Paprika Chicken

This is an easy dish to assemble and so tasty with loaded flavours. I had them with some spinach pasta and some greens for the lunch. It was a pure comfort. The smoked sweet paprika gives this creamy braised chicken dish a distinctive flavour.
Adapted from Taste

  • 700 g Chicken drumsticks
  • Salt and black pepper
  • 1 tbsp Corn oil
  • 2-3 Shallots, thinly sliced
  • 2 clove Garlic, thinly sliced
  • 2/3 tbsp Sweet smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp Cumin seeds
  • 1/2 can Tomato
  • 300 ml Chicken stock
  • 90 g Sour cream
  • Some chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
  1. Rinse the chicken drumsticks thoroughly and pat them dry with paper towels. Give the drumstick a few cuts with a knife. Season the drumsticks with salt and pepper.
  2. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Cook for 5 minutes on each side or until chicken drumsticks are golden. Remove and drain on paper towel.
  3. Add sliced shallots and garlic to the pan. Cook, stirring, until golden. Add in smoked paprika and cumin seeds. Stir briefly, then add in tomato and stock. Return the chicken drumsticks to the skillet. Bring it to the boil. Reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Uncover and cook for a further 10 minutes. Turn the heat off. Stir in sour cream. Transfer to a serving bowl and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

And I want to take this opportunity to thank my beautiful blog friends, Elisabeth at Food and Thrift Finds, Chris at Chris's Gourmet Fashion, Jessica at Cajunlicious and Tina at Flour Trader for passing on their awards to me. THANK YOU, ladies, for thinking of me!


Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 3/7/11 12:54

Hmm, more rice please...look so yummy!

Foodycat 3/7/11 12:58

Your serving dish is gorgeous! I haven't made paprika chicken in ages. I must revisit it.

Nammi 3/7/11 13:10

this looks delicious, nice and simple not over powering with spices :)

Maris(In Good Taste) 3/7/11 13:27

I love this serving dish. It is so pretty and really shows off this delicious chicken

Rosa's Yummy Yums 3/7/11 13:29

Paprika is such a wonderful spice. That chicken looks really scrumptious!



♥LOVE2COOK♥ 3/7/11 13:31

I just feel like grabbing whole pot with the chicken now! :D

So inviting...perfect with some rice now ;)

Sunanda 3/7/11 13:41

Got to know about this chicken preparation for the first time..Looks yummy..

claudia lamascolo 3/7/11 13:58

I can tell by the ingredients this is super yummy as it looks happy 4th!

Three-Cookies 3/7/11 14:04

Looks and sounds delicious. I like the Taste site, they have simple and delicious recipes

Michael Toa 3/7/11 14:23

Fantastic! That looks utterly delicious. Beautiful presentation too.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

sangeeta 3/7/11 15:23

I am ogling at the chicken and the serving dish both . What to praise first. Both are gorgeous...chicken has all the flavors though :)

Mary 3/7/11 16:22

What a wonderful looking dish. You've plated it perfectly and I'm sure it is delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

The Culinary Lens 3/7/11 16:33

I love chicken paprikash and this is a great version. I love the way you have styled this your serving dish is so perfect.

peachkins 3/7/11 16:34

it looks very tasty and with the sour cream, I'm sure it is light too...

My Home Diary in Turkey 3/7/11 16:44

Hmm..great picture.. must be taste very great too! ^,^

bakerbynature 3/7/11 16:49

This looks so savory and perfect for the rainy day here in NYC.

pembe kekik 3/7/11 16:50

Güzel bir tarif.Lezzetli görünüyor.

Heather ( 3/7/11 17:16

This looks so fantastic, Angie...and I absolutely loooove that dish!

Beth 3/7/11 17:19

What a yummy-looking chicken recipe!

Jeannie 3/7/11 17:23

The chicken looks so delicious, I am sure the paprika adds more kick to the chicken:) That's a very lovely serving dish you have there! Love it too!

Sharmilee! :) 3/7/11 17:28

This looks totally flavourful n tempting

Barbara 3/7/11 17:41

The sour cream added at the end is the perfect final touch, Angie. Imagine the smokey paprika is fabulous with it too. Lovely presentation!

Anncoo 3/7/11 17:51

WOW! what a pretty chicken dish with full of flavors. Your serving bowl looks pretty too!

Cheah 3/7/11 18:15

Yum, yum.... love the chicken as well as the serving dish. I'll take both!

Vimitha Anand 3/7/11 19:07

Looks so delish and yummy..

Belinda @zomppa 3/7/11 21:28

What a gorgeous dish!! The colors are beautiful.

Rosita Vargas 3/7/11 21:42

This is a perfect dish for me, in PapiKRico is excellent, very tempting, big hugs.

Velva 3/7/11 21:48

I have always enjoyed this dish. No doubt for the reasons you stated. I also find this dish to be soulful and comforting.


The Procrastobaker 3/7/11 21:58

I adore paprika but sadly dont get to use it enough, this recipe looks so delicious and totally manageable even for a cooking klutz like myself :) saving it for sure and will hopefully try it very soon indeed!

