3-Ingredient Vegan Maple Yellow Split Pea Cake

Split peas are the dried peeled and split seeds of Pisum sativum. They are a great source of protein. There are yellow and green varieties. In Chinese cuisine, yellow split peas are used to make sweet pudding-like snack, which sometimes flavored with osmanthus blossoms and Chinese dates.

  1. Rinse the split peas and drain. Pour into an electric pressure cooker, and fill in the water. Close the lid and turn the knob to "bean cooking cycle" and cook for about 20 minutes. Remove the mixture once the pressure cooker has cooled down.
  2. Puree the cooked bean mixture through a strainer. Set the large skillet over the medium heat. Pour the puree into the skillet and cook, stirring constantly, until the mixture has thickened. Switch the heat off. Add in the maple syrup and blend them together until combined and smooth.
  3. Line a 26x20x4cm rectangular baking form with a plastic film. Pour in the split pea puree. Cover with another sheet of plastic film. Smooth the top with a brush. Chill overnight until set. Remove the plastic film and cut into the slices. You can also fill the puree in different shaped moulds.


nora@ffr 18/9/09 21:25

i shud search for yellow split peasas tomorrow after going to the nearby market. is it available in all stores? ye cake look soo pretty and simple:) from all the designs you have created, love the leaf shape cake piece. hand over some please ;) hehe

Palidor 18/9/09 21:45

What a creative snack! I bet they are bursting with wonderful maple flavour.

Southern Grace Gourmet 18/9/09 23:23

How creative and nutritious! I love these!

Chef E 19/9/09 01:34

Those molded cakes are so pretty! I love maple, and this is something I would love to try...great one Angie!

Reeni 19/9/09 02:17

I've never seen anything like this with split peas. I bet it's delicious with the maple in it. Their so pretty too!

Sanghi 19/9/09 02:32

Wow.. a new smooth sweet, looks delicious!

♥peachkins♥ 19/9/09 03:01

I like the shapes of these cakes... you are very creative,angie.

My Little Space 19/9/09 03:55

Such a nice and simple goodie! Would it be nice to add in a little chocolate topping...mm..mm...!

Heather S-G 19/9/09 04:08

Beautiful Angie!! I'm coming over to join you for some of these...and a glass of that Riesling ;)

Elin Chia 19/9/09 05:01

What a wonderful sweet delicacy....hmmm will look out for this split peas. Thanks Angie for sharing another winner :)

Beachlover's Kitchen 19/9/09 05:49

interesting and pretty shape cake!! today I leanr something new again!!

Ju (The Little Teochew) 19/9/09 05:50

Yes, I remember eating traditional snacks made from these beans :) I like your leaf design best ... very suitable for autumn ;)

Selba 19/9/09 07:45

So cute.... it's been a long time, I've never eaten this kind of cake :)

Ivy 19/9/09 08:20

How creative Angie. First time I'm seeing split peas made into dessert. I love your molds.

Donna-FFW 19/9/09 14:15

Split peas in a dessert.. genious! They look amazing.

pigpigscorner 19/9/09 21:33

oh wow, this sounds really interesting, I've never had this before.

Anonymous 20/9/09 02:07

thats so easy and so cute.

Katy ~ 20/9/09 02:55

A beautiful creation for sure. I am sure it takes as amazing as it looks!

Miranda 20/9/09 05:12

I would love to have tried one!!

Marillyn Beard 20/9/09 06:28

Wow! Looks easy and yummy! Could I try this with other beans?

Angie's Recipes 20/9/09 07:43

@Nora: Yellow split peas can be located at any Asia stores. I got mine in an Indian shop here.
@Palidor: Oh yep....they are surprisingly good with maple syrup.
@Southern Grace Gourmet, Chef E, Reeni, Sanghi, peachkins♥: Thank you. I bought the mould to make some fruit jelly, but ended up using them for making chocolate praline with ice cream, and those bean snacks.
@Kristy: That would be marvelous too!
@Heather: Do come over, the half dry Riesling is perfect with these little sweets.
@Elin, The Little Teochew, Beachlover's Kitchen, Selba, Ivy, Donna-FFW, pigpigscorner, munchcrunchandsuch, Katy, Miranda: Thank YOU all!
@Marillyn Beard: Yes, other beans, like red, or green beans can used instead.

Sophie 20/9/09 09:49

What a creative post, Angie!!

Apart & very yummie, I bet!

Y 20/9/09 14:13

Looks very tasty. Don't think I've ever tried anything like it before!

lisaiscooking 20/9/09 16:21

These are so pretty! I love the color.

chow and chatter 20/9/09 17:19

these look great Angie would you like to do a guest post for me on chinese cakes and festivals ?Rebecca

Velva 20/9/09 18:09

The design of these split pea cakes are so pretty! I would not have thought of using spit peas. What a great idea!

Finla 20/9/09 19:13

Wow beautiful and yumm. I have neve rhad this.

Parita 21/9/09 09:14

Wow a very different one!

Angie's Recipes 21/9/09 09:31

@Sophie, Y, Lisa, Velva, Happy cook, Parita: Thanks for all your kind comments.
@Chow and Chatter: Sure. :-))

Tasty Eats At Home 21/9/09 18:13

Wow, how creative. I happen to have yellow split peas in my pantry, maybe it's time to make something unexpected with them!

Abhilash 21/9/09 20:28

wow! these look really superb...

Nice work and designs...

carmenpiva 21/9/09 21:38

Your dishes are so beautiful and exotic for me!!
Are the peas you use here like lentils? We use lentils a lot, maybe I could find this variety.
The moulds... lovely!!

Fearless Kitchen 22/9/09 01:15

This looks really interesting... Maple syrup is especially welcome this time of year, but i've never thought of mixing it with split peas.

petite nyonya 22/9/09 10:39

These are so pretty yet easy to do!

Anonymous 22/9/09 15:29

Very intriguing cakes, maple syrup must add such wonderful flavors! Very pretty too!

theUngourmet 22/9/09 18:56

I've never seen anything like this. They are beautiful! I'd love to try one (or two).

KennyT 22/9/09 21:22

Angie, they look so beautiful!

Unknown 24/9/09 16:32

Lovely pea cake and totally new to me, should check out china town for these moulds. Definetly going to try this healthy sweet treat.


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