Bacon Pistachio Cookies

Bacon and cookies...the combination might sound odd to you, but they are so freaking good with salty, nutty, and crunchy texture. Highly addictive!

  • 50 g Bacon
  • 120 g Butter, cut into small pieces
  • 60 g Caster sugar
  • 50 g Egg white
  • 200 g Pastry flour
  • 1/2 tsp Dried thyme
  • 50 g Pistachio, roughly chopped
  1. Cook the bacon until crisp. Dry them in a paper towel and roughly chop. Line two baking trays with paper. Set aside.
  2. Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in egg whites until combined. Add in the pastry flour, dried thyme, and chopped pistachio. Work the mixture until it comes together. Fold the cling film so that the dough is completely covered. Lightly roll it until you get a log, about 5 cm in diameter. Chill them at least 2 hours or overnight until thoroughly firm.
  3. Preheat the oven to 175C/350F. Line two baking trays with paper. Remove from the fridge, and slice the log into cookies, about 5 mm thick. Place the cookies on the prepared trays and bake 15 minutes. Cool the cookies on wire racks. Stir them in an airtight container for at least a week.


Priya Suresh 11/11/10 20:57

Scrumptious cookies, feel like grabbing some..

Boulder Locavore 11/11/10 21:07

'OMG'....are you kidding?! These sound insanely good. Is there anything that is not made better with bacon? The flavors sound beyond fabulous. Can't wait to make them. Thanks for such a unique post!

FOODESSA 11/11/10 21:13 excellent to put these main ingredients together...not odd at all ;)
These are sooo getting made in my oven soon!!!
Winning combination for sure ;o)

Flavourful wishes,

Anonymous 11/11/10 21:15

How creative!! I bet these taste really good though!

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines 11/11/10 21:20

You are not kidding, so freaking good! I love pistachios, I think they are my favorite nut and with the bacon.

Stella 11/11/10 21:27

I could see these being ridiculously good, Angie! I wonder if some dried cranberry would be good here? It would make them very Holiday like (smile)...;)

Bo 11/11/10 21:29

These sound insanely delicious!

alison 11/11/10 21:49

savory cookies,wow,are so yummy!

Unknown 11/11/10 22:05

This one is a winner! I love the idea of having bacon in a cookie!

fimere 11/11/10 22:08

wow ils ont l'air vraiment succulents bravo
bonne soirée

Unknown 11/11/10 22:25

bacon is cookies wow is all I can say, looks great!

Cristina - TeenieCakes 11/11/10 22:49

Not a lot of ingredients :) I'm sure these are addicting. I'd luv to make these cookies and see if the people I serve it to can determine that there's bacon in it. Beautifully presented, Angie!

Stephanie 11/11/10 22:52

What a clever combination of ingredients. I'm sure the saltiness really comes through nicely.

Claudia 11/11/10 22:55

A little salt, a little sweet and combined - deliciousness. Love this. Bet I couldn't stop at one!

Anonymous 11/11/10 23:00

Bacon is fantastic in in point, these cookies :) Yum!

A SPICY PERSPECTIVE 11/11/10 23:03

OH ANGIE! Bacon IN cookies??? I just want to kiss your face! You are officially my new best friend!

Unknown 11/11/10 23:28

what a combo. love this!
sweet and salty. yum.

[Reply] 11/11/10 23:38

wow! Bacon + Pistachio + Cookies ???
just wow.....

Unknown 11/11/10 23:47

Wow. I am drooling on myself right now. These look awesome!

Kumi 11/11/10 23:49

Sounds hearty and perfect for the chilly weather we're having here. :-) Wish I could grab some from the screen right now!

kitchen flavours 12/11/10 00:13

You really caught my attention with bacon and pistachios! Would really love to try this! Looks really good!

Sue 12/11/10 00:18

These look and sound amazing! Love the sweet and savory together! This combination seems to be all over the place. I should probably jump on the bandwagon!

Kristen 12/11/10 00:35

I can almost taste how good those would be. What a great cookie!!

