Beluga Lentil Bread with Pickled Bell Pepper | © 2013 |

This heart healthy bread recipe, adapted from Brot-Bernd Armbrust
via Küchengötter, creates one really great tasting, rustic loaf. The black lentils pack extra fiber and protein to this moist and dense bread. The bread tastes particularly great topped with thin cold cut.

  • 1/2 bundle Sage
  • 150 g Beluga lentils (or puy lentils)
  • 50 ml Balsamico vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp Sugar
  • 200 ml Water
  • 200 ml Brine of pickled peppers
  • 200 g Pickled bell peppers
  • 15 g Fresh yeast
  • 350 ml Water, lukewarm
  • 50 g Rye sourdough starter
  • 350 g Bread flour
  • 150 g Dark rye flour
  • 10 g Salt
  • 2 tbsp Olive oil
  1. Rinse and dry half of the sage. Pluck and finely cut the sage leaves. Place beluga lentils, balsamico vinegar, sugar, water and brine in a saucepan. Bring it to a boil, about 15-20 minutes. Turn it off and leave it for 8 hours or overnight until the lentils have absorbed most of the liquid.
  2. Diced pickled bell peppers. Dissolve the fresh yeast with lukewarm water in the mixing bowl of your stand mixer. Stir in rye sourdough starter. Add in bread and rye flours, then the salt. Mix at slow speed for 4 minutes, then increase the speed and knead for a 4 further minutes.
  3. Add in cooked lentils together with liquid and chopped pickled bell peppers. Mix at slow speed until well distributed. Cover the dough and leave it at the room temperature for 20 minutes.
  4. Grease a 35-cm loaf pan or line with baking paper. Wash and dry the rest of sage. Scrape the dough into the prepared pan. Top with sage leaves and brush them with the water, so they don’t get burned too quickly. Cover and rest for another 20 minutes.
  5. Fill a roasting pan with some water and place it at the bottom of the oven. Preheat the oven to 250C/480F. Once the oven has reached the desired temperature, remove the roasting pan with water and place the bread on the middle rack. Lower the temperature to 210C/410C. Bake the bread for 30-35 minutes. Remove and brush the bread with olive oil while it is still hot. | © 2013 | | © 2013 |


Alida 11/1/13 18:26

Lentil bread? Yum! This is very nutritious Angie. I love the colours and the texture. Have a nice weekend!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 11/1/13 18:28

Fabulous and so original!



Cheap Ethnic Eatz 11/1/13 19:38

Wow that is just gorgeous Angie. I love the red peppers and I neevr saw lentils in a bread before. Amazing recipe.

claudia lamascolo 11/1/13 20:58

So festively pretty! Wow~so pretty I dont want to cut it... very nice!

Pam 11/1/13 21:24

Another beautiful and delicious loaf of bread... YUM!

Velva 11/1/13 22:40

That bread looks stunning! Look at the flavors and the colors!


Norma Chang 11/1/13 22:45

Interesting combination. I cook a lot with lentil, don't recall seeing black lentils, will pay better attention when next I am shopping.

Foodycat 11/1/13 22:57

Lentil bread! I would love to try that!

My Golden Pear 11/1/13 23:59

I've never Heard of lentil bread before but this looks fantastic.

Shabitha Karthikeyan 12/1/13 01:25

Never tasted this kind of bread, Looks too good !!

kitchen flavours 12/1/13 02:25

This is one scrumptious looking bread! Looks so good!

Stephanie @ henry happened 12/1/13 02:54

I've been having an urge to do some bread baking - it just seems so comforting when it's cold out. I've never thought of adding lentils!

Terra 12/1/13 03:41

Oh wow, look at that gorgeous bread! It looks so hearty and delicious:-) Beautiful, Hugs, Terra

Gloria 12/1/13 04:20

This look just beautiful Angie!!

Mich Piece of Cake 12/1/13 05:03

That is one gorgeous loaf! I simply love the colors on that bread...

peachy 12/1/13 05:23

What a beautiful looking bread!

Pola M 12/1/13 06:03

That bread looks very flavorful! Perfect to go with appetizers!

What's Baking?? 12/1/13 06:22

This is one bread that's loaded with healthy goodness. Looks delicious.

mia xara 12/1/13 06:32

Such an original recipe and what a gorgeous end product!!!

Nisa Homey 12/1/13 09:40

Angie, this is one ridiculously temping and healthy bread...and love the idea of brushing the sage leaves with water...that's a great tip..

Anonymous 12/1/13 09:48
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Munatycooking 12/1/13 11:17

I've never seen such colorful and gorgeous looking loaf of bread like this one. It's truly amazing. You keep on surprising me Angie, Pleasant surprises that is :)

Hema 12/1/13 13:03

What lovely texture and color..

