Salt-Free Spelt Bread with Green Tea and Black Rice

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The salt-free, choked with fiber, dense and wonderfully flavoured spelt bread is delicious by itself, or with blue cheese or with soup. You can substitute wholegrain spelt flour with whole wheat flour, forbidden black rice with wild rice if you wish.

Salt-Free Spelt Bread with Green Tea and Black Rice

adapted from Brot-Bernd Armbrust
  • 200 ml Water
  • 2 tsp Green tea leaves
  • 150 g Forbidden black rice
  • 400 ml Water
  • 180 g Apple
  • 42 g Fresh yeast
  • 15 g Sugar
  • 50 ml Raspberry vinegar
  • 50 g Rye flour
  • 200 g Wholegrain spelt flour
  • 100 g Rolled oats
  1. Bring 200 ml water to a boil. Allow it to cool for 5 minutes, then pour over the green tea leaves
    , leaving it to brew for 4 minutes. Strain and leave it cool to the room temperature.
  2. Combine the black rice and 400 ml water in a small saucepan. Bring it to a boil, then cook for 40 minutes at low heat until water has been absorbed. If there is still water left in the saucepan, drain in a colander and leave it to cool. Rinse and core the apple. Roughly grate the apple.
  3. Dissolve the fresh yeast with green tea in a mixing bowl, then stir in sugar, grated apple and raspberry vinegar. Now add in wholegrain spelt flour, rye flour, and rolled oats. Mix for 4 minutes at slow speed, then add in cooked black rice. Now increase the speed and continue to mix for 4 more minutes.
  4. Turn out the dough on a floured work surface and leave it, covered with a kitchen towel, for an hour. Fold and shape the dough into a round every 20 minutes. Place the dough in a greased 20cm springform pan. Proof for 30 minutes. Fill a roasting pan with some water and place it at the bottom of oven. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Bake the bread in the middle of the hot oven for 55-65 minutes. | © 2013 | | © 2013 |


Jeannie Tay 7/2/13 06:21

Looks so good and so healthy! Would love to try but the ingredients are very expensive:P Gong Xi Fa Cai to you Angie:D

OohLookBel 7/2/13 06:24

Oh yes, some blue cheese on this dense, delicious bread would be perfect. Now I can't stop thinking of it...

Unknown 7/2/13 06:35

Wow this is super healthy. Amazing recipe with tricky ingredients.

Esther Lau 7/2/13 07:14

Angie, this cake looks yummy and healthy!!! I wish I could try it :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums 7/2/13 07:27

What an original recipe! This bread looks really interesting, delicious and beautiful.



Mich Piece of Cake 7/2/13 08:04

This is such a fascinating loaf. Black rice and green tea... I have never come across anything quite like this. What is forbidden black rice?

Vimitha Durai 7/2/13 08:46

What a unique recipe and super healthy too Angie.

Angie's Recipes 7/2/13 09:24

@Mich Piece of Cake Black rice is sometimes known as "Forbidden Rice" because in ancient China nobles commandeered every grain for themselves and forbade the common people from eating it.

Debra Eliotseats 7/2/13 09:43

I am picturing this with a carrot soup for some reason!

jasna varcakovic 7/2/13 09:51

Wow, what a combination...great look too!

Katerina 7/2/13 11:36

This bread with a bowl of warm soup would sooth me from a cold that's been torturing me these days! Delicious!

Belinda 7/2/13 12:02

What a fascinating bread with hint of raspberry,,,like a meal on its own.

Joanne 7/2/13 12:57

That is one totally gorgeous loaf! I love the green tea infusion!

great-secret-of-life 7/2/13 14:17

very tasty and healthy cake..bookmarked

kitchen flavours 7/2/13 15:54

Your bread looks wonderful, as usual, perfectly baked! So full of healthy goodness!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 7/2/13 15:58

What a gorgeous loaf! I love all the yummy grains you must taste amazing!

Pam 7/2/13 17:11

It looks so hearty and delicious!

