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The Difference Between Stovetop and Electric Pressure Cooker

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I, for one, am thrilled that pressure cookers are making a comeback. I recall my mom using it right on top of the stove when I was young, and I had assumed they were an outdated tool. It turns out that not only do they have tons of uses today, but they have been given a modern upgrade.

The traditional cooker is still around, but it has been all but pushed aside in favor of electric options. Is that because these newer cookers do a better job? Are they faster? Or is it just that they are super trendy? Let’s dig in to find out the different between stovetop and electric pressure cookers.

Heat Adjustments: When using an electric pressure cooker, I can easily set it and let the machine do the heavy lifting when it comes to heat settings. It just requires me to choose setting, and then it takes care of adjusting to the correct heat. I can even set it and leave the room while it does the hard work. The stovetop variety does require the home cook to make adjustments manually to ensure that I don’t lose pressure. There is a learning curve involved in getting it just right.
Power: Stovetop models will reach a higher pressure more quickly than their electronic counterpart.
Durability: It is likely that my mom still has that stovetop unit I mentioned because that thing was a champ. They are very sturdy and can last for decades. The electric models may contain plastic components that don’t have a very long life. The aluminum coating may also get scratched by utensils. Though they are newer to the market, some models last only a few years.
Timer: Traditionally, the stovetop variety of cooker does not have a timer included. There are newer models on the market, but most users will need to use a kitchen timer to keep track of cook time. For electronic models, the timing mechanism is included to keep track of cook time.
Size: Electric models are usually stored on a countertop due to their size. The versions that are used right on top of the stove are less bulky and can easily fit in the cupboard with the rest of the pots and pans.

Which Type is Best?

Deciding which type of cooker is right for you depend on your needs. If you are looking for a durable unit that is high in power and can quickly pressurize, then a stovetop model makes sense. They are also good for those who want to keep an eye on the entire cooking process. Kuhn Rikon Duromatic and Zavor DUO models are great options.

They are durable and offer a variety of sizes. For those who are looking for a cooker that adjusts to the appropriate heat and pressurizes without much intervention, then an electric model is a great option.

Those looking for an electric option, AllCookwareFind recommend the Instant Pot Duo Nova or Cuisinart CPC-600. These both allow sautéing and steaming in addition to pressure cooking. They boast built-in timers, are easy to use, and will be a nice addition to any countertop.

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© 2021 |


babYpose 5/9/21 07:06

I never used the stove top pressure cooker but mom or aunty used it easily and loved it. They cooked meat or bones with it. I prefer counter top, with timer is important. Good and interesting info.

Pedro 5/9/21 09:06

I use the traditional style pressure cooker, ultra fast version. I use it almost daily. Vegetables, soups, legumes, stews, they result fantastic with these pots. For me it's an indispensable element in the kitchen. My mother also used it for as long as I can remember.
Good sunday

Stefania 5/9/21 09:15

Grazie infinite per l'interessante articolo.
Mia madre usa tantissimo la pentola a pressione, ma ne ha una vecchissima da mettere sul fornello a gas.

Margaret D 5/9/21 11:44

Don't use a presser cooker sometimes just use a slow cooker which I'm happy with.

DEZMOND 5/9/21 13:12

It is defo not something for me as I try to cook veggies as short as possible, but I understand it is good for those who like to eat animal carcasses. I would, though, like to have an air fryer.

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 5/9/21 14:18

My mom never had a pressure cooker, but I'm loving mine. I don't use it often enough, but the flavors are always intensified! Glad to have one :)

gluten Free A_Z Blog 5/9/21 14:20

My mom used a pressure cooker too - all the time, but it seemed scary. I love my electric Instant Pot and use it for everything. This was a helpful post - thanks Angie

Tom 5/9/21 14:29

...I have a stovetop pressure canner.

[Reply] 5/9/21 16:20

I've never had a pressure cooker, but we did get an Instant Pot last year. It intimidates me a little but I do love the saute feature, so handy!

Brian 5/9/21 17:29

We have both but these days we use the instapot because it's so darn easy!

Norma2 5/9/21 18:32

Angie, my mother made desserts and cakes in it.
It is very useful since it shortens cooking times and therefore the food does not lose nutrients

Christine 5/9/21 19:42

I have a stovetop one.

bread&salt 5/9/21 21:39

I have a stove top pressure-cooker but this electric pressure cooker looks great.

Etuza 6/9/21 01:02

Follow first you blog..

Tisa Jacob 6/9/21 07:15

I'm glad you did this comparative review. I absolutely love my Instant Pot and rely on it more than the stove top ones I own. Thank you Angie :-)

The Velvet Runway 6/9/21 14:16

This is a really helpful post! Thanks for sharing the information!
Julia x

foodtravelandwine 7/9/21 02:12

I love my Instant pot....I had a stovetop pressure cooker that I never used because I never felt comfortable for safety reasons. The electric pressure cooker is fast and safe, and has so many options to use it....I'm glad you have it!!........Abrazotes, Marcela

The Yum List 7/9/21 09:55

Very interesting. We don't have either but did just get a slow cooker.

Julie 7/9/21 18:29

Informative post, Angie.. In India we use the stove top mostly, works good !!

mjskit 7/9/21 23:51

Thank you so much for this comparison! My SIL has been after me to replace my 47 year old stovetop pressure cooker, but so far I have resisted. Your post tells me to just stick with what I have. Afterall, being retired, I can sit in the kitchen and watch the rocker speed and adjust the heat as needed. I can also set a timer on my phone. :) After replacing the rubber gasket a few years back and tightening the handle screw now and then, it has required no other maintenance and cooks like a charm.

Nancy Chan 8/9/21 06:21

I still have the stovetop pressure cooker. It is almost 40 years and is still good to use. I only need to change the rubber lining once. It is fast and save on gas. The only set back is that I need to keep track of the time to off the gas.

tigerfish 9/9/21 00:08

So sad, I don't even own any pressure cooker! :(

Noob Cook 22/9/21 11:08

I owned a pressure cooker for a decade (was a gift), have not used it even once (omg).


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