Tina @flourtrader 4/7/11 02:28

Congrats on the awards-you deserve them. Also, it has been ages since I have had paprika chicken and I am glad you posted this, nice reminder of a tasty dish. Have a great 4th-buzz.

Anne 4/7/11 02:54

I love smoky sweet paprika. This looks delicious! And I love your casserole dish too! Very pretty! : )

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook 4/7/11 03:29

Love the smoky flavor in the chicken, and the dish is just beautiful, so colorful.

Anonymous 4/7/11 04:37

I agree--perfect comfort food! This dish looks delectable. I've got to try it out soon. :)

Ang 4/7/11 05:47

Mmmmm, this looks amazing!!!

Farida 4/7/11 06:43

I love chicken, that looks so delicious and yummy.....make me swallow saliva, thanks for share.


Anonymous 4/7/11 07:03

Half a can of tomato? Tomato WHAT? What size can?

Ray 4/7/11 07:43

I love the look of those chicken. They look savory Angie!

Angie's Recipes 4/7/11 07:48

1/2 can/400g canned crushed tomatoes

Priya 4/7/11 08:34

Feel like finishing that whole bowl of inviting chicken,mouthwatering here..

noobcook 4/7/11 10:23

I love paprika, and I like this method of cooking chicken with it. The taste must be a really rich and flavourful ^_^

Fimère 4/7/11 11:54

avec le paprika c'est excellent et bien épicé, j'adore
bonne journée

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 4/7/11 12:03

Hi Angie! Thank you so much for your sweet words on my baumkuchen post. You're right - it is a German cake, greatly loved by the Japanese. I'm glad I came by just now - I wanted to make chicken curry for dinner, but my boy Joseph saw your gorgeous paprika chicken and told me he wants to help me cook it for dinner! He must be tired of curry lol so your paprika chicken it will be for dinner tonight! Thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe :)

Faith 4/7/11 13:01

This is definitely a delicious classic and yours looks perfect! And that bowl you served it in is really gorgeous!

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 4/7/11 13:47

Hi again Angie - Joseph and I cooked it together and it is incredibly delicious, though a simple recipe. I've fallen in love with smoked paprika all over again!

Min 4/7/11 15:02

Wow, yummy! I love this dish, want to try it some day, thanks for sharing!

Barbara Bakes 4/7/11 15:05

Beautiful pictures! The chicken is just a pretty color. Congrats on your awards.

kitchen flavours 4/7/11 15:19

Looks absolutely delicious! I could eat two bowls of rice with your delicious paprika chicken!

Marla 4/7/11 15:37

Angie, anything with smoked paprika & I am sold. This chicken looks fabulous!

Heavenly Housewife 4/7/11 16:37

What a delicious dinner that would make, I'm always looking for great chicken recipes.
*kisses* HH

Elisabeth 4/7/11 17:17

Angie dear! I feel so bad for not jumping on to comment to be at least the first ten commentor, but now, I have to be #51?...shame, shame!!!
This is my traditional dish on my Hungarian (maternal) side...which sadly, I never see on any of my Hungarian friends' blog...they're too busy copying American dishes...LOL
Love the smart that you used only that part, also the addition of cumin. I use at least 2 Tbsp. 1 each, sweet, and hot paprika...other than that, I add a bay leaf or two to the sauce for more flavor and aroma.
Your serving dish is excuisiite, and the presentation, as well! I usually serve this dish with homemade spaetzle (nokedli). Spinach pasta sound great, as well!
Great job, as always!
Also, thank you for the mention re: the award, which you so well deserve, and then some:DDD

Saras 4/7/11 18:22

Woow, drooling recipe!! You have wonderful space here..Glad to follow you:)
Thanks for your comments dear...

Angie's Recipes 4/7/11 18:30

Eli, thank you so much for taking time to write such a long and lovely comment!!! I will take your suggestion and add some hot paprika and bay leaf to the dish next time and homemade Spaetzle sounds just marvelous to serve with them as well.

Simple cake recipes 4/7/11 21:01

you always make so good photos and make me wish to try all your recipes :))

Desserts In My Kitchen 4/7/11 21:15

Yummy, your chicken paprika looks amazing. I love the photos. The casserole dish is just beautiful :)

Gloria 4/7/11 21:30

Angie, this dish look wonderful, I love the pictures! Love papikra! gloria

OysterCulture 4/7/11 22:36

I haven't had this dish in ages, your recipe sounds simply divine!

Parsley Sage 4/7/11 23:26

Ace dish! And I mean that for both the serving dish and the food :)

Kelly 5/7/11 00:13

This looks delicious and I like the ingredients you've assembled here - the smoked paprika sounds particularly wonderful...

Firefly 5/7/11 00:40

Your chicken sounds and looks so delicious :) and I LOVE your serving dish :) so pretty!

Raina 5/7/11 02:29

This sounds really great, wonderful flavors. I love paprika:)

shaz@feedingmykidsbetter 5/7/11 03:56

lovely dish in an equally lovely dish. yummy! thanks!