Koko 7/2/13 18:11

Wow, this loaf looks so dense and DELICIOUS. It has green tea in it- awesome!! A bag of black rice just showed up in my pantry...a random purchase from my parents? Is glutinous black rice the same as forbidden?

Kitcheninspirations 7/2/13 18:50

It looks absolutely delightful Angie, I would love a piece for sure.

Evelyne CulturEatz 7/2/13 19:58

Very cool and unusual bread with rice. Looks very good and filling!

pria 7/2/13 20:21

Looks healthy, a great and new recipe for me

Tricia @ saving room for dessert 7/2/13 20:29

This is a very interesting looking bread. I love the forbidden rice and have a bag in the cabinet. I may have to give this a try. I can see serving this with soup - so delicious!

Angie's Recipes 7/2/13 20:52

@Koko I believe they are the same, Koko.

wok with ray 7/2/13 20:53

Wow, this bread looks like packed with healthful ingredients and nutrients. Definitely with soup for me. :)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 7/2/13 21:23

I looks like a beautiful cake! I can imagine how delicious the grains and rice are together. I will love a taste with a good blue cheese!

Juliana 7/2/13 21:34

Oh Angie, this bread looks so hearty with all the healthy ingredients in it. Perfect to start the day :)
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

teresa 7/2/13 21:38

what a gorgeous bread! can i have it with cheese and soup? :)

Alida 7/2/13 21:42

This is a very alternative and interesting bread. I only tried black rice once but I am not very familiar with it really. Lovely though. You have inspired me tonight.

The Squishy Monster 7/2/13 21:53

I'm gonna sneak this one into Mama's sounds so yummy AND good for you!

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 7/2/13 22:53

Adding green tea to bread is such a wonderful idea! Serving this with a steaming bowl of soup would be perfect.

Amy 7/2/13 23:15

I love forbidden rice...the texture and aroma must be wonderful from this bread. :)

Beth 7/2/13 23:21

That looks unbelievably healthy! Yum!

Anonymous 7/2/13 23:24

The bread looks hearty! I can imagine it would be wonderful with a soup. Your breads are always making my stomach growl! :)

Unknown 8/2/13 01:07

Oh my word, this bread is gorgeous! It looks like a cake. I can't imagine how you get it to rise so beautifully with all that heavy fiber in there! I would love a piece with the soup I'm posting today, how about if we do a trade? A bowl of soup for a piece of bread, I think I'll be getting the better deal though!

Tessa 8/2/13 02:22

What an amazing combination of ingredients! Beautiful too!

The Red Apron 8/2/13 02:27

Where do find this recipes?
This looks so good!
I love Black rice as you know.
May just have to make this, this weekend.

Stephanie @ Henry Happened 8/2/13 03:54

This looks so good it almost looks like cake! I've never heard of bread with green tea - what a fabulous idea!

The Yum List 8/2/13 03:56

OMG! I'm salivating looking at this bread. Perfect!

Treat and Trick 8/2/13 04:16

Totally new to me. I'd love to try out this gorgeous and healthy bread!

Dorothy 8/2/13 04:49

this is a very healthy cake. thnks for sharing.

Susan 8/2/13 06:13

So wholesome looking and I can just imagine a slice with a hearty soup. I just have never heard of Forbidden Rice and will have to look that one up and where I might find it in our area. Another beautiful bread, though, to add to my files, XOXO

Ana Regalado 8/2/13 14:29

That bread looks pretty wholesome , Angie ! Perfect with soup or any beverage of your choice :D

TasteHongKong 8/2/13 16:43

This is a healthy bread with very rich texture to enjoy, isn't it!?

Vijitha (Spices and Aroma) 8/2/13 21:44

Wow, I am loving this combination. The bread looks so rustic.

Lora 9/2/13 00:46

Wow what an interesting recipe and such a beautiful result.

Cooking Quidnunc 9/2/13 02:09

Such a unique recipe! I love that it is made with spelt and green tea?! That is amazing.

