It’s Not Difficult! - 5 Simple Tips That Will Make You Healthier

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We all know the importance of healthy eating. Nothing can replace a balanced diet, and the food is the most critical factor that directly influences health. After all, the foods we eat enter our organism - all other factors such as exercise and environment are external.
Although healthy eating can also be tasty, the truth is that all unhealthy foods taste great, and that is the only reason why we would consider eating them. So instead of telling you to ditch sweets, smoking and start exercising 6x every week, here we are going to focus on small improvements that can bring significant changes, without requiring too much effort and willpower. Let's begin!

Drink A Glass Of Water Before Each Meal (And One After Waking Up)

Our bodies consist mostly of water, and can't function without it. And yet, so many of us suffer from chronic dehydration. Our lives are too fast, and with so many things on our minds, it is easy to forget to drink water. It's funny how we never forget eating junk food.
One of the best features of water is that it has zero calories, but it can trick your stomach, making you feel full. Drink a glass of water before eating. This simple strategy will make your digestive system think it has food in it, killing off hunger, and making you eat less. So in one shot, you will reduce your total calorie intake, and increase your daily water consumption.
The second part of this tip is to drink water as soon as you wake up. This will have many benefits - although idle, you sweat during sleep, which makes you lose water, and makes your blood thicker, which puts increased pressure on your heart. Drinking water immediately after waking up dilutes your blood, relieving your heart. | © 2019 |

Boost Your Breakfast To Kickstart Your Day

Starting your day with a quality breakfast will be a cornerstone of healthy eating habits. Instead of opting for something easy, go for something smart.
Yes, cereals are convenient, but the ones you eat are probably filled with unhealthy junk (more later in the text). If you have to eat them, pick something whole-grain, with minimal additives and sweeteners. But it would be much better to ditch them for something that will fill you up, so you don't have to binge around noon. "Wakey, wakey! Eggs and bakey!" A delicious omelet is not only super satisfying but actually more healthy than you might think. Proteins and fat are packed with energy and are digested slowly, giving your body a steady supply of gasoline to go through your packed work schedule.
By opting for a protein and fat rich breakfast, your blood sugar is less likely to suddenly drop later, which is the primary cause of binging. Yes, you might still get hungry, but a tasty, healthy snack such as fruit or salad, or a smoothie will do.

Healthy, But Still Tasty Substitutions

There are many small tweaks you can make and significantly reduce your caloric intake, or just make your meals healthier. The best of all, you don't even have to pretend it tastes good, as it certainly does!
This site is filled with recipes that are both healthy and tasty, and your only job is to browse through them, finding something you like. If you want to make tweaks, you can look up for substitutions, switching an ingredient here and there for its healthy substitute.
Although they might feel insignificant, those slight changes add up over time, and that is the only thing you need to look and feel better.

Learn to read the Labels

Learning how to read food labels is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Reading the back side of products is not super complicated, and it will help you much better understand what goes into your body.
But beware, it can be heartbreaking! Food manufacturers use tricky tactics to mislead consumers into thinking that their products are healthy. You will probably find out that some of your favorite "healthy" foods are exactly the opposite.
You can completely ignore the claims that are displayed on the front side; those are 99% marketing tricks. Turn the product over, and read the label - manufacturers are obligated by law to present accurate information, no lies there if you know how to decipher it.

It Goes Beyond Food

While food is the most significant factor, other things you do off the table still contribute to your health. Take some steps to be more active and distress.
You don't have to run five miles every day, start by 15-minute walks. It will help you not only get the blood flowing and counter that all-day sitting but also destress, especially if you walk through nature - a local park will do. For activity/destress combination, yoga and pilates are also great. If you don’t have time for that, you can practice deep breathing and meditation technique that you can do anywhere.
And don't neglect sleep. Try to sneak in an hour more of nightly sleep by going to bed earlier. If that's impossible, fit a 30-minute afternoon nap just after work. It will help you re-energize, making that workout you wanted to postpone more likely to happen.
Lastly, do some checkups. First, get some blood tests, to make sure everything is in order. Also, consider a DEXA scan. It will tell you much more about your body than a simple scale ever will giving you exact information about your body fat percentage, but also amount of muscle, bone density, and other valuable body composition parameters. Those will help you determine what your current position is, and what moves you need to make in the future if you want to have a balanced, healthy, and good looking body. | © 2019 |