Zurin 12/11/10 01:30

These cookies looks so crunchy. what a fantastic cookie!

Evan @swEEts 12/11/10 01:30

These are the perfect treat to make my boyfriend when he gets back from his conference!! They sound so interesting.. bacon and sweets are always a good combo.

Belinda @zomppa 12/11/10 01:36

Did you say..bacon...? You're the bestest.

Cool Lassi(e) 12/11/10 01:37

Gorgeous cookies. They make my mouth water!

Wen 12/11/10 01:38

Look so savourily good! Interesting to add pistachio in... I've bookmarked it to try. Thanks for sharing!

j3ss kitch3n 12/11/10 01:52

these looks really yummy angie!

ann low 12/11/10 02:09

I love savory cookies and this sounds so perfect!

busygran 12/11/10 02:32

This is scrumptious! Bookmarked!

Bakericious 12/11/10 02:43

I love savory cookies, this sound definitely is meant for me, yum!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover 12/11/10 02:53

Never try a savoury cookies, this recipe look amazing good!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy 12/11/10 03:40

Whoa! Now that's my kind of cookie! Thanks!

Unknown 12/11/10 04:08

Luv the flavour of pistas in anything...ur cookies are way too gud..looks perfect n crispy

Srividhya Ravikumar 12/11/10 04:20

an another interesting recipe from u dear... looks lovely..

Shirley @ Kokken69 12/11/10 04:26

Wow,this is an interesting combination...I am intrigued.

WendyinKK 12/11/10 04:29

Bacon in a cookie!!! Now that is truly yummy!

Kristina 12/11/10 04:31

Jeez LOUISE do these sound and look good!!!! ::bookmarking::

marla {family fresh cooking} 12/11/10 04:51

Does not sound odd at all, these cookies sound fantastic!! Love the bacon & sweet :)

Cheah 12/11/10 05:33

Angie, that's a great concoction! Bookmarked! I like the last picture, so cute!

Unknown 12/11/10 05:55

Hey Angie,

They look so gorgeous...Mind sending me some!!lol!!:)


Stay-At-Home-Chef 12/11/10 05:57

Mmmm...recently made a batch of bacon chocolate chip cookies which were delicious! These look great as well :)

Beachlover's Kitchen 12/11/10 06:03

my goodness bacon in cookies!! I must try it!!!must bookmarked for Xmas baking!! thanks!

Abhilash Pillai 12/11/10 06:32

The cookies look crispy and perfect for the tea time. :)

Mary Bergfeld 12/11/10 07:05

Wow! These are really innovative. You are a clever cook. I love to visit here. I hope you have had a great day. Blessings...Mary

Swee San 12/11/10 08:05

Bacon cookies! OH yum Must try them soon :)

MaryMoh 12/11/10 11:11

Wow...these cookies do look addictive. They look so crunchy and delicious. I love the savoury taste to it. Keeping this to try. Thanks very much for sharing.

Joanne 12/11/10 12:53

It may sound odd but it also sounds perfect. I love the sweet and salty combo!

Faith 12/11/10 13:53

I can definitely see how the smoky, salty flavor of the bacon would be delicious here. They look fantastic, Angie!

Unknown 12/11/10 14:20

YES!! Sign me up for 5 dozen please!!! Bacon makes everything taste good!!!

OohLookBel 12/11/10 14:45

There are not enough bacon baked goods in the world. Thank you so much for addressing this, you are a legend, Angie!

Carol 12/11/10 14:45

These look and sound delicious! The bacon in a cookie threw me for a sec but I can see how the salty smoky would be a nice thing! You always come up with such delicious and different things. Well done :)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 12/11/10 14:48

I've seen bacon added to chocolate desserts but this is the first recipe that actually appeals to me! I don't know if it's the combination with pistachios but they do sound wonderful (not to mention beautiful!).

Jo 12/11/10 15:18

OMG, savoury and sweet! And with bacon .. now this is one cookie I have never tried before and wishing that I had some of yours right now!

Paul Jennette 12/11/10 15:18

I love the bacon in this recipe... Looks deeelish, you have two of my favorites in this one. I don't do much baking, but my wife does. I going to add this to her recipe collection!! Great pics too Angie!!