Nisa Homey 9/2/13 04:43

Unique recipe...Angie, I am learning a lot from u..yummy clicks too.

mjskit 9/2/13 04:51

Oh I can definitely see this bread served with bleu cheese! I bet this bread has some nuttiness to it in both texture and flavor. It looks so good Angie!

Yi @ Yi Reservation 9/2/13 05:32

this is lovely! I've made a bread with green tea leaves before and your introduction definitely makes me want to try. Thanks for sharing and Happy Chinese New Year!

Gerry @Foodness Gracious 9/2/13 06:19

Wow, this looks so hearty and healthy, I would spread some hummus on it and mow it down!!

Alice 9/2/13 11:02

a lovely bake from u again, Angie :)

MunatyCooking 9/2/13 11:35

This is such a mysterious bread to me, never seen or heard about it my whole life, but happy to be introduced to it. It's beautiful and looks moist from inside. I'm so curious right now and wish to know how this beauty tastes :)

Unknown 9/2/13 15:44

Another stunning recipe and such beautiful pictures.

Sprigs of Rosemary 9/2/13 16:16

I love dense bread like this. (although I love the fluffy stuff, too.) Maybe I just like bread! Too much! I can picture this with some blue cheese. think I can taste it . . .

Gloria Baker 9/2/13 16:28

I love this bread Angie lok amazing!!!

chow and chatter 9/2/13 19:25

wow cool rice in bread looks awesome

fimere 9/2/13 21:10

il a l'air super bon bravo
bonne soirée

Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness 10/2/13 06:20

This bread looks beautiful. Sounds very interesting and yummy!

Barbara 10/2/13 13:18

That's an amazing bread, Angie. Dense and healthy. Yes to blue cheese!

Nancy 10/2/13 15:28

Wow what an fantastic recipe! I love spelt flour and have been on the look out for new recipes. Thanks so much for sharing this. I can't wait to give it a try.

Unknown 10/2/13 15:41

Great recipe! The bread looks fresh and delicious!! Will surely try it out!!

Mary Bergfeld 10/2/13 16:30

This really sounds interesting. I've never cooked with spelt and you've encouraged me to give it a try. I hope your week is off to a good start. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

lena 10/2/13 17:18

what a great looking loaf! and so healthy too!

Velva 11/2/13 02:48

That is one super healthy bread! It's beautiful.

Rosita Vargas 11/2/13 05:00

Un pan saludable y exquisito,abrazos y abrazos

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 11/2/13 16:46

Green tea and black rice? Your creativity knows no bounds Angie. And look at how gorgeous that loaf is too... Rustic, strong and handsome to boot!

Eva @ Eva Bakes 11/2/13 20:38

Wow - this bread looks amazing and healthy (to boot)!

Reeni 12/2/13 03:09

What a hearty and beautiful bread Angie! I would love to dunk that in soup! Heaven sent.

Judy 13/2/13 00:02

I love a good hearty bread. Will keep this onfile for when I'm ready to bake.

Amelia 15/2/13 03:45

Hi Angie, wow... another superb bread. Very interesting recipe and it's something new to me. Very nice presentation. always enjoyed looking at your beautiful click.

best regards.

Gourmandelle 15/2/13 15:27

This bread looks awesome! Love it!

Cooking Rookie 15/2/13 21:03

It sounds so unusual and looks delicious! I would love to try a slice of this bread!

Sara 16/2/13 14:08

I am in love with this bread without even tasting it. I need to try making it for my mom - she's a huge fan of spelt, and yes - it looks like it would be lovely with blue cheese, or goat cheese, and almost any kind of soup! Delicious!

Aida 21/2/13 10:50

hello again sweetie!
Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting my blog. I really like yours! I'm your new follower as well. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
have a nice weekend

Aida Camilo


Unknown 8/3/13 06:01

Reminds me of those awesome German pumpernickel breads. Have to try it!


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