Green Bean Spelt Cake with Hazelnuts and White Wine | © 2013 | | © 2013 |

Green beans and paparika flavoured chicken cold cut along with white wine...a delicious and healthy combination. The addition of hazelnuts (or walnuts as the original recipe calls for) gives this savoury, but nonetheless delicious cake more substance and an interestingly crunchy texture. Cheer you up with a large slice paired a glass of white wine, as well as some crème fraîche.

Green Bean Spelt Cake with Hazelnuts and White Wine

adapted from Quiches, Cakes & Tartes - Christina Richon
  • 200 g Green beans
  • 80 g Hazelnuts
  • 80 g Paprika flavoured chicken cold cut
  • 250 g Refined spelt flour
  • 2 tsp Baking powder
  • Pinch of sugar
  • 4 Eggs, medium
  • 100 ml Walnut oil
  • 100 ml Dry white wine
  • Salt and pepper
  1. Rinse and clean the green beans. Poach them in a pot of boiling salted water for about 8 minutes until tender but still firm. Drain the beans in a sieve, and rinse them briefly under cold water. Set aside to drain again.
  2. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Line a standard loaf pan with parchment paper. Finely dice the chicken cold cut. Cut the drained green beans into small pieces.
  3. Whisk the spelt flour, baking powder and 1 pinch of sugar together in a mixing bowl. Beat the eggs and walnut oil until blended and foamy. Stir in white wine, then gradually fold in flour mixture.
  4. Add in the diced chicken cold cut, green beans and the hazelnuts. Gently stir to combine. Season with salt and pepper. Pour the batter into the prepared baking pan.
  5. Bake the cake in the center of hot oven for about 50 minutes. Remove from the oven and set aside for 10 minutes. Turn the cake out onto a wire rack and cool to the room temperature. | © 2013 | | © 2013 | | © 2013 |


pria 22/2/13 06:49

now that cake is fully loaded with flavours.
Looks awesome

Rosa's Yummy Yums 22/2/13 08:01

A beautiful cake! Perfect with a glass of white wine...



Vimitha Durai 22/2/13 08:03

Wat a healthy cake. Full of flavors

Top Cuisine avec Lavi 22/2/13 08:12

Angie, looks delicious! great recipe!

Unknown 22/2/13 08:33

Yummy cake,Angie! Wonderful snaps!

Anonymous 22/2/13 09:03

I would love to taste a slice of this Angie.
:-) Mandy xo

Ana Regalado 22/2/13 09:26

Angie , this moreish cake will certainly perk up my day :D I bet the flavor is wonderful !

Medeja- CranberryJam 22/2/13 09:52

Oh yes, I really would enjoy such cake with a glass of white wine :)

The Yum List 22/2/13 10:24

Oh please, can I hire you to make me weekly bread? Yum!

Blackswan 22/2/13 11:20

That's a lovely bake! Love how u've infused wine into the cake.

Caroline Taylor 22/2/13 12:39

This looks amazing, love the use of green beans!

Kitcheninspirations 22/2/13 12:44

Looks like a perfect slice with a nice tossed salad of organic greens.

StephenC 22/2/13 12:50

A marvelous combination of textures and flavors.

Belinda 22/2/13 13:01

It's a meal into itself!

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen 22/2/13 13:20

This is a whole meal in a slice Angie, the perfect picnic bread! Gorgeous!

Nisa Homey 22/2/13 14:02

Love this unique cake...wish I could get hazelnuts here :) your tempting clicks too.

grace 22/2/13 14:17

i've heard of savory breads before, but this takes it to a new level! green beans! chicken! the cross-cut looks amazing! :)

Cooking Quidnunc 22/2/13 14:44

Such cool recipes Angie! This cake looks great, perfect with the hazelnuts and green beans!

Unknown 22/2/13 14:57

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Quay Po Cooks 22/2/13 15:42

Wow Angie, this is a must try.

Unknown 22/2/13 16:24

angie, this is too good.

Bread and Companatico 22/2/13 16:29

absolutely lovely. the sliced cake looks like an abstract painting, so beautiful! and tasty and nutritious...

mutfak gazetesi 22/2/13 16:33

harika, muhteşem. ben hemen deneyeceğim

Tricia @ saving room for dessert 22/2/13 16:34

I've never seen a cake like this before. First of all, it is beautiful - the color is amazing. I do think a big slice would make me very happy indeed! (You asked a question on one of my recent posts - and yes that is Rocky Carroll from the TV show - are you a fan?)

