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This is a rustic braided yeast bread (part levain, part commercial yeast) that is filled with a mix of caramelized onions and smoked bacon deglazed with white wine. It's hearty, packed with flavour, and quite a treat for onion lovers. If you're a vegetarian, leave out the smoked bacon, it tastes different though equally delicious served with a salad or soup. I have cut the braided loaf into two and baked them in loaf pans, but you can just bake the whole braided loaf on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

Braided Onion Bread with White Wine and Smoked Bacon

adapted from Brot-Bernd Armbrust
  • 250 g Onions
  • 150 g Smoked bacon
  • 2 tbsp Sunflower oil
  • 200 ml White wine
  • 25 g Fresh yeast
  • 150 ml Water, lukewarm
  • 50 g Rye sourdough starter
  • 150 ml White wine
  • 400 g Bread flour
  • 100 g Dark rye flour
  • 10 g Salt
  1. Peel and cut the onions into rings. Cut the smoked bacon into small cubes. Heat the oil in a skillet and cook onion rings over medium heat until golden brown, about 8 minutes. Add in diced smoked bacon and white wine. Cook the mixture until the liquid has almost evaporated. Leave it overnight in the fridge.
  2. Dissolve yeast with warm water in the bowl of your stand mixer, then stir in sourdough starter and white wine. Add in flours and salt. Mix for 4 minutes at slow speed, then increase the speed and mix 4 more minutes. Shape into a longish dough. Cover and rest for 30 minutes at room temperature. Prepare two loaf pans and line with baking papers.
  3. Place the dough on a lightly floured work surface roll it out to a 50x35-cm rectangle. Spread the onion mixture lengthwise over 2/3 of the dough. Fold the dough into a three-layer, beginning at the un-filled third. Cut into 3 strips and braid. Slice the braided loaf from the center into half. Pinch ends to seal and tuck under. Place each into a loaf pan. Cover and let rise for 30-45 minutes at room temperature.
  4. Fill a roasting pan with water and place it at the bottom of the oven. Preheat the oven to 230C/450F. Dust the loaves with a little bit flour. Bake the loaves in the center of the hot oven for 35-40 minutes. Remove the roasting pan with water after 15 minutes. | © 2013 | | © 2013 |


Lora 21/1/13 06:46

Wow. What a gorgeous bread. Wonderful flavor combo.

The Duo Dishes 21/1/13 06:52

Love the onions. Sweet and salty in each bite.

Unknown 21/1/13 07:19

Nice combo of flavors. Love all ur bread varieties...

Rosa's Yummy Yums 21/1/13 07:45

A beautiful bread! Those flavors are just gorgeous.



Koko 21/1/13 07:46

Seriously, Angie? When is your bakery opening...I'll be first in line.

Anonymous 21/1/13 08:36

Angie you always have the most incredible bread recipes!
:-) Mandy xo

Mich Piece of Cake 21/1/13 08:42

What a lovely combination! Never baked bread with wine and that is one loaf I would like to try...

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen 21/1/13 10:49

This is a superb bread, not only the flavors but alse the golden crust! One of my favorites Angie!

kitchen flavours 21/1/13 11:05

Gorgeous loaf! I love onions! This bread looks so good!

Choc Chip Uru @ Go Bake Yourself 21/1/13 11:33

Looks too beautiful my friend :)

Choc Chip Uru

My Kitchen Stories. 21/1/13 11:44

Beautiful. Your mind is full of the best bread and yes whens the shop opening?

Belinda 21/1/13 12:13

This is a meal into itself!!

jasna varcakovic 21/1/13 12:18

I can imagine how beautifully must be smelling your bread...

Alicia Foodycat 21/1/13 12:21

Divine! That really looks amazing.

Sprigs of Rosemary 21/1/13 12:50

You do create some amazing stuff, Angie . . . this bread has to rank right up there with one of my faves. I can imagine how all over me Mr. Rosemary would be if I made that bread today. Hmmmm.......

Barbara 21/1/13 12:57

Another gorgeous bread, Angie! Super idea to deglaze with white wine.

Finla 21/1/13 13:03

I want to come and live in your place as you make so many variety of delicious bread i tend to make the same bread as always ehre. This looks so good.

Priya Suresh 21/1/13 13:17

Droolworthy and seriously very tempting bread..Cant take my eyes from your clicks.

Cathleen 21/1/13 14:12

Wow, what a gorgeous bread! I LOVE making bread, but I don't do it that often for some reason..

Beth 21/1/13 14:25

That is truly a beautiful and unique loaf of bread. I love the flavors in it!

What's Baking?? 21/1/13 14:36

A beautiful and flavorful bread. So crusty on the outside and lovely texture inside.

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 21/1/13 14:43

very nice! Art work! Love the crust its perfeection!

ann low 21/1/13 15:03

Angie, can you share this onion bread with me? Looks so pretty and yummy!

Alida 21/1/13 15:26

So rustic and inviting this bread! Your photography is stunning! I enjoy all your posts!