As you can see, the title wasn't a clickbait; it really isn't difficult. Drinking water, eating eggs, reading labels, and switching from full fat to low-fat cheese won't kill you. And taking a 30-minute afternoon nap is not exactly torture.
So no excuses, go ahead and implement at least one tip into your routine. Picking something simple like a 15-minute walk every day will have a positive impact on your health long term. That's all it takes to start healthy habits - a small step in the right direction, as simple as that.

This is a guest post written by Brandon Lee


Pame Recetas 15/1/19 17:44

Dear Angie, and the guest writer, B. Lee, this is such a great post, thank you very much for putting this theme in your blog we all can make changes, in our lives and in the planet's, it is hard for me start talking about healthy eating in my blog because I fell I am imposing on my readers, but you do it in such a smart way that is so nice to read an one feels like wanting to follow your advise. By the way! I will certainly start taking that glass of water as soon as I wake up!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 15/1/19 21:15

Great guest post, Angie, and I agree with everything. I gave up soft drinks over 10 years ago and have a bottle of water on my nightstand and carry one with me wherever I go. I love the Avex brand of water bottles. Also, my husband and I rarely go a day without walking. We don't cut out all treats but do try to limit them :)

Gloria Baker 15/1/19 22:35

Love thispost, always interesting know more about eat healthy, I drink a lot of water and Is awesome.
I love walk, some days Im more tired but I try all days. Hugs!!
Nice post!

Velva 16/1/19 00:46

Healthy eating is part of a healthy life style. A healthy life style begins with the first small steps.

Thanks for sharing.


Ely 16/1/19 01:38

Thanks for this interesting article, my sweet friend! I loved it! <3 ^___^ You're always great, with everything you post! A big hug!

Jeff the Chef 16/1/19 04:51

Thanks, Angie. I'm generally skeptical of what people think of as "healthy," but I'm on board with everything you're suggesting. I've actually started eating dinner for breakfast. Not actual dinner, but leftovers from dinner, and small portions. For instance, I had pea and lentil soup with ham this morning. I know it seems weird to most people, but that's merely because we're programmed to think that certain foods are breakfast foods. That's merely cultural bias. I find that eating a small portion of something substantial (but not sugary) in the morning makes me far less ravenous at lunch. Being far less ravenous at lunch leads to a smaller portion for lunch, which means I don't crash and burn mid-afternoon. It also means I can have a couple small snacks that I can stretch out over the course of the afternoon, which is actually fun and satisfying and breaks up my afternoon.

Nancy Chan 16/1/19 10:44

Thanks for the useful tips. I start my day with a glass of water after getting out of bed. I do take naps whenever I am tired.

The Glossychic 16/1/19 12:51

Our health is so so important to be ignored, that's why I'm happy with this post. It's very insightful. Thanks for sharing.
Wonder Cottage
The Glossychic

Natalia 16/1/19 12:57

I always read labels and I prefer to alwats cook at home,this way I know exactly what I'm eating☺ great advices☺

Kitchen Riffs 16/1/19 16:14

Great tips! I always have a glass of water at hand -- can't get enough of the stuff. :-)

Angie's Recipes 16/1/19 16:52

@Jeff Not at all weird...I sometimes eat a huge steak for the breakfast :-))

Julie 16/1/19 18:12

very true, Angie.. It hardly takes sometime to implement the healthy life style which will definitely help us in the long run,useful info :)

Evelyne CulturEatz 16/1/19 18:29

Great guest post, very infomative. Ia mso bad with drinking more water. I try to be good with the rest, especially walking in the last 4 months. And get annual check ups.