Alida 22/2/13 16:54

This is perfect for lunch boxes: you get the vegetables, hazelnuts and bread! A really yummy loaf Angie!

Abbe@This is How I Cook 22/2/13 17:05

This looks like an entire meal! How do you come up with this? Very creative.

Gloria Baker 22/2/13 17:11

Angie, love this look delicious!!!!

vrinda 22/2/13 18:09

This cake is new to me,looks delish n flavorful

Pam 22/2/13 18:09

Wow. It looks and sounds so hearty and delicious!

Debra Eliotseats 22/2/13 18:39

Wow---when I first read the recipe title, I had my doubts, but this sounds so inventive and delicious. What a great way to use leftovers too.

MunatyCooking 22/2/13 20:06

Amazing! But what can I use instead of wine?

Angie's Recipes 22/2/13 20:10

@Munatycooking White grape juice or just mineral water.

adorasbox 22/2/13 20:19

This is such an interesting and healthy recipe, Angie. Love it!

Unknown 22/2/13 20:20

You always manage to give us such wonderful new ideas for food. This looks lovely.

teresa 22/2/13 21:13

how fun! i bet this would make a lovely sandwich!

Geni 22/2/13 21:57

YUM! :) So unique and full of original ingredients. Love this!

Cass @foodmyfriend 23/2/13 01:22

This looks really yummy Angie :) What a great little loaf!

jasna varcakovic 23/2/13 01:45

What a cake; you don't need anything else after that!

Lora 23/2/13 01:49

Wow. Love the green beans addition. So original.

Rosita Vargas 23/2/13 02:29

Se ve tan lindo y delicioso que quiero probar,abrazos y abrazos.

OohLookBel 23/2/13 02:49

I love savoury loaves, and this one sounds divine. The hazelnuts are a great substitute, too.

Unknown 23/2/13 03:09

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chow and chatter 23/2/13 04:48

fun recipe looks fab have a good weekend

kitchen flavours 23/2/13 06:13

Veggie in a cake! How delicious!

QembarDelites 23/2/13 08:21

Never bake a savory cake before, looks delicious!

Anonymous 23/2/13 09:33

MMMM & waw, Angie! What a lovely savoury spelt cake!
I love the added white wine here for a special touch! :) It looks spectacular too!

Anonymous 23/2/13 14:13

Wow, such a creative recipe !
It looks heavenly

Unknown 23/2/13 15:38

Hi Angie! This is such a pretty cake- I could make a meal out of a few slices, ;-)

Tessa 23/2/13 16:10

Wow! What an amazing combination of ingredients! Looks delicious! Great photography Angie!

Mary Bergfeld 23/2/13 17:00

What a wonderful combination of texture and flavor. My family would love this. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

Gina Stanley 23/2/13 17:20

I you sure this classifies as cake? Green beans in cake, that is something I've never seen before. I kinda wish I had thought of it, he he. Hope you have a great weekend.

Gloria Baker 23/2/13 20:59

This look delicious and tasty Angie!xo

erica 24/2/13 03:57

What a beautiful cake/bread! love all the flavors and textures,Angie! You are soooo good, Angie!It sounds delicious!

Elisabeth 24/2/13 17:15

Just love this delicious and satisfying bread...a meal just by itself! Pinned it for sure, and got stuck in Pinterest again:)

I missed a few of your amazing baked goodies, Angie...will catch up to gaze and yearn for all the great stuff!

Mother Rimmy 24/2/13 19:19

I've never had a savory cake like this before. I'm such a fan of green beans. I love the color they add to your bread.

Delectably Green 24/2/13 21:25

What a wonderful flavor combination! I love the look and sound of this wonderful cake! so happy to be a follower :)
Mary x

Nancy 24/2/13 23:32

Wow, Angie what a great bread! I've started baking with spelt flour and really love it. There aren't enough savory quick bread recipes, so thank you for sharing. It looks mouthwatering.

