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Tandoori Spiced Baked Chicken

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This whole roasted chicken seasoned liberally with Indian tandoori masala and fresh herbs turns out crisp, juicy, and absolutely delicious. A perfect meal for feeding family and friends.

  • 1,5 kg Whole chicken, trimmed, washed, dried
  • 30 g Butter, cut into small pieces
  • 1 tbsp Olive oil
  • 20 Sage leaves
  • 3-4 Rosemary sprigs
  • Salt
  • 1 tbsp Tandoori masala spice mix
  • 2 Red onions, cut into wedges
  • 1 kg Hokkaido pumpkin, chopped
  1. Preheat oven to 200C/400F. Trim and rinse chicken. Pat the chicken dry inside and out with paper towel.
  2. Place the chicken, breast-side up, in a large roasting pan. Tie legs with kitchen string and tuck wings under. Separate the skin by running your fingers between the skin and breast meat very gently. This helps the skin get crisp. Distribute 8 sage leaves and the butter under the skin.
  3. Brush the chicken with olive oil and season with salt and tandoori spice mix. Place the rosemary and sage leaves in the chicken cavity.
  4. Place pan on the lowest oven shelf. Bake chicken for 11/4 hours unil golden brown. After chicken has roasted for 40 minutes, add pumpkins and onion wedges and continue to bake, turning vegetables during cooking until juices run clear when chicken thigh is pierced with a skewer (cover chicken with foil if over-browning). | © 2017 | | © 2017 |


Rafeeda AR 23/11/17 05:52

The chicken looks so well done! I am really intrigued by the mix of Indian and Italian flavors here...

Adina 23/11/17 11:52

I cannot resist chicken! This one looks just perfect! And with the pumpkin on the side, it cannot get any better.

Gloria Baker 23/11/17 14:23

Angie, really beautiful chicken!! what beautiful colors!! xoxo

Natalia 23/11/17 16:06

Oh wow!!!That is mouth watering, a perfect chicken☺

Geri Saucier 23/11/17 16:50

The baked chicken looks delicious. Baked Chicken is one of my favorites. A great recipe to make in the future.

Eliza 23/11/17 17:11

Hello, Angie.

Oh I love chicken so much. I can eat them all day long. This is so mouthwatering. It just looks so perfect. I might be cooking this tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Great recipe!

Jean | 23/11/17 18:54

Angie, what a gorgeous roasted chicken! I'll have to "branch out" and try some spices on my next chicken.

Balvinder 23/11/17 19:05

Aha, Love this recipe! I have never baked a whole chicken with tandoori spices.

fimere 23/11/17 19:18

très belle assiette qui met en appétit
bonne soirée

The Yum List 24/11/17 00:49

It looks absolutely perfect.

Nava K 24/11/17 06:04

Oh my goodness. You made me hungry Angie. Can I some please? Love the crispy skin to its core.

Nancy Chan 24/11/17 10:35

Hi Angie! I am drooling now. I hope to try to make this chicken! Thanks for the recipe!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 24/11/17 13:03

Such a gorgeous, flavorful roast chicken! Perfect any night of the week!!!

Tricia Buice 24/11/17 14:14

Absolutely beautiful Angie! I love those spices and that color is fantastic. Your photos are also outstanding. Wonderful recipe and post all around :)

Alida@mylittleitaliankitchen 24/11/17 15:10

Your photos are so good they could go in a magazine cover! I love your chicken recipe, so golden, crunchy and spiced. Very very nice Angie.

All That I'm Eating 24/11/17 17:39

This looks delicious, love the sound of the tandoori spices with the chicken and squash.

Roz | La Bella Vita Cucina 25/11/17 02:50

I can imagine clearly in my mind how heavenly your kitchen aroma smelled drifting through your house while preparing this chicken! Beautiful too!

Monica 25/11/17 04:17

Roast chicken does make a fabulous family meal. This looks perfectly cooked - love the color and flavor from the spices.

Agness of Run Agness Run 25/11/17 11:24

Excellent combo of ingredients, Angie. My family will love this dish. Just a perfect lunch recipe for family gatherings. ;)

Debra Eliotseats 26/11/17 03:45

Looks beautiful and I can only imagine the aroma!

