Vanilla Yogurt Mousse with Strawberry Marshmallow

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This is a really delightful summer dessert with smooth and creamy texture that uses fresh blueberries, vanilla yogurt and strawberry-flavoured marshmallow.

  • 125 g Vanilla yogurt
  • 60 ml Whole milk
  • 80 g Strawberry flavoured mini marshmallow
  • 50 g Fresh blueberries
  1. Place strawberry marshmallows, vanilla yoghurt, and whole milk in a pot. Heat the mixture over the slow flame until the marshmallows are melted and all the ingredients are well-combined. Remove and cool.
  2. Divide half of the fresh blueberries into two serving glasses, and slowly pour in the mousse. Cover and chill for an hour until set. Arrange the rest of the blueberries on the top of the mousse. Serve.
Vanilla Yogurt Mousse With Strawberry Marshmallow


Krishnaveni 22/7/10 10:06

simple but yummy yum treat fot this hot summer, beautiful entry

noobcook 22/7/10 10:14

This is really pretty! what a perfect summer delight!

Honey Bee Sweets 22/7/10 10:17

Such a lovely & refreshing desert! Nice one. ;)

Anncoo 22/7/10 10:17

Woo Angie, this is very pretty and refreshing ;D

Umm Mymoonah 22/7/10 10:30

Wow! Never heard mousse with yogurt, looks so cool.

Happy Cook 22/7/10 10:52

I have not made any baking or dessert in jully except for the DB. This looks so so good, i wold love to make them once too. Bookmakring them.

Anonymous 22/7/10 10:58

Beautiful mousse! Great job.

Jess @ Bakericious 22/7/10 11:08

the color is so nice and beautiful presentation!

Hearty Bakes 22/7/10 11:48

Indeed looks very fruitilicious, refreshing and creamy good! Its such a pretty looking dessert. Thanks for sharing!

zurin 22/7/10 12:08

This does look very very refreshing .And pretty !

Joanne 22/7/10 12:45

Strawberry flavored marshmallows! I need to find some of those! Delicious mousse.

Heavenly Housewife 22/7/10 12:48

How beautiful, a drink fit for a princess :)
*kisses* HH

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 22/7/10 13:19

Very pretty dessert! Love the fruitiness of this! Great pictures too!

Belinda @zomppa 22/7/10 13:25

Strawberry wha-?? Did you say marshmallow? Ohhhhh, me likes.

Vrinda 22/7/10 14:04

So pretty n colorful mousse...

E 22/7/10 14:05

Looks soo tasty...

Bo 22/7/10 14:30

Angie...I love all these recipes with marshmallows. This sounds delicious!

Foodessa 22/7/10 15:01

Angie...this is the second time you entice me with strawberries and marshmallows. Alright, I'll take the hint...gotta try one of these soon.
Looks too yummy to pass up. Now, I'll have to find more local strawberries...hmmm.

Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,

Sarah Naveen 22/7/10 15:05

Beautiful clicks..looks so refreshing and yummy!!

Cocina Savant 22/7/10 15:25

This is heavenly. Now I have a perfect use for those blueberries.

kitchen flavours 22/7/10 15:32

What a delightful dessert! I wish I can have one right now!

Chow and Chatter 22/7/10 16:07

wow this looks fantastic you always have wonderful recipe Angie love it


pigpigscorner 22/7/10 16:33

This looks and sounds fantastic! Simple and yummy!

alwayswinner786 22/7/10 17:24

Wow Angie! Great mousse, looks so beautiful, a perfect summer dessert!

Gulmohar 22/7/10 18:02

That's a pretty summer delight Angie

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 22/7/10 18:59

Another light and delicious treat. Keep 'em coming, Angie!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 22/7/10 19:55

Divine mousses! I really love the idea and beautiful presentation!



Joy 22/7/10 20:26

That is perfect for the summer.

Nithya 22/7/10 20:35

It looks extremely yummy :) Fantastic :)

Magic of Spice 22/7/10 20:43

Angie,this looks delightful... I love the use of yogurt here :)

Sook 22/7/10 22:09

I'd be in heaven if I could have a glass of this.... Looks gorgeous!

Priya 22/7/10 22:12

Cute looking delicious mousse, yummm!!

Indie.Tea 22/7/10 22:18

I adore yogurt, so this recipe is very intriguing, and it looks delicious. I guess I'll just have to try it out.
By the way, you have a lovely blog, very nice layout.

Katie@Cozydelicious 22/7/10 23:16

What beautiful colors! And so fantastically summerry!

RV 22/7/10 23:17

I want to grab it right away. has made me drool

Erica 22/7/10 23:48

Such a lovely summer treat. Thanks for sharing!

Biren 23/7/10 00:10

This looks so refreshing. I am sure it must be delicious!

