Beef Briskets Noodles With Chinese Angelica Root

With a trace of herbs (Chinese angelica is to tonify blood and tangshan root to strengthen Qi), this wholesome beef noodle soup tastes fresh and delightful. Perfect for the cold winter! In China, beef noodle is typically eaten as one and whole meal in a LARGE bowl filled with stewed beef, vegetables and noodles. In the West, this food may be served in a small portion as a soup.

  1. Wash and cut the beef briskets into smaller pieces. Blanch in boiling water and rinse in cold water. Heat up a pan with a tablespoon of oil. Add in ginger slices, scallions, garlic cloves, chillies and Szechuan peppercorns. Stir until aromatic. Add in beef briskets, rice wine, caramelized sugar, and maggi sauce. Stir until well combined.
  2. Transfer the beef into a large pot, add in tangshan root and Chinese angelica root. Pour in stock and bring it to a boil on high heat. Turn down the heat to low and simmer the beef until tender, about 30 minutes. Season with the salt.
  3. Meanwhile, cook noodles in a pot of boiling water until tender. Drain noodles well in a colander and place them in a soup bowl. Add in vegetables and beef briskets. Ladle broth over and sprinkle the chopped scallions on top. Serve hot.


Hornsfan 8/1/09 04:14

This sounds great and what a cool way to get some good-for-you herbs into your diet!

homeladychef 12/1/09 04:33

I like your beef briskets! Is it easy to buy them in Germany?

A Full-Timed Housefly 3/11/09 16:57

Hey I just realised you lives in Germany...LOL... blurred me ! Can you easily find most of the ingredients needed for chinese cooking or asian cooking ? I love beef brisket but not my family so I can only get my fix outside.

Angie's Recipes 3/11/09 18:19

@homeladychef, A Full-Timed Housefly: some ingredients I can easily find them in local stores, but some materials I have to get them from China.


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