Ground Meat Rice Stew with Knorr Fix

A real classic, easy and delicious winter dish with "Knorr Fix", combining ground meat (beef, or pork or a mix of two), bell peppers, and rice in a flavourful yummy tomato sauce.

  1. Cut purple onions and bell pepper into small chunks. Set aside. Heat up a pot or a deep pan with oil over the medium heat. Add in ground meat and onions and stir-fry for about 5 minutes.
  2. Stir in paprika chunks and rice and stir briefly. Pour in water and Knorr fix. Stir to combine and bring to boil. Stir in the kidney beans and reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer for about 20 minutes.
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Anonymous 19/10/09 11:02

Package mix always comes in handy!!

Anncoo 19/10/09 11:40

This looks so delicious and simple to follow. Thanks for sharing :)

Happy cook 19/10/09 11:49

Beautiful colour and i am sure it is really delicious , a comforting dinner/lunch.

pigpigscorner 19/10/09 12:07

I've never seen this before! Looks soooo tasty. I love instant packs, so convenient and so tasty.

girlichef 19/10/09 13:39

Beautiful color and I bet the flavors are just wonderful. Nice convenience item! :D

Palidor 19/10/09 13:43

That looks like a nice hearty meal!

Lea Ann 19/10/09 14:18

This looks really good. I'll have to look for that packaged mix.

My Little Space 19/10/09 14:20

This is so flavourful! I can even imagine the smell...hmmm...mmm..!

The Little Teochew 19/10/09 14:34

Brava, Angie! When we are tired and busy, we want food - fast! And if we can a helping hand from pre-mixes, good for us ;) It's way better than having burgers for meals. This is a great recipe to fix up a quick AND nutritious meal. And who doesn't like a tomato-based sauce? :)

Tina 19/10/09 15:00

Yummy yummy ground meat rice.

Sangeetha Subhash 19/10/09 15:02

Looks great angie and I am sure tastes as good.

Priya 19/10/09 15:34

Tremendous dish, looks gorgeous!

Jo 19/10/09 17:06

Even though it comes from a pack, it sure does look delicious. Definitely a quick fix if you're not up to slaving in the kitchen. :P

Heavenly Housewife 19/10/09 19:07

I once had this great package mix that I LOVED. It was for chilli. But then they stopped making it :( after that i try not to rely on packages. That being said, your dish looks really yummy and perfect for a cold day.

Gulmohar 19/10/09 19:47

Wow Angie, it looks exactly like pic on the knorr packet..awesome..:-)

KennyT 19/10/09 20:29

Angie, send me some, hahaha

Donna-FFW 19/10/09 20:36

Looks like a fantastic stew, package mixes can add such flavor! I havent seen this Knorr type around here, Ill have to keep my eye out. I use their vegetable soup for a fantastic spinach dip.

doggybloggy 19/10/09 21:35

I'll bet this is loaded with flavor!

Chef E 19/10/09 23:37

I have tried the Knorr soup seasonings in the past, and I bet this one is good! I will take a bowl please...

Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥ 20/10/09 04:13

This looks so hearty and warming! And yours looks much better than the package!

♥peachkins♥ 20/10/09 04:15

This is a gorgeous one dish meal. We don't have that knorr fix here,though

My Asian Kitchen 20/10/09 05:26

this Knorr one dish rice look interesting!! I guess it's only cater to Germany consumers,right?

petite nyonya 20/10/09 10:52

Just the perfect one quick meal! I love the color and I can almost taste the flavor. Yummy!

Chow and Chatter 20/10/09 17:31

oh this does look delicious great color as well

Cooking-Gallery 20/10/09 17:55

Looks delicious, Angie! I also like those instant Maggi, Knorr or Fix instant packages. I used to cook a lot using those instant mixes during my student time, but now I try to reduce my intake of such instant mixes because of the MSG in it.

Bob 20/10/09 18:07

Looks great, but what is Knorr Fix?

Sarah 20/10/09 18:33

Simple and homey, looks delicious! By the way what is Knorr fix?

the ungourmet 20/10/09 20:09

The color of this stew is so fresh and vibrant! I wonder if we have that mix here??? I'll have to look for it!

lisaiscooking 20/10/09 23:07

This would make a great stuffing for peppers or zucchini too. The beans are a great addition too.

Mythreyi Dilip 20/10/09 23:49

Sounds great and easy, looks wonderful!!!

Anonymous 21/10/09 04:47

What a delicious bowl of stew, love the rice! Knorr Fix packet sounds like it adds some nice flavors!

Angie's Recipes 21/10/09 07:03

@Bob,Sarah: Powdered sauce or condiments.
Knorr Fix

Erica 21/10/09 16:02

That looks delicious! I would love to try that recipe, I amke a similar rice and beans dish, but I love the idea of the ground meat.

Sophie 21/10/09 18:29

Your rice dish looks tasty, Angie!!!


nora@ffr 22/10/09 07:53

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! want it alllll angie!! love the color :)

A Full-Timed Housefly 3/11/09 16:54

This looks like a dish served in a restaurant !


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