Baked Carnival Squash with Smoked Bacon and Rosemary

Carnival Squash - Cream colored with orange spots or pale green with dark green spots in vertical stripes. Carnival Squash have hard, thick skins and only the flesh is eaten. It is sometimes labeled as a type of acorn squash.
The delicious yellow meat is reminiscent of sweet potatoes and butternut squash and can be baked or steamed then combined with butter and fresh herbs. Also great in soups. Source: What's Cooking America

Recipe Source: Kürbis aus dem Ofen-Essen und Trinken
  • 1 Carnival squash (acorn or hokkaido)
  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  • 100 g Smoked bacon, diced
  • 50 g Olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp Dried rosemary
  • 2 Garlic cloves, minced
  • 1/5 tsp Nutmeg
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  1. Preheat the oven to 190C/375F. Cut carnival squash into halves, scoop out seeds and fibers, and cut each half into two chunks. Place them cut-side up on a shallow baking tray. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper.
  2. Dice the bacon and combine with olive oil, rosemary, garlic, nutmeg and sugar in a bowl. Divide the mixture among the carnival chunks. Bake in the middle of the hot oven for 25-30 minutes.


Finla 26/10/10 13:33

I can imagine the intense flavour as they are roasted, looks so good.

Belinda @zomppa 26/10/10 13:37

Lovely dish - classy - great for the holidays. Bacon always works.

TasteHongKong 26/10/10 13:56

Great treat for party, let's sink our teeth in the beautiful squash together : )!

FOODESSA 26/10/10 14:08

I love squash prepared this way. I have some turkey bacon that's ready to be used up and maybe a drizzle of maple syrup ;o)

Angie...your pics always bring on a terrible hunger!

Ciao for now,

My Little Space 26/10/10 15:02

Oh what a lovely litle treat! Very origin and must be tasty good.

Claudia 26/10/10 15:05

We call it acorn squash her although I like the "carnival" aspect of it. Perfect side - or meal - love the salt of the bacon with the sweet of the squash.

Andrea the Kitchen Witch 26/10/10 15:12

These look really delicious. I've never added bacon to squash, now I wonder what my problem was!! What a great idea! My squash plants did great this year in the garden so I'm always on the look out for new ideas, this one tops the list so far! Can't wait to try these myself :)

Faith 26/10/10 15:50

What a beautiful squash! I can imagine it's a nice pair with the bacon for some richness!

Dimah 26/10/10 15:53

These look absolutely fantastic!!

busygran 26/10/10 15:54

I bet the squash tasted good with bacon! Yum!

Mother Rimmy 26/10/10 15:55

I have one of these lovely squashes sitting on my counter. Thanks for the inspiration!

LookyTasty 26/10/10 15:58

This looks amazing and there's smoked bacon too!

Miss Meat and Potatoes 26/10/10 16:00

"Carnival Squash" - just the name itself makes these worth trying. Not to mention the lovely flavors you've added here. PERFECT for fall. Thanks for sharing!

blackbookkitchendiaries 26/10/10 16:14

oh wow, this looks so beautiful.. thank you for sharing this recipe, i cant wait to try this out soon.

Carol 26/10/10 16:16

That squash dish looks so good. With crispy bacon, you are making me very hungry so early in the morning! Beautiful!

whozyerdanny 26/10/10 16:19

Great flavors, looks fabulous!

Devaki 26/10/10 16:24

So perfect for the season! Explosive flavors :)

Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

Roxan 26/10/10 16:27

This squash looks great, I can see where it gets its name! One question - do you eat the rind of the squash too? I'm still a bit of a newbie to squash.. I've made only two (butternut and gold nugget) and both of those had smooth skins that I peeled before cooking. I see that you cooked yours with the skin on.

Jeannie 26/10/10 16:35

That looks good and so simple to make. I don't like cutting the pumpkin though.:P

Sophie Sportende Foodie 26/10/10 16:42

What a lovely roasted pumpkin dish!! Looks magnificent!!

ann low 26/10/10 16:43

Love the beautiful color of the squash. Clever idea to add smoked bacon and spices on it, look so yummy :)

Treat and Trick 26/10/10 17:11

Sounds interesting and delicious, as always your shots are fantastic!

WendyinKK 26/10/10 17:28

Here, we all call them pumpkins. Thanks, I learn something new today.

Angie's Recipes 26/10/10 18:15

No, I just scoop the flesh out. The rind of this type of squash is rather tough.

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines 26/10/10 18:16

I want squash! I've been waiting to see some at the market! I love your idea of the bacon on there. This is a good recipe, love your photos as always too! I shouldn't read your posts before breakfast!

pigpigscorner 26/10/10 18:20

I like how you baked it with bacon on top! yum yum!