Joanne 21/1/13 15:37

This would be the perfect accompaniment to just about any soup or stew!

Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today 21/1/13 15:57

I love the addition of smoked bacon, must be amazing :)

The Squishy Monster 21/1/13 17:25

I can't imagine this not being phenomenal with all its different components!

Unknown 21/1/13 17:35

Smoked bacon, white wine and onions - how could this be anything but superb. Lovely pics.

Kitcheninspirations 21/1/13 17:40

Angie, this looks and sounds absolutely incredible! Perfect to pair with a bowl of hearty soup, or something saucy! I bet the house smelled great while baking.
We had our friends from Illinois up for the weekend, so I am way behind commenting and blogging!

pepper bowl 21/1/13 17:50

Looks like a store bought one and so yummy ...wish to try this recipe..bookmarked..

Lara 21/1/13 18:38

it´s amazing!! but i have one question, could I do it without the Rye sourdough starter? thanks

Angie's Recipes 21/1/13 18:43

@LaraIguess so. Just use your favourite dough recipe instead.

wok with ray 21/1/13 19:15

That is a beautiful looking bread especially with smoked bacon. Oh yes, yummy! Have a good week, Angie! :)

Ahu Shahrabani 21/1/13 19:15

Lovely - I adore savory breads.

Anonymous 21/1/13 21:50

What a terrific & appetizing twisted savoury bread!! Who doesn't love onions combined with smoked bacon bits!

You are surely a genious baker!!!! Waw!!!

Amy (Savory Moments) 21/1/13 23:47

My mouth is hanging open as I look at this. Both because it is beautiful, and also because it looks so, so delicious! You are truly a master bread baker.

Anonymous 22/1/13 00:41

That bread is so pretty. I love the onions and bacon too. I KNOW I would adore this bread. You must be the Queen of Bread!! You always come up with the best recipes.

Norma Chang 22/1/13 00:47

This is such a unique bread. Where do you get all your ideas?????

Jennifer Kendall 22/1/13 01:06

you just blew my mind with this bread - the flavors are incredible!

Stephanie @ Henry Happened 22/1/13 02:08

bread + bacon? Whoa, hold me back! It's almost too much goodness in one bite! :)

Cooking Quidnunc 22/1/13 02:23

Oh my goodness this bread looks great, never seen something like this before but it intrigues me!

Juliana 22/1/13 02:51

This bread looks unbelievable delicious the combination of onion and bacon...yum!
Have a great week!

teresa 22/1/13 03:35

oooh, i bet this smelled like heaven coming out of your oven!

Cass @foodmyfriend 22/1/13 04:27

Such beautiful braiding! I have been making a fair bit of bread and pizza lately but haven't braided any yet. Practice has made yours perfect :)

Anonymous 22/1/13 04:32

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Ana Regalado 22/1/13 06:32

Wonderful flavor combination , Angie ! I bet it tastes as fantastic as it looks :D

Jayanthy Kumaran 22/1/13 13:04

looks yummm...delicious n mouthwatering..
wonderful cliks dear
Tasty Appetite

Asmita 22/1/13 13:55

You really are an incredible baker! This looks fantastic!

Katerina 22/1/13 19:27

I am sure it is packed with flavors! Caramelized onions and smoked bacon must have boosted its flavor to the top!

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking 22/1/13 22:55

This bread looks so delicious and flavorful, Angie! Lovely recipe!

Susan 23/1/13 00:38

I'm thinking this will still taste amazing even if I leave out the bacon:-) How yummy this must have been, XOXO

Julia | 23/1/13 01:48

Wow, this bread looks amazing! I love onions and would love to make onion bread! I just made pasta with caramelized onions.

Lizzie - Strayed from the Table 23/1/13 02:37

This bread looks stunning. You won me over by adding onions that have been deglazed with white wine. Will have to give it a go. Maybe also experimenting with plaiting my bread.

Lisa Ho 23/1/13 02:57

amazing bake, Angie :D

Tricia @ Saving room for dessert 23/1/13 03:15

That is a beautiful loaf! I love the idea of caramelized onions and the bacon together then de-glazed with the white wine - brilliant!

Unknown 23/1/13 03:28

Beautiful bread-love your photos;-) I could make a meal out of a hearty loaf of braided bread like this one-just perfect Angie!

jehanne@thecookingdoctor 23/1/13 03:48

This bread definitely looks heart and delicious. I love caramelised onion but never tried it in bread, so thank you for the brilliant idea.

mjskit 23/1/13 03:56

I have a question. I have a sourdough starter that I normally feed with unbleached flour. If I split it and start feeding half of it with rye flour will I eventually have a rye starter? I would think I would, but I don't know enough about starters to know for sure. Anyway, you've made another gorgeous and delicious bread here! I especially love the filling. This bread is like eating a sandwich in every slice.

Angie's Recipes 23/1/13 06:15

@mjskitSure. You just use a very small teaspoon of your white levain and feed it with equal weights of rye flour and water.

