Beetroot Hummus with Asparagus | © 2014 | | © 2014 |

This hummus recipe is a little different from the classic one. It's coloured with nutritious beetroot and tastes heavenly. This is a versatile recipe that simple to prepare and bursting with flavour. Perfect as a dip with your favourite veggies or as a spread on some homemade gluten-free bread.

  • 500 g Vacuum packed beetroots, chopped
  • 500 g Cooked chickpeas, drained
  • 2 Garlic cloves, crushed
  • 2 tbsp Sesame paste
  • 1 tbsp Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2-3 tbsp Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Fresh asparagus, to serve
  1. Place the beetroot, chickpeas, garlic, tahini and lemon juice in the bowl of a food processor and whiz to a coarse paste.
  2. With the motor running, slowly add the oil through the feed tube until mixture is thick and smooth. If it is too thick, gently drizzle a little water into the mixture until just right. Season to taste. Drizzle a little extra olive oil over the top and serve with fresh asparagus. | © 2014 | | © 2014 |


Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen 10/5/14 13:41

What a gorgeous color you've achieved using the beetroot. The hummus must be fabulous with white asparagus.

Monica 10/5/14 14:11

We're having hummus wraps for lunch today but not this beautiful one. It must be great paired with the asparagus.

Kathy 10/5/14 14:17

Angie, This dip sounds so interesting and very delicious! I love hummus, and I’m sure the added beets take this to another level!

Jeanette 10/5/14 15:24

I love how pretty the beets make your hummus Angie - great way to make hummus even more nutritious!

Anonymous 10/5/14 15:37

I just realized the last time I made hummus with beets was for a friends baby shower ages and ages ago. I must make it again soon - and just love the idea of pairing it with asparagus :-)

Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse 10/5/14 15:45

the colour of this hummus looks so lovely! it is so delicious to dip asparagus , carrot or celery into hummus!

StephenC 10/5/14 15:50

What a fascinating idea. I have never understood the aversion some folks have to beets.

Suhaina 10/5/14 18:40

Wow..i love hummus and this beetroot twist lools delish. I didnt know we could eat asparagus raw..thanks Angie for this beautiful recipe.

Hema 10/5/14 19:22

Never thought of adding veggies to hummus, this looks very colorful and delicious..

Anonymous 10/5/14 20:00

A divine beet hummus, special too! Yum yum yummm! I love to dip cooked white asparagus in it,..;ooh yes!

Rosita Vargas 10/5/14 20:01

Exquisito e interesante Dip tiene lindo color y el aceite con romero me encanta lo preparo siempre en casa

Judit & Corina @Wine Dine Daily 10/5/14 21:22

Angie, your hummus looks gorgeous! What a brilliant idea to use beetroot and it does sond heavenly with fresh veggies :)

Judit + Corina @WineDineDaily 10/5/14 22:04

What a neat idea to have beetroot and we adore asparagus.

Unknown 10/5/14 23:49

This is so very pretty Angie and I love that you paired it with white asparagus, so elegant!

My Inner Chick 11/5/14 02:05

lush dip.
gorgeous color.
I love this!!! x

Unknown 11/5/14 09:10

I have to try this! I haven't made humus forever, this will bring it back! Thanks, Angie!
:) ela@GrayApron

What's Baking?? 11/5/14 13:41

Fabulous dip, Angie. Have a happy n blessed mothers day

Shashi 11/5/14 14:05

Such a gorgeous color - love the addition of beets to this hummus!

Debra Eliotseats 11/5/14 14:39

I love all hummus. The white asparagus is the perfect dipper! Beautiful!

Lite Home Bake 11/5/14 15:32

The addition of beets gave it a very pretty color and made it even healthier. A brilliant idea, Angie!

Anonymous 11/5/14 17:10

Never had eaten fresh asparagus before, sounds interesting!!!
the beetroot hummus color is adorable withnin tons of betacarotene......

Rosa's Yummy Yums 11/5/14 19:30

Deliciously healthy! A wonderful idea.



Gloria Baker 11/5/14 19:45

what beautiful plate Angie I love, really love asparagus, this look beautiful and delicious!

Karen (Back Road Journal) 11/5/14 20:37

Everyone loves hummus and your recipe with the beetroot would be a pretty addition to serve with cocktails when entertaining.

Mireya @myhealthyeatinghabits 11/5/14 23:13

Very healthy and colorful hummus. Beets are very good for the gall bladder, too.

