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Chilli con Carne Leftover Rolls with Dukkah | © 2016 | | © 2016 |

These puffy flaky bites would make a perfect pre-dinner nibble or any party appetizer. It's super easy and quick to make and a great way to use up leftover chilli con carne.

  1. Preheat oven to 200C/400F. Line 2 large trays with baking paper. Whisk the egg and olive oil in a small bowl with a fork until smooth.
  2. Place 1 sheet filo on a work surface. Place 1 tablespoon of the chilli con carne mixture on the end of each strip, fold a little pastry over the filling, then fold in the edges. Now roll to form a cigar. Place on the baking sheets, a little apart, then finish making the rest.
  3. Brush the egg mixture over the rolls and sprinkle with dukkah. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until the pastry is golden and crisp. Serve with avocado yoghurt sauce or your favourite sauce. | © 2016 | | © 2016 | | © 2016 |


Geri Saucier 12/10/16 05:12

I love this recipe. Chile con carne is one of my favorites. I Make it a lot. Next time, I am going to try this delicious recipe. Thanks for posting it.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 12/10/16 09:22

That is such a great idea! These rolls must taste delicious.



Anonymous 12/10/16 11:03

What a scrumptious meal. My Pete would love this.
Have a beautiful day Angie.
:-) Mandy xo

Sharmila kingsly 12/10/16 11:03

This is such a great after school snack for Kids.. Love the filling indeed !!

Kelly 12/10/16 11:56

Love these adorable little apps! They look delicious and perfect for a party or afternoon snack!

Shashi at SavorySpin 12/10/16 14:06

These puffy flaky, dukkah topped, chili con carne rolls sound delicious! Perfect use of leftovers!

Green Thumb 12/10/16 14:44

Wow, I love chili con carne. Great idea!

Nava K 12/10/16 15:36

Please pass over Angie. Don't forget the mouthwatering dip as well.

Beena 12/10/16 16:06

perfect tea time snack

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 12/10/16 17:06

What a brilliant idea for leftover chili, Angie! We would love to bite into those on a cool fall evening.

Balvinder 12/10/16 17:10

Gosh these look so good! I almost always have triangular pastry in the freezer (for making samosas) – it is so versatile for so many things!

Kitchen Riffs 12/10/16 17:13

What a creative dish! We make chili all the time at this time of the year, and often have leftovers. what a neat solution to the problem! Good stuff -- thanks.

Sue/the view from great island 12/10/16 17:32

This is brilliant, as always! For some reason it never fails that there is a ton of chili leftover whenever I make it, I can't wait to try these, they look like they'd be so flaky!!

Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary 12/10/16 18:12

Oh I am OBSESSED with puff pastry (who isn't right?), so these rolls are screaming my name! This is seriously THE perfect way to use up leftover chilli con carne!! So much yum, Angie!! Cheers!

Pam 12/10/16 18:20

Perfect finger food... they look and sound tasty!

Unknown 12/10/16 18:26

I love how crispy and delicious these look Angie! I would definitely stuff them with a vegetarian chili!

Evelyne CulturEatz 12/10/16 19:50

That is sucha great idea Angie! I get bored of a pot of chili, this is a great way to spice up the leftovers (no pun ha ha)

grace 12/10/16 20:54

this is a very creative and delicious way to use up some leftover chili! pretty darn attractive too. :)

Monica 12/10/16 21:11

These look scrumptious! This is a great party dish...and such a great way to repurpose leftovers. It helps when you start with delicious leftovers!

Ashley@CookNourishBliss 12/10/16 21:41

These would be soooo fun for a game day appetizer!!

fimere 12/10/16 21:54

ces rouleaux doivent être délicieux
bonne soirée

Easyfoodsmith 12/10/16 22:13

What a fantastic recipe this is! Love it!!!!

Eva Taylor 13/10/16 00:01

What a great way to use up chile con carne left overs...I'm going to keep this in mind for this winter, we always have a little chile left over!

Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness 13/10/16 01:40

I love this recipe. My family would love this.

[Reply] 13/10/16 01:46

Rolls looks tasty. Perfect for kids

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 13/10/16 02:49

Wow, what a fun idea! We always have leftover chili, so these would be easy to whip up for a pre dinner treat!

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies 13/10/16 04:42

I would so enjoy these! I love chili, and to make it into a yummy appetizer is a delicious twist!

jasna varcakovic 13/10/16 07:31

What a great idea..perfect with that avocado dip.

Mindy 13/10/16 08:17

These look so beautiful and yummy. I have never used this type of pastry before but I need to!

The Reader's Tales 13/10/16 09:30

Hummm so yummy!!! This is a great party dish and a great way to use leftovers.

Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy 13/10/16 10:55

What a great idea to add them to rolls! Great as party food too.

Hema 13/10/16 15:07

Though I am not sure what chilli con carne and dukkah is, these rolls look very appetizing..

