100% Whole Wheat Bread Rolls

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This simple whole wheat bread has proved that the wholemeal bread really doesn't have to be dense and dry. They taste great with homemade jam, mango chutney, herbal butter or cheese.

  • 250 g Wholemeal
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 20 g Fresh yeast
  • 175 ml Lukewarm water
  1. Mix together the wholemeal and salt in a mixing bowl. Set aside. Dissolve the fresh yeast in 175ml water. Add into the flour mixture. Knead at the low speed until the dough forms and become smooth and elastic.
  2. Cover with a damp towel and let ferment at room temperature for about 40 minutes until the dough has doubled in size. Preheat the oven to 220C/430F with a bowl of boiled water.
  3. Punch down the dough and form into a roll, then divide into 8 portions. Round up and flatten each dough with your palm. Place them on a baking tray lined with a baking paper. Slash or cross-hatch the bread with a sharp knife. Spread some kernels on it. Allow them to rest for 30 minutes until about doubled.
  4. Bake the bread rolls in the middle of preheated oven for about 20 minutes. Remove and cool the bread rolls on a wire rack.
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Palidor 30/10/09 21:09

Oooh, they look nice! I definitely prefer whole wheat over white bread.

KennyT 30/10/09 21:11

They are so cute! Pls "email" me some.

Gulmohar 30/10/09 21:57

Looks awesome..We always go for whole wheat.It's a luxury to have some home made bread :-)

Sarah 30/10/09 21:57

I love the seeds on the rolls, they look really good!

Anonymous 30/10/09 22:01

Oh Angie... ! Those are pretty as a picture !...Whole wheat has a bad reputation...but these are so cute... and loveable ! : )

Anonymous 30/10/09 22:02

sucha simple stuff..and nice toppings in colours.

A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine 30/10/09 23:01

Love your roll, always prefer whole grains.

Priya 30/10/09 23:56

Healthy rolls, love ur toppings..

Chow and Chatter 30/10/09 23:57

fab rolls oh i want one warm with honey!!

Elin 31/10/09 01:08

Angie, what a healthy roll! I have added to my To-Do List.Thanks :))

Chef E 31/10/09 01:48

Oh, my favorite rolls are the fresh hot ones that come out from the oven like these, a little, I mean a LOT of butter and from one dozen to six :) I have to make homemade bread again, and you keep making me so hungry here!

Bob 31/10/09 02:33

Oh man do I ever love rolls. Those look fantastic!

The Little Teochew 31/10/09 02:52

I *always* enjoy looking at your breads. You make the best.

Ann 31/10/09 03:18

Wow.. sounds healthy and yumm! you baked it soo perfectly.

Sangeetha Subhash 31/10/09 03:57

Looks fabulous, and very healthy..

Abhilash 31/10/09 06:47

I dont have to do a ina meena deeka... rhyme to find out whether this recipe is better than your previous recipes...

All your recipes are great.


Ivy 31/10/09 07:31

Whole wheat bread is amazing especially when it is warm with some butter, yum. Your rolls look so beautiful.

Anncoo 31/10/09 09:29

WOW! I really love the topping and very healthy too.

tracieMoo 31/10/09 10:29

I'm surprise how it isn't dense and dry with just wholemeal flour.. I've tried to make 100% wholewheat breads but they never worked. I'm going to try it again with this recipe :)

Cooking-Gallery 31/10/09 11:06

Wow, nice looking bread! I always prefer white bread (even though it's quite unhealthy), but my husband would love this. Thank you for sharing!

My Little Space 31/10/09 11:39

Haven't make these for months. Love wholemeal bread!Thanks for sharing.

Katy ~ 31/10/09 14:21

I have been thinking that I haven't made bread in a while. These rolls are such an inspiration. Look fabulous.

girlichef 31/10/09 15:01

These are so gorgeous, studded with the nuts and seeds!! Brilliant as usual, Angie :)

Sanghi 31/10/09 15:15

Perfect bread.. heathy looking angie..

Anonymous 31/10/09 16:10

Beautiful rolls, yummy!

wenn 31/10/09 16:46

i love wheat bread..nutritious..

Donna-FFW 31/10/09 17:28

These look quite delicious, Id love them paired with soup!

Erica 31/10/09 18:47

Wow! That looks delicious, Angie! I love your new site :)

nora@ffr 31/10/09 20:47

What a gorgeous bread roll! Really tempting! angie great work!!

Heavenly Housewife 31/10/09 20:49

Fantastic. There are few things more wonderful than bread fresh from the oven.

Dajana 31/10/09 22:25

I love fresh bread, and I've been testing different types of flour. Personally I like wholemeal and seeds in my bread, but my husband doesn't. I make it for myself.

Tina 1/11/09 02:56

Hi dear healthy and delicious wheat bread rolls...

Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥ 1/11/09 03:14

I can't believe how easy these are Angie! They look really good!

Tangled Noodle 1/11/09 03:17

I love all the seeds covering these rolls! For sure I could I eat a dozen of these at once.

Food For Tots 4/11/09 18:44

Healthy and beautiful bread rolls! A great choice for breakfast!

Mythreyi Dilip 6/11/09 00:34

Absolutley inviting Angie!!!

tracieMoo 17/11/09 13:40

Hi Angie, I was about to make this bread and I was wondering what is fresh yeast? could I use instant yeast for this?

Angie's Recipes 17/11/09 18:13

@Tracie: Fresh yeast is ivory colored with a yellowish hue and is soft and moist. And yes, you can use instant yeast, but you might need to adjust the amount. Here one cake of fresh yeast (42 grams) is good enough for about 500 grams of flour.

tracieMoo 21/11/09 14:15

I made this today with normal instant yeast and it turned out great! Thankyou so much Angie :)

Anonymous 24/5/10 03:08

Hi, What do you mean by "Preheat the oven to 220C/430F with a bowl of boiled water."? thanks.

Angie's Recipes 24/5/10 07:01

lc: Place an oven-proof bowl or a baking tray filled with water at the bottom of your oven.

Anonymous 24/5/10 10:33

thanks angie. may i know the purpose for this? lc

Angie's Recipes 24/5/10 12:00

lc: The bread will be more moist and it helps to gain the nice brown colour.

Anonymous 24/5/10 14:48

thanks angie!


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