Tri-coloured Castella Layer Cake

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A tri-coloured cake, light and luscious, with castella leftover frosted with vanilla-flavoured whipped cream and garnished with toasted almond slices. It’s a perfect dessert to welcome Easter. If you plan to serve this at your garden party, I would recommend buttercream to frost the cake, so it remains stable throughout the celebration.

  • 1x18x8 cm Orange castella
  • 1x18x8 cm Matcha castella
  • 1x18x8 cm Chocolate castella
  • 250 ml Heavy cream, chilled
  • 15 g Vanilla sugar
  • 80 g Almond slices, toasted
  1. Cut each castella into three 18x2.5cm strips. Place your mixing bowl and wire whisk in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Then place chilled heavy cream and the vanilla sugar in the cold bowl and beat until stiff peaks form.
  2. Stack 9 cake strips into 3 layers, applying whipped cream between strips and layers to ensure they stick together and alternating with colour cake strips.
  3. Spread the top and sides with the remaining whipped cream. Chill in the fridge for 2 hours until set. Remove and coat the cake with almond slices. Slice and serve. | © 2011 | | © 2011 | | © 2011 |


Rosa's Yummy Yums 4/4/12 07:52

A delicious dessert! Very festive looking.



Lisa H. 4/4/12 08:11

Baked and was smitten by Kasutera...
Awesome idea :)

Ann@Anncoo Journal 4/4/12 08:25

WOoo。。。this is too pretty! I love the frosting :)

Baker Street 4/4/12 08:39

Oh my! That's a gorgeous looking cake, A! Love the layers but more than that it has been so beautifully presented.

OohLookBel 4/4/12 09:12

Gee, LOVE the colours of this fabulous cake. Have a happy Easter =)

Katia 4/4/12 09:23

That looks so delicious and I love the decoration with toasted almond slices, it's so elegant!

Sarah 4/4/12 09:33

That cake is so beautiful! i can't take my eyes off it!

Lenia 4/4/12 09:41

Wonderful cake!!!So pretty colors!It is a piece of art!
Kisses from Greece!

anne 4/4/12 09:45

The cake looks pretty ! Love the different layers of flavor !

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 4/4/12 10:37

Wow, three difference flavours of Castella, and the layers are beautiful!

Elin 4/4/12 10:50

Angie...what can I say ...but a piece of beautiful piece of cake art and I am sure it taste good with different flavor of castella cake in one...:) I wish make such a beautiful tri flavor/color castella layer cake with the lips smacking frosting full of almond slices...mmmm yummy!

Ah Tze 4/4/12 11:02

wow! This is so nice to have three flavour of castellas in one cake, I can imaging how delicious it will be!

noobcook 4/4/12 11:14

the cross section colours are amazing - one of the prettiest bakes I have seen!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen 4/4/12 12:35

How lovely. Makes me wish I was a baker. This is a very impressive cake Angie.

ping 4/4/12 13:02

Wow! This is getting to be a Castella competition! Everyone seem to be getting into this and creating gorgeous versions ... this is beautiful! I love the crunchy almonds to it!

Belinda @zomppa 4/4/12 13:38

That is ridiculous! Gosh, you are so amazing. What a stunner.

Lora 4/4/12 14:42

This os gorgeous. Wow! I love the flavors and the colors are so beautiful!

Lizzy 4/4/12 14:48

Just gorgeous...inside and out!!! I've always wanted to try a checkerboard cake...very cool!

What's Baking?? 4/4/12 15:42 tempting! And pretty cake too!

Happy Flour 4/4/12 16:00

This is gorgeous and tempting! :)

easyfoodsmith 4/4/12 16:12

WOW! Such a gorgeous cake and beautiful clicks. Awesome!

lena 4/4/12 16:52

another terrific castella bake! this cake must have tasted so nice with different flavours in it. It looks like a celebration cake now!! Nice work, angie!

Cheah 4/4/12 17:55

Gosh, Angie, this is a marvellous piece of art. Love the frosting and the cross section is just amazing.

Namitha 4/4/12 18:23

Oh my ! That looks absolutely gorgeous ! The most beautiful castella cake I've ever seen :)and loved the frosting with studded almonds :-)

Nammi 4/4/12 18:54

wow, looks too good to eat :)

Loveforfood 4/4/12 18:56

Once again I love your photo perspective. .... I am drooling over it

Tricia @ saving room for dessert 4/4/12 18:58

Angie - you set the standard for the rest of us to try and achieve. This is a beautifully creative cake. Sooo perfect!

Grubarazzi 4/4/12 19:03

What a cool cake! I love seeing such creativity!

