Cranberry Oat Bread

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Ok, I must admit that I am a true bread lover. I could have bread for breakfast I, for breakfast II (yes, I need two breakfasts a day :-) ) bread lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. My husband finds it amusing one who grew up eating rice adores bread so much.
There is a great choice of bread for all the tastes and costs available in Germany. But not many things beat a homemade artisan bread and don't you love the smell of fresh bread right out of your oven?
I first discovered this bread in Heavenly Housewife at From Donuts to Delirium and I was immediately intrigued. You can also find the original recipe from Dan Lepard's cranberry oat bread recipe at Guardian

  • 3 g Cinnamon
  • Finely grated zest of 1 lemon
  • 50 g Unsalted butter
  • 6 g Instant dry yeast
  • Olive oil, for kneading
  1. Put the oats and cranberries in a bowl and add the boiling water. Leave for 15-20 minutes, until the mixture is warm. Spoon the spelt flour, salt, cinnamon and zest into another bowl, rub in the butter, toss the yeast through, then add the oats and berries, and mix well. Leave to stand for 10 minutes.
  2. Oil your hands and a 30cm patch of worktop, knead the dough on it for 10 seconds, then leave for 10 minutes. Repeat this knead-and-rest sequence twice more at 10-minute intervals, then cover the dough and leave for 30 minutes.
  3. Pat the dough into a rectangle, roll up tightly and squeeze, seam-side down, into a large, deep, 19cm-long loaf tin. Or use any loaf pan you have. Leave for an hour until risen by half. Heat the oven to 210C/420F. Brush the top of the loaf with water, press on a handful of oats, cut a gash down the middle and bake for 50 minutes. It will scorch on top, but that's typical for fruit bread.
Elin at Elinluv's Tidbits CornerJay at Tasty Appetite

Cranberry Oat Bread


Ann 26/5/10 17:42

Wow, It looks so perfect, Adding cranberry sounds fantastic. I never tried anything using this berry.. I'll have to try this soon. Love the pictures, so tempting.

wendyywy @ Table for 2 or more..... 26/5/10 17:43

Is that all the kneading needed? 10 seconds for a few times???

I can't find spelt flour here!!!! If not I'll definately try this out!!!

PranisKitchen 26/5/10 17:50

how nicely baked bread .the oats and dried cranberries sounds delicious.sure it will be delicious snack...nice picture.

roxan 26/5/10 17:53

Oh this looks like a delicious bread, thank you! I also LOVE bread.

Honey Bee Sweets 26/5/10 17:57

Such a lovely and healthy bread! I am going to make this for sure. ;) BTW, do you mean 10 minutes of kneading? Just checking, thanks!

Angie's Recipes 26/5/10 18:01

Wendy, Honey Bee Sweets: Just knead 10 seconds at 10-minute intervals a few times. And wendy, you can use normal wheat flour instead.

Elin 26/5/10 18:06

Angie..such a lovely and healthy bread. I will try my hands at making it :) Wish me luck :) Thanks for the recipe :)

MaryMoh 26/5/10 18:13

I like bread but still need my rice....can't live a day without it :D Love this homemade bread, especially it's made from spelt flour. I hope to try one of these days.

Anncoo 26/5/10 18:15

I love bread too! This sounds so healthy and gonna bookmark it. (heehee looks so simple to knead~~hope I can really do it)

A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine 26/5/10 18:24

Wow what a lovely and perfectly baked bread...looks very nice...

Ivy 26/5/10 18:52

Wow Angie, you make such lovely breads. I envy you.

arthi 26/5/10 18:59

OMG!!lovely cranberry.can I have a piece!!

Belinda @zomppa 26/5/10 19:01

Just give me some butter and I'm all over it!

Preethi Rajeev 26/5/10 19:14

Pertfectly baked bread, love the flavor. It's the same with me , i can have bread at any time of the day. This looks easy to make

Heavenly Housewife 26/5/10 19:42

Yaaaaaaaay! Looks absolutely amazing daaaaahling, you did such a beautiful job. I'm so glad you liked it :D
*kisses* HH

Bo 26/5/10 19:48

I am a bread lover too...This looks fantastic! It looks so pretty like bakery bread!

