Poppy Macarons

I am sending this post to participate the event Think Spice Think Poppy hosted by both Radhika Vasanth@Food for 7 Stages of Life and Sunita@Sunitabhuyan.

Poppy seed is used as an ingredient in many foods and to make poppyseed oil. The tiny kidney-shaped seeds are harvested from seed pods of the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum), and have been cultivated by various civilizations for thousands of years. They are used whole or ground, often as a topping or filling in various baked goods. Wikipedia
  • 35 g Finely ground poppy
  • 70 g Finly ground almond
  • 200 g Powdered sugar
  • 80 g Egg whites
  • A pinch of salt
  • 30 g Caster sugar
  • 120 g Poppy fix
  1. In a mixing bowl whisk together the finely ground almond, poppy and powdered sugar until completely blended. Line 3 baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In your stand mixer fitted with the whisk, beat the egg whites and pinch of salt until foamy, gradually add the sugar and continue beating until soft peaks appear.
  3. Fold in the poppy mixture in two additions until your get a slow moving batter. Fill a pastry bag with the batter and pipe small amounts of batter 3 cm in diameter, 2 cm apart. Leave to rest for 1 hour. Preheat the oven to 170C/340F and bake for 15 minutes. Remove and cool completelyt on rack. Spread the poppy fix on one shell and sandwich with another one.

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Chef E 6/12/09 11:05

I woke up early with a taste for something sweet, and this does the trick...I have started some holiday baking, but yours are so much prettier...eat one for me!

Anncoo 6/12/09 12:10

Hi Angie, This looks good. Can I reduce the powdered sugar when I make this?

Ju (The Little Teochew) 6/12/09 12:15

Poppy! Makes me happy already! Lovely macarons, Angie! :)

Dodol & Mochi 6/12/09 12:52

The macs look very good!! I've not attempted macs for quite a while now ... ="(

Keep it up, Angie!


Tina 6/12/09 13:24

Lovely cute macarons dear..

tracieMoo 6/12/09 14:02

Angie, you're so good at making macarons. You make me want to make them too. I've never seen poppy fix though. is it nice?

Divina Pe 6/12/09 14:05

Wow, you've mastered the art of making macaroons. They're perfect for the holidays.

Cookin' Canuck 6/12/09 15:13

Beautiful macaroons! Great idea to include the poppy seeds.

Priya 6/12/09 15:32

Macarons looks too prefect and beautiful..love the addition of poppyseeds..

♥peachkins♥ 6/12/09 15:47

I love macarons with a little polka dots!

zurin 6/12/09 15:51

I have yet to try making macaroons. They are such beautiful biscuits. and yours are no exception. Poppy seeds in macaroons must be very good!:)

3 hungry tummies 6/12/09 16:44

I love poppy seeds, the macarons look so perfect!!

KennyT 6/12/09 16:47

I can see Hungarian xmas cake photo on your poppy seeds bag

Dajana 6/12/09 17:42

They look really interesting, I love poppy seed filling

Gulmohar 6/12/09 17:45

Perfect and beautiful..:-)

Vrinda 6/12/09 18:16

Lovely macarons,liked the addition of poppy seeds.. ...

Katy ~ 6/12/09 19:34

Angie, these macaroons are beautiful. I like the addition of the poppy.

kothiyavunu 6/12/09 20:21

Perfect and yummy macarons...love the addition of poppy seeds..sounds gr8

Thessa 6/12/09 20:29

Macarons are my fave! Your macarons looks perfect!

Nostalgia 6/12/09 20:37

They turned out so well .You are good!

celiamopi 6/12/09 22:27

They look great, but I've no idea what the poppy fix is ???
Now that I've started and made some biscuits, I might get some ideas from your page. I'll have a look at the "Biscuit section".

Anonymous 6/12/09 22:31

Hey, the previous comment is not from Celia, that's my child. It's from Carmenpiva, from "Comer Guapamente". There's something wrong somewhere with the profile.

Heavenly Housewife 6/12/09 22:54

I'd love to try this, the flavour is very original. Your macaroons have a great smooth shape. Beautifully done!

Chow and Chatter 6/12/09 23:08

oh wow fab macarons and so creative give yourself a pat on the back Angie I am love it

Velva 7/12/09 02:30

Angie, the macarons look great. I have seen so many varieties since beginning to read food blogs. I really like them! I still do not have the courage to make them myself. :-)

Olga 7/12/09 03:45

I'm impressed beyond words!