Ivy 4/4/12 19:10

That cake looks gorgeous and very impressive. I did not understand what a castella is. Is it a ready made cake?

Tina 4/4/12 19:29

I love the different flavors here, especially the matcha. These type of cakes are not an easy task. I still need some work on the checkerboard aspect. However, your cake here looks amazing, you did an excellent job. I love the looks of the inside as well as the outside, but no doubt the taste is heavenly as well. Great post!

[Reply] 4/4/12 19:36

Uhhh what!? Angie, you've outdone yourself. That cake is so creative and gorgeous--never seen anything like it. Beautiful! x

wok with ray 4/4/12 19:42

Angie and her creative and artistic mind! I am very impressed with the creativity, young lady. A tri-color layered cake -- what a style! What a great job, my friend.

~ ray ~

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking 4/4/12 20:55

What an absolutely beautiful cake and flavor! I could only dream to create something this lovely. Great job, Angie!

Rosita Vargas 4/4/12 22:19

Woooow...luce muy bonito es una tentación tricolor,asombroso...abrazos hugs,hugs.

[Reply] 4/4/12 23:09

Wow this looks really luxurious :-) and really professional. I am sure is tasted also fantastic, I want a piece!!

Jasna's kitchen creations 5/4/12 02:03

Wow! Great creation - so beautiful and unusual!

My Little Space 5/4/12 02:26

Awesome work, Angie. How I wish I can have some of it ! Slurp.... The cake looks truly mouthwatering.
Enjoy your day, dear.

Geri Saucier 5/4/12 02:27

What a beautiful cake:) It looks so delicious - you're right this a perfect dessert for Easter. Hope you have a nice Easter.

Abby 5/4/12 02:34

What a cool idea!! Gorgeous cake.

Vicki Bensinger 5/4/12 03:35

This is a masterpiece. You must be so proud of yourself to have made something so beautiful and I'm sure delicious! How long did it take to make this?

kitchen flavours 5/4/12 04:32

Wow, I have yet to attempt any Castella cake, and now here it is with three flavours! Fantastic, Angie! Wish I could have a slice of your beautiful and delicious looking cake!

Baur 5/4/12 05:02

That looks great!!! Following!

Dining Alone 5/4/12 05:16

It is so pretty, but I bet it tastes even better than it looks.

WendyinKK @ Table for 2..... or more 5/4/12 05:48

It's really beautiful and I like this twist with the Castella.

Pam 5/4/12 05:55

Wow - it looks SO pretty and delicious.

Nisha 5/4/12 06:43

omg, this is gorgeous beyond words.
did you make it to celebrate something special? :)

ELENA S 5/4/12 07:36

What a nice cake recipe!!!Really loved it with the checkerboard design.....Good morning from GREECE!!!

thecompletecookbook 5/4/12 09:26

Angie, your presentation is always so inspirational! What a lovely cake.
:-) Mandy

tania@mykitchenstories 5/4/12 10:34

How fabulous, I love your tricolours. You are a clever sausage!

myitaliansmorgasbord 5/4/12 11:20

this looks so crafty! really amazingly pretty and appetizing.

tigerfish 5/4/12 11:45

This looks almost similar to checker cake too! :)

Treat and Trick 5/4/12 12:31

Perfectly done and so gorgeous!

the food dude 5/4/12 12:38

Awesome colors, I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks, what a perfect treat for the Easter weekend!

Joanne 5/4/12 13:27

This cake is a serious masterpiece! Both in flavor and in presentation.

Priya 5/4/12 14:33

Cake looks absolutely elegant, delicious and stunning.

Jeannie Tay 5/4/12 14:49

Such a beautiful cake! Your guests will be so impressed!

Mary 5/4/12 16:27

What a lovely creation! I can imagine how tasty this cake is. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Devaki 5/4/12 17:40

Oh my goodness - What a brilliant and creative way to turn leftovers into culinary art! You are really something Angie :)

chow :) Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

Holly 5/4/12 18:54

This has to be one of the neatest cakes I've ever seen! ♥ it!

Robert Richards Recipes 5/4/12 19:53

This recipe looks sooo good. I'm going to give it a try this weekend when my friends are visiting. I'm sure they will all love it. :-)

Amanda 5/4/12 19:59

I love how the insides aren't perfectly aligned - adds to its fun-ness!

Crunchy Creamy Sweet 5/4/12 21:36

So festive! Perfect for Easter or any celebration!

Rebecca Subbiah 5/4/12 21:49

great cake so pretty have a wonderful Easter :-)

kale @ tastes good to me! 5/4/12 23:27

Oh, wow, that looks amazing! The cake itself looks really light and fluffy and I love those almond slivers!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 5/4/12 23:42

How beautiful! I have wanted to try making a castella for a while now and to see one divided and put together so beautifull is inspiring! Lovely, Angie!

