Szechuan Guai Wei Chicken

"Guai Wei", literally translated as "exotic/unusual/special flavour or taste", is one of main sauces used in Szechuan cuisine of China. The ingredients of "guai wei" usually consists of sesame, vinegar, Szechuan peppercorns, sugar, hot bean sauce and rice wine.

Guaiwei Sauce
  • 2 Chicken legs
  • 3-5 slice Ginger
  • 1 stalk Spring onion, sectioned
  • 1/2 tsp Szechuan peppercorns
  • 30 g Chinese rice wine
  • 1 tbsp Sesame seeds, roasted
  • 1 tbsp Spring onion, chopped
  • 10 g Szechuan peppercorn oil
  • 30 g Hot bean sauce
  • 30 g Roasted sesame oil
  • 20 g Sesame paste
  • 10 g Black rice vinegar
  • 15 g Maggi seasoning
  • 10 g Sugar
  • 5 g Chicken bouillon
  1. Clean the chicken legs in warm water. Fill a pot with water over medium heat. When it starts to simmer, add in ginger, onion, Szechuan peppercorns and rice wine. Now add in prepared chicken thighs and cook for 12 minutes until just cooked and tender. Remove the chicken and soak in a pot of ice water until cool. Remove the chicken and cut into small pieces. Arrange the chicken on a serving plate.
  2. Mix the Szechuan peppercorn oil, hot bean sauce, sesame oil, sesame paste, black vinegar, Maggi seasoning, and chicken bouillon in a bowl. Pour the dressing over the chicken, then sprinkle the roasted sesame seeds and chopped spring onions on top.


doggybloggy 8/1/11 18:50

guai wei is my new best friend - nothing beats the clean fresh flavor of a properly boiled juicy chicken - Angie this looks so delectable....

Dimah 8/1/11 19:19

Wonderful presentation, that looks absolutely delicious!

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines 8/1/11 19:24

Oh my, each one of your recipes makes me more hungry than the next. I have to look for some of those ingredients next time I'm at the Asian market. You sure know how to make food look appetizing. I was still thinking about the fish sticks and that chicken parma w/ avacado I still want to try. Have a great weekend.

Indonesian In Turkey 8/1/11 19:30

Oh My my my .... my mouth watering now :P

Emily Z 8/1/11 19:31

Yum! Looks fantastic! I love Asian flavors.

Catherine 8/1/11 19:32

Mmmm, this looks delicious Angie! Very tender and delicious!
Happy New Year,

Ms. WhitePlates 8/1/11 20:56

This is a stunning. So many Chinese sauces are bottled, thanks so much for sharing a beautiful recipe.

Ivy 8/1/11 21:21

Lots of new ingredients here I am not familiar with but I am sure it tastes wonderful and love your presentation.

Lisa {Authentic Suburban Gourmet } 8/1/11 21:32

Amazing! This is on my list. Love anything Szechuan. Your photos are really beautiful. Happy New Year!!

Happy Cook 8/1/11 21:48

This is a totally new dish for me, as the chicken is poached it sure must be very moist. looks delish.

MaryMoh 8/1/11 21:50

Mmmm...I love this type of chicken...very juicy and tender. Love the sauce. This dish would be so good with rice and a small bowl of soup :D

Tanvi@Sinfully Spicy 8/1/11 22:02

Poached chicken is new for me.I really like the fresh flavors in your sauce.

Chef E 8/1/11 22:05

I made chicken in this manner, but with a BBQ sauce to top it off, I would have preferred yours in the photo!

Belinda @zomppa 8/1/11 22:09

Wow. That chicken looks phenomenal. Those flavors must be ridiculously awesome together. I wish I was at your house for dinner!

Janet@ Gourmet Traveller 88 8/1/11 22:32

I love your Sichan chicken, mouth watering looking at the pic. pity i cant find black rice vinegar here and can't bring all these chinese cooking ingredient back.

Sharon 8/1/11 22:39

This looks absolutely delicious! I love the spicy hot bean sauce. Very interesting that you used Maggi seasoning :). My mouth is watering, would simply love to try this!

Jagruti જાગૃતિ 8/1/11 23:17

Chicken lovers will be very pleased !

Katie@Cozydelicious 8/1/11 23:33

I've never heard of this sauce, but it looks awesome! I love all the flavors and heat. Yum!

♥peachkins♥ 9/1/11 00:09

gosh, you know how I love chicken. This looks awesome!

Joy 9/1/11 00:19

Yum! I have all the ingredients except the chicken.... I am off to buy some today!

Joy 9/1/11 00:22

Ooops I don't have Maggi seasoning, I will have to check that out.

Chow and Chatter 9/1/11 00:29

wow this sauce sounds amazing Angie I can't say it enough you can cook :-)

Torviewtoronto 9/1/11 01:51

flavourful chicken looks wonderful

kitchen flavours 9/1/11 02:15

Looks so delicious! Love Szechuan dishes. Will try this out one day! Thank you sharing!

