Spice Crusted Cod Fillets with Zucchini Salad

Mild flavoured and low fat filleted cod fish nicely crusted with a blend of ground coriander, cumin and garlic salt, and then seared to medium (or to your desire), served with yoghurt dressing and lemon wedges on a bed of zucchini salad.

Zucchini Salad
  • 1 tsp Ground coriander
  • 1 tsp Ground cumin
  • 1/2 tsp Sweet paprika
  • 1/2 tsp Garlic salt
  • 3-4 (about 150 g each) Cod fillets(or any white fish)
  • 1 tbsp Corn oil
  • Lemon wedges, to serve
  • Some yoghurt dressing, to serve
  • 180 g Green zucchini, trimmed and cut into 1cm pieces 1 tbsp Red onion, finely chopped
  • 1 Tomato, halved, deseeded, cut into 1cm pieces
  • 1 tbsp Finely chopped fresh mint
  • 1 tbsp finely chopped fresh parsley
  • 1 tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 tbsp Fresh lemon juice
  • Salt & freshly ground black pepper
  1. Combine ground coriander, cumin, paprika and garlic salt in a small bowl. Rub over fish fillets. Set aside for 15 minutes to allow the flavours to develop.
  2. To make the zucchini salad, combine zucchini, onion, tomato, mint, parsley, olive oil and lemon juice in a salad bowl. Taste and season with salt and pepper.
  3. Heat the corn oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add in fish fillets and cook for 2-3 minutes each side until nicely golden brown.
  4. Spoon zucchini salad among 2-3 serving plates. Top with cod fish and drizzle with dressing. Serve with lemon wedges.


Biren @ Roti n Rice 20/4/11 07:19

Such a light and flavorful dish for spring. I like the spices you use on the fish.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 20/4/11 07:29

A delicious and light dish!



Lisa H. 20/4/11 07:34

I could see my 2 favourite spices on the listing~ coriander and cumin...
this is definitely awesome :D

TasteHongKong 20/4/11 07:52

Yes, so nicely crusted, no second opinion : ).

Anonymous 20/4/11 08:07

I love the idea of serving fish on a zucchini salad. Lovely fresh flavours.
:-) Mandy

Priya 20/4/11 09:26

Feel like finishing that whole plate rite now...simply irresistible!

Jeannie 20/4/11 10:21

That's a very delicious looking piece of fish, wish I could have it for my dinner sigh!

My Little Space 20/4/11 11:10

This look so appertizing. Did you make extra for me? Never mind. Try to think of me when you're cooking something next time. OK! You have a great day, dear. :o)
Blessings, Kristy

Nammi 20/4/11 12:01

A nice and light meal , perfect for hot sunny days

Michael Toa 20/4/11 12:26

The cod looks like perfection. Love the spiced crust and healthy too with the veg and yoghurt. yum.

marla 20/4/11 13:44

The small amount of crust on this cod is gorgeous & I bet so tasty! Love this mild fish.

OohLookBel 20/4/11 13:48

Crusting the fish in spices is such a great idea for people who don't like their fish too plain. Brilliant recipe, as usual!

tinytearoom 20/4/11 14:18

fresh seafood is quite pricey in Sydney, but I do try to incorporate fish into my diet. This looks lovely

kitchen flavours 20/4/11 14:39

Another delicious cod meal! I'm super jealous! Cod is way too expensive over here! Beautiful dish, Angie!

Sense of Home 20/4/11 14:57

My last attempt with cod was not too successful, you cod looks so flavorful with a fine crust and the zucchini salad would compliment it so well.


Belinda @zomppa 20/4/11 15:13

What a beautiful dish!! Love the spices...and the zucchini is a wonderful complement!

Jenn 20/4/11 15:22

Oh, this looks great! I love the spice mixture....and it looks so wonderfully seared too!!

Ah Tze 20/4/11 15:26

wow! Another delicious meal! I love Cod fish, it looks perfect to go with the salad!

RavieNomNoms 20/4/11 15:27

I absolutely love everything about this dish! Not to mention it is so pretty! I think I am going to make this on Friday for my last Fish Friday of Lent...just looks great!

Victor 20/4/11 15:39

Love all the spices on the fish. You sure use cumin in many dishes. I still have my bottle of cumin nearly full. I should start using it.