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking 12/11/10 16:48

I'm behind the times - I've never had bacon in a baked good! But that wouldn't stop me from most likely having 2 or 3 of these! Thanks for sharing, Angie. They look wonderful.

theUngourmet 12/11/10 17:32

Oh, these do look deliciously dangerous! One of these days I'm going to put bacon into a cookie. I bet my husband would love these! ;)

pigpigscorner 12/11/10 18:25

You took bacon to a whole new level!

Sophie 12/11/10 18:48

What scrumptious looking cookies with pieces of bacon in it!!


Cherine 12/11/10 18:51

Those cookies are irresistible!

Karen 12/11/10 19:13

Wow, what a fabulous combination - bacon and pistachios! These look divine. :-)

Anonymous 12/11/10 21:33

You got me at the bacooon...yummy!

tigerfish 12/11/10 23:08

I like your style of cooking and baking cos you like to add savory aspects into baked sweet goods!

Sandhya Hariharan 13/11/10 00:14

I was glued to this lovely pic.. as soon as I went thro in my reader...

January 13/11/10 00:42

hurray for savory cookies! thank you for posting this. i've been looking for bacon recipes and i'm dying to share this with a friend for our cookie recipe exchange! i'd also love to try this one at home :) the cookies look very tasty!

Monet 13/11/10 01:23

Angie. I will trust you on this...and I may give these a try over the weekend! Even though you don't see bacon in cookies very often, I imagine that the saltiness adds some great flavor to the buttery cookies. Thank you for sharing. I hope your weekend is full of love and fun.

Velva 13/11/10 01:56

Angie, Bacon and pistachios what an amazing flavor combination. I am totally impressed with the bacon-I can see why you think this would be "freakin good". You don't think of bacon and dessert but, that's crazy, we need to think of the salty goodness bacon can add to baked goods.


Reeni 13/11/10 03:06

It sure does sound odd Angie! Oddly delicious!!! Sweet and salty is one combo I can't resist! These remind of the potato chip cookies I have been wanting to make.

Emily Z 13/11/10 03:38

Seriously, Angie, where do you find the stuff you do? You find the most unique things, combinations one would never think to put them together, and you put them together in such a delicious and wonderful way. These sound sooooo weird, but I want to taste it!

Anna's Table 13/11/10 04:11

Angie, I did a double take when I saw your flavour combination. Love your innovative approach. These savoury biscuits would be a real hit at a cocktail party. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Biren @ Roti n Rice 13/11/10 04:56

I believe you when you say these are addictive. They sure look tasty and a savory cookie is a nice change.

Christine Ho 13/11/10 11:34

The combination of bacon and cookies is really really new to me. But it sounds great! Should try it somehow.

Jeannie 13/11/10 12:07

Bacon in cookies? Wow! Sounds and looks good! I can imagine must taste good too!

Sutapa 13/11/10 13:03

Bacon cookies toooooo good! All good stuff to make irresistible cookie!
Wow Angie!

Unknown 13/11/10 13:44

I am fascinated by this flavour combination daaaaaaaahling, and if you say its so yummy, then i totally believe you. They certainly look great!
*kisses* HH

Jescel 13/11/10 17:04

wow, how interesting this is.... but is this cookie sweet or savory???? hmnnn... there's only one way for me to find out -- i gotta try this :o)

A Canadian Foodie 13/11/10 22:39

Where did you get this idea? It looks like a shortbread cocktail cracker recipe to me... it is savoury, is it not - or could be without the sugar, I guess. I am IN!

Unknown 14/11/10 01:32

Angie, I don't personally eat bacon, but I'm sure digging the creative flavor combinations and crunchy texture of these cookies! Your pictures are wonderfully enticing too!