Sugar Free Low Carb 9/1/11 02:45

I love how you presented this dish. It really has some wonderful colors. I bet it tastes amazing.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 9/1/11 03:43

That dish looks wonderful! A flavorful sauce...



wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more 9/1/11 04:24

It sounds delicious!
I've not been exposed much to Szechuan Cuiusine, and those here are a bit adulterated, I think, LOL.
I'd love to have this sauce for my poached/steamed chicken, maybe for Chinese New Year.

maameemoomoo@ ½ food blog 9/1/11 04:44


Sounds yummy!!

I love Szechuan Cuisine ;)

Yi 9/1/11 04:49

Nice recipe! The chicken looks tender and juicy. The recipe reminds me of my childhood when I lived in Sichuan where I used to have dishes like this all the time.

Jeannie 9/1/11 04:52

I love the sound and look of this chicken dish, healthy and delicous!

Hasna 9/1/11 05:08

nic color combo f the dish...:) & a gud click

Kitchen Boffin 9/1/11 06:44

i love Szechwan chicken.. i think i always have.. this is one dish i would like to bookmark... as usual stunning clicks!

Ah Tze 9/1/11 10:34

Angie, the chicken looks tender, it should taste good!

My Little Space 9/1/11 14:06

Thank you, Angie! For another lovely chicken recipe from your home. I'm looking forward for more of your hometown recipes. Have a great day!
Cheers, Kristy

busygran 9/1/11 15:07

It looks good! I don't mind trying it out but minus chicken skin and less sesame oil!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 9/1/11 15:07

That does look delicious and a beautiful presentation is so appealing! Looks like I'm going to need some new ingredients for my pantry ;)

Michael Toa 9/1/11 16:12

I never had guai wei chicken but it looks utterly delicious. I'm very interested to give this a try.

TasteHongKong 9/1/11 17:09

Despite that it is called 'guai wei or odd', we often find it an additive recipe. By the way, I can't view the second image : (.

Angie's Recipes 9/1/11 17:57

Really? It's odd as I can read it. Anyone else has problem with 2nd photo?

Priya 9/1/11 18:08

Slurp,makes me hungry..

Anna's Table 9/1/11 18:40

Love the ingredients and rich colour of the sauce....very appetizing.

Mary 9/1/11 19:05

This is one that I haven't tried yet. I'll have to give it a shot. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Biren @ Roti n Rice 9/1/11 21:54

This looks tender and smooth! I love the sauce too!

Medifast Coupon 9/1/11 22:35

Great recipe for a tasty dish! The picture looks fantastic.

OohLookBel 9/1/11 23:46

Beautiful dish! It really brings back memories of my mother's cooking (especially the Maggi seasoning!)

Kristen 10/1/11 00:40

How nice of you to present a totally homemade version for people like me who live no where near a good Asian market. This sounds amazing.

Kate @ 10/1/11 01:28

That photo is jumping at me ... I wish I could just bite into it! :) Beautiful recipe!

Claudia 10/1/11 04:21

Oh is that ever finger lookin' good. Szechuan was a mainstay in my college days - in Chinatown in NYC. It's been eons since I ahd some golod Szechuan food and I never think to make it. I think you were my gentle nudgte.

OysterCulture 10/1/11 04:24

Woah, this one has me on many levels, nothing beats a good chicken but with the spices you've added, you've taken it to the next level.

Hornsfan 10/1/11 04:26

Fabulous recipe Angie, it looks so tasty and unlike some of my favs that are fried chicken recipes this beauty looks health : )

marcellina 10/1/11 05:16

What delicious recipes! I'm not sure I'd be able to find all these ingredients in my supermarket but I'm on the look out. This would be a perfect summer holiday recipe!It's summer here in Oz! Thanks for sharing the recipe and you comment on my blog!

Elisabeth 10/1/11 06:04

Hi Angie-I love Sechuan style foods, and your chicken looks so colorful, spicy, and yummy! Love, love, the spices, and the sauce.
I also can't see the second image...could be my computer, but maybe not!

3 hungry tummies 10/1/11 06:30

Your 怪味雞 looks absolutely to die for!

tasteofbeirut 10/1/11 06:32

That chicken reminded me of chicken and mole; the sauce sounds fantastic; such an interesting way to prepare the bird.

Monet 10/1/11 06:46

I agree...the presentation here is just beautiful. I love learning about new sauces like makes dinner and cooking so much more exciting. Thank you for sharing, my dear. I hope you have a good Monday. Let the week begin!

Jo 10/1/11 08:04

Angie, you wouldn't believe it but I was actually salivating at your pictures. The chicken looks so, so good and I'm going to KIV this.

Donna-FFW 10/1/11 12:42

The Asian flavors here must make for one fantastic meal. Looks wonderful!

Heavenly Housewife 10/1/11 13:38

That makes for the most elegant chicken dinner. I want to come over now and eat this with you!
*kisses* HH

Jenn 10/1/11 14:27

I love the combination of all those flavors! I bet that chicken tastes incredible!

Faith 10/1/11 15:39

This looks absolutely delicious! What a great balance of flavor in this dish!

Anonymous 10/1/11 16:10

A very unique sauce, sounds so flavorful, I would love to try this!


Oh Angie, I'm in love with this! I'm fairly certain I could et it morning, noon, and night and not be sick of it! Brilliant!

