I love recipes that have fried meat pieces draped by a savory sauce. It looks good!

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 24/1/10 07:23

Wo, this look so easy to cook, but I will not add in pea, because kids doesn't like pea.

Sook 24/1/10 07:57

I still haven't tried fish curry. Sounds so good with green peas too! Yum!

Pei-Lin @ Dodol and Mochi 24/1/10 14:24

Angie, y'know what! I've gotta agree with you on that because that was what I did exactly when I was in northern U.S. I had hot dishes so often during the winter. They helped "create some heat" to drive off the chill!! =)

The dish looks wholesome!


tasteofbeirut 24/1/10 14:34

Great idea~ You took some uninspiring fish and turned it into something scrumptuous!

Cinnamon-Girl♥ 24/1/10 16:10

This looks incredibly delicious with the crispy fried fish! Love the curry sauce!

Food For Tots 24/1/10 18:35

Looks really yummy! I can have 2 bowls of rice to go with your curry fish.

Gulmohar 24/1/10 23:27

what a tempting click, Angie...Adding green peas sounds interesting :-)

Lavanya Siva 25/1/10 01:12

wow, what a mouth watering dish........Just love tempting too.

tigerfish 25/1/10 02:18

Looks very easy other than to convince myself to deep-fry the fish. I like deep-fried food but don't often do it in my kitchen cos of the grease it brings :O

Sarah Naveen 25/1/10 05:23

Mouthwatering fish curry...Yummy yumm

Sarah 25/1/10 05:48

Anything curry is delicious! This looks very tempting :)

Shirley @ Kokken69 25/1/10 07:31

That is an amazing colour - all I need now is a bowl of steamed rice.

noobcook 25/1/10 08:49

This is a hearty dish. The sauce must be really heavenly =)

Christine 25/1/10 13:15

What an attractive dish! I also used to cook frozen fish with curry. Sometimes use red curry, sometimes green. Yummm....

Tina 25/1/10 14:45

OMG....what a tempting and colourful clicks dear..Nice combination..Love the addition of peas...

Nostalgia 25/1/10 18:44

Awesome! Looks fantastic

Velva 26/1/10 04:36

I am sure this fish curry would be good with a variety of different fillets of fish. I have not seen pollock here in the southern U.S.. Very nice. The photos turned out really, nice.

Anonymous 26/1/10 05:53

This curried fish sounds fantastic and the peas are such a colorful and healthy addition!

Katy ~ 26/1/10 10:02

Lots of eye appeal with the beautiful colors of your ingredients, and I'll wager the flavor is memorable and "more-ish."

Elin 26/1/10 14:18

What a delicious and aromatic fish curry. And just looking at the lusciousness of the dish is enough to makes me salivate now :))

Jo 26/1/10 14:49

This looks awfully good! Great combination of flavours and ingredients.

s 26/1/10 16:26

Next time we have buy fish this is what im looks sooo GOOD!

Mythreyi Dilip 26/1/10 17:51

Excellent click dear and the curry sounds to be divine:)

Janet @Gourmet Traveller 88 27/1/10 13:22

I love fish curry, yours is very appetising and easy to make, perfect!

A Full-Timed Housefly 29/1/10 18:07

This curry fish looks lovely , does your hubby take spicy food ?

Divina Pe 3/2/10 11:14

This is so mouthwatering. Now I know the story behind this dish. I actually saw this in one of the Chinese cookbooks here at home. Never made it before. :)

Anonymous 20/5/10 00:40

wow this was delicious..def something I will be making more of


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