Tricia Buice 16/1/19 19:38

Great tips Angie! I love this post. It's the little changes that build up over time. Good habits take time so thanks for the reminders. Great information.

Pam 16/1/19 21:19

It's crazy how eggs used to be almost forbidden and unhealthy. Although my grandfather ate 4-6 scrambled eggs almost every day of his 85 years. I'm trying to eat healthier, even drinking more water too. I start the day with a glass of water. We like to walk but it's way too cold outside for me now to do that so I walk around a mall whenever. And a 15-20 minute nap works wonders! Great post, Angie, thanks!

Gingi 16/1/19 23:25

I've started doing intermittant fasting, and I find that it is SO MUCH easier to focus on one or two REALLY good, well prepared, quality meals instead of 3 a day.. it's totally working for me and I have so much energy! -

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 16/1/19 23:39

Such great, easy to implement tips. I know I'm due for a DEXA scan this year---at least they're painless :)

tigerfish 16/1/19 23:40

These tips are all good reminders for all of us. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown 17/1/19 02:04

Being Healthy is easy, people really overthink and get intimated by being “healthy” but when you make it a part of your everyday life choices it’s easier than you think. I drink a lot of water, especially before each meal and after waking up. Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. Thanks for the great tips Angie :)

Vicki Bensinger 17/1/19 03:11

I couldn't agree with you more. Those days I am running all day and don't even stop for barely any water I immediately see it in my skin. GReat tips!

Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary 17/1/19 15:53

I love your tips for healthier living! They are practical and totally achievable, unlike so many fad diet lifestyles. I hope your new year is off to a healthy, great start, Angie! Cheers!

Tanza Erlambang 18/1/19 02:49

Thank you for your excellent tips.
have a great day

2pots2cook 18/1/19 06:48

Glad to find this one and the comments below. I believe my family eats healthy food since we prepare Mediterranean meals and avoid sugars as much as possible but there is always so me percentage left to improve, right ? Thank you !

Shashi at SavorySpin 18/1/19 17:27

Angie - I love your tips - water is what I struggle with so thank you for the reminder to drink a glass BEFORE each meal!

Easyfoodsmith 19/1/19 06:32

Very informative and well written guest post. I do follow most of them and I am now trying to be more active than I used to be earlier - trying regular walks and doing some yoga. Thanks so much for sharing this <3

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 19/1/19 15:50

great information thanks I needed this in my life!

Amy (Savory Moments) 19/1/19 19:34

This is a great post and very important! I got a FitBit last fall and it has definitely made me more aware of how much more active I needed to get and been super helpful for me. Sleep I do struggle with at time (because, twins), but it has been better!

Kelly | Foodtasia 20/1/19 18:30

So much great information, Angie! Thanks for sharing!

Abbe@This is How I Cook 21/1/19 19:33

All good tips Angie. I do seem to do most of them...just not on the same day!

Reeni 23/1/19 01:07

Thanks for the tips!

Alida 23/1/19 21:11

Great tips Angie! I agree with them all.

Juliana 23/1/19 22:21

Hi Angie, thank you so much fro the reminder...these are great tips, and you are right...they are not so hard to follow!

Jean | 24/1/19 16:03

Angie and Brandon, great tips. I have a very good self-care program and have been nutrition conscious all my life. And yet, I still don't drink enough water! Thank you for the reminder, including details of why a glass of water first thing in the morning is so important.

noobcook 25/1/19 09:27

a nice reminder to eat well, eat healthy, eat happy.

judee 26/1/19 20:45

It's always helpful to have some reminders! I need to drink more water.. thanks

Mindy 3/2/19 18:48

Thanks for the great tips!

Choclette 25/2/19 18:21

You've given some really good tips here Angie. I have a large mug of warm water when I first get up - sometimes with lemon in it and sometimes without. But I'm terrible at drinking through the rest of the day. I rarely feel thirsty and just don't think about it.

mary anderson 11/3/19 20:23

i always read the label before buying anything that's what the real secret of having healthy food and that's let you know what you are actually eating great angie!


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