Food For Tots 10/1/11 17:36

The chicken leg looks so tender and pairs well with this Szechuan sauce. Yum!

Georgia (The Comfort of Cooking) 10/1/11 17:46

What a wonderful, delicious dinner idea. This looks so flavorful and exotic, Angie. I'll have to give it a try sometime! Thanks for sharing!

Silence Sings 10/1/11 18:42

Looks so delicious and tempting...Thanks for sharing this lovely dish...

Gulmohar 10/1/11 20:11

Way too tempting Angie...Great recipe

Anonymous 10/1/11 20:26

Looks lovely and so tasty.

Ananda Rajashekar 10/1/11 20:36

mouthwatering how beautifully and professionally presented!

carmenpiva 10/1/11 22:15

I've never cooked any Chinese or Oriental dish, but if I ever want to have a try, I know where I'll come to find inspiration.

lisaiscooking 10/1/11 22:20

The sauce sounds delicious, and I love the color of it on top of the poached chicken!

FOODESSA 11/1/11 00:04

Szechuan happens to be one of my favourite cuisines from the variety that comes out of the Asian delicacies. I might have to go a little easy on the hot sauce...and this chicken will get made. Great, tasty dish ;o)

Flavourful wishes,

Raina 11/1/11 02:07

Wonderful flavors. It looks delicious:)

Joanne 11/1/11 02:54

This chicken sounds wonderful, especially that sauce on top!

Evan @swEEts 11/1/11 03:13

I really like the sound of this chicken.. it seems like a perfect dish! That sauce is just drawing me in..

Velva 11/1/11 04:11

I have heard that Szechuan Region of China has some of the best food that can be eaten. If your post is any indication, I believe it. This looks amazing.


tigerfish 11/1/11 04:32

It is not Guai Wei, it is Mei Wei (scrumptious, delicious!) :D

Shirley @ Kokken69 11/1/11 05:00

Guai Wei in a deliciously good way!

alison 11/1/11 06:17

looks so tasty,love the chinese food and its flavours!

Elin 11/1/11 07:12

Angie...this would be nice for a change for a CNY chicken dish. Thanks for sharing the sauce recipe. I think I will love it...szechuan flavor :)

Cristina 11/1/11 08:46

Angie: Can I come over for dinner? You make the most beautiful and delicious looking dishes and desserts.

The Guaiwei Sauce is a beautiful color and looks/sounds like it has a deep and complex flavor combination. Delicious!

Jess @ Bakericious 11/1/11 15:19

this chicken dish looks delish, my family sure will like it.

blackbookkitchendiaries 11/1/11 16:38

This chicken sounds so flavorful! i really love hot bean sauce in asian dishes, they are just delish! thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous 11/1/11 18:48

This looks amazing! I wish I had some for lunch right now! I am printing this family is going to love this! :)

aipi 11/1/11 22:04

Too bad I am a vegetarian but I can tell it is really very well brother loves chicken n he will definitely gobble it up :)

US Masala

Eva 12/1/11 01:18

That looks absolutely incredible! I love the fresh spring onion topping, too.

~ Chef Louise 12/1/11 01:55

looks really healthy and packed with flavor... love the colors
chef louise

Reeni 12/1/11 03:40

What a gorgeous presentation Angie! It's positively delectable! I love that you left the skin on too for lots of flavor.

noobcook 12/1/11 05:57

The seasonings are not exotic for a Chinese food eater, but delicious-looking it definitely is.

Karen 12/1/11 11:55

Superb, Angie! Love the layers of flavors in the sauce. I'd like to order this for lunch, please. :-)

Kulsum@JourneyKitchen 12/1/11 18:45

Oh this looks lovely! Love all thing chinese!

Magic of Spice 12/1/11 20:13

What a stunning dish Angie...this has one of my favorite sauces, but not one I have prepared myself. Lovely :)

Stella 13/1/11 00:17

Yikes! That looks delicious, Angie! I wish my empty stomach was at your place right about now...:)

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 13/1/11 05:40

Hi Angie :) I've been seeing a lot of lean, Chinese style dishes around the blogosphere lately - everyone must truly be tired of eating rich foods after Christmas and New Year LOL

This looks amazing!!!!! Really, really tempting....

Beachlover's Kitchen 13/1/11 07:34

look delicious!! it's also look similar like Thai's spicy chicken!! wish I can have some now!!

Tanantha P. 14/1/11 01:10

This looks divine Angie! Love the sauce-flavorful. Your photography makes me drool.

Hettar7 17/1/11 23:11

I like the spicy/exotic/unusual .... but.....

I can't get over the fact that boiled chicken looks like raw chicken. I mean, I can still see the little chicken goosebumps on its skin! It creeps me out. Sorry Ang but.... I draw the line at boiled chicken yummy sounding sauce aside.

Mei 17/2/11 21:57

My daughter love boiled chicken, I serve it with ginger and spring onion finely chopped with just salt and hot oil as a dip, yours look delicious, another dish i need to learn from you! :-) And thankyou for kind comment Angie. You have so many yummy here makes mouth water...


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