Fish Cubes And Pine Nuts / 松仁鱼米

An irresistible combination of the delicate flavors of the Alaska pollock, the earthy scent of the bell pepper and the rich buttery savour of the pine nuts makes this fish dish unbeatable!

  • 350 g Alaska pollock fillet
  • 100 g Pine nuts
  • 60 g Red bell pepper
  • 80 g Cucumber
  • 1 stalk Chopped spring onion
  • 25 g Jiafan rice wine
  • 4 g Salt
  • 50 g Cornstarch solution
  • 15 g Sesame oil
  • Oil for frying
  • 1 Egg white
  • 1. 5 g Chicken bouillon
  • 1. 5 g White pepper powder
  • 13 g Cornstarch
  • 15 g Vegetable oil
  1. Cut the fish fillets into the small cube size of pine nuts. Mix the fish cubes with the marinade and rest for 30 minutes. Cut the cucumber, bell pepper and spring onion into the size of the fish cubes.
  2. Fill a skillet with some oil and heat until hot. Add in pine nuts and fry until they are golden. Remove and drain.
  3. Heat the oil in the same skillet to about 110C/230F. Lower the marinated fish cubes into the skillet and stir gently. As soon as all the fish cubes have seperated, remove them with a slotted ladel and drain. Leave 2 teaspoons of oil in the skillet and heat up.
  4. Add in chopped spring onions and stir briefly. Stir in diced sweet peppers, and then the rice wine, salt, fish cubes, diced cucumber and pine nuts, stirring gently. Add in the cornstarch-water mixture. Stir until well combined. Drizzle sesame oil over and stir until blended.

Fish Cubes And Pine Nuts / 松仁鱼米


Cool Lassi(e) 23/3/10 20:49

What an awesome dish! All ingredients blending harmoniously without overwhelming the dish! As always, gorgeous presentation Angie!

Trissa 23/3/10 20:57

This looks like something from a magazine! Gorgeous presentation and I am sure just as delicious!

Arlette 23/3/10 21:09

what an amazing side dish or appetizers , look at the beautiful colors , so fresh and yummy

Vrinda 23/3/10 21:16

Gorgeous presentation,looks very tempting....

Priya 23/3/10 21:32

Such a beautiful dish...looks tremendous!!

Gulmohar 23/3/10 21:56

Beautiful..lovely blend of flavors..

Happy Cook 23/3/10 21:56

I have never had is, looks so healthy delcious and ilove the arrangement on the plate, beautiful.

Biren 23/3/10 21:57

Lovely dish and beautiful presentation!

Dajana 23/3/10 22:18

What a beautiful presentation. Must be delicious, too.

Bob 23/3/10 22:41

Looks great, I bet all the different textures are fantastic together.

MaryMoh 23/3/10 22:44

Beautiful dish! I love all those pine nuts added. Lovely combination of ingredients.

Anh 23/3/10 22:49

You always have the best home-made dishes around! This is another solid one!

doggybloggy 23/3/10 22:59

gee whiz - another beautiful dish - I wish you didnt live so far away.

♥peachkins♥ 24/3/10 02:11

how do you eat this? Is this with rice or just like a salad?

Ju (The Little Teochew) 24/3/10 02:50

Restaurant quality presentation for a gorgeous dish!

citronetvanille 24/3/10 05:26

Very interesting dish! never heard of certainly sound as great as it looks!

TasteHongKong 24/3/10 05:45

Nice combo and a wonderful dish to go with rice. Besides, eating pine nuts is healthy.

My Little Space 24/3/10 05:56

Wow, this looks simply yummy! I think it's great to use them in my sandwiches as well!

KennyT 24/3/10 06:12

This is a piece of art!

Angie's Recipes 24/3/10 07:24

Thanks a million, guys!
♥peachkins♥: I had them with some rice!

wendyywy 24/3/10 08:38

May I know when does the chopped cucumber goes in? It's not in the intructions or the pictures. The bells peppers are in the pics, but not in the instructions.

Thanks for sharing this, I have some pine nuts left and am thinking of doing this.

tigerfish 24/3/10 08:38

This will be an expensive dish in restaurant, because of the pine nuts! And of course, the fish!

Cheah 24/3/10 09:16

This is lovely and yummy, Angie. Trust you to come up with creations!

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 24/3/10 09:57

Angie, this is really a beautiful and healthy dish, well done.

Angie's Recipes 24/3/10 10:53

Wendy: Sorry. I just noticed that I didn't write that. (Add in chopped spring onions and stir briefly. Stir in diced sweet peppers, and then the rice wine, salt, fish cubes, diced cucumber and pine nuts, stirring gently. Add in the cornstarch-water mixture. Stir until well combined. Drizzle sesame oil over and stir until blended.)

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi 24/3/10 14:36

Wow! Impressive dish in impressive presentation! I've been wanting to buy and incorporate pine nuts in my cooking/baking repertoire ... But they're too expensive here! =S

Tina 24/3/10 15:20

Soo colourful and tempting....

Mary 24/3/10 15:20

What an absolutely beautiful presentation. This is a gorgeous dish, I have a question. You list a specific rice wine. Can a generic brand be used in its place?