Betty @ scrambled hen fruit 26/10/10 18:44

I love Carnival squash, and actually have some in my pantry right now. This sounds delicious with the bacon and rosemary. :)

Priya Suresh 26/10/10 19:46

Very interesting and awesome looking baked squash.

Kumi 26/10/10 19:56

Love the combination. Looks amazingly good yet simple enough for me!

lisaiscooking 26/10/10 20:18

That's such a pretty squash. I've never found one quite like it. Sounds delicious roasted too!

Unknown 26/10/10 20:47

What a delicious way of using seasonal produce. that is one beautiful squash :)
*kisses* HH

Unknown 26/10/10 20:59

Amazing those colours are just vibrant!

fimere 26/10/10 22:32

cela me semble délicieux et fantastique
les photos sont magnifiques
bonne soirée

Krishnaveni 26/10/10 22:38

interesting recipe, looks great

Cynthia 26/10/10 23:19

You say squash, I say pumpkin - it is genius roasting it with bacon! Yum!

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 26/10/10 23:20

everything is better with bacon, but never thought about its addition to this wow great idea!

Bakericious 26/10/10 23:43

this is a nice looking treats, squash with bacon sure to be tasty.

tigerfish 26/10/10 23:51

I have been roasting squash -skin on , in wedges too. Your addition of bacon and rosemary is very creative.

Stella 27/10/10 00:19

Yummerz! These look perfectly roasted, and I want mine over some pasta!

Hornsfan 27/10/10 02:06

Angie this looks delicious! I adore squashes and actually planted a lot of both butternut and acorn, I'll have to try this with one (or both) when they start to product fruit!

Juliana 27/10/10 02:06

Angie, what a nice way to serve squash...great presentation and the flavor must be great...bacon and herbs...SO So yummie!

baby cribs 27/10/10 03:53

Wow! Never tried of this one. Looks delicious and new to me.

Donna-FFW 27/10/10 04:07

GORGEOUS photos! I bet it was just wonderful. Bacon with the squash sounds perfect!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover 27/10/10 04:38

this look so beautiful and sound delicious.

Puja 27/10/10 05:03

Squash when roasted is my absolute favorite..looks great!

US Masala

Biren @ Roti n Rice 27/10/10 06:25

Bacon and squash sounds really good to me! It must smell really wonderful while roasting in the oven.

Christine Ho 27/10/10 06:35

Beautiful baked carnival squash! I can just take them as a meal without anything else.

Unknown 27/10/10 08:04

Brilliant pictures..Superb recipe..

Cherine 27/10/10 08:10

This is so original and yummy!!

Elin Chia 27/10/10 08:46

Angie...roasted ones taste good what more with bacon and rosemary. A perfect marriage ! Thanks for sharing this baked squash with smoked bacon and rosemary :) Love it!

Nammi 27/10/10 09:28

That squash looks very pretty :)have a nice day

Paul Jennette 27/10/10 13:09

Funny thing people have been asking me about recipes for Carnival squash, and alas I have none. I will be sharing this link with all of these people. It looks absolutely wonderful, the bacon, rosemary and nutmeg it's a perfect appetizer. Great Photos as well, great post!!

Heather S-G 27/10/10 13:43

The smokiness of bacon against earthy squash is one of my favorite flavor sensations...this sounds absolutely fantastic!

Susi's Kochen und Backen 27/10/10 16:09

Beautiful squash! I love the simplicity of this recipe that really lets the squash be the star! Oh, and the bacon does not hurt either ;o)

Terrianne, Call me Ree 27/10/10 17:48

I've seen carnival squash in my grocery store, but never did try it. Your gorgeous dish inspires me to give it a go. What a looker! And I bet this tasted wonderful, too. Yum!

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking 27/10/10 18:09

You never cease to amaze me with your creativity, Angie. This is a beautiful and delicious looking dish!

She's Cookin' 27/10/10 18:18

Wonderful flavors - I'm making this for Thanksgiving!

BigFatBaker 27/10/10 18:41

I can only imagine the flavor the bacon adds to the squash...great idea!

Unknown 27/10/10 20:02

beautiful squash pic and wonderful recipe..

Joudie's Mood Food 27/10/10 22:52

Just love the look of the skin. You can almost tell how this is going to turn out. Love roasting quash especially with the bacon. SOUNDS SO MOOOORISH!

