Spaghetti with Cape Hake Sauce

Nothing fancy. Just an ordinary but very delectable white fish and tomato sauce for pasta that works perfectly as a one-course meal.

  • 1 tbsp Capers
  • 8 Olives, cut into rings
  • 1/3 tsp Dried chilli flakes
  • 1 tbsp Fresh parsley, chopped
  • 60 ml White wine
  • 400 ml / 1 can Diced tomatoes with juice
  • 1/3 tsp Dried basil
  1. Rinse and dry the fish fillet. Sprinkle both sides lightly with salt and pepper. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the spaghetti to the boiling water and cook until tender, yet al dente, about 8 minutes.
  2. In a large saucepan over low heat, gently sauté the garlic in olive oil until aromatic. Add in chopped anchovy, stirring briefly, then add in chopped onion and stir until softened. Stir in capers, olives, chilli flakes, and the parsley. Then pour in the white wine and cook until it reduces a bit. Now add in the tomatoes and bring the mixture to a boil.
  3. Put the fish into the saucepan, covering with the sauce. Cook 15 minutes until it is cooked through. Flake the fish and continue to cook briefly. Drain the spaghetti and add to the sauce.
Spaghetti With Cape Hake Sauce


Belinda @zomppa 26/6/10 06:09

What a great dish! Never thought to use anchovies too.

Pavithra 26/6/10 06:44

Thats wonderful dish with yummy sauce..looks perfectly good and tempting angie !!!

3 hungry tummies 26/6/10 07:44

Looks delicious Angie. What is a good substitute for cape hake?

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 26/6/10 07:57

this sound good and yummy. Have a great weekend ahead.

Anncoo 26/6/10 07:57

Looks delicious! Wonder I can find cape hake here?

Krishnaveni 26/6/10 08:00

delicious recipe...looks yum yum....great...beautiful picture

yan 26/6/10 08:03

It's make me hungry...

Ivy 26/6/10 08:14

Love everything in this dish.

zurin 26/6/10 08:40

Oh that looks so so so good Angie! I wld love a plate right now.

Angie's Recipes 26/6/10 09:13

3 hungry tummies: Alaska pollack, or cod, actually any white fish fillet will do.
Thank you guys for your precious time and kind words!
I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Cheah 26/6/10 11:02

Be it one or two course meal, whatever you cook will be most delicious!

Peter M 26/6/10 11:19

I love hake or whiting...a light, flaky white fleshed fish and it sounds delicious tossed in this pasta sauce.

Umm Mymoonah 26/6/10 12:04

Sounds delicous, pictures look so tempting.

pegasuslegend 26/6/10 12:43

Very good idea using hake, have had it when living up north a nice firm firm, sounds perfect!

☺lani☺ 26/6/10 12:59

Sounds good! Thanks for the idea! Happy Weekend Angie!

Chef Dennis 26/6/10 13:03

What a wonderful sauce, great spices to compliment that hake....a perfect plating and of course a great image!

Christine@Christine's Recipes 26/6/10 13:06

A simple yet delicious dish for a meal. I always love to have spaghetti with tomato sauce. Yumm..

Cool Lassi(e) 26/6/10 14:00

What a splendid and easy meal. I love the addition of capers. And I would love to have this for any meal.

lisaiscooking 26/6/10 14:35

Sounds fantastic! I don't combine fish and pasta often enough. I love all the ingredients here.

Joanne 26/6/10 14:47

Pasta with white fish and capers is actually one of my favorite dishes! So much flavor and so healthy.

My Little Space 26/6/10 15:10

Spaghetti with fish fillet! Yummmm..... and low in cal too! Frankly, I've put on 2kg....this year. HAHAHA.... Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, dear.
Cheers, Kristy

girlichef 26/6/10 15:12

Fancy or not, I'd gobble this up! It looks delicious, and I love it with the fish in there. I honestly don't think I've ever had spaghetti w/ fish.

Happy Cook 26/6/10 15:28

Looks so so dleish, i can imagine the floavour, i just want to grab that plate from my screen and love the picture.

Vrinda 26/6/10 15:30

I am not a fan of these but ur Spaghetti looks so tempting...

Katy ~ 26/6/10 15:39

I wish I liked fish because this looks so very very good. You know, I think this looks so good I would love to try it anyway. It looks that irresistible!!

A Canadian Foodie 26/6/10 15:58

Angie, I have never put fish in pasta - never - but it makes perfect sense. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the most unusual.

Fresh Local and Best 26/6/10 16:06

Wow Angie! This is a totally super Mediterranean pasta dish! I love the bright flavors of capers and olives.

OysterCulture 26/6/10 16:48

Love the sound of this meal. So tasty and with all my savory favorites.

nora@ffr 26/6/10 16:57

yummmyy!! perfect dish to make during weekends!! m kids gonna love this!! :) of i go to buy cape hake!! :D thanx angiee!!

TasteHongKong 26/6/10 17:10

Why ordinary can be delish? You just provide an example : ).

Cherine 26/6/10 17:35

The sauce is a delish! A great pasta dish!