Joanne 12/1/13 13:10

That is one gorgeous loaf! I don't think I've ever seen lentils baked INTO bread before. how cool!

Sutapa 12/1/13 13:22

Lentil bread is a very new concept to me Angie...very innovative recipe healthy and just awesome as always!

Paula @ Jengibre Azul 12/1/13 13:22

This is a wonderful way to eat lentils and a different bread at the same time. I´ve never seen a bread quite like this one, with all that sage and pickles. Gorgeous Angie!

[Reply] 12/1/13 15:48

Must get those lentils...they really look like caviar...must go shopping. The berad is so different and I am sure it tastes just like it looks....delicious....

Cathy at Wives with Knives 12/1/13 15:51

I love this bread, Angie. I don't think I've ever seen a bread recipe that incorporates lentils. I bet the flavor and texture are wonderful.

Mother Rimmy 12/1/13 15:55

As always, you come up with a delicious combination of ingredients. I've not seen pickled peppers in the store, but then I haven't looked for them. Now my curiosity will have the better of me, so you can be sure I'll be hunting for them!

Debra Eliotseats 12/1/13 17:10

This looks delicious. This would be great with sandwiches, soups, salads, or even by itself! YUM!

Mary 12/1/13 17:43

This unusual bread sounds absolutely delicious. It certainly is beautiful to look at. Have a wonderfulweekend. Blessings...Mary

Belinda 12/1/13 18:33

Well this is an entirely different but awesome way to use lentils!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 12/1/13 19:43

There are those gorgeous lentils again! What a beautiful and creative loaf of bread, Angie!

Guru Uru 12/1/13 19:58

What an incredibly delicious loaf idea :D

Choc Chip Uru

Rumana Ambrin 12/1/13 20:03

I'm very if fan of your blog.. When ever I come to your blog i see a awesome recipe with lots of innovation.. Keep up the good work...

Barbara 12/1/13 21:41

Lentil bread??!! I love it. That's just about the most colorful loaf I've ever seen and everything in it looks delicious!

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 12/1/13 22:02

What a gorgeous and inventive use of the beluga here Angie and I'm so glad you showed the interior... how pretty is that! Chalk full of goodness too.

Kat 12/1/13 23:43

Your breads always amaze me, Angie, but this one tops the list. The lentils, sage and peppers are incredibly creative and the bread looks fantastic!

Nadji 13/1/13 00:03

Un pain magnifique, en plus d'être original et certainement délicieux.
Il faut absolument l'essayer.
See soon.

foodtravelandwine 13/1/13 02:58

Amazing!....I have never seen a bread with lentils....I love it!!......Abrazotes, Marcela

Veena Theagarajan 13/1/13 06:04

Amazing.. This is totally new to me

Anupama K. Mazumder 13/1/13 08:38

So yoummy it looks! I am off to cook!

Happy New Year.

Amy 13/1/13 08:46

This is such a beautiful loaf of bread. The colors are so pretty. I bet the texture is wonderful too.

Kitcheninspirations 13/1/13 11:28

The colours are wonderful and I bet it tastes incredible!

Priya 13/1/13 14:05

Thats a beautiful bread i have never crossed in blogsphere, mindblowing loaves.

Anne Regalado 13/1/13 14:16

Angie , one of your prettiest loaf yet ! I bet it tastes scrumptious :)

Saraswathi Tharagaram 13/1/13 17:56

Amazing break with rich flavors and spices. Well done.

Koko 13/1/13 18:44

Ooh, I think this is one of the best looking breads you have made!!

The Café Sucré Farine 13/1/13 18:57

Angie, this is about the prettiest bread I've even seen! Just lovely and wonderful that it's loaded with healthy ingredients too! Love it!

The Squishy Monster 13/1/13 20:53

I love how your loaf is almost blushing and is speckled with all the good stuff!

Karen (Back Road Journal) 13/1/13 22:32

I can't believe how beautiful this bread is. If it is half as good as your beautiful photos, it must be delicious.

lena 14/1/13 00:43

this is a very interesting bread and looks so festive too!

Deepti 14/1/13 00:45

Lovely, beautiful looking loaf of bread! Very tempting and wonderful presentation...

Tricia 14/1/13 00:52

I am fascinated by the addition of lentils in bread. So interesting! The loaf is beautiful, the shine and color are outstanding. Very, very nice!

teresa 14/1/13 02:02

what a cool looking bread, i love how colorful it is!

Reeni Pisano 14/1/13 02:37

You continuously wow me Angie! This is stunning and such a unique way to use lentils! Love it with the red peppers.