Savoring Italy 14/11/10 04:51

Angie I am so intrigued by the thought of bacon and pistachion in a cookie. Another wonderful recipe! Hope your weekend is peaceful. :)

Anonymous 14/11/10 05:08

I made these tonight and they are delicious. I did not have any dried thyme, so I used herbs de provence. Probably more savory than they should have been but delicious with the bacon and pistachio combination. Great colors, too.

chow and chatter 14/11/10 05:51

oh wow these do look amazing what a great idea for a savory cookie

Anonymous 14/11/10 10:07

What a great recipe! Who would have thought to add bacon in cookies! Absolutely loving it.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners 14/11/10 20:43

I remember the first time I read about bacon in desserts, I think it was when the craze for bacon in ice-cream hit taste spotting. Do you remember that? Your cookies sounds heavenly.

Chef Dennis Littley 14/11/10 23:25

Be still my heart!! two of my favorite foods in a cookie....sigh...I bet they were so very very good! I may have to make these, but my wife won't be
thanks for sharing your creation!

OysterCulture 15/11/10 01:05

Angie - I didn't have you pegged as an evil genius - one talented cook and baker, but holy cow - you've trumped yourself with this one.

Ingrid_3Bs 15/11/10 02:08

Angie your photos are always terrific, which makes everything you make mouthwatering!

Magic of Spice 15/11/10 04:08

This is not odd at all, my kids go crazy for this type of recipe...
They look delightful and your photos are gorgeous, as always :)

noobcook 15/11/10 06:36

love it whenever I see bacon in cookies/muffins. the pistachios are a nice touch too!

Trissa 15/11/10 10:28

I had to do a double take when I read this. Bacon and pistachios? So strange but I can imagine it working. Where did you get this brilliant idea Angie - I love it!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 15/11/10 19:30

Cookies that would make me addicted! A magnificent combo.



Megan @ Foodalution 15/11/10 20:19

Hello Angie! Again another wonderful, creative recipe! Good ingredients make good food! xoxo Megan

Dimah 15/11/10 21:58

The cookies sound great!

Maria 16/11/10 01:46

I know the bacon sounds strange but these are something I would love to try! They look so crumbly and sweet and the slight saltiness from the bacon must take these above and beyond any old cookie.

Carolyn 16/11/10 17:20

Yum - this sounds great! I love the idea of a savory cookies!

Ty'sMommy 16/11/10 20:07

Oh YUM! I would love to see you enter it in The Bacon Games over at
Deadline for entry is this friday!

tasteofbeirut 16/11/10 23:57

Love that quote! By the way, these cookies are terrific! Even though I would not eat eggs and bacon I would gladly try bacon in a cookie!

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 17/11/10 07:08

Very nice!! I want the whole stack please!!

Susan: My Food Obsession 17/11/10 12:23

Bacon Pistachio Cookies WOW! I haven't seen anything like this, they look divine!

Mother Rimmy 17/11/10 15:24

I think these bacon recipes I keep seeing are such fun! I've got to try this one. Bacon and pistachio . . . yum!

Joy 17/11/10 18:32

Ohhh that looks so good.

Hettar7 19/11/10 05:00

et tu Angie? sigh.... will this bacon as dessert phenomena never end? I hates it.

Other than the fact that they're in a sweet cookie form, These ingredients sound good together. I might have to adapt this to a savory cracker recipe. We'll see how ambitious I get. :D

grace 19/11/10 07:24

i've decided i'm okay with bacon popping up in desserts everywhere. here, it contributes to both appearance and flavor--well done!

Anonymous 21/11/10 23:44

I am making these the fridge and ready for the oven soon! Yum....

Jennie 22/11/10 17:28

My first thought was...Huh? But then it clicked. I LOVE the sound of these! Totally bookmarked!

dining room tables 1/12/10 02:02

These cookies are fabulous! I just tried making some and it was really awesome. The whole family loved it!

dining table 24/2/11 03:40

Wow! This is pretty cool! I have never tried using bacon in cookies! This is lovely.

rosita vargas 4/6/11 04:37

exqusito y suculento ,me encanta,cariños y abrazos.

Jennifer @ Jane Deere 13/7/11 19:21

I have had these bookmarked for months and I finally made them...different, but delicious! I posted about them and linked back to you today!


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