Cheri Savory Spoon 11/5/14 23:37

I have to tell you Angie the color is so beautiful, I bet this is a wonderful hummus. Happy week-end to you!

Azu 12/5/14 00:29

I love hummus, and I love beets. But I have never think about making a dip using both ingredients. Look delish, and the color is amazing.

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 12/5/14 00:35

Another way to enjoy the delicious beet! And I love hummus just as much as beets :)

Ann Jones 12/5/14 01:00

What beautiful color! Asparagus is one of my favorite spring foods, yum! Great looking recipe :)

The Yum List 12/5/14 01:42

I've recently been experimenting with some different flavours hummus. This is the first I've seen beetroot though. Must give this one a try.

sprinklesandsauce 12/5/14 04:10

love that beetroot color! white asparagus looks great with that hummus!

MunatyCooking 12/5/14 04:36

I like how you combine healthy ingredients together, and the outcome is always Wow!

Priscilla @ Homegrown Delight 12/5/14 07:14

Lovely color of the beetroot and the white asparagus goes well with it. Gorgeous photos too!

Unknown 12/5/14 09:23

I have only made chickpeas hummus... this looks stunning and I'd love to give it a try.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover 12/5/14 09:59

I haven't try the real Hummus yet, your beetroot sound good too.

Sandhya Hariharan 12/5/14 10:59

This looks soo distinct!
Gorgeous color!
I m blog hopping after a long break .. Would love to connect.

lenia 12/5/14 12:03

Great minds think alike! This idea has been on my mind lately! It looks fantastic!

Medeja- CranberryJam 12/5/14 12:59

I like dips with beetroot both because of their taste and color :)

Joanne 12/5/14 13:33

What a gorgeous color that hummus is! You can tell that it's chock full of nutrition.

Tricia @ Saving room for dessert 12/5/14 13:44

You know I love this Angie! I adore the incredible flavor in any hummus but thought beet was terrific. Love serving it with the asparagus. Hope you have a great week.

Asmita 12/5/14 13:55

I have never tried beetroot hummus or even come across it before. We are crazy about beetroot at my place. This would be a big hit at my place. Gorgeous clicks!!

Beth 12/5/14 14:18

What a perfect spring recipe!

Emma | Fork and Good 12/5/14 15:04

I love this, a beautiful dish! Beetroot doesn't get enough love in my opinion.

chow and chatter 12/5/14 15:31

this looks so good and in season thanks for the kind comment made my day

Pilar. Cook and Spoon 12/5/14 16:07

Healthy, beautiful and delicious. It's got everything.

Pam 12/5/14 17:12

The beets gave the hummus such a beautiful flavor!

kitchen flavours 12/5/14 17:18

Wow, what a beautiful hummus! I never knew that you can make hummus from beetroot! Love it!

Ashley 12/5/14 18:33

I just love this spin on hummus! And that color ... that color alone is just making me want to make this!

Unknown 12/5/14 18:57

Now this is something my mom would really have enjoyed.

The Squishy Monster 12/5/14 20:37

Adore the color of your "beetmus" Angie! I've been trying to get more beets into my diet and as dips are some of my favorite snacks, this is a must!

lisa is cooking 12/5/14 22:57

I can never resist the pretty color that beets add! Beautiful and delicious.

Kari Lindsay 12/5/14 23:44

I've been racking my brain for a new way to make hummus, and this is just what I needed! Not only delicious but such a pretty color!

Amy (Savory Moments) 13/5/14 01:32

Beetroot hummus has been on my list of things to make, but i haven't gotten around to it yet. It's so pretty and I love that you served it with the asparagus! Beautiful!

Velva 13/5/14 02:14

That most definitely puts a new twist on a classic hummus-Packs it with a little more nutrition too-


Terra 13/5/14 02:52

Seriously, the prettiest hummus! I need to cook with beetroot more often, I do love them:-) Yum, Hugs, Terra

Couscous & Consciousness 13/5/14 11:22

Oh yum, this looks heavenly. I often make a beetroot pesto which I serve with a broccoli, sweet potato and bacon salad. I'm dieing to try this version, and I love the idea of serving it with asparagus.

Barbara 13/5/14 12:17

Very unusual hummus, Angie. The color is wonderful. I love beets...don't know why I don't eat them more often. This would be a great addition at a cocktail party.

Lisa Ho 13/5/14 12:58

Love beets, nice flavour. Must try this one day :d

Norma Chang 13/5/14 14:18

This is different. Love the color.
Don't see white asparagus in my neck of the wood and when they do appear they are pricey.