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook 20/4/11 15:45

This looks so good! Love the combination of the fish with the fresh vegetable salad.

Faith 20/4/11 16:06

Hello Angie! I'm back from vacation and happy to be catching up on my blog reading...I love fish and what a delicious plate of food this is!

Katrina (Betty Ray) 20/4/11 16:29

Thankyou! Always looking for new ways to prepare fish. This looks fresh and delicious. Love the spicey crust.

Sue 20/4/11 17:10

What a taste treat! The crust looks amazing!

aipi 20/4/11 17:17

Beautifully done- zucchini salad sounds so refreshing n different!
US Masala

Cheah 20/4/11 17:54

Yummy looking salad. Healthy and nutritious!

Kumi 20/4/11 18:15

The fish is browned to perfection! Love the spiced-crust idea!

Anncoo 20/4/11 18:59

I love cod fish and you made this dish so perfect!

Vimitha Anand 20/4/11 19:44

Ohh looks so refreshing and colorful...

Susi's Kochen und Backen 20/4/11 20:10

Beautiful, light, healthy and absolutely mouthwatering. This meal is perfect for spring. I'm adding this to my "must-make" list.

Kate@Diethood 20/4/11 20:26

Oh Angie, that looks beautiful! I love this dish...and that fillet sounds incredible!

Yummy Team 20/4/11 20:37

It looks awesome..Lovely clicks! I have bookmarked it to try!

Gulmohar 20/4/11 22:20

You know what, your site has the most amazing salad recipes I've ever come across :-) here's another example

MaryMoh 20/4/11 23:11

That's a very healthy meal...mmm. Cod is my next favourite to salmon. Love the seasoning.

Lauren 20/4/11 23:16

Love that the fish only needs to "sit" for 15 minutes before cooking. Marinating is something I never have enough time for.

Eva 21/4/11 00:25

What a gorgeous and healthy dish! I have some cod in the freezer I purchased recently, I'll have to put it to use!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 21/4/11 00:55

Cod is normally so bland but I think the spices you used would make it taste wonderful. Beautifully presented on the zucchini salad too.

Stephanie 21/4/11 01:21

Oh, sounds like a wonderful early dinner out on the deck. So fresh and lively. I love it. I'm really digging fish lately. So many ways to dress it up!

Claudia 21/4/11 01:33

I love the spices in this - really livens up the cod and will need to try it. I am saving the zucchini salad for when my own zucchini come in (okay, it snowed today but zucchini season will come!).

Lisa@ Tarte du Jour 21/4/11 02:47

This looks so delicious.... colorful and healthy! My kind of food!! I saw zucchini at my farmer's market last weekend.

tigerfish 21/4/11 03:17

We are in sync today. My cod dish came with zucchini too! :P It is a good delicious meal.

theUngourmet 21/4/11 03:51

Your cod is beautifully prepared and the zucchini salad looks fantastic as well. Such a nice meal for spring and summer!

denise @ bread expectations 21/4/11 04:26

Hi Angie - sorry I have been MIA. So much going on with me right now, hardly have time to post or visit my favourite blogs. Thanks for checking out my pretzels. Nice to know I'm not forgotten even when I am scarce :)

I love the summeriness of this dish - the spice flavouring on the fish is inspired! Lovely!

Parsley Sage 21/4/11 04:38

So pretty! Great recipe, that fish sounds very tasty :)

Maris (In Good Taste) 21/4/11 11:08

What a delicious meal you have prepared! Love it!

Joanne 21/4/11 13:04

That crust sounds delicious! Especially on top of that fresh-flavored salad!

Joy 21/4/11 14:04
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joy 21/4/11 14:05

Hello, I featured your cod fillet in my post with a link to you! http://background-joy.blogspot.com/2011/04/yamdaisy-menu-for-someone-who-needs-it.html

Beth 21/4/11 14:15

These look delicious, and so simple!

PapaCheong's 拿手好菜 21/4/11 16:36

It sure looks GOOD!


Devaki 21/4/11 17:42

You don't have to be a whiz Chef to know that this would be just delicious and spectacular. Your play of flavors and color is marvelous Angie :)

chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors


Great combination Angie. And the fish looks to crisp and perfect, Mmmmm!

cajunlicious 21/4/11 21:22

Angie, this looks so delicious!