Cinnamon-Girl 24/3/10 16:11

This is gorgeous Angie! It looks totally delicious, light and healthy. I love it!

Anncoo 24/3/10 16:53

WOW! This is absolutely stunning. Very healthy and delicious.

Fimère 24/3/10 19:48

une assiette appetissante très belle présentation je t'en félicite bravo
bonne soirée

lisaiscooking 24/3/10 21:40

I love how fresh and light this dish is. Looks lovely with the sliced cucumber on the platter.

Sarah Naveen 24/3/10 23:24

Beautiful click ....looks awesome!!!

My Asian Kitchen 25/3/10 01:52

pretty presentation!! just look at the presentation make me drooling!

foodcreate 25/3/10 02:50

What an awesome dish! All ingredients blending together gorgeous presentation can't wait to try !

Angie's Recipes 25/3/10 06:33

Mary:yes, any rice wine or even medium dry sherry will do.

Selba 25/3/10 09:29

A pretty dish and I also believe it's a healthy one :)

tobias kocht! 25/3/10 09:47

ICh liebe Pinienkerne im Essen. Sicher lecker mit dem Fisch.

Ivy 25/3/10 10:55

I am not really fond of pine nuts but the dish sounds delicious and beautifully presented.

Velva 25/3/10 13:46

This would be a wonderful Spring dish to prepare for guests. It makes a lovely presentation and looks delicious.

Another great recipe, Angie.

Fearless Kitchen 25/3/10 16:23

What a fun and interesting treatment for fish!

Saveurs et Gourmandises 25/3/10 20:24

MAGNIFIQUE. Une très belle assiette.
See soon.

Anonymous 25/3/10 20:55

Sounds like a terrific combination, I love the addition of pine nuts!

Sweta 25/3/10 21:32

Ooh-la-la!!! I love pine nuts and I can just imagine the flavor it'll impart to this dish :)

Kitchen Butterfly 25/3/10 22:44

I love the plating and the look of the dish!

wenn 25/3/10 23:20

wow, this is surely yummy!

Fresh Local and Best 26/3/10 03:27

Love this combination of flavors and textures.

Chef E 26/3/10 03:38

I have to play with dishes like this, you have favorite sources for the recipes or are they passed along?

Pete 26/3/10 04:25

nicely presented, very tempting dish! Now I have to go get my lunch! LOL!

Sook 26/3/10 04:39

Such a beautiful fish! Looks really healthy too!

noobcook 26/3/10 04:43

love the colours! the pine nuts add some nice crunch to this dish.

Angie's Recipes 26/3/10 06:55

Chef E: Cookbooks, TV cooking programs, food blogs/sites and the chefs I used to work with are all my inspiration. I do have a collection of family recipes from my mother-in-law, but these recipes are mainly the favourites of my father-in-law, which my husband dislikes the most. LOL.

Bridgett 26/3/10 07:57

Wow, this is a work of art! I love the crunchy element of the pine nuts.

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 26/3/10 08:35

Very pretty and unique dish. The combination of pine nuts with fish is very new for me.

shahana 26/3/10 15:06

Never heard about this recipe.Sounds really delicious! Will give a try soon.

Dear,Some awards waiting for you in my space.Please come and collect it

Shari 26/3/10 21:28

A stunning, artistic presentation of a colorful, wholesome dish. Beautifully executed!!

Christine@Christine's Recipes 26/3/10 23:53

The dish is presented in a very artistic way. Love the colour and combination.

Joie de vivre 27/3/10 00:05

Thanks for stopping by Angie! Have a great weekend!

Peanutts 27/3/10 01:54

Looks very fresh and colourful.

Elin 27/3/10 10:02

Angie...such a delicious dish. Simple and yummy. You always make something simple looks great!

tasteofbeirut 27/3/10 15:48

I love the presentation and of course the pine nuts; this dish is very original and I would love to taste it!

ARUNA 27/3/10 17:11

So gorgeously arranged, awesome presentation!!

Jo 28/3/10 07:29

What a delicious dish and I love the idea of adding pinenuts to it. Another great recipe.

Cherine 28/3/10 14:01

This is a great dish!! Your photos are beautiful and appetizing!

wendyywy 28/3/10 14:01

May I ask u one Chinese term for egg. I saw this mantou recipe in a Chinese site, but unfortunately I have no idea what 蛋清means. Even google translator can't give a translation. Malaysian mandarin terms sometimes are different than those from China. Hope u can help me with this.

3 hungry tummies 29/3/10 10:42

Extra rice is all I need! This will be such a wonderful filling for lettuce cups :)

Mother Rimmy 30/3/10 02:06

What an interesting combination of ingredients. It looks delicious! Great presentation!

petite nyonya 30/3/10 11:56

Angie, this looks super delicious and the colors are gorgeous. Am really hungry now!! Seriously!

Diana's Cocina 30/3/10 17:44

Lovely dish! Light and healthy.

Madhura Manoj 2/4/10 18:41

Looks yummy...Following you.

Michelle 11/4/10 19:23

OH my goodness such a gorgeous dish and so colorful!


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