Unknown 27/10/10 23:01

That is a bread combo. It is beautifully composed.

kitchen flavours 28/10/10 00:59

Looks beautiful and very yummy! I have never tried carnival squash before, I don't even know whether do we have it over here! Will keep a lookout for this when I'm at the store. Sounds great with the bacon and rosemary.

Unknown 28/10/10 02:31

I have been seeing this squash every where and I really like this delicious looking recipe, I would just serve a piece of the squash prepared this way with a green salad and bread- just a lovely comfort food meal:)

Reeni 28/10/10 03:02

I love the sweet and salty flavors in this Angie! Squash + bacon = heaven!

Anonymous 28/10/10 03:05

Did I just hear caramel and bacon? I am sold!!!

denies @ quickies on the dinner table 28/10/10 03:07

This looks amazing! Funny how I never thought to combine the two when I love bacon and squash so much! Duh...... :D

Elisabeth 28/10/10 04:16

Such a pretty squash. I would love to eat this squash even just by itself. It would be perfect as a side dish with just about any meal!

My Asian Kitchen 28/10/10 08:28

must try your idea..look really easy and simple!!we are now in pumpkin and sqush season!!

Anonymous 28/10/10 15:06

That's a cool looking squash and I love your preparation with smoked bacon and spices - super delicious!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy 28/10/10 15:53

Did I hear squash and bacon? I'm so there! Yum!

Emily Z 28/10/10 16:09

Angie, this looks amazing! Perfect dish for this time of year, especially with Thanksgiving coming up! You did a great job!

chow and chatter 28/10/10 22:32

yum i have been cooking pumpkin lately I should have done it long ago so tasty

Stella 29/10/10 01:09

Hey Angie! Thanks for your sweet gesture of putting my post on your Facebook page. I really appreciate it;) XO, Stella

Joanne 29/10/10 02:06

I love just about any type of winter squash but carnival squash is always so fun to look at...and fun to eat! The bacon and rosemary topping sounds glorious.

nandini 29/10/10 07:35

The fusion of flavours is incredible. Must have smelled heavenly. Lovely clicks.

carmenpiva 29/10/10 12:23

Wow! it must taste lovely! I must admit I've never cooked pumpkin... time to start!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 29/10/10 18:26

What pretty squash and a lovely way to prepare them. Roasted squash is one of the great treats in cold weather.

Velva 30/10/10 16:15

Angie, this is very similar to the acorn squash that I prepared. The addition of bacon is fabulous. What a flavor!

natural selection 30/10/10 22:31

Hello stranger been busy! and I see you have place the holy grail on squash, yes indeed bacon...beautiful delicious smoky glistening bacon.

As usual "Angies Recipes" completes me.

Now I'm going over to the bread..let's see..

Quay Po Cooks 1/11/10 14:57

I learn another new variation for pumpkin! Thanks.

sweetlife 3/11/10 00:04

wonderful falvors, yummy..I would love a plate of this..


OysterCulture 3/11/10 19:20

Love squash and this looks like just a wonderful way to fix it. Thanks for the ideas.

Chef E 4/11/10 15:40

You always inspire me, and this is a winner. I actually have the ingredients for this!

Anonymous 13/11/11 21:31

I tried this with a few changes: maple syrup instead of sugar, pork/rice sausages. 30 minutes was not long enough, I covered it with tinfoil at 30 and cooked 30 more minutes. That created juices on the bottom I added water to mix it up with the squash to keep it from being too dry. Yes, I peeled off the skin and mixed all the goodies into the squash alongside the juices that I made from the bottom juices of the pan. Yummy

Sierra 19/9/12 03:09

Really delicious. I added water and covered with foil at the 30 minute mark to keep the squash from drying out. Awesome flavors. Will be making again. Thanks!

Rosita Vargas 23/8/13 20:51

Ohhh encontrar esta receta me emociona zapallo asado en mi infancia siempre y mamá nos hacía con miel los sabores son increíbles,abrazos grandes.

Janine 22/10/13 20:40

This looks wonderful! I just bought one of these and wondered how to fix it. One question: Do you cook the bacon first?

Angie's Recipes 23/10/13 05:11

@Janine No, I just mixed it with spices and topped over the wedges.

Raven 30/12/13 04:06

We enjoyed this! Thanks! We found it needed more time and a foil tent for steaming. Perhaps our squash was bigger. Delicious topping!

Amber Ashford 17/6/15 13:54

Beautiful recipe – Perfect for the start of Spring. I look forward to making this.

Unknown 24/11/15 06:44

wow such a lovely idea , very interesting :))

chowringhee vijaynagar

Adina 28/8/19 09:09

I've never tried carnival squash, I usually buy hokkaido. This looks amazing, I just love roasted squash or pumpkin.


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