Anonymous 7/12/09 04:17

Perfect macarons with beautiful feet. Love the flavours too!

A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine 7/12/09 04:49

Looks so beautiful, very nicely baked. Awesome.

Duchess of Tea 7/12/09 11:33

Darling I don't think I have ever tasted poppy ones before. I am having a nice cuppa and would love to have a few of the delicious macarons.

Have a lovely week.
Love & Hugs

Selba 7/12/09 12:44

Never eaten macarons! can you believe it? hehehe... I would love to try these macarons with poppy seeds.

Bob 7/12/09 13:57

Gorgeous! I bet they are tasty too.

RV 7/12/09 15:32

They looks so beautiful! Poppy in Macarons sounds like a great snack.. Thanks for sending it for Think Spice event.

Amy @ Simply Sugar & Gluten Free 7/12/09 19:04

Your macroons are so beautiful! I love poppy seeds, too. They make such a bold presentation statement.

Anonymous 7/12/09 20:23

baking is your forte and we all know that. As usual, perfect snack or a sweet tooth indlgence and neat pics.

Christine 7/12/09 22:53

Oh, your macarons are tempting. Have to try to bake some for this Christmas!

Sarah Naveen 7/12/09 22:58

Oh wow!! Perfect and yummy macrons...

Sarah 8/12/09 01:18

OOOOOH, I am making macarons tommorow! I hope they turn out as good as yours!!

Anonymous 8/12/09 04:07

I adore sweets with poppy, and these macaroons look absolutely fantastic! Yum!

Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥ 8/12/09 04:58

These look so perfect Angie! And so scrumptious! I love poppy seeds. I couldn't find them in any of the markets in my town! I have to mail order them.

Cheah 8/12/09 06:01

Angie, these look so cute, too pretty to be popped into the mouth!

Angie's Recipes 8/12/09 07:19

Thank you, my friends, for taking time to reply to my recipe! You guys rock!
@Anncoo: I usually cut down the quantity (from 20%-50%) of sugar and butter when comes to baking certain types of cakes and cookies. But haven't tried it with macarons, because I am afraid they wouldn't come out the same.
@Carmen:Poppy fix is a poppy filling mainly made with ground poppy.

elin 8/12/09 12:29

Angie, these macarons looks great..great idea to use ground poppy . I have yet to try making them..I feel intimidated :(

noobcook 8/12/09 13:59

Your macarons look great!

nora@ffr 8/12/09 18:01

those macrons are pretty!! great job angie!!

CaptnRachel aka Tha Pizza Cutta 8/12/09 21:49

poppy macaroons are perfect! Great job on the piping!

Abhilash 9/12/09 07:31

The macrons look super.
I was not able to check macrons and several other dishes prepared by you as I got a bit lazy now a days.

After having motherly food and sitting idle at home I became lazy. I am thinking of writing and blogging for long but could not find the time for it.

I hope I will be active again.

Food For Tots 9/12/09 18:43

Your macarons look fantastic!! Love the addition of poppy seeds.

pigpigscorner 9/12/09 21:08

They look so slovely with the little black spots!

Janet @Gourmet Traveller 88 9/12/09 21:52

Cool, the first time I see Macarons with poppy, they are very successful and u did a great job! Congrats! I have not tried making macarons yet, seems very challenging. Personally they are rather sweet for me but I will make them when I can prepare for a larger gp.

Mythreyi Dilip 9/12/09 23:32

Wow, these poppy beauties makes me drool Angie. Perfect for this Christmas!!!

SJ 10/12/09 00:20

they look like mini burgers

A smile from SJ =)

My Little Space 10/12/09 13:17

Another gorgeous bakery! These all just so yummilicious. Thanks for sharing!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 11/12/09 03:22

I love love poppyseeds and macarons so this is a marriage made in heaven to me =D!

Fresh Local and Best 12/12/09 01:13

Wow! These macaroons are so hard to make! Yours look so beautiful!

Tasty Eats At Home 12/12/09 22:27

Great job! I have not yet tried macarons - but I wouldn't have thought to do poppy ones! How creative.

Y 23/12/09 06:30

What a great idea, using poppyseeds in macarons! Reminds me of a Hungarian poppyseed pastry a friend of mine makes.


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