Jeannie 26/6/10 18:03

That looks like a very delicious dish! Love the color:D

Dishesdone 26/6/10 18:09

Looks delicious! The sauce sounds so good!

Cinnamon-Girl 26/6/10 18:37

I never had Hake before Angie! But I love this! It reminds me of my favorite tuna in sauce.

Foodessa 26/6/10 20:46

It doesn't have to be fancy of complex to be delicious.
Just by taking a look at the could tell that a fork in hand would twirl that spaghetti before you can say Buon Appetito;o)
Flavourful wishes,

Chow and Chatter 26/6/10 23:14

oh my this is wonderful i need to try this recipe Rebecca

SpicyTasty 27/6/10 02:39

Yummy and scrumptious dish. Looks so delicious. I am hungry now :-)

Ho Ho Ho 27/6/10 04:06

Brilliant Angie... the sauce looks so inviting... yum

Kitchen Corner 27/6/10 07:00

WOW! Your pasta looks soooooo delicious! Very super temping! Pasta is one of my favorite food. How could I resist this?

Devaki 27/6/10 07:02

Oh how wonderful Angie - I would never have thought to combine fish is a tomato sauce over pasta but it makes perfect sense!

Thanks for this inspiring recipe and as always your pics leave me salivating :)

Ciao,Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

Fimère 27/6/10 09:21

c'est un plat que j'aime beaucoup cela me semble délicieux
bonne journée

kitchen flavours 27/6/10 10:52

How can anyone resist this delicious looking spaghetti. Pretty colourful plate too! Great picture.

Erica 27/6/10 15:22

This is the perfect meal, Angie! Wonderful flavors.....Love the pictures.

Mary 27/6/10 16:27

What a lovely simple meal. I'd be standing in line for seconds. This is really a perfect meal for a warm summer evening. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

PranisKitchen 27/6/10 23:07

angie ww delicious nice combinational sauce with capers superb.. nice picture really catchy

Jo 28/6/10 02:43

This looks absolutely delicious. I love pasta that's not totally drowned with a sauce.

Sook 28/6/10 03:24

Angie, the sauce looks so amazing!

tigerfish 28/6/10 09:07

How can you say nothing fancy? It fancies me a lot! :D

noobcook 28/6/10 09:29

the sauce looks perfect! making me really hungry :)

A Thought For Food 28/6/10 13:01

I really need to use capers more. Personally, I love their flavor, the hubby (oddly) doesn't like them in hot dishes (same goes for olives). This might be the perfect dish to try them out on. Thanks for another great post!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 28/6/10 13:16

Very healthy and so delicious! A wonderful pasta dish, yummy!



Pete 28/6/10 15:40

Nice to add a little chilli flakes in it....mmmm, spiced it up

Sarah Naveen 28/6/10 16:31

Beautiful click..looks fabulously yummy!!!

Claudia 28/6/10 16:32

The fish in the pasta (I am assuming you can use any firm white fish?) is perfect - especially for summer. It seems like you use all my favorite ingredients in one scrumptious dish!

Heavenly Housewife 28/6/10 17:08

I'm always looking for great new pasta recipes, and this looks like a winner. I love the strong flavours that you've used here.
*kisses* HH

Sophie 28/6/10 18:13

A very stylish & tasty pasta dish!

It screams: EAT ME!!!

Juliana 28/6/10 19:03

Oh! I just had breakfast and my mouth is watering at your dish...looks delicious!

pigpigscorner 28/6/10 20:12

yum...gorgeous pasta dish!

Mythreyi Dilip 28/6/10 21:31

Hot spaghetti with delicious fish sauce, looks drool-worthy:)

A Thought For Food 28/6/10 22:20

You know what's funny? We are getting hake from our CSF (picking it up in a bit) today. Might not make this tonight (had pasta last night), but I'll save some to make this on Wednesday. :-)

Cynthia 29/6/10 00:12

I've just been ogling at all that I have missed :)

Diana's Cocina 29/6/10 01:32

What a perfect dish. I love anything with capers.

Bridgett 29/6/10 03:40

A great way to add some fish into a pasta as I can never get away just making a family always wants some sort of meat to go with it! This is a delicious sounding recipe.

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 29/6/10 04:50

Funny how I just had spaghetti with a tuna, tomato and green olive sauce during the weekend! I know this is simple but I also know it would taste great!

faithy, the baker 29/6/10 06:07

Angie, i should avoid looking at your site 1 hour before lunch time or dinner time! Always makes me soo hungry! Gorgeous looking spaghetti dish!!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 30/6/10 16:58

Mmm this looks like savory umami-full (?) deliciousness, Angie! I've been forbidden to eat seafood by Chinese doctors until I'm completely healed from a recent surgery but would love to try this afterward :).

Cooking with Kait 30/6/10 21:36

Great job Angie. This looks so wonderful and perfect for dinner.

Magic of Spice 1/7/10 09:00

A perfect dish! Love the flavors:)

Janet @Gourmet Traveller88 1/7/10 19:38

Hi Angie, looking at your recipe, I seem to be able to feel the taste of your pasta already. I would have to try it out!

Alita Duplanty 11/11/14 05:56

I had very felt the interest for your blog.most amazing pictures,


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