Cucina49 6/4/12 00:25

I am always in awe of your baking skills, and this cake is no exception. Gorgeous!

Elisabeth 6/4/12 01:34

An absolute gorgeous...artistic cake, Angie! So perfect for the holiday, and for special occasions. Love the colors, the light flavor, and the fluffy frosting!

Lite Home Bake 6/4/12 02:04
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lite Home Bake 6/4/12 02:05

I am admiring your beautiful castella (what a great idea!) while enjoying my own piece of matcha castella :) I couldn't resist trying to make one of my own with all the castellas being served in blogsphere!

Beth 6/4/12 02:26

You've iced this beautifully. What a pretty little cake!

Sue 6/4/12 06:56

A showstopper! So pretty!

Kit @ i-lostinausten 6/4/12 13:51

These deserves a WOW! Looks amazing with warm lovely colors! I just LOVE the presentation with whipped cream & almond slices!! Well done & Happy Easter Angie! :)

Viviane Bauquet Farre 6/4/12 15:30

This one really takes the cake, Angie. Love the playfulness of the colors and the appealing melange of textures. Really, wonderfully crafted.

Helene Dsouza 6/4/12 18:30

Its a little Art piece! adorable and tempting. =D

Cathleen 6/4/12 19:33

Oh wow. Definitely worth the effort. This looks great!!

Terra 8/4/12 03:55

What a gorgeous cake, and I love the flavor combination, especially the matcha mixed in, YUM!!! It really looks beautiful! Hugs, Terra

Ilke 8/4/12 04:12

Angie, this is such a cutie. Like the checkerboard style :)
Now I have to do some Wiki search for some of the ingredients to educate myself :)

Angie's Recipes 8/4/12 16:53

@Ivy It's a Japanese sponge cake.

Biren @ Roti n Rice 8/4/12 22:33

Your tri-colored castella looks really pretty! I am sure it is delicious too. Happy Easter!

Jo 9/4/12 02:18

So pretty and reminds me of a checkerboard cake. I have to try this castella recipe as everyone seems to be baking it of late.

Shirley 9/4/12 04:16

So beautiful! I like the checkerboard look.

beti 9/4/12 05:49

this cake is a whole new level! it is perfect and it would be perfect to impress

sally 9/4/12 15:49

It looks so pretty with the toasted almonds and checkerboard colors.

grace 9/4/12 17:30

this is all kinds of impressive, angie! what a masterpiece!

[Reply] 9/4/12 19:26

That tri-color cake looks absolutely scrumptious. I can totally see myself enjoying this. Great recipe

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 9/4/12 19:59

How extraordinary! I've seen checkerbox cookies before, but never cake. What a marvel you are Angie :).

Geni 10/4/12 19:35

I can't imagine doing this Angie. You are amazing! I have trouble with a simple three layer cake! :)

Amy 11/4/12 01:44

What a lovely and creative cake! Love the Matcha, too!

MaryMoh 11/4/12 22:47

My gosh...that looks really beautiful, both outside and inside! Love it.

Simply Life 12/4/12 02:51

oh this cake is way too fun- I love it! I've never seen anything like this!

Becki's Whole Life 13/4/12 03:45

So pretty. I love that green from the matcha!

Javelin Warrior 13/4/12 14:58

Angie, this cake turned out perfectly - and I love how you managed to work in 3 colors! I've never attempted even a 2 color cake, so this is awesome... I am featuring this post in today's Friday Food Fetish roundup (with a link-back and attribution), but please let me know if you have any objections. It's a pleasure to be following your creations…

Magic of Spice 14/4/12 20:51

Wow Angie, that is just gorgeous!

Joy 1/5/12 02:49

The cake looks lovely.

Shibi Thomas 13/10/14 21:19

Beautiful and I bet the castella layers tastes amazing with the vanilla flavored whipped cream.

Nippon Nin 13/10/14 23:39

This is so neat! How clever is that? Unbelievable!

V 15/10/14 04:10

This looks gorgeous...what a creative and delicious idea! Reminds me of when I was a little girl and my grandma made a tri-color Indian flag ice cream cake for my bday :)

grace 16/10/14 03:33

i know how much work a cake like this requires. kudos to you--it's lovely!

Esther Lau 18/10/14 14:15

Hi Angie, sorry for late, I love this cake from outside to inside, it's gorgeous! :)

Ann Jones 25/10/14 03:16

What a pretty cake! I love that it has three colors :)


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