Mother Rimmy 13/5/14 15:53

I love the fresh simplicity of this recipe. What a great way to use beets in a hummus. It makes such a colorful presentation with the asparagus!

Kitchen Belleicious 13/5/14 16:24

i am so intrigued about how this tastes. I want to try it so badly! Hope you are doing well. Stop by when you can

Katerina 13/5/14 16:33

Oh I love beetroots and the last years I have started loving asparagus as well. Perfect match!

Tisa Jacob 13/5/14 18:04

Beetroot hummus looks gorgeous , Angie and so do your pictures. I'm going to try this with some canned beets.

Priya Suresh 13/5/14 18:48

Very catchy and extremely irresistible hummus..

grace 13/5/14 19:34

i thought i'd seen every kind of hummus imaginable, but i was clearly wrong. this is beautiful!

Elisabeth 13/5/14 19:55

Angie, this is the first time I've heard about Beetroot Hummus; such a genius idea by adding Hummus=sesame paste, which of course will make it into a pretty color hummus! White asparagus is awesome addition to dip into this healthy yumminess!
Thank you for your well wishes for Mother's Day...dear friend! xo

Evelyne CulturEatz 13/5/14 22:46

What a great idea! Love the addition of beetroots to hummus. And must be great with lovely white asparagus. They are finally a common sight here.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 13/5/14 22:55

What a beautiful color too! It sounds delicious, Angie.

Katie | Healthy Seasonal Recipes 14/5/14 02:13

This is such a great idea Angie. I have never thought of this, but now I am intrigued! Yum!

Nancy 14/5/14 05:28

What a scrumptious recipe, Angie. I have never added beets to hummus but now I must.

mjskit 14/5/14 05:35

Not this is a creative hummus Angie! The color is gorgeous and I can only imagine how delicious it is. Great idea to use white asparagus as the dipping utensil! You're SO clever!

Catherine 14/5/14 15:01

Dear Angie, What a beautiful color and I bet it tastes as good as it looks. Blessings dear. Catherine

fimere 14/5/14 17:08

cela me semble délicieux avec l'ajout du betteraves bravo
bonne journée

Jeannie Tay 14/5/14 17:22

THat's a very gorgeous looking hummus, love the color! so pretty! bet it's delicious with those asparagus!

Erica 14/5/14 19:53

What a beautiful color, Angie! Delicious dip!

Geri Saucier 15/5/14 01:06

I love the beautiful color of your hummus. Looks delicious:)

Unknown 15/5/14 01:27

So creative Angie-love your dip and the bright lively color!

GourmetGetaways 15/5/14 01:29

Your images are always so beautiful and this beetroot hummus looks so GOOD!! Lucky I have some beets growing in the garden.

My Kitchen Stories 15/5/14 03:55

The colours and the simplicity, so perfect. I love hommus and beetroots so this is doubly good

Reeni 16/5/14 03:11

What a pretty hummus Angie! Very unique with beets! Bet it's delicious with the white asparagus. I'd be dipping in that all day long. Have a great Friday and weekend too!

Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness 16/5/14 04:18

The color is wonderful for this hummus. Sounds delicious and I would love it vegetables.

Kelly 19/5/14 07:13

This hummus looks so pretty Angie - I love the color from the beetroots. This is such a great idea and sounds so nutritious :)

wok with ray 19/5/14 17:55

Oh wow! That is one beautiful hummus! it is a perfect dip for asparagus. :)

Vicki Bensinger 20/5/14 00:07

I just saw a recipe yesterday in a magazine for Beetroot Hummus and thought wow, I need to try that. Now here's yours. I actually have all these ingredients on hand so I'll have to try it quickly before my asparagus go bad. Thanks for sharing this - sounds yummy and healthy!

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 26/5/14 07:22

Beautiful colour on the beetroot dip and I love that you served it with asparagus instead of a customary grain. Lovely recipe too keeping the chickpea in there for texture and density while adding the nutrition and glow from the beets :)

Shobha 30/5/14 13:24

What a lovely dip.. will try out soon

rika@vm 31/5/14 20:29

I wonder if this will work with roasted golden beetroots. I've never had beet-based hummus, always prefer simple tahini-hummus! This looks lovely!

Shiran @ Pretty. Simple. Sweet. 6/6/14 20:36

I love hummus so much and beetroot sounds interesting and tasty! I will definitely try it!


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