Reeni 25/2/13 02:21

Only you could put green beans in bread and make it irresistibly delicious Angie! Love this meal inside a bread! Genius.

Claudia 25/2/13 03:20

I've never seen green beans in a bread. This is a first. And not a criticism - it looks absolutely amazing and I love surprises.

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 25/2/13 03:26

What a gorgeous, savory cake! The pop of green is so pretty!

Kris' Kitchen 25/2/13 04:56

I need to spend some time going through your blog. You have great ideas that my Hubby would love me to re-create. Your blog is lovely.

Mich Piece of Cake 25/2/13 08:50

Hi Angie, what a beautiful savoury cake. I reckon chicken and green beans would go so well together.. and i just love the colours...

Unknown 25/2/13 11:08

This looks so special, I love how you can see delicious little savoury morsel sliced beautifully in the loaf.

I will simply have to make this !!

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen 25/2/13 11:29

This looks like a loaf with lots of fun surprises inside!Looks amazing, I'm sure it tastes amazing too!

Cathy at Wives with Knives 25/2/13 15:20

I love this bread, Angie. This would be delicious tucked into a picnic basket this summer. The green beans are a fun and very tasty addition.

Unknown 25/2/13 15:38

Angie you are a genius! You put a whole meal in a loaf. I adore savory baked goods, well done.

lena 25/2/13 16:37

i would never thought of this combination..that's very interesting to know. Looking just as fabulous as usual!

Norma Chang 25/2/13 20:24

This bread is a meal by itself, a salad and or a bowl of soup will make it complete.

pia 25/2/13 20:29

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Jennifer Kendall 25/2/13 23:16

i'm totally picturing myself with a slice of this, the creme fraiche topping, and a glass of wine and chowing down on this deliciousness for dinner - so wonderfully creative and satisfying!

tigerfish 26/2/13 00:13

Is that savory cake? Very interesting indeed.

Stephanie @ Henry Happened 26/2/13 03:07

A slice of this with some white wine sounds perfect. Your photos always make me hungry!!

Unknown 26/2/13 03:34

Angie, how in the world do you come up with these amazing recipes? Very pretty too!

Evelyne CulturEatz 26/2/13 03:44

Wow this is one of the most unusual breads I have ever seen but so curious to try it. Green beans and cold cuts? And I am not sure if I ever had hazelnuts in a savory recipe. Very cool!

noobcook 26/2/13 05:13

the sliced bread is so pretty with all the goodies!

mjskit 26/2/13 06:02

You're incredible Angie! What a savory cake! I've never seen anything like it and probably never will, but here. What a clever idea for a cake. Every slice is a meal in itself! WOW!

Amelia 26/2/13 07:46

Hi Angie, that cake of your look absolutely delicious. Great to go with coffee. YUM YUM!

Have a nice day.

Joyti 26/2/13 07:53

Hmmm, this sound delicious. Especially with a bowl of soup!

Ivy 26/2/13 07:59

Love savoury cakes. It sounds perfect for any time of the day.

Katerina 26/2/13 09:46

I love savory cakes and this one is loaded with flavor!

Joanne 26/2/13 13:15

I can never get enough of your savory quickbreads! This is so awesome!

Senka I 26/2/13 14:06


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Vicki Bensinger 26/2/13 14:34

Wow now that's a meal in a cake. I still haven't tried spelt flour. I need to look it up and read about it and its nutritional value. I'd like to try this recipe, it's so unique!

Asmita 26/2/13 17:34

This looks amazing! I haven't tried spelt flour yet but looking at this, would love to. Great job!

Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness 27/2/13 04:44

This bread sounds really interesting. Great combination of ingredients.

Kiran @ 28/2/13 22:31

This is a very unique cake with great ingredients! I am intrigued with the use of wine :)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 1/3/13 21:46

A meal in a loaf :) I love it! You are such a creative baker, Angie!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen 2/3/13 13:02

The words deliciously lovely come to mind. This has everything I love and the green beans give is such a gorgeous spike of green.

Have a lovely weekend Angie. It’s nice to be able to get out and visit my friends again.

Amelia 4/3/13 16:38

Hi Angie, another interesting cake. Look very moist and flavorful.

Kit @ i-lostinausten 6/3/13 07:29

YUM! This looks & sounds good ! Great for picnic!


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