Lori 23/1/13 06:35

What a gorgeous bread. I love breads like this that are like a whole meal. It sounds so good!

Dorothy 23/1/13 09:51

the bread looks yummy. Thank you for sharing.

Veronica Miller 23/1/13 10:13

With the onion and bacon, a slice of this is nearly a meal! All you need is maybe an over-easy egg to top it with and the runny yolk can spread everywhere. YUMMO.

Unknown 23/1/13 13:34

What a gorgeous loaf of bread, Angie! And with wine and bacon in it.. who would pass it up???

Amelia 23/1/13 15:18

Hi Angie, lovely bread. Great to go with coffee. You sure good at baking, all your bread are very professional.

Have a nice week ahead,regards.

TasteHongKong 23/1/13 16:32

So good, doesn't look like an adaptation Angie!

Pam 23/1/13 16:37

You make the most beautiful and delicious breads!

Gina Stanley 23/1/13 17:36

I'm venturing out more with my breads, I finally got some of the spelt you suggested, so soon I'll be trying this. I can smell it's deliciousness over here.

Rosita Vargas 23/1/13 18:37

Esta trenza te ha quedado espectacular me encanta su dorado,abrazos hugs,hugs,

Sue 23/1/13 19:18

What a beautiful loaf of savory bread!

Monet 23/1/13 19:20

I just love savory yeast breads...and I don't think we make near enough. Thank you for sharing! I hope you are having a lovely week!

Gerry @Foodness Gracious 23/1/13 20:37

Another explosive recipe Angie ;)

Unknown 23/1/13 22:13

That bread looks delicious... I would finish the loaf in an heartbeat!

Swathi 23/1/13 22:45

It has all goodness in one place love this bread.

Deepti 24/1/13 01:33

Very nicely done and would try the vegetarian version for sure. Love the caramelized flavor of onions.

Claudia 24/1/13 01:51

It's -10 degrees F and I must bake bread. You can understand why. I want this in my kitchen and then I will have it for dinner with more bacon on the side and a glass of white wine.

Evelyne CulturEatz 24/1/13 02:05

I am alwasy amazed by the variety and your imagination when it comes to breads. Wine and bacon, I so want to try it.

Reeni 24/1/13 03:14

I am such an onion and bacon lover! This is insane Angie! The most delicious thing I've seen all day. Your creativity knows no bounds!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 24/1/13 03:32

What a lovely, savory loaf! This and a chunk of cheese could easily be my dinner...yum, yum!

Mother Rimmy 24/1/13 15:47

Add bacon and everyone's happy, aren't they? Fantastic idea to add it to your bread.

Jen @ The Scrumptious Pumpkin 24/1/13 19:28

Just the title alone is making my mouth water - your photos are just beautiful! :)

Karen (Back Road Journal) 24/1/13 22:33

You have been making the prettiest breads lately. It is almost too pretty to cut open but you know what awaits inside.

Gloria Baker 25/1/13 00:29

Angie always your breads look just beautiful and I love braided bread, look awesome!

Terra 25/1/13 04:55

What a gorgeous loaf of bread! I love that you added wine to your bread, it would be fun with a warm bowl of soup:-) Hugs, Terra

Caroline Taylor 25/1/13 12:06

This not only sounds amazing but it looks so good too! I can't imagine what wine tastes like in bread, bet it's delicious.

Homeandfood 25/1/13 17:04

Ooh, that looks delicious Angie.

I'm actually cooking French onion soup right as we speak, this would be the perfect accompaniment.

Bring some over?

Another lovely recipe, take care x

Kaś 26/1/13 20:33

looks fantastic! must be so delicious

Unknown 27/1/13 15:36

Looks so tempting! Onion bread - I will try it out!

Kit @ i-lostinausten 27/1/13 20:03

Amazing combos especially with wine! A lovely bread with wonderful flavors! ;)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 27/1/13 20:54

Certified onion lover and no issues with bacon here! This sounds delicious, Angie!

Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness 28/1/13 02:24

Love the onions and the bacon in this bread. It sounds like it would seriously delicious.

lena 28/1/13 15:29

i must say that this is a very unique loaf with the white wine incorporated. and it's so gorgeous!!

Erin @ The Speckled Palate 29/1/13 00:12

What a beautiful loaf of bread! AND what fantastic ingredients that go into it! I've never added onion OR white wine into breadmaking before, so I feel like I need to give this a shot ASAP. Because both are FABULOUS.

Thanks for sharing! I cannot wait to check out more of your recipes!

Ashley 8/2/13 21:32

This bread is gorgeous! Love the combination of flavors and my husband would absolutely love that there is bacon in it : )

Amatullah 11/2/13 17:06

This bread looks amazing! I want some right now!!

Pure Complex 14/2/13 18:44

I am not a huge bread person, but anything that includes bacon or onions.. then I'm totally in for trying it. Very nice recipe


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