I received one more tag game and it is about Easter Menu..I tagged you and I hope that you will find time to participate!
Visit my blog for more info!! thanks!

Magic of Spice 21/4/11 23:50

Beautiful dish and the zucchini Salad looks amazing :)

Torviewtoronto 21/4/11 23:56

yummy looking spices looks flavourful and colourful dish

Elisabeth 22/4/11 00:40

I hope you know I'm one of your all-time favorite followers, and have not missed any of your fabulous dishes lately, but right now I'm a bit scattered in my thinking with my "sprained ankle." I love your fabulous cod, with the chopped veggies, very similar with the one I have posted on my previous post (take out-delivered from my son-in-law's restaurant)
Absolutely adore the spices used in this beautiful fish, preparation, and presentation, as well:DDD

Maria 22/4/11 00:46

I love this, the crust sounds so tasty!

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter 22/4/11 01:02

I just ate cod tonight lovely fish and what a great way to serve it

FOODESSA 22/4/11 01:08

What a welcoming presentation. Although, I'm not a big fan of cod, I can certainly adapt this flavouring to my favourite filets. Thanks for tasty and healthy eating ;o)

Flavourful wishes,

Gloria 22/4/11 03:56

Angie look delicious!! gloria

Katerina 22/4/11 07:09

This is a perfect spring dish! I love to discover new ways of cooking fish and the salad looks very refreshing!

sheila @ Elements 22/4/11 07:30

Looks beautiful!!! I'm sure my husband and I would love this, especially since the fish is crusted with coriander and cumin. The zucchini salads sounds wonderful too! :)

alwayswinner786 22/4/11 13:59

Your delicious dish have a lovely Indian flavor of cumin and coriander...great recipe as always!
Wish you and all your loved ones Very Happy Easter!

pigpigscorner 22/4/11 15:01

Light and delicious! Just what I need now!

Tanantha 22/4/11 23:19

This sounds like a healthy and light meal! Cod is cooked perfectly -nicely golden brown. I also like zucchini that goes so well with cod. Happy Earth Day Angie!

Pacheco Patty 23/4/11 01:46

This wonderful dish reminds me that I have just planted zucchini, tomatoes and fresh herbs in my garden, summer is coming and I for one can't wait! I love your seasonings for the fish and the salad is a perfect compliment;-)

Martha (MM) 23/4/11 02:09

Beautiful and delicious dish! I love your blog! Wonderful recipes and I love the layout too. I'm a new follower :-)

Mother Rimmy 23/4/11 06:18

I think what I love best about your recipes is how colorful they are. Your dishes are always packed with colorful foods. To me, this is what makes a dish appealing.

Barton 23/4/11 10:30

Such vibrant photos, nice summery dish

Elin 23/4/11 16:08

Angie...I was so tired the whole day but when I drop by here, I am totally refreshed now..after the virtual feasting of your cod fish :) I love cod and salmon and cooking cod this way is simply appetizing with the crunchy crust ! Thanks for sharing the recipe .

lisa is cooking 23/4/11 17:43

The yogurt dressing with the crispy fish looks delicious! Perfect with the zucchini salad too.

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 24/4/11 17:59

Mmmm I love fish crusted with spices. And the zucchini salad is a great side to provide freshness next to the heat of the spices.

Ananda Rajashekar 25/4/11 18:06

Zucchini salad how new and refreshing! would love it!

theUngourmet 27/4/11 07:44

Yum. This looks completely delicious. I've been at a baker's conference this week and I'm eating my weight in bread each day. I would love a nice plate of this for dinner tomorrow night!

sensiblecooking 27/4/11 17:56

Oh so refreshing and summer all over the recipe. Sunday dinner menu is ready, Zucchini salad and crusted cod fillet.

Stevie 29/4/11 00:19

This cod dish sounds super flavorful and healthy, too. I really like fish and spices. The zucchini salad is interesting, as it isn't that common to see it uncooked. Thanks for the great ideas.

woman 12/6/11 21:11

Looks really good! love simple meal like this. I could make for lunch, in fact...


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