Pumpkin Nutella Swiss Roll

This Swiss roll consists of a tray of pumpkin chiffon, which is rolled up and spread with Nutella. You can't really go wrong with Nutella.

Nutella is like peanut butter, except better. It is a chocolate-hazelnut spread great for bread, fruit, crackers, and or Anything!
It was first created in 1940 by the Ferrero company, now famous for their Ferrero Rocher chocolates.
The hazelnuts were used originally as a filler because during Nutella’s first production, cocoa was difficult to come by. Nutella was first manufactured in loaves, which then could be sliced and spread on bread to make sandwiches. The spread was first called “Supecrema gianduja,” but then it was named Nutella in 1964.
  1. Line a 30x40-cm baking tray with parchment paper. Preheat oven to 190C/375F. Sift flour, ground almond and baking powder together in a mixing bowl. In another bowl, whip together the caramelized sugar syrup, milk, and safflower oil until the mixture is emulsified Add in pumpkin puree and flour mixture, and mix until just combined. Add in egg yolks and fold until smooth.
  2. Beat egg whites with salt and lemon juice over low speed until frothy and foamy. Gradually add in sugar, increase speed and beat until stiff but not dry. Carefully fold 1/3 of egg white mixture into flour mixture to lighten it and then carefully fold in remaining whites.
  3. Pour the cake batter into the prepared baking tray and spread the surface even. Bake for 15 minutes. Remove, cool briefly, and invert the cake onto a new parchment paper. Carefully peel off the baking paper and trim the edges of cake. Spread the surface with nutella and roll it up. Chill for about 1 hour and slice.

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lisaiscooking 29/9/09 21:39

Pumpkin cake with nutella sounds perfect! Beautiful rolled cake too.

Sophie 29/9/09 23:24

MMMMMMM,...pumpkin puree with Nutella in a swiss roll,...what more do you need?

KennyT 30/9/09 01:03

Angie, you're a genius!

Chow and Chatter 30/9/09 01:16

oh wow this is amazing i am really wanting this one

lululu 30/9/09 02:09

u've just aroused my craving!

Sanghi 30/9/09 02:58

Wow.. yummy roll.. looks tempting!

My Little Space 30/9/09 06:33

Angie, remember to make double! You have to share this with us, you know!Pumpkin + nutella = delicious.

Ivy 30/9/09 07:13

The filling in this Swiss roll sounds amazing.

The Little Teochew 30/9/09 10:35

How do you keep coming up all these unique, unusual creations? While the rest of us are trying out recipes, you conjure up new ones. Really admire you!

♥peachkins♥ 30/9/09 12:00

Pumpkin chiffon sounds wonderful. BTW, the movie I watched yesterday was IN MY LIFE, starring local actors and actresses.

Palidor 30/9/09 12:56

Yum! I love swiss roll cakes. They're pretty and tasty. Very interesting to combine pumpkin and nutella. Bet it tasted wonderful!

Vrinda 30/9/09 15:09

Awesome roll Angie..i had tried swiss roll before, but not with pumpkin...tomorrow my son has a field trip to farm to pick pumpkin,peak season here,ur pictures r so tempting..

Sarah Naveen 30/9/09 15:27

Wow!!! fabulous and yummy!!!

girlichef 30/9/09 16:29

Delicious!! I love the thought of pumpkin & Nutella together! I'm waiting here with my coffee for a bite slice ;)

Cinnamon Girl aka Reeni♥ 30/9/09 16:57

My favorite things all rolled up in one delicious treat!! I bet these are heavenly!

Happy cook 30/9/09 17:19

WOw tha tis just beautifil and so so yummy.

CaptnRachel aka Tha Pizza Cutta 30/9/09 17:20

LOVE LOVE LOVIN this dessert! The flavors are fall and always delicious. Cheers!

nora@ffr 30/9/09 18:17

what a great combination you have rolled up in a yummy roll angie!!! ive never tried swiss roll filled with pumpkin nuteela :) sound absolutely irresestible!

Abhilash Pillai 30/9/09 18:29

I never ate it before but it really looks good...

Heavenly Housewife 30/9/09 19:08

Wow, these are awesome flavours. I bet this tastes amazing!

Parita 30/9/09 19:28

Wow the rolls look so yummy and perfect angie!

Katy ~ 30/9/09 20:04

What a wonderful creative spark you have. You're right. Can't go wrong with Nutella. YUM

Angie's Recipes 30/9/09 21:00

Thank you, my friends! I truly appreciate all your comments.

Miranda 1/10/09 04:04

Two of my favorite ingredients: Pumpkin and Nutella!!!!
This is fantastic!!

Beachlover's Kitchen 1/10/09 07:39

pumpkin for Halloween!! I must try to bake this cake! thanks for sharing:)

Dajana 1/10/09 11:01

Nutella is more than just a chocolate hazelnut spread - it's a therapy.
I've never tried it in combination with pumpkin. Looks delicious

petite nyonya 1/10/09 17:39

This swiss roll looks really nice! I can almost taste the wonderful flavors of pumpkin and nutella.

Anonymous 1/10/09 23:36

I commented a couple of times on this post, looks like it dint get thru. the rolls are so nice n moist.btw, did u pick up the award from my space?

Elin 2/10/09 03:29

Angie, this is something I have not tried out...looks yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Have added to my long long To-Do list LOL

Elin 2/10/09 03:42

Oppps...Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and family :)

Andrea@WellenessNotes 3/10/09 22:50

Angie, this sounds absolutely delicious! And you are right, you can't go wrong with Nutella! :)

Erica 7/10/09 03:02

Wow! This sounds amazing....Nutella-pumpkin. What a combo.

pigpigscorner 10/10/09 11:32

This is gorgeous! Great combo. I recently tried a chocolate cupcake with pumpkin frosting and fell in love with that combo!

Y 11/10/09 02:56

Delicious, and so creative!

Southern Grace Gourmet 11/10/09 15:39

Looks so perfect. I love this interpretation of a pumpkin roll, great recipe!

Unstoppable Spirit 18/10/09 08:35

Thanks for visiting my blog. This roll looks so good I think I will give it a try.

Sweet and Savory 18/10/09 17:59

I love rolled cakes. They are so attractive.

Belinda @zomppa 29/11/09 15:09

I love this! Love Swiss rolls...and Nutella makes it even better. Fabulous!

Anonymous 7/2/11 08:24

Hey just becoming a member, glad to be in! I'm Dani and I'm inspired by life, I enjoy operating and currently being healthy :)

Sooo anyways, plenty about me, see you all-around and hello once again haha.

BTW where is the option to change the time zone for my account? It's kind of weird having the time like 5 hours off lol

Angie's Recipes 8/2/11 06:39

Hi Dani, the forum only functions to register accounts. So the timezone shouldn't matter at all. After log-in, please click the header and you will be redirected to the main recipe site to read the recipes or join us here in my blog.


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