Królowa Karo 26/11/17 14:46

Chicken is always good idea! :)

mjskit 27/11/17 01:08

Now that is a good looking roast chicken! Love the tandoori spice mix. Bet that adds a totally unique flavor to a pretty traditional roast chicken. Need to find me some of that spice mix.

Irene @Skinny Delicious 27/11/17 02:29

What a gorgeous chicken Angie! My mouth is watering! I love tandoori chicken - never saw a whole chicken with it - genius!

Anonymous 27/11/17 13:21
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
grace 27/11/17 18:40

this would make the house smell amazing!! gorgeous color on this bird, and fabulous flavors too!

Amy (Savory Moments) 28/11/17 13:02

This chicken looks perfectly cooked and amazingly yummy!

nadia 28/11/17 13:19

I absolutely LOVE tandoori! One of my favourite spices especially with meat. All the flavours sound so delicious together with the roasted vegetables :D

lisa is cooking 28/11/17 15:28

It's beautiful with the sage leaves and chunks of pumpkin! The spices sound delicious too.

Sokehah cheah 28/11/17 16:10

Wow, this looks extremely mouth-watering!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 28/11/17 20:27

I love roasting chicken in the fall and winter. There is no better comfort food to me :) I've never tasted tandoori seasoning and would love to try it on chicken just like this!

GiGi Eats Celebrities 28/11/17 22:30

This little lady is CALLING MY NAME. But seriously. I have been KNOWN to tear down and eat the ENTIRE chicken. ENTIRE. hahahahaahhaha! The spiciness of this one though might stop me! ;)

Cheri Savory Spoon 28/11/17 22:55

Hi Angie, I wouldn't change one thing about this tandoori chicken, looks absolutely amazing! My favorite spices too;)

Emma @ Bake Then Eat 28/11/17 23:12

My hubby would love this! I’m always on the look out for good chicken dishes for him.

Kitchen Riffs 29/11/17 02:51

I've never thought to do a whole baked chicken, tandoori-style. What a great idea! This looks wonderful -- thanks.

noobcook 29/11/17 06:50

'tis the season for roast chicken! Tandoori spices always one of my fave.

speedy70 29/11/17 14:15

Mmm che pollo speciale, molto gustoso!!!!

Ashley@CookNourishBliss 29/11/17 15:41

Yum!!! We've been roasting a whole chicken every few weeks - must try this next time we do it!

Marcelle 29/11/17 16:55

Angie, this sounds like and amazing meal! I'll have to find some tandoori marsala mix to give it a try. Your pictures are gorgeous! :)

Anonymous 30/11/17 02:42
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness 1/12/17 03:53

The roasted chicken looks delicious. Sounds like a great way to make chicken.

Easyfoodsmith 1/12/17 11:25

What a lovely marriage of flavors!

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies 3/12/17 21:17

This is a beautiful chicken! I've never experimented with Tandoor Spices, but if it looks this tasty, I'm sure I would love it!

tigerfish 5/12/17 01:14

Love Indian spices, so this Tandoori chicken will be such a hit! And I like that there is some sweet pumpkin to balance out the savory spices in the chicken.

Jeanette | Jeanette's Healthy Living 5/12/17 04:29

I love tandoori chicken and was just thinking of making it for dinner this week - so glad I found your recipe!

Katerina 6/12/17 11:35

Perfectly roasted chicken Angie!

Paula | Vintage Kitchen 10/12/17 13:29

So tempting Angie! And a great way to use my tandoori spice mix which is standing in my shelf! I can only imagine the flavor. And so simple to make.

Pola & Cleme 19/12/17 08:42

Woww the chicken look very well. Love this spice.

Karen (Back Road Journal) 20/12/17 21:41

You always use spices in such inventive ways, the chicken sounds great.

Ana Regalado 23/12/17 13:01

Haven't had homemade roasted chicken for quiet sometime ! This Indian-inspired roast chicken certainly look fantastic and I bet delicious !

GreedyEats 18/3/18 16:49

OMG! This baked chicken looks so juicy, spicy and tender. What more do you ask for. Great recipe!!


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