Claudia 26/5/10 20:16

I do love my bread - and using cranberries always delights me. I've yet to try spelt- this will have to happen - when we get below ninety degrees. I can tell you love breads because they're always so beautiful.

Priya 26/5/10 20:34

Prefectly baked beautiful bread, looks awesome...

Happy Cook 26/5/10 20:55

I have been wanting to make you other cranberry bread and now you are here with yet another delcious looking one.

Rachana Kothari 26/5/10 21:04

I am a bread lover too :) Cranberry & Oats is one of my fav combo :)

Dishesdone 26/5/10 21:11

That is one fabulous looking bread, it's perfection, I love the flavors! Bread lover here, too!

Nisrine@Dinners and Dreams 26/5/10 22:21

You are such a great baker. I love oat bread and the cranberries look so pretty in this bread.

lisa 26/5/10 22:39

It's such a pretty loaf with the oats on top, and of course the cranberries in side look great!

Chef E 26/5/10 23:03

Now that is a slice of perfection...I can almost smell it over here :)

Vrinda 26/5/10 23:40

Such a healthy bread...looks delish..

Biren 27/5/10 00:36

Another beautiful loaf! I love baking breads too. The aroma of home baked breads is just awesome!

kitchen flavours 27/5/10 00:56

Perfectly baked bread, beautiful as always! I love bread and rice too! I couldn't agree more, The smell of baking bread truly makes a house a home!

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) 27/5/10 01:04

looks so lovely.u r a great baker..looks divine

Sook 27/5/10 01:11

Mmm another yummy bread recipe! I seriously need to start baking again..

helia 27/5/10 01:38

your bread looks very tasty!!

Jess @ Bakericious 27/5/10 02:06

Hi Angie, if the kneading duration is so short then I shd try it since I stil ve not got luck on my bread making. thanks for sharing.

Cinnamon-Girl 27/5/10 02:08

I could bathe in bread Angie! Especially when it looks as good as this one! There is no smell in the world that compares.

girlichef 27/5/10 02:45

Yes! That is one of my favorite smells of all time!! Looks delish, Angie =)

Kitchen Corner 27/5/10 04:55

I like this recipe. The bread is so wholesome good! Very healthy one! I've bookmarked this recipe and will try it out. Thanks for sharing!

Mary 27/5/10 07:08

This looks wonderfully nutritious. All your breads sound so good. We are fortunate you share your recipes with us. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 27/5/10 08:20

this bread look really healthy and comfort!

My Little Space 27/5/10 08:30

Angie, I think this should be good for french toast as well! Chewy and sweet with yummy fried egg on it! Yummm.... I love bread very much too! I can just have bread for the whole day. My hubby said I'm a crazy woman. haha... I think we both are! haha.... Have a great day, honey.
Cheers, Kristy

Joy 27/5/10 09:55

What a beautiful bread! I want it for breakfast!

tigerfish 27/5/10 10:18

I am also a bread lover but maybe I can't say I am a true bread lover cos I don't make my own breads. :O

M D 27/5/10 11:04

Your bread is stunningly good Angie. I love coming back to your blog to see what you have to offer us!!! This bread is a winner!

wenn 27/5/10 11:17

how i wish u could bake for me..:)

Christine@Christine's Recipes 27/5/10 14:21

I'm also a bread lover who can't live without bread a day. Your bread is so soft and fresh. Who can't resist it?

Amy @ cookbookmaniac 27/5/10 14:45

I love cranberry. I love bread. I love oats. This sounds like a combination made in breakfast heaven!

A Canadian Foodie 27/5/10 14:48

Gorgeous bread, Angie. There is nothing like homemade bread... and cranberries and oats would make this a very satisfying slice, indeed. I rarely make this kind of adventurous bread, but I love to see it and taste it while visiting others!

Anonymous 27/5/10 15:30

Yum! I would so love a slice of this delicious bread with butter with my cup of coffee right now!