Anonymous 5/7/11 04:24

Congratulations on the awards and your still my beating heart! It looks incredible! Your pictures are really amazing - I want to dive right in!

Monet 5/7/11 05:51

Ever since my older sister started to sprinkle her potato salad with paprika, I've fallen in love with the spice. This looks so good! Thank you for sharing with me, my dear friend. You brought a smile to my face. I hope you had a lovely 4th of July. Hugs from Austin!

Raquel@Erecipe Free Nutritional Calculator 5/7/11 07:26

this recipe is new to me, I am looking for different recipe using chicken and will definitely try this.

maameemoomoo - a ½ food blog 5/7/11 08:33

Whoaaa... an alternative to our naan eating days! Yes, i love smoked paprika myself. Normal paprika is never quite the same eh?

Dorina 5/7/11 08:58

Mmmmm, looks so delicios .

Joanne 5/7/11 14:24

Smoked paprika is an obsession of mine. This looks delicious!

Karen 5/7/11 14:32

Hi Angie, your Paprika Chicken sounds fantastic! I love using smoked paprika, it gives dishes such a deep BBQ flavor. Always love browsing through your wonderful blog. :-)

Cathy at Wives with Knives 5/7/11 15:01

Your dish is beautiful, Angie. Fantastic photos.

Jenn 5/7/11 15:01

Looks and sounds wonderful! Can't wait to try it. I do love paprika!

Christine@Christine's Recipes 5/7/11 16:09

The flavour of paprika is great, so good to cook with chicken. Yummy.

lena 5/7/11 16:14

is this kind of western version of paprika chicken? i had tried chicken paprika once, malay style but actually forgot how it taste like ..that was like more than 10 years ago. But your photo already done all the justification..yum!

Mother Rimmy 5/7/11 17:01

My hubby loves drumsticks - this is on my must make for him list. Have a good week!

My Little Space 5/7/11 17:16

The only paprika I can get here is the common paprika. Can't seem to find the smoked paprika! The chicken looks really delicious. How I wish I stay nearer. Hope you're enjoying your day, dear.

[Reply] 5/7/11 17:52

That looks very inviting...good click too :-)

Food Glorious Food! 5/7/11 18:49

Picture perfect and great in flavor... yummy!

Sissi 5/7/11 19:26

Angie, how come I haven't discovered you blog until now??? Seeing all the comments I think I must be the last in the web world!
I love the original layout, the photos and the recipes (I also love the above serving dish, very original!).
Your recipe is very similar to the Hungarian Chicken with Paprika (Paprikas Csirke) I posted in October, last year. It is one of my favourite chicken dishes!
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment!

Kate@Diethood 5/7/11 21:08

Angie, you know a thing or two about food porn! :) Your images are amazing... I WISH that I could just pick a bite off my screen!

Pacheco Patty 5/7/11 21:39

I also love the colors in your dish, so inviting and pretty with the chicken. I am a fan of sweet smoked paprika and need to use it more, thanks for your lovely recipe and inspiration;-)

Indie.Tea 5/7/11 21:43

That paprika chicken looks and sounds bright and fresh-looking, and the flavors sound delicious.

aipi 5/7/11 21:53

I love love Paprika ~ love the smokiness n color it gives to all the dishes!
Your recipe sounds very flavorful n aromatic!
US Masala

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter 5/7/11 23:17

oh wow what a delicious recipe :-) love it

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 6/7/11 02:21

Your photos of this are so beautiful that anyone would love to have some! Wonderful recipe.

Dee at Deelicious Sweets 6/7/11 02:44

Love, love your serving dish and your pictures are gorgeous! This chicken looks so good!

Lisa H. 6/7/11 04:37

Beautiful chicken paprika... and I love the serving bowl too ;)

Holly 6/7/11 04:51

Your pictures ALWAYS blow me away!! Amazing! Just bookmarked this recipe! Sounds heavenly : )

Radhika @ foodfor7stages 6/7/11 21:50

You got me by the name of the dish. Looks absolutely delicious.. ***drool****

Lauren 6/7/11 23:51

I make a chicken with smoked paprika but I bake it, I love your version (and really love smoked paprika on anything).

Trix 7/7/11 04:19

After my trip to Hungary, I am an absolute paprika addict, and I adore chicken paprikash. This looks great!

tigerfish 7/7/11 07:58

Such an appetizing dish! :) Love the serving bowl too.

Anonymous 8/7/11 20:26

very nicely done and i love the dish

Prerna@IndianSimmer 11/7/11 10:26

This one's definitely a keeper! Love paparika and I am definitely going to try this one very soon. Will let you know once I do.

Anonymous 12/7/11 05:11

I made this for dinner tonight-- it was delicious. The only thing I will change the next time I make this is to add a teaspoon of thin roux to thicken the gravy (for my rice). :)

khushi ( a girl's diary) 1/8/11 19:28

wow Angie that chicken bowl is looking truly delicious.....thanks for leaving comment on my blog :)


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