Yudith @ Blissfully Delicious 14/1/13 03:25

I'm such a dork - for a second, I thought of Beluga the "whale". Clever way to use lentil Angie, thanks for sharing.

mjskit 14/1/13 05:59

What a fabulous loaf of bread!!! Yep - definitely heart healthy!

Jess @ Bakericious 14/1/13 07:57

Hi Angie, this is such special bread to me, unusual in my country, looks good.

My Kitchen Stories. 14/1/13 08:56

What ????. What cant you make bread out of girl?

My Italian Smorgasbord 14/1/13 11:59

lentils and peppers in a loaf? this sounds amazing and so incredibly nourishing!!! girl, this one I MUST do and post soon, it's just too special! have a nice week.

nancy at good food matters 14/1/13 15:43

absolutely stunning loaf, and the most innovative bread recipe I've seen in a long time. beautiful work, Angie

Alida 14/1/13 16:04

wonderful loaf. You are full of ideas on bread. They all look good and must taste lovely. Ciao!

RavieNomNoms 14/1/13 16:06

Wow, what an interesting recipe!! It looks amazing

Helene Dsouza I Masala Herb 14/1/13 16:59

That's ingenious! I have never seen a bread with lentils. Those are some of my favorite lentils too. Angie thank you for this one! =D

Claudia 14/1/13 19:02

You know - the bread was perfect as is - and you just heightened it with those pickled peppers. Heaven!

Patty 14/1/13 20:41

Hi Angie! Wow, lentil bread-that is unique! I love the colors of the red peppers with the black lentils-spectacular! I have to put Beluga lentils on my shopping list;-)

grace 14/1/13 21:33

i've never seen lentils used in bread, but it makes sense! the cross-section looks terrific, and the pickled peppers are a great addition too.

Kit @ i-lostinausten 14/1/13 22:12

Wow! This is indeed a very interesting bread! Looks so delicious & inviting! Would love to have some now!

Roxana | Roxana's Home Baking 14/1/13 22:55

Lentil bread? WOW! This is definitely a must-try, so intrigued!
I hope you'll share it with my readers for my monthly #bakeyourownbread

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 14/1/13 23:07

I've never thought to add lentils to bread, but I LOVE lentils, so this sounds fantastic!

Suzie 15/1/13 02:25

I have never heard of lentils in bread, how awesome!! The bread is absolutely gorgeous too!

Gina Stanley 15/1/13 02:54

That sure is one pretty bread my dear! I'm not sure if I've ever seen those black lentils around here. I have at the top of my to do more of list is bake more breads! Hope you are off to a great start this week.

Gerry @Foodness Gracious 15/1/13 07:19

I love breads which take a lot of eating exercise :) They're always the tastiest and this looks amazing. I can't imagine what it tastes like but I'd love to find out!

Cheah ~ No-Frills Recipes 15/1/13 16:06

This loaf is so colourful and must be nutritious with black lentils!

Sweet Posy Dreams 15/1/13 16:58

Oh my goodness, this is like a whole meal in a piece of bread. It's gorgeous too!

Katerina 15/1/13 17:51

I never thought of putting lentils into bread! Definitely looks worth trying it!

Lizzy Do 15/1/13 21:07

Such a gorgeous, savory bread? Who knew you could add lentils to bread? I love it!

MaryMoh 15/1/13 23:11

Oh wow....Angie, your bread looks very pretty. It's so Christmassy!

Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet 16/1/13 00:47

Love the top on this bread! Scrumptious!

Juliana 16/1/13 01:07

Amazing Angie...lentil bread? I am always impressed with your creativity...
This bread looks it!
Have a great week :)

Jeannie Tay 16/1/13 03:03

All your bakes never failed to amaze me, this one looked so beautiful and bursting with flavors!

Heri 17/1/13 08:42

Angie ......... oh the food was delicious

Rita Bose 17/1/13 11:57

Angie-Awesome and spicy lentil bread!! Love it!!

Anonymous 18/1/13 10:15

What a very amazing, wonderful & packed with great flavours bread!
It looks awesomely delicious, dear Angie!

Very nutrious too!

Veronica Miller 19/1/13 07:31

I love colorful food and wow does this bread pop with color! Bread is usually so boring as far as color goes--what a nice change of pace!

Laura Loves Cakes 20/1/13 09:19

Wbat a fabulous looking loaf...lovely colours and lovely ingredients! I'd certainly like a slice or two of this with some cold cuts! :-)

Amelia 23/1/13 15:25

Hi Angie, another excellent bread recipe from you. This look so lovely and very moist. Wish I can have at least 2 slices. :)
Have a great week ahead.


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