Pam 27/5/10 15:40

This looks so delicious! Love it with the cranberries and just wish I had a slice now!

natural selection 27/5/10 17:00

A perfect wholesome breakfast what more can I say! I think it would also make for an interesting bread pudding, but the problem is there would be nothing left over to make it with! This bread would last a day and half in my kitchen!

Beautiful Angie!

Angie can you recommend some really good kitchen shops in Germany? I bought some nice cooking implements in Cologne a few years ago and will be back this summer possibly.

Magic of Spice 27/5/10 18:33

Looks delightful! Cranberries are one of my favorites:) Truly yummy!

Sinful Southern Sweets 27/5/10 22:43

Oh my gosh! I can only imagine how good this is!! Must try this soon!

Ho Ho Ho 28/5/10 06:15

Yummy... my son will definitely add this to his 'mom to do list' and he has been bugging me to bake your sourdough... :)

♥peachkins♥ 28/5/10 07:37

I'm making cranberry granola! these are very delicious flavors!

blowing peachkisses
The Peach Kitchen
peach and things

Cherine 28/5/10 08:51

What a gorgeous bread!! Looks so good!

alwayswinner786 28/5/10 08:59

WOW! Another wonderful loaf!
Who wouldn't love to break his/her fast with such a lovely bite!
If you keep posting such awesome bread recipe I will soon be a bread addict!:)

pigpigscorner 28/5/10 10:49

Another great recipe! I love bread too, but the kneading and waiting is a pain...

grace 28/5/10 11:49

tasty looking bread, angie! i love the speckles of cranberries throughout, and the dip in the top is so artistic and authentic. very nice loaf!

Fresh Local and Best 28/5/10 14:38

What a wholesome and gorgeous piece of bread! Great job!

Pavithra 28/5/10 15:39

Wow that has comeout sooooooooo well.. I am bookmarking it and Going to try soon will let u know.. perfect looking bread.

Pavithra 28/5/10 15:40

Can I use the APF instead of the spelt flour angie ???

Angie's Recipes 28/5/10 15:47

Pavithra, yes, spelt can be substituted with APF.

Cheah 28/5/10 18:09

This is healthy bread and looks good too. The amount of oats and cranberries make it all the more delicious!

theUngourmet 28/5/10 21:05

I love oats in bread. You are such an amazing bread baker. Every loaf looks perfect!

Stella 28/5/10 22:24

Hey Angie, that's funny. I grew up eating bread, and I'd prefer a bowl of whole grain rice over it any day! This bread is beautiful though. That last photo really shows the wonderful texture and color...

Gulmohar 28/5/10 22:27

Perfectly baked bread..I'm a bread lover too :-)

Kitchen Butterfly 28/5/10 22:43

It looks superb, I especially love the first photo

Fimère 29/5/10 00:55

ce pain est magnifique et très bien réussi
il doit être excellent, bravo
bonne soirée

Velva 29/5/10 01:02

I could eat bread all day too. Especially, if this is the type of loaves that are being brought to enjoy. Awesome!

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 29/5/10 12:23

I was weaned on rice too, but must admit I prefer bread or even noodles. Funny isn't it? This is a gorgeous recipe though I could be biased because I do love both oats and cranberries!

Jagruti જાગૃતિ 29/5/10 12:54

Perfectly baked bread...;-)) looks tempting!!!

Jo 29/5/10 13:12

I love the texture of this bread and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 30/5/10 01:00

A fabulous bread! Healthy, smooth and so flavorful.



Hettar7 30/5/10 04:20

I LOVE bread too! I especially like the addition of dried cranberries instead of the traditional raisins and oat combination here. I like cranberries better actually, so this sounds very good.

noobcook 31/5/10 05:30

Looks healthy and yummy :)

Janet @Gourmet Traveller 88 2/6/10 22:28

What a beauty!!! Your cranberry oat bread looks like from bakery!

OysterCulture 4/6/10 13:57

Love the idea of cranberry oat bread, this one is a must to make for me.

Cynthia 8/6/10 01:52

I'm definitely going to try this bread. Looks gorgeous.


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