Ivy 13/10/16 15:23

Wow, these really look delicious! I had never heard of dukkah before. I would love to try these.

Sandra 13/10/16 19:06

They're perfect now when the holiday season is approaching. These would totally impress any guest! Wonderful click.. I am drooling!:)

Pam 13/10/16 20:02

Woo hoo! These little gems will be perfect for game day! Thanks for the recipe, Angie! Love it!

Mother Rimmy 13/10/16 21:40

I love that crispy looking filo pastry. What a yummy idea for leftover chili.

Juliana 13/10/16 23:10

What a great idea to use leftover and make these finger the idea of dukkah on it.
Hope you are enjoying your week Angie :)

ami@naivecookcooks 14/10/16 01:21

My mouth watered just looking at these Angie!!!

Jean | 14/10/16 01:23

Angie, we are going to love these! My husband will especially love the crunch, and they're so cute!

kitchen flavours 14/10/16 03:29

These would indeed be perfect for get together parties! Looks wonderful and sounds delicious!

Nammi 14/10/16 04:19

Hi !!! Sorry havenr visites for a while :)... love this idea of using up left overs. Yummm ..

Unknown 14/10/16 05:21

so easy to make! love it Angie!

Kushigalu 14/10/16 07:02

Can't wait to give this a try. Looks amazing!

Summer 14/10/16 13:45

These rolls are perfection, Angie♥

Unknown 14/10/16 19:14
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen 14/10/16 19:15

What a wonderful use of chili con. These dukkah topped rolls look wonderful and sound droolicious, Angie.

Amy 14/10/16 20:07

They look so yummy! Yes, they'll be perfect party food! :)

Alida 14/10/16 23:55

Oh how famcy your recipe, these are great as appetizers! Brava!

Tania | My Kitchen Stories 15/10/16 00:50

What a completely brilliant idea Angie. I also love the Dukkah on it.

scrambledhenfruit 15/10/16 03:11

What a great way to use leftovers! Though these sound so good I'd be tempted to make chili just to have them. :)

Marcelle 15/10/16 07:26

I love this fun recipe! Those rolls look super delicious! Very creative, Angie!

Debra Eliotseats 15/10/16 16:24

You are so right....what a great appetizer!

Pame Recetas 15/10/16 17:50

Dear Angie! Thank you so much for visiting. This recipe of yours is just amazing! I had never heard about "dukkah", so I went to see what it was about, and sure I am incorporating this deli into my kitchen! Have a nice weekend my dear!

Catherine 15/10/16 19:50

Dear Angie, These rolls look wonderful. My son especially would love these.
Have a wonderful weekend my friend. xoxo Catherine

Jeff the Chef 16/10/16 00:00

What a fantastic idea! This would be so easy and so perfect for a party.

Sophie's Foodie files 16/10/16 09:46

What a great tasty idea to use up leftover chili con carne! A fabulous delicious idea too!

My Inner Chick 16/10/16 17:13

these look sooooooooooo darn good!!!!

Susan 16/10/16 17:18

OMG! what a great idea for leftover chili! Love this and will be doing it soon, XOXO

nora@ffr 17/10/16 02:04

Angie!!! they look delicious!! missed your delicious recipes!! been away for too long!!! have a nice day!!
cheers :)

Barbara 17/10/16 12:41

I love working with filo...these are so cute, Angie. Clever to use leftover chili...what a super idea!

Unknown 17/10/16 14:52

It is a wonderful idea Angie. It looks superb. Love it :)

Cheri Savory Spoon 17/10/16 17:33

These rolls are the perfect appetizer! I bet they are delicious, what a creative way to enjoy chili-con-carne.

Tricia Buice 18/10/16 01:40

I bet these would disappear in a flash at our house. What a great way to use leftover chili and they look fantastic!

Evi @ greenevi 18/10/16 16:56

This is so creative again, Angie! Definitely making it next time I have leftover chili ;)

Amy (Savory Moments) 18/10/16 21:35

What a creative idea! They look delicious.

norma chang 18/10/16 22:31

Great idea, saving recipe for future.

Emma @ Bake Then Eat 18/10/16 23:03

What a great way to use up left overs.

Reeni 21/10/16 05:09

I think you made these just for me Angie! I could happily gobble a plate of those up in no time at all! They look absolutely delicious!!!

noobcook 21/10/16 09:26

Looks great, I can eat them all for dinner XD

Muna Kenny 24/10/16 01:51

What a great idea, must be so yummy :)

mjskit 26/10/16 05:19

Finally started working with filo this year and just love it! Great idea to roll it around some chile con carne. What a tasty little appetizer and I love the crunchy outside with spicy, soft filling. YUM!

Rosita Vargas 3/12/16 12:49

Estos rollos se ven fantásticos gran idea,me encanta tu creatividad,abrazos.

Roz | La Bella Vita Cucina 28/12/16 04:36

What a great way to enjoy chili con carne, Angie! YUM!

Anonymous 5/11/17 16:49
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