My Little Space 23/7/10 01:26

Oh gosh Angie, I am drooling & drooling & drooling over this gorgeous looking mousse treat! Absolutely addictive.....& beautiful! Thanks for sharing & have a happy weekend!
Cheers, KRisty

Val 23/7/10 01:31

I want that so bad!!! Your pics are so wonderful!

sweetlife 23/7/10 02:18

how beautiful, your photoa are always so yummy


Cook with Madin 23/7/10 02:40

This is great Angie, simple but looks really delicious.

Jeannie 23/7/10 03:07

This mousse certainly looks delicious and so pretty not to mention easy too! Will make on day when my boys deserve a treat :D Thanks!

Elin 23/7/10 03:45

Great Summer dessert....wish I could have this everyday !

theUngourmet 23/7/10 08:10

Fantastic! I've never thought of using marshmallows this way. I love it!

Christine@Christine's Recipes 23/7/10 09:32

Gorgeous dessert. Very refreshing! Even it's winter here, I'd love to have one.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 23/7/10 10:24

beautiful, refreshing and cool, I wish I can make this soon.

MaryMoh 23/7/10 10:30

Mmmm...this is very special, simple and delicious. It very summery...brings smiles :)

Pete 23/7/10 11:11

Just came home, real hot outside.....need this cool drink!

Ann 23/7/10 13:39

all i can say is YUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! was it really sweet?

Dishesdone 23/7/10 15:02

Looks like a perfect summer dessert, but delicious any time!

Mary 23/7/10 15:53

What a marvelous dessert for summer. It really looks delicious and your photo is wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

PranisKitchen 23/7/10 16:45

angie this mousse looks so delicous.. very interesting recipe somewhat different than the original one.. good presentation

My Asian Kitchen 23/7/10 20:07

love the presentation!! I bet this summer drink must taste delicious!!

Nithu 23/7/10 20:30

Looks wonderful. mouthwatering...

Yummy Team 23/7/10 22:00

Lovely clicks!! Yummmy..

Chef Dennis 24/7/10 00:09

That sounds so good!! I never thought about heating yogurt before, although i do use it in must be so good with those marshmallows! I could sure use one now!

Cinnamon-Girl 24/7/10 02:08

How cool and refreshing and luscious Angie! This is exactly what I'm craving right now.

Amy @ cookbookmaniac 24/7/10 02:53

This would make a perfect snack for me right now!

Stella 24/7/10 16:36

Hey Angie, I think you might be the only person in the blogosphere that has thought to melt down marshmallows and yogurt together to make something that looks so delicious and it healthful but also a bit sinful-yum! I'm going to see if I can find organic I can!

citronetvanille 24/7/10 16:37

Oh I would have never thought of adding marshmallows in the yogurt, what a genius idea!

ICook4Fun 24/7/10 21:51

They look so pretty especially the sweet pink color.

pegasuslegend 24/7/10 22:18

congrats on Top 9 on /Foodbuzz!

Velva 24/7/10 22:54

Gosh, that looks good.

Fimère 25/7/10 00:37

un dessert succulent, parfumé, frais et surtout irrésistible
bonne soirée

OysterCulture 25/7/10 04:21

This dessert just proves that sometimes simple is best. It looks and sounds delicious.

VintageSugarcube 25/7/10 05:40

WOW! This looks like a grand idea for a summer party. Are strawberry marshmallows hard to find? Congrats to you on the top 9! That's fab-u-lous!!

Parita 25/7/10 06:43

stunning mousse Angie! bookmarked!

Jo 25/7/10 15:30

What's not to like about this ... I'm slurping my drool right now! Pardon my manner. I love it and the pictures are absolutely stunning.

tasteofbeirut 25/7/10 17:36

Beautiful to look at; refreshing; idea is a great one; will make it soon.

grace 26/7/10 09:10

oh, how very lovely! flavored marshmallows are an unexpected and quite welcome surprise in these treats--beautiful and tasty work, angie. :)

Sue 26/7/10 17:44

This sounds so delicious and looks so creamy!

high low 27/7/10 04:13

Beautiful dessert Angie! What made you think of using marshmallows? It's a unique idea to use them as a sweetener.

petite nyonya 28/7/10 02:46

I could feel the refreshing taste of this in my mouth! Slurrpp!!

Sophie 28/7/10 11:41

MMMMMMM,...a fantastic & amazing smoothy!!

Waw! Absolutely beautiful!

Cinda 28/7/10 19:41

Creative and super yum. I wouldn't have thought to use marshmallows but it works.

Reshmi 4/8/10 06:05

tat is just WOWY!! I'm drooling over those pics... first time here and m in love with ur blog...

Hettar7 5/8/10 02:41

So simple sounding. I bet it's good though. I bet other fruit would be good added to this. I'm in love with the pink color. :)

baby cribs 5/8/10 14:49

When I saw this Vanilla Yogurt Mousse with Strawberry Marshmallow I get so curious. I want to know if the vanilla yogurt mouse is going to be nice with strawberry marshmallow. I tried it and I can say that it is a perfect combination.


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